A Lifetime Kink Ch. 07

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Nothing to Lee said L-O-V-E quite like his own mother buying him a bong!

Coming home late one evening, Stevie said nothing of it over dinner. She simply held her tongue, grinning inside as she imagined the look on his face, which she would see soon enough. She had acted on a dare.

‘OH. MY. GOD,’ his voice boomed from overhead before he descended into childlike laughter, and Stevie then grinned from ear to ear as she crept swiftly up the stairs.

It was only a little one, but Lee didn’t have one, and as far as she was aware, he never did. True to fashion, she felt drawn towards this one for its splashy and vibrant Jamaican flag colours. The store owner had been tickled to no end when Stevie explained who it was for.

‘Does he know how lucky he is?’ the balding old hippy had asked.

‘I should hope so,’ Stevie had gushed, and was certain that, yes, Lee did know. She had then gone on to tell the owner all about Lee, the way any proud mother would have.

Beside the shiny bong, nestled between two pillows on top of his bed, there lay a short note:





The reference was not lost on him. She crept around the corner on the landing and saw him blushing as he read the note and made the connection. Then a moment later she was running giggling into his arms to receive her thank you kiss.

‘I thought you’d like it,’ she said excitedly.

‘I love it,’ Lee gushed. ‘I can save money on the tobacco now as well.’

‘Just don’t become a zombie, okay?’ Lee promised that he wouldn’t. In fact to prove that it wasn’t so easy, he invited her to take a hit with him. Half an hour later they were sat red-eyed in the conservatory, buzzing and floating and talking dreamily about…

Things and… stuff…


There was a moment of nothing but internal giggling – a moment that never seemed to end, because that’s what smoking ganja led to. The thought of sitting there stoned with his own mother, Lee had looked over to her and saw that Stevie was a little more than just half-baked.

Her eyes heavy-lidded and glowing, she wore a constant smirk, the dimples deep in her cheeks as her shoulders lazily shook with her own quiet laughter.

But other than the child-like mischief that possessed them, Lee’s inhibitions had lowered and he found himself feeling all sorts of emotions as he doted on her and declared in his mind that she was the world’s best mum in every sense; no matter what she might have thought.

‘Why don’t you date anymore, mum?’ he got to asking, when he thought of how they seemed to be flirting more and more. He was pleased, as was she, that this social drug made for a good truth serum, bypassing all of the emotional clutter and cutting straight to the heart of the matter.

‘I like it being just the two of us,’ she admitted happily. ‘Anyway… anyway…’

Stevie had the words. They were definitely there, somewhere. They had literally just crossed her mind.

‘Anyway,’ she picked up again, lounging against the side of her seat and lolling her head in Lee’s direction; ‘What about you?’

‘What about me?’

‘You don’t date either…’

‘I don’t know,’ he reacted without thinking. ‘Nobody else interests me.’

Was that a Freudian slip? She had no intention of chasing that clue, but it was undeniable – how that sounded just then. Was he actually “interested” in her and nobody else? That’s what it sounded like, and he hadn’t corrected himself either.

‘But you have a lot of steam to blow off at your age, if you know what I mean,’ she recalled, thinking about how it was when she was much younger. Again she started to giggle deep down.

‘Mum, if anyone has steam to blow off it’s you,’ Lee countered, and with a tone that implied everything from her recent revelation and onward to the present day.

‘What do you mean by that?’ she asked regardless, and made it sound so innocent.

‘Mum, you’re constantly horny, don’t even lie.’

Stevie bellowed sudden laughter, snorted and covered her mouth and nose with the back of her hand. ‘Thanks for that! So what, though? Does it bother you?’

‘No,’ he denied easily, which she was almost jealous of.

‘I can take care of myself,’ Stevie assured him, again feigning innocence.

‘By watching me take care of myself?’

Before she made the connection, her brain already had – it just hadn’t warned her yet. Involuntarily, his mother growled and knew just what it sounded like. She bit her lip and forced herself into silence then, but it was too late.

There was a dilemma for the ages, upon all the other things they had confessed to recently. Not only had she seen him masturbating, while thinking aloud about having sex with her, her id – the centre of all her innermost desires and urges – had just spoken for her and admitted something else.

‘You cheeky bastard,’ she said, trying canlı bahis to cover her own tracks. ‘Anyway, it’s not just me using what I have to hand,’ she threw on top, now nibbling nervously at the back of one finger.

‘Except you only wish you had what I have to hand,’ Lee retorted smugly, and it was a devastating truth to throw out there now. Stevie was burning bright red now, and her cheeks hurt from smiling so hard.

Stevie came up blank. ‘That’s not fair!’

‘I’ll show him,’ she thought.


The first hottest day of the year meant nothing in British springtime, but along came a warm and sunny Saturday that finally heralded the end of hibernation, and hopefully the end of cold feet. Come noon there was a pleasantly warm breeze and not a cloud in sight. Like many Britons that day, Stevie wouldn’t turn up the opportunity to soak up some UV and to release some Vitamin D.

Lee roused from his sleep at 10am but until then had made the most of his time lying around in bed, daydreaming and thinking about things recently said. When he finally washed up and got dressed and went on the hunt for food.

‘Hey baby,’ he heard her say. Stevie sauntered in from the back garden through the conservatory, and now stood behind him as he pulled milk from the fridge. ‘Enjoy your sleep?’

He turned around, suddenly clutching the milk bottle a little harder. His mouth open, the original question had mysteriously evaded him. ‘Hey,’ he managed to say back.

Her black short shorts, the ones she sometimes wore to the gym, and which left so little thigh to the imagination, were not all that got his tongue tied. Leaving little else unseen, she wore a black ruffly Brazilian bikini top. Her unforgettable tits were almost bursting out of that thing.

‘Come out and sunbathe with me after you’re done here,’ she suggested. ‘You could do with some sunshine.’ A restrained smile escaped from behind her sunglasses before she grabbed the bottle of sunscreen from the worktop and sauntered back out again.

He followed ten minutes later, high on life and the sugar from his Kellogg’s Frosties. ‘It’s not even that hot,’ Lee noted. ‘Aren’t you going to get cold?’

‘I like it like this. I won’t burn so easy,’ Stevie replied, now sitting in her sun lounger and eagerly warming a blob of sunscreen between her palms, which caused her bikini-clad tits to jiggle quite tantalisingly.

Beside her sat another sun lounger. She had already thought of Lee before his return to the land of the living, clearly. Now as she rubbed the lotion into her legs, she asked; ‘Help me rub this lotion in?’

Lee hesitated. Should he, shouldn’t he…

‘You know, you’ve already practically had me naked all over you,’ Stevie remarked, and all the while that faint smile remained.

And maybe that signified why Lee was reluctant now, even after his bold moves lately. After having her naked wet body pressed up against his naked wet body, and the resulting developments, what was going to happen here other than Lee getting hard again in front of her?

His shorts were getting a little tighter just thinking about it. Meanwhile Stevie had covered her arms too and was adjusting her seat so that she could lie down. Handing him the bottle, he realised that he really had no choice, and didn’t particularly want a choice.


On the recommendation of his mother, Lee started at the ankles. He was at the back of her knees when she told him to slow down. ‘You just want to get felt up,’ he accused, to which she scoffed, and then giggled mischievously.

‘There’s no point in using sun screen if you’re not going to work it properly into my skin,’ Stevie claimed. He didn’t know about that, but as he approached the softer flesh of her thighs, Lee slowed down to a languid pace, at which point it became more a massage.

She purred approvingly. His cock twitched approvingly at the same time. There was an utterly filthy moment that crossed his mind. Lee didn’t even realise that he was now high up in her thighs and slipping in between.

‘Oh,’ Stevie gasped before she could stop herself. Her body would not forget the sensations she felt for a while now. She pursed her lips and breathed deeply, letting out a sigh of contentment as his hands moved to the small of her back.

‘You should give me a massage some time,’ she suggested dreamily. ‘You have a really nice touch.’

He warmed more lotion in his hands before moving higher, noting how smooth her skin was. Only the lotion itself provided any resistance when it lost its slippery sheen and soaked in deep.

And up the ridge of her spinal muscles his thumbs rutted, his fingers spanned like wings. Lee’s hand rode over the knot of his mother’s bikini and resumed again at her shoulders. Hearing her slight gasps and moans of approval, which were now coming more frequently, he was growing harder.

When he finished at her shoulders, now shiny and flawless in the sun like polished alabaster, Stevie decided it was time to pay him back. Fancy telling bahis siteleri his mother, while they were both under the influence, that she wished she had the cock in his hand – which she couldn’t deny.

‘That was so good,’ Stevie purred, lifting her head and looking over her shoulder at him. She looked down and saw him bulging, though he didn’t know at the time how obvious it had been. Swallowing dryly, Stevie turned on her side and lifted her sunglasses so they could see eye to eye.

‘With hands that good I’d even let you do my boobs if you want…’

‘Err…’ Lee was again lost for words. So Stevie carried on. Looking down at her plentiful cleavage, she began to apply her own, realising that she’d forgotten them completely. ‘I might get in a bit of topless bathing actually. Why don’t you grab a seat and join me?’

‘Maybe in a bit,’ he finally managed to say, tearing his eyes away. He excused himself then to go make a coffee. He wasn’t quite awake yet. And judging by the current conversation, maybe he was still dreaming.


The irresistible aroma of freshly ground coffee! Maybe not as irresistible as the thought of rubbing lotion into the greatest pair of tits on earth, even if they belonged to his mother, Lee’s heart machine-gunned, his knees weak, as he tried to will his erection away.

Again he didn’t see her coming in, and he didn’t hear her because she was barefoot and barely clothed. All he did see, while he waited for his rich black brew, was his mother’s flimsy black Brazilian bikini land on the worktop beside him.

‘Close your eyes,’ she said, her seemingly feather-light hands now resting on his shoulders. Lee gulped, his heart stammering, and a croak escaped his lips.

‘Oh god…’

But her laugh sounded so sweet. Surely there was no great intention in what she was doing here, other than playing another of her heart-pounding pranks.

‘Are they closed?’


‘Turn around,’ she commanded, twirling him carefully by the shoulders, until his back was up against the worktop. ‘Now hold out your hands, palms up…’

Then came the all too familiar sound of that plastic sun screen bottle, its gloopy contents churning back and forth as Stevie shook vigorously. And then the sensation of the cool lotion filling each palm, one at a time.

‘Mum, you’re f-

She shushed him, her hands now guiding his by the wrists, to turn upward facing out. And then her full firm tits filled his hands, slipping and sliding as the lotion warmed. Stevie jiggled playfully, her nipples hard and tickling his palms.

Lee almost came.

‘You can open your eyes now,’ she chuckled wickedly, thrilled by his initial physical response, and then; ‘You’ve seen them enough.’

Lee softly exclaimed, his eyes begging “why?” and his mother’s glinted with humour and mischief. Instead he uttered a guttural moan, before his eyes became transfixed at the sight of her naked tits in his oily, slippery hands.

Lee instinctively pulled away, though backed up against the kitchen worktop. His hands repelled, his mind and body at conflict. Before his eyes in that instant was his topless, big-breasted mother, an undeniably surreal sight, and yet she felt innately sexually stimulating in his hands.

Before he could pull away more than three inches, her lightning-swift hands caught his by the wrists and redirected them back onto her warm, fleshy orbs. He held fast, but as she arched her back and heaved into him, her slippery tits simply slipped back into his palms again.

‘Oofff,’ she softly gasped, secretly becoming aroused as his flesh glided all over her, and with no resistance other than his fading reluctance.

And then Stevie was helping out, getting the spots that his hands hadn’t yet covered, her face a mask of sudden concentration. ‘That’s it, get it in nice and deep,’ she encouraged. Jesus, the sight of his hands wrapped around her tits. It led quickly to other lurid imaginings.

Stiffly, Lee held his breath, rather watching as his hands now seemed to work slowly of their own accord, massaging the lotion into his mother’s naked breasts. His cock was now so hard that it hurt.

‘Good job,’ she said curtly, as if awaking from deep thought, before reaching over him for her bikini top again. And like that the moment was so easily dispelled. But his hands didn’t pull away. She reached in for a kiss, right on the lips, her own hands roaming delicately over his, squeezing them tight, and with a loving look in her eyes. ‘That’s my boy!’

And then she froze, seemingly staring into him. His hands still cupping her breasts, as if suspended in time, and hers still on his, that look seemed to radiate and to glow. ‘Mhhh,’ she sighed and frankly said, ‘and you can do that again…’

And again she placed a peck on his lips. Lee, his own lips parted in shock, unwittingly caught hers – soft and light like butterflies connecting mid-flight. Stevie licked her lips, grinned, and walked away, twirling the bikini top between her fingers.

Coffee bahis şirketleri or not, Lee was now awake.


Beyond that afternoon’s shocker of an exhibition, the rest of the day was a blur of dirty jokes and affectionate touching. Stevie had honestly shocked herself queer with how bold she had dared to be and how excited it left her. She was high on getting her son hot. The fact that they could even put it to bed with a joke left her giddy like a crushing teen.

Mid-evening they say watching Netflix – or at least Lee did as his mother say curled up beside him, reading from her Kindle. Noting the looks she gave him every time he looked over to see whether she was still reading, or watching the TV, curiosity slowly began to get the better of him until he had to ask.

‘What are you reading that’s got you grinning at me now?’

‘Oh you probably don’t want to know,’ Stevie hinted with an air of suspense. But curiosity was no different between cats and humans. Interest a man enough and he’ll follow his curiosity to the death.

‘Go on, let me see,’ he insisted, apprehensively. Stevie held the Kindle book close to her chest, as if to guard it, and with a guilty smile. ‘You’re reading your filthy mommy porn, aren’t you?’ he intuited, to which she laughed guiltily as ever.


‘Oh sure, that was convincing.’

‘Maybe,’ she reiterated hopelessly.

‘I thought you saved that stuff until bedtime,’ he remarked, his face feeling familiarly warmer, and maybe a little redder, once again.

‘You don’t mind do you?’ his mother asked. Not that she cared. She could do what she wanted, he had told her that himself. Slowly Lee shook his head.

‘Do you ever read stuff like this?’ she searched.

‘Not really,’ he muttered evasively. Bullshit! Stevie’s expression said the same.

‘Not really, like “kind of” or “not saying”?’

‘What does that even mean?’ Lee laughed defensively, reddening as he tried to outstare her. It wasn’t working.

‘Well do you?’

Lee shrugged, earning him a stifled but no less critical snort. ‘Here,’ she said, offering him the Kindle book with a steady hand. ‘Read some and tell me what you think…’

Apprehensively as ever, Lee took it and viewed the page his mother was currently at. Skimming over the paragraphs – he could never pay full attention when the attention was on him – it didn’t take long before he could home in on the real smut. His mother’s very presence bore into him, never mind her watchful gaze.


“With a loving smile and a knowing nod, Julia guided her son’s stiff length to part her quivering wet sex, into the place he was born from only twenty years ago, and with an ecstatic gasp she braced him as he slid all the way deep…”

‘Fucking hell,’ he thought, aroused almost instantly by what he saw. Lee looked to his mother, who had that same knowing smile on her face as she gazed intently upon catching his eyes. He read on a little, his face a picture of ever-growing curiosity and deepening fascination.

“‘My son is fucking me,’ Julia’s mind cried out, as a helpless shivering moan escaped her lips. And as he bottomed out inside her, she involuntarily caved in around him. All these years of unrequited love and lust having built up inside, and now she felt like she might implode…”

He almost couldn’t look back at her when he asked, ‘and this is what you read when you’re thinking of…’

He couldn’t even say it. There lay another boundary and now Stevie could see it as clear as day in him. Despite all their flirting and the growing physical affection between them, they hadn’t really dared or considered talking about sex, and especially about the taboo and fantasy of incest; specifically between mothers and their sons.

‘Tell him! Just say it!’ Stevie’s mind almost screamed. She swallowed dryly. ‘Yup,’ she said quickly and quietly. Again, such a thrill. Finally they were talking about it, the fantasy element of her innermost desire. She felt giddy with nerves.

‘I can see why.’


‘You can?’

‘It’s very…’

‘Graphic?’ Stevie intuited, still gazing. Well, graphic was the word on her mind because that’s how she liked her stories – undeniably and irresistibly graphic and erotic. A writer who could conjure love and lust, deep emotional and sexual intercourse between a mother and her son, was a different kind of beast to the mainstream merchants of cliché.

Something made Stevie break eye contact with Lee then, which gave him the air to breathe to be able to say what he said next. She too appreciated a breath of relief.

‘So what do you think of reading about a mother having sex with her son?’ she asked next. ‘Shocking?’

‘Not really,’ he replied quickly.

Stevie delved deeper. ‘Alluring then?’

‘You could put it like that,’ he supposed, not wanting to tell her that he found it arousing. How do you tell your mother these things?

Stevie smiled her pleasant surprise. ‘Honestly,’ she admitted, ‘the sex is better than any romance novel. Maybe it’s the taboo. Maybe it’s because the love is meant to be stronger.’

‘Or because you’re not supposed to want them to have sex, but you can’t help but want them to,’ Lee added his own two cents.

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