A Lonely Saturday Morning

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You slowly wake up and see the un slept place next to you in bed, and you feel a little disappointed. It was merely a dream, me laying there beside you. You get out of bed and stumble towards the kitchen thinking about yesterday the pictures, you with your panties off at work and you’d secretly wish there wasn’t this distance between us. As you start making coffee you remember how aroused and excited you got when you went into the restroom and took your panties off, secretly touching yourself imagining me at the same time thousands of miles away stroking myself for you and taking pictures of me cumming. Just remembering it gives you a tingling feeling.

You start to wonder if I have left you something on sl, maybe a breakfast message like yesterday and you start smiling already. You realize there’s someone at your door. “Yes just a minute, I need to get dressed” you reply, as you’re about to ask who the hell it is at this hour.

The speaker’s scratching ” No need sunshine… it’s me, Jim… aeuhmm.. J”.

“Jim!” you call out surprised and excited “What are you doing here? How did you get here? ” you fire away

“Aeuhmm…” I start to respond “… is that really something I should say out loud here on the street? Can’t I come up? ”

You panic, looking around your apartment, wishing you cleaned up a little ” Give me a minute” you shout as you race thru your place and tidy up a bit…

‘Knock Knockknock Knock’

You’re worked up and a little nervous as you walk up to the door. You’ve quickly put on a sexy robe and combed your hair. Your hands are a little swetty as you open the door. There I am, standing at your door, looking at you, you can feel my eyes going up and down over your body until our eyes interlock and we both start to smile.

“You’re quite something you know that” I start to talk as I walk in “ah..no..nono” I quickly shut güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri you up placing my finger on your mouth.

“… not a word gorgeous! I flew for several hours, took a cab ride to your office and walked several blocks to finally come across to someone who knows where you live”. ” then when I’m finally there you leave me standing in the street for 5 minutes “I quasi upset tell you.

But my eyes can’t hide the fun and pleasure I feel, finally seeing you… “There was a saying by someone, something to do with Mohammed and a mountain or the other way, anyway since you couldn’t send a picture, I thought I’d take several myself.”

I continue as I walk up to you, shutting the door behind me and stopping in front of you. “But first I just want to fuck you!” I conclude and reach down, grab you beneath your butt and lift you up in an embrace.

Our lips quickly find each other and we battle on who gets to nibble and bite the other, our tongues entangled in a wrestling match as we move over to the kitchen. You start unbuttoning my shirt, your hands all over my chest scratching me while I place you on the kitchen counter. I start groping your breast, hold them in my hands and kiss them thru the thin fabric of your robe. My tongue swirling around your nipples first the left one then the other one until the fabric’s soaked with your nipples standing out fierce fully piercing thru it. I undo your robe, letting it slide of your shoulders onto your arms. I pin down your arms and start licking your naked breasts, following the curves with my tongue sucking on your flesh. I let your arms go and cuff them, pressing them firmly against each other while my tongue slides between them up and down. I roll your nipples between my fingers little pinches and I can hear you enjoying it by the soft moan that escapes your mouth. I place my hands on your knees güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri and force them to spread while they slide between them, my mouth keeps on kissing you as my hands and mouth come together at your pussy.

” I want to smell you! I need to smell your cunt”

I utter before burying my face inside you.

My fingers spread your lips while my tongue slides between them, wetting them even more then they are already, leading the way for my nose. As I move up again I press my nose between your lips and take a deep breath, soaking myself with your smell. As I get up you glance at your wetness on my face. I kick off my shoes and drop my pants. My swollen dick dangling in front of you. I take your feet in my arms and cuff my cock with them, stroking it back and forth with your feet. You start to reach down on yourself and start rubbing your clit, excited by the on sight of my growing cock.

I put your feet around my waist as I move closer to you. Holding my cock in one hand I slide it across your lips, circling around them…the head slide between them. I move you a bit closer to me, my cock pressing up against you. ” Look into my eyes ” I just say and when you do, I thrust myself hard inside you.

I can feel you shiver when I push deep inside you and pull back, just leaving the head in and again I thrust hard and deep, all the way inside you. Your face is a mixture of pleasure and pain as you bite your lip and close your eyes. I go in and out quicker and quicker, one hand moves up to your breasts groping and I hold your neck in my hand, squeezing it and back down again to your breasts, holding them proudly in my hands…

I reach behind you and lift you up, while I’m still inside you. You swing your arms around my neck and press your breasts against my chest your tongue forced inside my mouth like you were fucking me back güvenilir bahis şirketleri orally. With my hand underneath your legs I lift you up and down, riding my cock slowly lifting you up and then dropping you back on it again. I slowly start walking over to a chair and sit down while you continue riding me, and you try to turn around, swinging one leg over me with my hard cock stuck deep inside you. The pain makes me gasp for air… As you have turned and pressed your back against me, I start lifting you again, your legs hung over mine, your back arched against me, pressing your breasts high up in the air. I let my hands go from beneath you and start massaging them as you ride my cock.

You slide one hand down and start rubbing your clit while the other together with mine cuffs them. When I feel I can’t last much longer I lift you up off me and we both stand up. Standing against each other I feel your nipples pressed against my chest while you feel my warm throbbing cock against your sweat and glowing skin.

“I want you to see me take you from behind thru a mirror, I want you to see how I mount you Kathy”

I tell you as you take me by your hand and lead me to the mirror. You get down on your hands and feet and wiggle your butt in front of me as I sit down on my knees behind you. You reach out for my cock and guide it inside you.. it smoothly slides into your wet and widen pussy… I begin to pound you with all the energy I have, your flesh following the force off my thrusts I grab your breasts and start to milk them… You watch yourself in the mirror, with every thrust you see your body shiver, the energy off my thrust echoed over your entire body… me gasping for air…

When I’m almost unable to hold much longer I turn you over, and have you sit on your knees, cuffing your breasts. I slide my cock between them, breast fucking you…

” open your mouth” is all I am able to utter until I finally lose control and shoot out my cum over your face and into your mouth. Your tongue licking it off your lips as I give up and lay back on the ground… ” give me 5 minutes to get some air ” is all I’m able to say as I see you licking my cum off you.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00353 515 73 20