A Lonely Wedding

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Jenny was busy sucking her boyfriend Jimmy’s cock in the den of her parent’s home. Her hair was being held to the side as Jimmy watched her lips slide up and down his hard cock, her spit oozing out to coat her hand that was cupping his balls. Jenny looked up at her boyfriend, his eyes slightly rolled back in his head as he luxuriated in the feel of her practiced mouth.

With a quick glance Jenny checked the clock and realized she only had about 10 minutes before her mother would be home from work. With a loud pop she pulled the cock from between her lips and licked the slit at the top of his penis.

“You want to cum in my mouth, baby?” she asked.

“Don’t I always?” Jimmy breathed.

“You’re so nasty, I love that about you.” Her mouth engulfed him again, her fingers stroking the remaining portion of his cock she couldn’t put into her mouth. Her nails scratched lightly at his balls causing Jimmy to moan deeply.

“Oh god, I’m coming,” Jimmy announced and Jenny looked up to watch him. He was looking at her intently now as she pulled off until just the head was between her lips and her hand was flying up and down his cock, coaxing his cum to shoot into her mouth. Her eyes looked past Jimmy and saw that her mother, Patricia, was standing in the doorway watching. Startled she pulled her mouth off her boyfriends cock just as his sperm began to explode from it. The first shot landed on her hairline, some dribbling down to her eyebrow and the rest sticking to her hair.

A surprised, almost jealous look crossed Patricia’s face and Jenny was snapped back to her task at hand. She might have stopped what she was doing but it was beyond that now. The quickest thing to do would be to finish and get Jimmy cleaned up and out of the house.

Jenny slid her lips over her boyfriend’s cock and took the remaining shots in her mouth, quickly sucking him dry and licking up the mess that had been made.

“Looks like you missed,” Jimmy said, indicating the sperm on her forehead.

“I thought you might like it on my face as well,” Jenny replied.

“You really are something,” Jimmy sighed. “I can’t believe how lucky I am to be dating you.”

“Don’t you forget it,” Jenny said. “Now, you better get out of here, I’d hate for my mom to catch us.” Jimmy agreed, not realizing that they had already been caught. He pulled his pants up, kissed his girlfriend on the cheek and left the house quietly.

Jenny sat on the floor of the den for a few minutes, wondering what her mother would say. It’s not like she was in high school still, she’d been attending the junior college for over a year now. Better to go face mom sooner than later she thought.

Patricia was in the kitchen going through the mail when Jenny walked in. The close fitting t-shirt Jenny was wearing hugged her pert breasts tightly and the skirt she wore showed her tanned legs off to good advantage. With a glance at her daughter Patricia recalled the days when she looked like that. Now with two children, her daughter an adult and her son becoming one in just a week, she felt old.

“Sorry about that mom,” Jenny said as she sat down at the counter. “I thought we had a bit more time before you came home.”

Patricia looked at her daughter and smiled mischievously. She stepped to the counter in front of her daughter and leaned over to examine her face. Reaching out, she wiped her finger along Jenny’s eyebrow and pulled it back to examine it. While Jenny watched, her mother looked at her finger and then pushed it into her mouth and sucked it for a moment.

“Wow Mom, I must say that’s not the reaction I expected.” Jenny watched as her mother pulled her finger out of her mouth at last.

“Why? You think I don’t enjoy the taste as much as you?” Patricia was tired of feeling old and watching her daughter give a blowjob reminded her of her own wild college days. “When I was your age I was known to suck a cock,” Patricia said, watching her daughters eyes grow wide, “Or two.” Jenny’s mouth hung open in disbelief.

“Mom!” Jenny blurted out. “I can’t believe you said that.”

“Well it’s true. When I was going to school the guys just wanted to cum, just like they do now. Better to give a blowjob than to get pregnant I always said. And I’m glad you seem to enjoy it as well. It’s much nicer that way.” Patricia turned away from her daughter, not sure how much she had scandalized her oldest child. She could feel a wetness growing between her legs.

“Yeah, well it’s not so much that as you admitting to sucking more than one at a time.” Jenny leaned heavily onto the counter. When her mother didn’t respond for a moment she continued. “Well, have you sucked more than one at a time?”

“Not like in an orgy or anything,” Patricia said quickly. She considered her words for a moment, staring out the window. “When I was in school there was a certain frat house that threw parties pretty regularly. In one of the bathrooms there was a hole that looked into a small closet and as a joke some of the guys would stick canlı bahis şirketleri their cocks through it to see if they could freak out some unsuspecting girl. When it happened to me, I just leaned over and opened my mouth and took it in.” Patricia watched her daughter grow even more incredulous.

“Holy shit Mom, that was a glory hole!” Jenny felt her own excitement beginning to build anew.

“Yeah, well I know that now,” Patricia continued, turning to face her daughter. “Back then I didn’t know what it was called, I just knew that if I felt like sucking a cock I could go to the bathroom and wait and sure enough a cock would show up all ready to go.”

“So did you do it often?” Jenny asked.

“I did it a few times a year my last two years in school. Probably about 6 times in total.” Patricia leaned against the corner of the counter, trying to find something to rub against her moist pussy but unable to find any suitable angle.

“How many did you do in a row?” Jenny pressed. Her mother was confessing some of the hottest action she had ever heard and she wasn’t about to let her stop her exciting tale of debauchery.

“I think the most I ever did was 7 in a row,” Patricia answered, feeling decidedly wicked watching her daughter digest the revelation.

“I can’t believe it, my mom was a blowjob queen in college,” Jenny said in a faraway tone. Her mystified eyes were seeing her mother in a whole new light and Patricia felt extremely sexy seeing the way her daughter was looking at her.

“Not too bad for an old broad, huh?” Patricia’s lips formed a thin smile, pleased with herself for flooring her daughter. “Ahh, how I miss those days sometimes,” she said quietly.

“Really?” Jenny asked. “You’d do it again?”

“Well,” Patricia began, “It can’t happen now, can it? Where would I go where I was sure no one would know me? And besides who would want an old woman like me?”

“You’re not old mom, I mean look at you. You’re sexy as hell and those tits are like magnets for men’s eyes.” Patricia blushed as her daughter complimented her. She looked down and smoothed out imaginary wrinkles in her dress as she appraised herself.

“I guess I’m not that bad,” she admitted.

“Naw mom, you are hot! I bet you keep dad wore out in the sack.”

Jenny sat for a moment considering all that her mother had told her for a moment when the front door opened and a voice called out.

“I’m home!” Jason shouted. “I hope there’s something to eat.” He walked into the kitchen and found his mother and sister laughing profusely.

“What’s so funny?” he asked.

“Oh nothing, just girl talk,” Jenny answered. “So how was practice?”

“Rough,” Jason answered putting his helmet and backpack on the counter. “Coach was pissed about the interception at last weeks game so he made us all run double today.”

“But you play defense!” Patricia said angrily.

“Yeah tell me about it.” Jason began to rummage through the fridge looking for something to eat.

“Hey,” Jenny said, “how is the birthday party coming along?”

Jason looked up and began to say something when Patricia jumped in.

“Dad will be out of town next weekend, so we aren’t sure what we should do.”

“Why not have it here, in the backyard? We could do a bbq for you and some of your friends.” Jenny offered.

“That okay with you mom?” Jason said looking at his mother.

“I don’t see why not. We could do that and then go to the lake the following weekend when your father has off. That what you want to do, honey?” Patricia asked her son.

“Sure sounds good to me. Thanks Jenny.” He smiled at his sister gratefully. He had been worried that his turning 18 might pass unnoticed.

“Great then its settled,” announced Jenny hopping up from the stool. “It will be a party just like old times.” She finished with a quick wink to her mother. Patricia stared in disbelief as her daughter left the room.

“You okay mom?” Jason asked. He had turned around to find her staring at the doorway.

“Yeah, I’m fine,” she answered shaking herself.

That night Jenny listened for sounds of her parents making love. She wasn’t disappointed. At just after 11:00 pm she could her the headboard slapping against the wall down the hallway and she could make out her mothers ‘Ooh’ing as her father was undoubtedly fucking her.

She slipped her fingers into her panties and rubbed her clit imaging the scene of her mother getting fucked by her dad. Jenny’s eyes opened quickly wondering why thought of her seeing her father naked on top of her mother wasn’t at all disturbing. She had never thought of her father in a sexual manner before, but the idea of watching him screw her mother was deliciously wicked.

“Jason, I need you to do something for me,” Jenny said the next day at breakfast.

“What’s that?” Jason said between spoonfuls of cereal.

“The shower in the pool house is all messed up. Think you can take the faucet handle off and then I can run to canlı kaçak iddaa the hardware store and pick up a new one?”

“Sure, I’ll do it this afternoon,” he replied.

That afternoon Jason had taken the faucet handle off and left it on the counter. When Jenny found it she picked it up and went out back to the pool house to take a closer look. The pool house was divided into two portions, a shower room and a rec room. The shower room had a toilet and a small shower for rinsing pool water off. The plumbing for the shower room was visible from the rec room side because her father had never finished the walls completely.

Jenny walked over to the exposed pipes and took a close look at the hole left by the removed faucet. The edges weren’t exactly smooth, something she’d have to fix, but the hole was at an acceptable height. Just tall enough for someone on the shower side to slide their cock through.

“So how many people are coming tomorrow night?” Jenny asked her brother who was busy getting his gear in order before he headed to the school for the Friday night football game.

“I think about 10 guys and some of their girlfriends,” he replied. “Why?”

“Just curious. Hey, I have your birthday present and I wanted to tell you what it was.” Jenny looked at her brother anxiously. This could all go very wrong and she was extremely nervous.

“Okay,” Jason said slowly, looking up at his sister. “What about it?”

“Well I know you haven’t had a girlfriend in a while, so I thought I might do your party a small favor.” Jason’s eyebrows arched, looking at his sister with questions in his eyes.

“Look, it’s not a hooker if that’s what you’re thinking.” Jason smiled at her remark. “You remember my friend Allison?”

Jason nodded.

“The one that you said was a freak?” he replied with a chuckle.

“Well yeah, I guess we both are kind of,” the last came out under her breath. “Anyways, Allison, another friend and I are going to hang out in the pool house during your party. We won’t come out and we don’t want to be bothered. But when you or one of your friends go to take a leak in the bathroom don’t be surprised if someone might be on the other side of the wall willing to give you an extra bit of help with your,” Jenny looked down at his crotch meaningfully and then back at Jason’s eyes, “tool.”

Jason’s mouth hung open in aghast. He couldn’t believe his sister had just offered to service his friends through a glory hole in their pool house.

“What about mom? No way in hell she is going to let that go on!”

“Mom is going out for the evening,” Jenny answered quickly. “She won’t stop your fun so long as your buddies aren’t stupid and start screaming they just got a blowjob in the toilet.”

Jason stared agape at his sister for a few minutes, unable to believe what he was hearing. His eyes were unfocused at first but then he locked in on her lips and began to imagine her lips wrapped around his cock.

“Oh,” Jenny said suddenly breaking his thought, “and when you come in you have to do that ‘secret knock’ we used to use as kids so that I know it’s you.” Jason tilted his head, confused. “I don’t want to be sucking your cock, your friends I don’t mind, but not my brother’s.”

“Oh, right. Good idea,” Jason responded, acting like the thought of his sister sucking his cock was disgusting to him as well.

“One last thing,” Jenny said, pausing at his door. “No alcohol. We don’t want a bunch of teenagers getting drunk and ruining your fun, now do we?”

Jason assured his sister there would be no alcohol and that if anyone showed up drunk he’d get rid of them fast.

Jenny left her brother’s room and headed down to her own. She heard him leave the house and she began to wonder what it would be like to suck his cock. It couldn’t be that different from any other guy, she thought. She lay on the bed thinking about it for a while and found herself growing very aroused by the thought of sliding her lips along his pulsing hard on, taking him deep into her mouth and feeling him cum. Before she got ready to go to the game with her mother she had to rub herself to climax with that thought in her mind.

Patricia watched the players take the field and gazed longingly at their tight, youthful bodies.

“See anything you like?” Jenny asked in her ear.

“Oh, you’re bad!” Patricia said, pretending to be shocked. “How’s everything coming for Jason’s party?” She decided to change the subject and get her daughter’s dirty mind onto a more respectable subject.

“Just fine. The food is ordered, the music is all set up, there is just one last detail that needs to be worked out,” Jenny said cryptically.

“What’s that?” Patricia asked cautiously.

“Well, you need to pretend to go out for the evening.” Jenny said, not looking at her mother, instead eyeing the players on the field and wondering which ones would be at her brother’s party.

“Pretend? Why would I do that?” Patricia was searching her daughters face but canlı kaçak bahis finding no clues.

“Because Jason can’t have the kind of party I’ve planned if his mother is around.”

“Yes,” Patricia began, “but I’m only ‘pretending’ to be gone. How can it be that kind of party if I’m really there?”

“Because,” Jenny said turning to face her mother, “Jason won’t know you’re there, and you can’t have the kind of party I’ve planned for us if anyone knows you’re still home.”

Patricia knew this was because of what she had told her daughter about her college days. She couldn’t exactly figure it all out just yet, but she knew her daughter was up to something.

“Ok, so what do we do?” Patricia asked.

“You’ll leave in the afternoon and say you won’t be back until tomorrow. I’ll send Jason out to pick up some stuff and then I’ll pick you up at the store and we’ll come back to the house in my car. When we get back you will stay in the pool house for the rest of the day and no one will see you.” Jenny watched her mother listening to her words, wondering if she would go along with the plan. Her mother was putting some details of the last week together; she’d figure it out eventually.

They watched the game together. A few times Patricia started to say something to Jenny but decided against it and turned back to the game. Jenny was trying to hide her delight at tormenting her mother.

“Wow, Jason is playing like a man possessed tonight, isn’t he?” Jenny said after a particularly brutal tackle her brother had performed. “Wonder what’s gotten in to him?”

Patricia eyed her daughter warily. She had a good feeling her daughter knew exactly what was motivating her brother.

The next day Patricia announced to her children that she was sorry but she had to go and visit a client in the next town over and sort out some mess that had occurred. Jason said that he was sad she would miss his party and how he wished that she could stay. It took a supreme effort for Jenny and her mother not to burst out laughing. Ten minutes later Jenny announced that they were missing ice for the drinks and that Jason should pick up some of her favorite tea as well while he was out.

“The only store that carries that is clear across town,” Jason complained.

“I want my tea. And if you don’t go and get it I’ll tell the girls the party has been cancelled.” Jenny watched her brother flinch at her words.

“No, no I would love to go and get your tea for you,” Jason said quickly.

“Somehow I thought you would, now shoo!” Jenny pushed him out the door and watched as his car turned the corner.

“He fall for it?” Patricia asked as her daughter pulled up alongside her car in the grocery store parking lot.

“Of course, now get in. I don’t want to imagine how fast he’s driving across town and back.”

Jenny watched her mother out of the corner of her eye as she drove. The nervous fidget she had detected at the football game last night was becoming more pronounced. She thought her mother was crossing her legs and rubbing them together a lot more than usual as well. At a red light she took a quick glance and she saw that her mother’s nipples were becoming very stiff and easily visible through her blouse.

When they arrived at the house Jason’s car was still missing and the pair raced alongside the house to the pool house door. Once inside Patricia found a couple of ice chests filled with wine, wine coolers, and some appetizers.

“Looks like you have it all set up to camp out here all night.” Patricia remarked.

“That’s kind of the plan,” Jenny said absently as she made sure the curtains were drawn tight over the one window. “Here, help me with this,” Jenny said indicating her mother should grab the other end of a large black blanket.

“What’s this for?” Patricia asked.

“We don’t want the light from this room coming out. We’d rather not people know that others are hanging out in here during the party.”

The two of them tacked the blanket up over the window with a lot of nails, securing it tightly to the wall.

Jenny left her mother in the pool house alone while she went inside and waited for Allison to arrive. When her friend finally pulled up Jenny was beside herself with nerves, worrying her brother might come home and see Allison. She knew she had told him that Allison would be there, but now that it was getting close to time she liked the idea of him not knowing for sure who was in the pool house with her. Jenny quickly scribbled a note for her brother and left it on the counter and then she and Allison went out to the pool house together.

“Well the party should be starting in about an hour out there,” Jenny announced closing the door behind her.

“And then an hour for the party in here!” Allison cheered.

“Jenny,” Patricia said hesitating, “You still haven’t explained all of this to me.”

“It’s like riding a bike mom,” Jenny said handing her mother a large glass of white wine. “Once you ride, you never forget.”

Jason returned home with the bags of ice for the chests and the box of tea his sister had demanded. He called out for her to help him but there was no response of any kind. Lugging the ice into the kitchen he spied her note on the counter.

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