A Love Story

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Hello, my name is Jennifer I was born in the UK where I spent most of my childhood, by the young age of four years old, I was given an opportunity of appearing in a small local television show as the granddaughter of the main characters.

Overjoyed with the prospect, my parents allowed me to take on the small role which eventually became a recurring one and finally, when I was a few years older, I became a regular member of the cast.

An acting career had begun for me, which I had thrown myself into with everything that a young girl had. Cast as the cute little freckled and pig-tailed girl, I loved the role and all payments where placed in a trust fund for me, for when I reached 18 years old. However, by eleven years old I had hit puberty and I was eventually dropped from the cast only to be replaced by a younger actress.

Heartbroken by this horrible betrayal by people I considered as my friends I eventually returned to something of a normal life of a growing young girl, but my dream of being a professional actress had still lived on inside of me. Trained on set of the show for many years, I fell into a local theatre group at the age of twelve or thirteen where I remained for years and occasionally, I was offered small roles in television. It was nothing major, just walk on or minor speaking roles on shows that where well, pathetic really. Three weeks after my eighteenth birthday, I cashed out my accounts and with dreams of becoming an full time actress, I set my sights on the US.

Upon arriving in the US and while searching for acting roles, I changed my name to Jenna Coleman after all I thought it sounded a little better then Jennifer Annabel Boggs.

With a large trust fund account from my earlier work and the interest it gathered, I bought an amazing home in a large private and secured estate where I followed my dreams and for two years, I took up minor roles on American TV shows until one day I was spotted by the executive producer of a new show she was working on.

Set in the distant future, and set on-board a deep space exploration spaceship of some kind. After being given the role, almost instantly and without an audition I was in heaven and months later I arrived on set for my first day of my new career.

The first episode was exhausting work, my character was named Jamie Wiseman was Chief of Security on the spaceship however, it wasn’t the many lines and physical acting which tired me out, it was the constant clashes with one particular member of the cast which had tired me so.

I knew her the moment I saw her, Charlotte West an amazing actress in her early-30’s who was cast as the commanding officer of the spaceship. But off set, it’s fair to say she was a real diva. She had fought with almost everyone on the set, cast and crew alike but being the only one from the cast or crew who did not hold a US citizenship, it appeared as if I was her favourite target.

Later on, during filming of the third episode I had heard from another cast member the real reason behind her animosity towards me, it was petty and stupid, since she had gone through the usual audition phases to earn her role and I was spotted by a producer while buying coffee and hired almost on the spot.

After an audition with another show I failed the role and was in no mood at all when I pulled into a gas station for fuel in a car which looked as if it was being held together with good hope and duct-tape. Deciding to take a break, I stepped inside for a much needed coffee only to find myself arguing with the young man who was serving. Instantly she noticed me and my attitude towards the man as I was angered beyond belief as all I wanted was a strong black coffee.

It seemed as if I was speaking in a foreign language as he poured me a cup of cappuccino coffee, to which I refused to pay for and instantly demanded for his supervisor, while not allowing anyone to step in front of me.

Stood behind me, she watched with amazement as I argued my point with the manager of the station a man who was twice my size until finally they relented and gave me what I asked for in the first place, even paying me for the fuel I had put in my car. Impressed by what she saw, she introduced herself and told me that she had a role in a new show she was working on.

Originally written for a male actor, she had the character rewritten and I was instantly hired since the role was then recreated specifically for me.

About eight episodes into filming the first season as the studio had ordered twenty, I had some bad news from home and could not leave due to filming constraints. On set and engrossed in memorising my new lines for the next scene to be filmed, I could feel a darkness spread over the set as she entered.

I sat in the first chair I could find as I read and instantly memories the new lines as Charlotte walked towards me as she yelled for me to move from the seat, her seat, her character’s seat. On occasion, I had bent to her will for a quiet life, after all if I was kicked from the show, I would probably have güvenilir bahis to leave the US.

But this time, I stood and confronted her as the set fell silent while all eyes fell upon me as I stood facing her, my eyes a flame with anger and my own grief which was only known to a handful of my friends on set, and that is when she made her first mistake.

Since I had little choice but to grow up quickly while on a TV show back home and the youngest with four older brothers, I had no choice but to train in self defence for many years, I had even installed a private gym in my home. Charlotte stood before me with her fists clenched as she threw a punch directly at me.

Instinct overcame me as I grabbed her fist and threw her onto the floor with a harsh thud as the cast and crew gasped with shock. I had always been the quiet one on set with very few close friends outside of work, I always on time or early for shooting and always as professional as I could be, but this woman had been chipping away at me for months by this time and I was angry beyond belief.

Shocked at what had happened, Charlotte looked up at me as the Producer walked towards the both of us and called the two of us in her office immediately for a private meeting. I thought I had messed up now and was worried about loosing my dream job. She yelled at the both of us for what seemed like hours until we where sent home for the weekend.

Anger swelled within me as I drove the three hours back to my home as flakes of snow began to fall. slamming my door shut with anger, I tore off my costume I was still wearing and took a hot bath in the hopes of calming down. I sat down before my log burning fire with a case of icy-cold beer as I tried my best to calm myself. Knowing that my brother had been injured in a car crash and was on life support and that I could not phone home to check in and find out how he was because of the time difference, for the first time since I had arrived in the US three years earlier I was alone and afraid.

My night progressed of drinking beer and watching movies in an attempt to raise my mood as I sat naked before the log fire and laughing at the movies I had chosen in my half drunken state. Around 9 pm, there was a knock on my door. Pushing onto my feet, I grabbed a blanket off my sofa and wrapped it around myself as I left the main living area and walked towards the door and pulled it open.

I was shock by what I saw and I do not mean the deep snow which had fallen in the few hours since I had returned home, but by Charlotte stood on my doorstep, shivering as a yellow taxi-cab pulled away from my home. I wanted nothing more then to punch her in the face and slam the door closed, but the temperature outside was biting cold. Sighing deeply as I shivered, I stepped aside as Charlotte entered while pulling the hood from her thin jacket off her head.

Seeing her shiver, I led her into the main living room and towards the hot fire before she sat down and thanked me for allowing her to enter and sit by the fire. Before I could speak, she instantly apologised for her attitude towards me over the last few months as she warmed herself by the fire. Playing at the good host, I offered her a hot drink of coffee and a hot shower, hopefully to warm herself with, something she gratefully accepted.

I couldn’t believe this, the woman whom had made my life a living hell for the last few months was being nice to me, so I returned the favour in a coffee and a hot shower as I cleaned and dried her clothes for her while we both sat before the log fire and drank the now warm beer as she wore one of my bathrobes.

Now, I had no idea when or how it happened, but it did. I had noticed that sometime earlier, I had removed the blanket covering my naked body and placed it on the back of the sofa as she sat facing me laughing and joking with me while her robe was on the sofa next to us.

Her body was amazing, natural and evenly tanned with no white lines on her breasts of bikini line. Her figure was perfect with large firm breasts, a slender waist perfectly proportioned thighs and long slender legs which seemed to go on forever and yes I looked at her neatly trimmed pubic hair in a thin triangle above her tight and inviting lips.

I had no idea how or when we both stripped off but from the corner of my eye I could see her looking at me in the same way as if examining my body and comparing it to her own. Oh, don’t get me wrong now it wasn’t as if we where about to jump onto each other at this moment, it was simply looking at another’s body in shock past our half drunken haze as we complemented each other on our bodies.

I had no idea how it started, which as you will read if you carry on with this story is something of an ongoing thing, but our conversation led to sex as she explained about how gentle and loving her husband is, how the was her first and only lover she had had and then she asked the question I had been dreading, she asked about my past lovers.

I explained that I had been so engrossed in my search for acting türkçe bahis work that I had yet to find a lover and that I had not had sex, something she found shocking as she looked at my body. Her hand gently touched my shoulder as I blushed with embarrassment at still being virgin before she told me to use the two things I definitely had at my disposal, two things that men want.

Cupping my breasts playfully, she laughed as she told me that she wished she had a figure like mine with my large D-Cup breasts and an athletic build which was perfectly proportioned for my height and my age, even my natural long blonde hair.

Laughing slightly she pushed her shoulders backwards and offered her breasts for me to hold in the same way, which I did slowly as we both sat facing each other before an open fire, cupping each other’s breasts as we both laughed.

For the rest of the night, we simply talked with each other about our past life, I couldn’t believe how I had opened up before her. The woman who not four hours ago I had hated and now we sat naked before each other laughing and joking about our past lives which seemed to echo each others in some way.

I told her about my early career back in the UK, about the TV show I once starred in as a child and how I had pursued my dream past several disastrous auditions, event the short stint I had done as an underwear model not so long ago and how one photographer had attempted too get me to take off my clothes for him and pose naked for his private collection, something which still made me shiver with disgust.

Although I knew that she still couldn’t get past the fact that I was still a virgin. At around 12 pm we finally looked at the clock and laughed before brought her clean and dried clothing back to her as we had enjoyed our time and now she had to leave for home. Looking out of the window, I saw that the snow had continued falling and the long hill before my house and had very quickly covered with deep snow, she was stranded and with no idea of what to do.

I had enjoyed my time getting to know Charlie as I now called her and the basis of a good friendship had been finally been forged between the two of us and I could not in good conscience allow her to attempt to go home in such deep snow and freezing temperatures. Although I had four other bedrooms in the house, most where either empty of furniture or filled with boxes since I had yet to unpack all of my belongings even though I had lived here for over two years so I offered her the left side of my bed.

Agreeing, she made a phone call from my home to her husband Paul and informed him of the situation and that she would be spending the night here in a guest room. Laughing and enjoying ourselves, we finally polishing off the case of beer, we both hugged each other and finally went to bed around 2 am and instantly fell asleep due to the effects of the many beers we had both drank that night.

The morning after, I awoke slowly with the feeling of a hand over my shoulder and a warm body pressed against my back as a leg hung over my waist, for some reason that did not concern me as she awoke next to me with a smile. Slipping out of my bed that I had shared with another naked woman, not like that! I walked towards the bedroom window and threw open the curtains as she dived under the covers.

I told her that no houses where behind mine and that was the reason that I had bought the house outright and with purpose since my large back lawn over looked a valley and hillside. Laughing at herself, Charlie stepped out of the bed and joined me at the large, full length window as we saw the snow our reflections in the window as the still falling snow was much deeper then last night. I was so used to being naked in my own home that I didn’t realise nor care that another woman stood next to me in the same way.

Laughing I laid out a challenge before her, I challenged her to follow me out into the snow and have a naked snowball fight with me, something to which she almost turned away from until I said that I would run a hot bath for afterwards. Laughing at me, she called me crazy as we both agreed on the challenge and pulled out a pair of boots before running out into the snow after I ran a hot bath.

Laughing and having fun, we threw snowballs at each other before it became too cold for us both and we ran inside shivering and still laughing as we entered the large marble bathroom and stepped into the bath facing each other as we warmed ourselves in the hot bubbly water we had ran before stepping into the deep snow.

The snow continued to fall as she remained at my house for the rest of the day while we thoroughly enjoyed ourselves, drinking beer and watching movies and TV shows as we rehearsed our lines together over the two days she stayed at my home, without either of us wearing clothing.

Finally, early Monday morning, the snow had been cleared and I drove her home which was closer to my house then I thought, barely one hour away. On the Tuesday, I received a call that filming had once again begun güvenilir bahis siteleri and we where to report back on set 3am the next day. Quickly, I phoned Charlie back and explained the news and picked her up for work early the next morning.

The cast and crew where shocked in the change in us both, we spent all our free time together while not on set, laughing and joking as if old friends as our friendship had developed between us both and even her attitude around the rest of our co-workers had changed and we became a favourite of those we worked with.

Nevertheless, our earlier argument off camera and dark chemistry on screen had been played upon by the writers of the show, as our characters where thrown into a spiral of distrust and hatred.

As we both became very close friends Charlie and her husband Paul had sold their old home and moved into a house in the same estate as I lived in and when not filming our show Charlie an I spent lots of time together since she used my personal gym whenever she could, I even gave her a key to my house and permitted her access when ever she wanted.

Since her husband was a movie director himself, he spent much time away from home. Almost afraid of being alone in their large house they bought together Charlie spent her free time with me at my home, we had a silent rule between us that all clothes would remain in a closet and we would do whatever we felt like we even slept in the same bed, showered and bathed together as the growing friendship between us blossomed and we became closer then ever.

Now, some people may find that strange for two grown women to shower bathe and even sleep together but for the two of us it not sexual it was just the way as our friendship grew while our characters on-screen where thrown into a web of hatred, deceit and mistrust. As our show was granted a second and third season, we had become closer then friends.

I had never trusted anyone as much as I trusted her and I know that she felt the same way about me. By the start of the third season the news broke that Charlie and her husband where getting a divorce as he had been having an affair with an actress he worked with on one of his movies and that is when Charlie moved out of their home and as her closest friend I opened my home to her for as long as she wanted.

Filing for a divorce, Charlie took the house which she bought with her own money and quickly sold in a private sale as she now had a larger home with me and she quickly moved on with her life as I did everything I could to help my closest friend and we lived together.

We both had no idea when it started or why but one night several months later, we both went to bed after rehearsing lines for the next day of shooting, as we pulled the covers over our naked bodies we both looked into each other’s eyes, leaned close to each other and kissed each other good night.

Not a kiss on the cheek or a simple meeting lips, but one which was full on kiss of passion as our bodies and breasts pressed against each other’s and our hearts beat in unison for that brief moment and her hands gently lay on my hip during our kiss before she rolled over with a large smile of content upon her face. It was the most natural thing in the world to us both to do as I lay with my breasts pressed against her back, my left arm over her waist as we both fell asleep.

The morning after, I awoke with my head on her shoulder and my hand softly placed on her left breast as we both awoke together and deeply kissed each other good morning.

Stepping out of what had long since become our bed we both walked hand in hand towards the bathroom and gave each other our respective privacy before we stepped into the shower cubical together and without saying a word, just content with what our daily lives had now become.

Acting with our now well timed daily routine, we cleaned ourselves before I turned around and allowed Charlie to wash my back as we had done for who knows how long. Her hands gently washed the soap off my back and firm buttocks before running over my sides and breasts as we both did with each other every morning.

Yet now, something different had happened as I pressed myself against her body while her hands sensually moved over my breasts caressing them softly before she pushed my long blonde hair aside and kissed my shoulder while I gently moaned with satisfaction at another’s hands and lips on my Virgin body.

Gently I turned my head and our lips and tongues met while her fingertips moved down my body and found my aroused lips. I moaned gently at her sensual touch while I pressed myself against her softly and squeezed her long black hair tight while we deeply kissed and she ever so gently pressed one finger inside of me and gently masturbated me towards orgasm while squeezing my breast with her free hand as we kissed with growing passion.

After the first orgasm given to me by another and I was burning with passion and lust with the most erotic experience of my life as I turned quickly, my long wet hair moved like a whip and slapped my breasts hard as I grabbed Charlie and pushed her against the side of the shower before pressing my body against hers and kissed her with all of the passion I could find as her right leg wrapped around my waist.

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