A Load of Help Ch. 02

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Connor sat on his bed feeling awkward. In his lap sat his roommate Anthony, who was impaled on his still hard penis.

His roommate had manipulated him into having sex with him through the use of guilt and fear. He didn’t have rent money, and Anthony had this bizarre desire for creampies before tests.

“Thanks again,” Anthony said unmoving. “You’ve been a load of help.”

“Uh sure…” Connor said wanting to be left alone. “Are you like… going to get off or something?”

“Shit! Sorry dude!” Anthony said spitting into his palm. “I totally forgot.”

With a moistened hand, Anthony started stroking his full five inches of man meat. Connor stared in surprise! There was a complete misunderstanding between them!

“What the duck dude!” He said bucking his hips. “I meant get off me!”

“Dude, just chill I’m almost done.” Anthony said holding onto Connor’s knee firmly.

It was true, he looked like he was going to blow his load. Connor was conflicted, he hated when chick’s wouldn’t let him cum… that being said, he wanted a shower and a nap before his test.

Anthony beat himself off harder and faster as he squatted on his cock. Connor had just blasted a load into him, yet his penis hadn’t deflated, he was absolutely baffled at this.

Sex with Anthony was mechanical and odd, not the like the usual hot sessions he had with his ex-girlfriend. Sometimes with her he’d cum inside her, only to find that he was still hard and start on a second round.

Connor stared at the ceiling while he debated all this, he couldn’t bring himself to watching Anthony beat-off. A new thought popped into his mind, where was that cum going to go? He assumed that Anthony would put it in his hand, but a quick glance down revealed that his other hand was behind his back.

He was going to speak up and complain when he felt something pushing on his sphincter. Words escaped him when he opened his mouth. It was as if all the oxygen were pushed out of his lungs when his anus was violated.

What happened next was a blur, like the rest of this encounter it was new and unusual. Anthony’s finger found his prostrate and triggered it at the same moment he too came. Connor was looking down when he saw it all occur.

“Yyyyyeeeesssss!!” Anthony cried out in delight as he shot three streams of white goo across Connor’s stomach and chest.

“What the FU… Uuuggghhhh!!” Connor grunted as he involuntarily came inside Anthony for a second time that day.

The two men fought to catch their breath; Anthony laughed loudly breaking the tension in the air. Connor was stunned! He had cum without an orgasm, it was like robbing a bank without getting caught only to find the sacks empty later.

He didn’t know what to say or do, so he laid there as Anthony finally climbed off him. He sat covered in cum feeling dumbfounded until his roommate reached into the pile of clothes by the bed to pull out a red rubber object which he quickly inserted into himself.

“Ah, much better!” Anthony declared as he used a piece of clothing to wipe his member off with. “I don’t want to lose it as fast as I got it.”

Connor then watched as Anthony used it to clean the mess off him. He felt like a drunk who depended on his friends to tidy his puke before taking his shoes off and putting him to bed. At that moment it dawned on him that he had never cleaned a woman off after spunking on them; Anthony was a jerk, but not a evil one.

“Thanks for cleaning that up.” Connor said to Anthony who was getting dressed.

“No problem dude!” Anthony replied back casually.

“What the fuck dude! Did you use my shirt to wipe your dick, AND to clean your jizz off me!” Connor said in anger.

Standing up naked Connor shook his soiled shirt yelling. Anthony grabbed his shoes as he ran towards the door.

“I left you some money on the desk, if it’s not enough let me know!” Anthony said from the hallway.

Connor looked at the clock and forgot his rage, he had a test to get too! He put on his clothes quickly, there wasn’t time for a shower or even to brush his hair!

“Fuck!” Connor said out loud.

He didn’t have any other clean shirts to wear. Swearing loudly he put on his messed shirt, then a longer shirt over that. The cum was cool and sticky on his skin. Frustrated he left for his test.

“Yo!” He said loudly as he sat next to a friend at the test. “WAZ-UP T!!”

The young black man turned frowning and replied. “Ugh white people. Just call me Tyreese OK?”

“Uh sure Tyreese.” Connor said, “Why so tense?”

“It’s this test is just so…” Tyreese started to say in a frustrated tone.

“Gay? Is that what you were going to say!” Connor snapped back.

“Huh?” Tyreese said. “I was going to say this test is so frustrating. Why should almost half our mark depend on one test?”

“Oh… yeah…” Connor replied embarrassed; for a brief moment he felt like Tyreese could read his mind! He didn’t want anyone illegal bahis to know what he was doing just fifteen minutes before.

“Man what’s up with you? You seem so jumpy and looking like you got a gangbang!” Tyreese said laughing.

Connor turned red, he did feel like he had been fucked by five men! His pelvis hurt and so did his thighs! Even his asshole was sore. His t-shirt was sticking to him and he could smell a strange odour on his skin and clothes, which he suspected was Anthony.

Tyreese put his arm around Connor and spoke quietly. “Listen man, go back to your room pound one out, then take a shower followed by a nap you’ll feel much better!”

Connor instantly had an erection the moment Tyreese touched him. Panic rose in him! He didn’t think he was attracted to men in any sort of way… and yet he had a boner.

He struggled to come up with something to say. “Uh… Yeah that’s a good idea. I’ll do that!”

“Be cool man!” Tyreese said letting go of him.

After the test he and Tyreese walked out together chatting. Connor’s erection was gone, and he felt slightly better. Coming towards them was a girl he was interested in.

“Hey Elizabeth!” He called waving at her.

“Are you going to that party tomorrow night?” She asked.

“I’m single now, and wouldn’t miss it for the world!” He said enthusiastically.

He tried in vain to meet her eyes; Elizabeth was a short, heavy set woman with a very low cut top. Connor’s eyes were bulging out to get the best possible look at her larger exposed lady humps.

Connor turned to Tyreese, “T, are you coming?”

The spot where his friend stood was empty, Elizabeth didn’t seem to notice. She stepped forward putting a hand on his arm.

“I’m sorry to hear that, you poor dear.” She said with a light squeeze. “I’ll cheer you up!”

Connor was hard once again! Confused, but less so this time he thanked her and wished her good luck as they parted. As he walked back to his room, he was pleased to see that regardless of what his dick thought, at least it still liked women!

Back in his room, he started to strip off his clothes; planning to take his friend’s advice. He also set his alarm, to keep himself on track. The shower however could wait, Elizabeth’s tits were on his mind and he wanted to prove to himself that he was very straight!

Once naked, he reached under his mattress to pull out a magazine of filled with photos of women with larger breasts. He was rock hard when he saw the first photo spread. Laying on his stomach he planned on flipping through the pages before he would roll on his back to Jerk off on his belly.

He didn’t hear Anthony coming into the room until the door closed after him. Connor didn’t care, he was very horny! The pages of his magazine had worked him into a frenzy. His previous prostate induced orgasm left him feeling empty and deprived, something he wanted to fix right away!

“Anthony can watch all he wants! I’m almost ready to blow my load.” Connor thought to himself.

“Sup.” Connor said still looking down.

Anthony mumbled a reply, but Connor wasn’t listening, he was deeply focusing on a photo of a red headed lady who had her own nipple in her mouth. He could hear fumbling noises coming from Anthony who stood close by.

“I need another favour dude.” Anthony said.

“I need more money!” Connor snapped back absent mindedly, “but you don’t see me robbing banks.”

“You don’t understand!” Anthony said in a desperate tone, “I need another load!”

“Fuck man!” Connor said turning a page. “I didn’t like your cum all over my stomach!”

Anthony didn’t reply, he climbed onto the bed, to lay himself on top of his roommate.

“Dude!” Connor cried out. “Don’t fucking tell me that you’re laying naked on me!”

“I have more money!” He said in desperation holding out a wad of crumpled bills.

Connor was exhausted both mentally and physically. He didn’t have a test until after lunch and he really just wanted to rest before he studied more.

Sighing Connor replied. “Don’t tell me you can’t find any gay men?”

“No I can’t!” Anthony said pleading. “This is Nebraska, not San Francisco!”

Connor looked away from his magazine at the clock before he spoke. “Sure, sure. Hey don’t you have a test shortly?”

“I do! Please I need a load badly so I can do well on this test!” Anthony said begging.

No reply came from Connor, he was looking at a photo.

Anthony whispered his plea. “You look like you’re going to cum, just let me have it! I promise this will be it! No more loads! Plus I have more cash for you!”

Anthony’s words reminded Connor how badly he needed that money; he didn’t have enough money for rent. His job and parents weren’t options. He knew he was close… very close, so there was no way Anthony could trick him again.

“Sure dude, just don’t be pest!” He said in reply.

Connor tried to roll over when Anthony put his weight illegal bahis siteleri on his back. In seconds he was immobilized by his roommates hands and feet which interlocked with his. Worst of all he could feel Anthony’s dick in his ass crack!

“Fuck man! What is this?” Connor said loudly.

“Sssshhhh dude, I’ll cum first on your ass cheeks, then you can do me!” Anthony said with confidence.

Connor felt swindled! This wasn’t part of the deal! He didn’t want to be cummed on, even on his ass! This deal went too far! He tried to escape but was effectively pinned.

“Don’t worry, I’m close to blowing my load too!” Anthony said trying to convince him.

“Fine!” Connor said angrily, “just get this shit over with!”

Anthony shifted his weight, in doing so he let up on the interlocking limbs. Connor was too tired to run for it, however he regretted it when Anthony applied that cold gel to his ass crack.

“Fuck man! This wasn’t part of the deal!” Connor wailed.

“Sure it is!” Anthony said like a used car salesmen. “This stuff will reduce chaffing, plus, don’t you use it when you tittyfuck a girl? Like maybe the one in the magazine?”

The woman on that page had her massive breasts wrapped around a large black dildo. Connor didn’t reply, but yelped when Anthony tried to jam a finger into his anus.

“DUDE! STAY AWAY FROM MY ASS!” He said loudly.

“That’s to reduce chaffing, I just told you that.” Anthony said like a rebuking librarian.

“What sort of chaffing will my asshole get?” Connor said questioningly.

Anthony ignored him as he embraced his roommate from behind, locking his feet and hands as before. He started slowly sliding his uncut manhood up and down Connor’s ass crack.

This didn’t cause Connor as much discomfort as he had expected, he flipped to a new page hoping to forget the man laying on his back. Anthony increased the length of his slides from slow and narrow to longer and longer.

Soon Anthony was sliding across Connor’s anus, at first it was unnoticed, but when he did it a second time, Connor felt his penis quiver. The sensation reminded him of earlier when his prostate was being massaged.

Like a flamboyant Casanova Anthony slowly increased the pressure he bore down on his captive. He wasn’t trying to push the head of his penis into Connor, but rather to stimulate his asshole with the shaft as he moved it back and forth.

Connor released an uncontrolled moan, regretting it instantly. He didn’t want to let on that he was enjoying the attention back there. He really did like women like Elizabeth or the chicks in his spank-mag, and not sweaty men like Anthony! However the more he thought that, the more he felt he couldn’t ignore his throbbing erection and aroused anus…

Anthony got sloppy in his seduction and pushed deeply on the wrong angle, he tried to stop himself but was too late! His penis lined itself up with Connor’s sphincter and gave it a tap.

“Ugh!” Connor groaned with his eyes closed.

There wasn’t penetration, but rather something more like knocking on the door to Connor’s bowels. Connor involuntarily moved forward, but was held in place by hands and arms on top of his, along with legs wrapped around his own.

Taking the grunt as permission Anthony waited a few slides before doing it again. The second time Connor grunted, his hands clenched at the sheets they now held.

With a new routine Anthony was set for a game-changer; he removed one of his restraining hands to bring it under his roommate to grasp his aching member. The two men worked in unison, Connor lifted his hips to allow him access.

Connor felt overwhelmed by the sensations, a greased hand on his cock, paired with the indescribable pleasure from behind. He didn’t much like Anthony sweaty body pressing down upon him, or the heavy breathing in his ear.

“I’m going to cum if you keep that up.” Connor grunted.

“Hold on!” Anthony begged. “I’m close too!”

Anthony loosened his grasp upon his friend’s penis, he really did want a load inside himself and not on the bed. He slid faster and faster as he ground his white rod into Connor’s anus.

“Oh Ffffuuuccckkk!!” Anthony shouted as he buried his head into Connor’s shoulder.

With his full five inches pointing at Connor’s asshole he shot his load. Unlike earlier it bubbled out of him to pool upon the brown star that starred back at him.

He released his paralyzing hold on his roommate as he lined up his quickly deflating member for one final thrust. He pushed his circle peg, aiming to get it into the star-shaped hole that lay before him. As he push, Connor began to move away.

Connor didn’t want to get speared from behind as she shimmed away on his bed. He could feel the… load of cum between his ass cheeks, he didn’t feel upset, or ashamed, rather he felt very anxious to blow his own load. His penis dangled below him stiff and begging for attention.

When canlı bahis siteleri the pressure on his asshole ceased, he looked over his shoulder to see Anthony on all fours facing away from him.

“Dude hurry up and stick that in me! I have a test to get too!” Anthony ordered.

“I don’t want to put it in.” Connor said turning around to kneel behind his roommate. “You do it!”

“Come-on dude! I need this load, and I need to go! Help me out stud!” Anthony pleaded.

Connor exhaled deeply, he rationalized with himself that he could do all the work this time. Holding his penis in one hand he guided it at Anthony’s waiting anus. He could see the glistening of lube around his goal, he also noticed that Anthony’s orifice was partial opened, as if it was ready for him.

With a shove it went in quickly and easily. Anthony grunted then moaned as he pushed then pulled his full six inches of ivory in and out of him. Connor grunted too, he didn’t want to admit it, but he was incredibly serially aroused. He knew he couldn’t hold it inside of himself for very long.

“Come on stud, fuck me hard!” Anthony cried out.

Connor blushed, but did as he was ordered to do. He picked up his pace, but found it awkward, so he placed his hands on his roommate’s bony hips.

Looking down, he was distracted to see his fully naked friend before him. He tried to pretend it was a woman before him, Anthony’s hips were rounded when he bent forward, his long-ish hair helped as well. He could almost fool himself, but the soft hairs on Anthony’s legs which lay next to his were difficult to ignore.

Connor could feel his testicles swinging, but unlike all his other experiences with doggy style, something was different. He could feel they weren’t swinging as far as they usually did… he couldn’t figure out why…

“Are my balls… slapping into your… balls?” Connor said embarrassed.

“Yeah, I fucking love it!” Anthony replied.

Connor was disgusted, and yet… turned on at the same time. He could now feel the shaved testicles that touched his own with each slap. Each time he paused in their sex, they rested next to them, so soft, and warm. Overwhelmed he looked up at ceiling, however it didn’t provide the escape he sought.

The thought of their testicles touching one another had the effect of two atoms smashing together in fission. The resulting nuclear explosion was powerful and earth shaking!

“Aaaaaahhhhhh!!” Connor cried as he came.

He could feel his sperm pumping out of his organ into his roommate’s bowels. He stopped moving, feeling sensitive all over. He was now spent, and ready to pull out. However Anthony refused to cease his movements, he rammed his ass back and forth, demanding every last drop.

Connor was covered in sweat from head to toe. His hair was soaked; he could even feel the cum oozing from his own ass crack, drops had landed on his ankle. He passion spent he tried to pull out, Anthony reached a hand from below to hold his balls.

“What the fuck?” He said.

“Sssshhh!” Anthony said massaging his balls. “I need every last drop!”

Connor knelt behind Anthony feeling very tired and extremely awkward. It felt like going to the chalk board with an erection, with the whole class watching. If someone barged through the front door, they’d seem him literally balls deep in his friend!

Exhausted Connor withdrew slowly to stand next to his bed. Anthony didn’t resist this time.

“Fish out my red butt-plug for me, I don’t want any escaping.” Anthony said, his ass still in the air as he pointed.

Connor got it and handed it to him as he spoke, “Here you go.”

“Put it in for me. It’ll come out if I move.” Anthony said.

Ethically torn, Connor did as he was told, but he didn’t like it. He pushed it into the ass next to him, thereby ensuring his sperm had a warm home. Anthony got up with a hand holding the plug steady and dressed quickly.

“Fuck man! You jizzed on my bed!” Connor said pointing at the spot where Anthony was on all fours.

“Sorry dude!” Anthony said pulling on his shoes. “Rack out in my bed!”

Connor sighed, he was so drained both mentally and physically that he could sleep anywhere! Anthony was gone in a moment, leaving him alone; exhausted he landed in his friends bed face down to embrace a welcomed rest.


Awakening with a startle, Connor looked around confused. His alarm was on the other side of the room and was buzzing loudly. Swearing he got up from Anthony’s bed to see that he had scant moments to dress and run to his next test.

He could feel the smell of another man on his body, mixed with the stench of his own body odour. He didn’t have time for a shower, nor did he have fresh clothes! Just like this morning, he had no choice but to put on dirty clothes over his dirty skin.

Stepping into his underwear he swore, “Shit!”

Connor could feel the dried cum in his ass crack, and swore again. Putting on his socks he was confused by the dried jizz on his ankle. Before he left he scooped up the money Anthony left for him. It was a fraction of what he needed.

Speaking to himself he said, “Thanks Anthony, you’ve been a load of help.”

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