A Little Fantasy Put Into Action

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It started out as two friends cooling off from the hot summer sun in the pool, but two college students nearly half naked make it hard for it to stay innocent long. I’ve been pondering “what-ifs” for years. Now is the time for action. Somehow, the feel of water and being scantily clad always did arouse me.

I swim over to him, and hold my head above the surface of the water with a hand on his shoulder. I’ve never been a strong swimmer, and he’s got a good few inches on me. Sliding my right hand along his jaw line to cup his face, I lean in slowly and let our lips meet. Something that should have happened years ago, if this sudden feeling of completion, and at the same time yearning for more, more is anything to go by. The kiss deepens, but my mind is so hazy from joy and passion that I’m not sure who deepened it – all I know is that we’re now kissing feverishly, passionately, with my arms around his neck, my legs around his waist, grinding my crotch against his erection. Shorts and a bikini are way too much clothing now, but mid day in an outdoor swimming pool is not the place. Holding me tightly to him, he heads towards the stairs at the shallow end, as my focus moves from his mouth to his jaw line, his ear, his neck, his collarbone.

As we make it into the house, dripping water everywhere, the cool of the indoor air on our wet skin shocks our bodies. Goosebumps break out all over, but we don’t notice. The only thing on our minds – besides the overwhelming of our senses – is to find his bedroom.

We finally break apart for a second, panting, at the sound of his door clicking shut. Privacy – and a bed – at last. I finally notice our goosebumps, and smirk, saying that the wet swimsuits should be taken off, since the wet fabric is making us so cold, and his shorts are busy making a puddle on the floor. I undo the back tie of my bikini top, and slowly pull it off over my head. My nipples are hard little peaks – both from arousal, and the damp chill of the air compared to the sweltering heat outdoors and coursing through my veins. Watching him, I slide out of my wet bikini bottom. I’m so wet and aroused that I am aching. I want to be filled, complete, over and over again. I watch his eyes widen slightly as he notices I’m bare. No bikini wax for this girl – smooth all over, and wanting to feel his hands, his tongue, his penis, so badly I feel like I’m going to burst.

First things first though. He is still dripping water on the floor, his erection straining against the fabric of his shorts. Obviously, this means güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri he is wearing too much clothing. I stand on tiptoes to kiss him again, and he pulls me tight against his body, kneading my ass with his hands. I groan, and grind against him, realizing that I’m near orgasm from the feel of his skin on mine, his tongue, his kiss. Panting slightly, I break away from his mouth, kissing and nipping my way along his jaw line to his ear. I run the tip of my tongue along the outside of his ear, then along the inside of the fold, hearing his breath hitch. I gently fuck his ear with my tongue, and then take his earlobe between my teeth and gently nip and tug at it.

Somehow during this, I have ended up back with my legs around his waist, my hands gripping his shoulders, running along his back, leaving faint scratch marks. I work my way down his neck again, pausing to suck at his adam’s apple, both of us moaning. I’m grinding against him hard, and his hands, supporting me, have found their way to where I want most to be filled. One finger slides easily in… ah, yes… two fingers is closer to what I crave. My hips buck and I grind hard against his fingers, my clit rubbing against his erection, hot and hard through his shorts. Time to get the exploration moving forwards again, or I’ll end up leaving a hickey on his neck. I ease myself down, his fingers sliding out of me as I continue nibbling and licking my way down his chest. One nipple gets sucked and licked… the other I trace the tip of my tongue around in a spiral until I reach the peak. Knowing what I like, I take his nipple between my teeth and give it a tug. Judging from the sound he just made, and the way his hands went to my head – not to pull me away, but to keep me there – it seems he likes that as well.

I continue my way down his stomach, following the fine line of hair to his bellybutton, kneeling when I get there. This alone shows how much I trust and desire him. This is not the first time I have gone down on a guy, but it is the first time I have been willing to kneel before them to do it. With the tip of his erection nudging my chin through his shorts, I kiss his navel, laving it with my tongue. My hands are kneading his ass now, and my fingers move to his waistband as I kiss and nip along the top of his shorts in the front. I ease his shorts down – finally – over his erection and drop them to the floor.

His erection springs free, glad to be released from its prison of shorts. Cupping his balls – or trying to, as they güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri are already pulled tight to his body – I run the tip of my tongue up the underside of his penis, making it twitch, before taking the head in my mouth. Kneading his butt with one hand, the other gripping the shaft as my tongue swirls around the head, tasting the salty pre-cum as I run my tongue up the slit. His hands come to rest on my head, making me slightly nervous, but I relax realizing he isn’t going to force my head down. Swirling my tongue around while pumping my head up and down, taking in as much as I can manage, my hand leaves his arse as I reach down to touch myself. Not much longer, and I feel his body stiffen as he tries to not thrust for all he’s worth, and he cums in my mouth.

I try to swallow as much as I can, licking up what I miss. This is the first time I have attempted to swallow, and I find I don’t mind the taste, his taste. I rest back on my heels licking the corner of my mouth and smile up at him. Something about the smile must be amusing, since he chuckles a little before urging me to my feet and kisses me square on the mouth. Still in a liplock, we stumble towards the bed.

Both of us lay there on the bed, kissing, exploring, legs intertwined. My turn is yet to come (or cum, as the pun may have it), and I am already beyond thrilled that I took the leap of faith – and that he caught me on the other side. One of my legs is between his, and against my thigh I can feel him beginning to harden again already. I only notice for a second though, because then my mind is focusing on the sensation of his hand kneading one breast, his mouth sucking the other. I gasp in surprise, and push myself against his thigh. We can both feel how wet I am.

Pushing him back against the mattress, I slide on top of him and grin, holding myself up with my hands on his biceps, my hair hanging down around our faces. I playfully kiss him, pulling away as he tries to deepen the kiss. As I move to his ear again, while rubbing myself on his recovering erection, I find myself suddenly under him, being kissed as though there is no tomorrow. My mouth, my neck, ear, collarbone… I gasp as his mouth once again finds a nipple, and then the other.

Senses blend together, making everything seem like not enough, and too much, at the same time, as I finally feel his tongue where I want it, sucking and licking my clit. Two fingers stroke me from the inside, curling upwards to hit my g-spot. My legs over his shoulders, güvenilir bahis şirketleri I’m gasping and panting, begging him to not stop. I feel my orgasm building, and he puts more pressure on my g-spot as he increases his attentions on my clit. The world shatters around me as I orgasm, and I think I black out for a second. I don’t even know if I made any noise. I feel relaxed, even though every cell in my body is buzzing, and completed by my orgasm, even though I am still craving more. I want to feel him inside me, thrusting in, and pulling out – and not his fingers this time.

I pull him to me, and kiss him as hard as I can. I can taste myself on his lips as I grind against him, wanting him in me. There is a momentary fumble for a condom – we’re half-crazed with lust, but we aren’t stupid. With my legs wrapped around his waist, he slides home, and we finally feel complete. We pause for a moment, senses overloaded by the sensations as we stare into each other’s eyes. I pull his mouth to mine, and time resumes going forward. It takes a moment to find a rhythm – neither of us are very experienced – but everything seems perfect, like we’re melting into each other. I bring my knees up further, tilting my pelvis so that with each thrust he goes deeper, and rubs more against that wonderful g-spot.

As he moves his mouth from mine, to my neck and ear, his quiet moans turn me on even further, and I can feel the tension in me building higher and higher. Panting, I beg him to go faster, harder. The world shatters again, and I can tell by his movements that my muscles clenching around him have brought him even further to the edge as he is now thrusting for all he’s worth. Suddenly, he stiffens and cries out, and I can feel his penis pulsing inside of me, and I experimentally clench down around him. As he comes back to the world around him, he relaxes a little on top of me. Still joined, we rest for a minute, and I revel in his warm weight on top of me, and the feel of him in and on me. I’ve been wanting – needing – this for a long time. Kissing me gently, he slides out and heads to the bathroom. Looking at the clock, I notice that a couple of hours seem to have vanished quickly. Dusk has fallen, and I’m drowsy.

He returns from the bathroom, still naked, with a tired smile on his face. I reach out to him, and he joins me in the bed again, pulling the blankets over our naked bodies. Another slow kiss, and I snuggle against him, a leg and arm thrown across him, my ear against his chest and his arms around me.

The sound of his heartbeat lulls me to sleep, and my world feels perfect. I can only hope that things don’t pale in the morning sun. More than anything right now, I want to find out if we can have a future together.

I hope I’m the first to wake… I have a few ideas to bring him out of slumber.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00353 515 73 20