A Loving Parent

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Ruby Crocker was a single mother. Her husband had abandoned their family without warning. The excuse was ‘I need to sow some wild oats’. The truth was Guy Crocker was a bum. He just didn’t want to be responsible for being a husband and father anymore.

Ruby had two children to bring up by herself. She adored them so.

It was the young parent’s intentions to keep them safe and always loved. The mother wishes were that they remember only each other could be relied on. They were family and nothing could be more important.

Ruby loved her children and wanted them to love each other. The young mother did everything to encourage closeness. The goal was ensure that between the three of them nothing was secret

They were often in different stages of nudity around each other. It was common for them as group or a pair to shower and bathe together. It was a normal way of life for the three of them.

Eric, the oldest, was a strapping young man. He enjoyed athletics. His body was toned and fit. It enhanced the dark eyed youth.

Sara, her youngest child, was a pretty curly blonde haired girl with a petite body. Her appearance was deceiving. She was a ruffian as her athletic older brother.

She would insist that her offsprings be together in every sort of activity. The protective mother would tell them that they could only count on each other. They should trust only their sibling and her in all matters.

As the children entered high school, Ruby continued on encouraging the two to be a pair. Whenever school or sociable activities and events occurred, the children usually went together. She thought they where such a handsome couple

The young mother enjoyed watching her offsprings remain so close. She would smile contently at how they stayed together so often. She hoped that this closeness would never wan with age.

As they matured into two beautiful people, the idea of sexual activity for the pair came up. It was after they enrolled into college the sex minded mother realized how strong of a love she had for the pair.

At nineteen, Eric was stunning looking lad. A product of years of school athletics, his solid, firm body was even hotter. Ruby found herself jealous of the young hussies that would come around. She feared they would hurt him.

Still, knowing the young mind, the concerned mother felt her son should know that she would be there for him always. Hers was a natural love that existed between blood kin.

The intense love Ruby had for her son cross a taboo boarder one night, when feeling a little empty for companionship she asks him to join her in bed. Since they often shared a bed, the young college jock automatically agrees to his mother’s request.

His warm body was always so nice next to her. With Ruby’s encouragement, they spooned and cuddled. The mother’s hidden lust began to surface with the touching.

This night she had came to bed in nothing but panties and a see-through top. Eric, becoming a hormone driven teenager, couldn’t help but notice how hot she was. The single mother was excited by the forbidden loving stares.

As they lay together, Ruby realized the emptiness was actually horniness. She noticed her son’s muscular physique. There was stirring between her legs that hadn’t been there in years.

The lusting mother couldn’t resist the forbidden desires boiling up. A mature hand found the young penis. It hardened quickly with the experienced touch.

“Eric,” she asks rolling onto one side, “Do you love momma?”

“Of course I do, Mother,” he answers softly.

“Would you like me to make you feel really special tonight?” Ruby asks feeling a set of dark nipples go very erect.

“You always make me feel special, mom.” The handsome son puzzles, “What do you mean by ‘special’?

A warm hand pets an erect cock. It was rubbed and massage through the shorts. Eric’s hips moved with the pleasuring making gyrations.

“Mom,” Eric asks innocently, “should we be doin’ this?”

“Perhaps not, honey.” Ruby says placing the hand inside the shorts, “But we do love each other an’ any expression of love shouldn’t be restricted.”

The young penis was pulled from the underpants. It was surprisingly big. It was eight inches long. She gave a couple of loving strokes to the teenage rod.

“Omi,” Eric moans, “That really feels good, Mom.”

“This’ll feel better, baby,” Ruby promises leaning into her son’s crotch.

A hand reached down and caresses the head of the pulsating cock. It was wet with precum. Eric wanted to say something to about this being wrong, but an unnatural desire was filling the college student’s soul.

Ruby cupped a full ball sac lovingly in an experienced hand. Feather-like fingers massaged them gently. Pleasuring making touches had a set of fit hips gyrating on the sheets.

Leaning in closer, Ruby inhales the head of the young cock deep. A hot tongue licks up the precum. Eric could feel his dick become harder than ever before experienced inside his parent’s mouth.

“Oh mother,” güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri he groans, “That does make me feel so special”.

Ruby felt a hand on her head while bobbing up and down on the taboo rod. Eric’s body moves in perfect cadence with the wonderful mouth. A hot tongue ran up and down the length of the young stiff shaft.

“I love you so, Mother,” he softly moans, “I love you so much.”

“Ummmmmmmh,” Ruby’s muffled moan responds.

The sounds of a mother sucking her son’s juicy, wet cock filled the room. The boy’s fingers pushed down on the dark mane. A hungry mouth thrust downward as an athletic pelvis pushed up.

“Oooooooooooooh!” Eric groans louder. “Omigod! I’m cummin’ mom! I’m cummin’ really, really hard!”

The young cock floods her mouth with the warm cum. A river of sperm rushes out forcefully. Ruby kept locked on the taboo dick continuing to suck greedily.

Eric could hear gurgling sounds coming from his mother. A hot mouth swallowed the rushing cum as quickly as it left the young cock. Not a drop escaped the skilled mouth.

“Iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiieeeeeeeee!” Eric gave one last squeal of delight.

The teenage body flexed and taunted uncontrollably. A firm ass lifted off the sheets as a mother’s mouth continued to inhale the forbidden juices. Finally he went limp.

Ruby then crawled up and laid a raven mane head on a broad chest. Eric slowly threaded the long hair. She could feel a young heart race.

“Mother,” he asks panting, “are we gonna do more?”

“I don’t think so, baby,” she answers, “This was really too much.”

That was the only time Ruby gave Eric a blowjob. Fears of being caught quickly arose. The pretty mother ended the sleeping together to prevent temptation from taking over. She thought that would be the end of that trip into erotica. It was only the beginning.

Ruby secretly had enjoyed the taste of the forbidden cum. The lusting mother would masturbate to those memories in the months that followed. There was a wonder if Sara had touched Eric in that matter. The turned on parent even speculated to what it would be like to see them together.

It would be a beautiful sight. In her mind if they were together, it would be wonderful. The young mother conjectured on how she would react catching the offsprings in such an act.

One afternoon Ruby got the chance to answer that question. It was the summer after Sara and Eric were between semesters at college. They were at home sunbathing and relaxing around the pool.

She had just returned from the store. The home had an underground garage. So seldom did anyone in the house hear a car pulled in. Bags of groceries had just been placed on the counter when hearing the kids. They were at poolside.

She moved to the patio door. They were lying on towels drying off. It was obvious they had been swimming. When it was just the three of them, swimming attire was optional.

This afternoon they were skimpily dressed. Eric was wearing only a pair of briefs. Sara was wearing a tee shirt and thong panties.

Both young bodies were covered with sweat and pool water. The scant clothing was soak. The siblings might as well been nude.

“Sis,” Eric says slowly, “Do girls talk about sex?”

“Yeah!” Sara answers, “We do.”

“Do’ya talk about gettin’ eatin’ out?” the curious boy asks.

“Eric!” she chirps sitting up, “Why would’ya ever ask about that!?”

“Well,” he shyly tells, “I’ve heard guys talk about eatin’ pussy.” He sat up on one elbow admitting, “At first I thought was gross. Hell! I didn’t believe anyone actually did it.”

“So,” she queries, “What’s makes you think it’s done now?”

“Because,” Eric embarrassingly says, “When I see your pussy—, it always looks so—, so—-, pretty and—, er—, tasty.”

The curly blonde girl face’s turned a crimson red. A spontaneous giggle happened. There was confusion as to how to react.

He was her brother. Feelings of insulted or something like that should be happening. Instead the girl felt complimented the sibling’s thought her cunny to be pretty.

“You think my twat is hot?” she responds proudly.

“Yes I do.” Eric moves closer asking in an anxious voice, “Can I kiss your pussy, Sara?”

Ruby thought about making her presence known. Yet for some reason she wanted to see how far they would go. After all, they did love each other.

If her children wanted to explore their sexuality, it would be better they did it with each other. It would be done out of love if they did. She couldn’t think of a better way for them to lose their virginities.

“You really wanna kiss my pussy?” she asks surprised.

Sara was feeling excited. Her older brother wanted her pussy! The young vixen was filled with new and different sensations that race up a firm eighteen-year-old’s body.

Without a word, nervous hands peeled the flimsy panties off the slender young legs. A fresh pink pussy was exposed. It glistened from the earlier physical activity. güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri It was so soft and yummy looking to the hot brother.

Ruby had never been wetter between her legs. This was what she wanted. Her children would become lovers. They would become a couple that would never betray or hurt the other.

Eric leaned in between the silky legs. A young tongue nervously started licking a fresh clit and cunt. A hard cock peeked out from a brief’s waistband.

The young mother was amazes how quickly her son was taking up eating a girl out. Sara face showed he seem to know what he was doing. Then the sexy blonde was also new at this.

“Oooooh Eric,” she moans, “It does feel good!” the turned on sister asks, “Do I taste good, brother?”

Looking up with a chin covered with her juices, he says, “Sissy, you taste so very wonderful.”

The sight of her son’s body quivering in sexual lust was beautiful. It made Ruby regret ever stop sucking the boy. She wonders where they would be now.

A pair of thumbs spread the pussy lips lovingly. Eric licked and sucked on the opening. His tongue and teeth played with the already sensitive clit. The turned on teenager nibbled and sucked on the forbidden cunt.

Eric wanted to make her climax. He wished to give his sister the best cunt loving possible. The sex-hazed brother wanted to show Sara how much he loved her.

“Let me help,” his sister offers.

Sara moves hands to the wet pussy. A pair of small fingers spread the lips wider. He had a clear shot to the deepest aspects of the hot cunt.

That was a surprise to Ruby. Her ‘innocent’ daughter opened up wider for the lusting tongue. The girl was a minx. She was beautiful.

The thoughts of the teenage hottie brought back other old feelings. It brought back the times as a teenager Ruby had shared her bed with some girlfriends. Her first sexual encounters were lesbian.

She thought those feelings were buried but it didn’t seem so. Eric was right. Sara’s cunt did look tasty.

Eric then places a hot tongue on the quivering pussy lips. He licks and swirls in as deep as possible. His sister’s hips were gyrating with the movements.

“Damn!” Ruby sighs softly, “I always knew you would have tongue for cunt lovin’, son.” The lusting mother moans, “I should’ve let you eat me that night, baby.”

A hand went underneath the tight jogging shorts. A mature cunt was wet and leaking. It was massaged with feathery touches.

Without warning Eric slid a long middle finger up the wet slit. It touched the engorged skin of the clit. He squeezed the protruding skin.

“Ahhhh!” Sara squeals, “That feels so wonderful!”

“Oh gawd you taste so good!” the lust filled brother groans, “You’re so beautiful!”

“Ohhhh!” Ohmygod! Your my brother!” Sara groans, “This ain’t suppose to feel this good!”

Sara was already to cum. A young cunt was flowing. The tight ass was twisting with the movements of the pleasure making tongue. Sara pushed down on the back of his neck.

“I’m cumming!” she screams, “I’m really cummin’, brother!” She wails, “Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeyyyyyyyyyyeeeeeeeee!”

“Uh! Uhhhhhhhhh! Uhhhhhhhh!” Ruby muffled a series of moans also feeling a strong orgasm.

The innocent girl climaxed in a series of pulsating moves. Sara then went limp. Eyes closed. She lay motionless on the floor.

Eric placed a head on his sister’s flat abdomen. It was a wonderful tasting cunt. He would be doing this more often. No wonder boys talked so much about eating out.

Ruby snuck away without being noticed. There was a need to change shorts. She also knew it was time to have a true talk with Sara. If she was going to be deflowered, Eric should do it.

That evening Eric was at a game with a friend. Ruby couldn’t keep her eyes off Sara. The girl’s petite body was covered only in a long tee shirt and bikini panties. It was so hot and sexy. The girl needed to know how to use that nubile body.

“Sara,” Ruby spoke, “have you an’ your brother been playin’ around when I’m not here?”

“What do you mean, Mom?” the cute blonde asks.

“I mean have you an’ Eric been acting like more than brother an’ sister?” the sexy mother specifies.

“Like how?” the puzzling daughter asks.

Realizing that there was no gentle way of saying it, Ruby bluntly asks, “Have you let ‘im play with your pussy?”

Sara’s face flushed. The pretty teenager was perplexed and even a little scared of telling her parent the truth. She just set on the couch mute.

“Well?” the turn on Ruby urges.

“You get mad if I say he has?” Sara wonders nervously.

“Why would I be mad?” Ruby coos moving over to the couch next the anxious girl, “If you’re close to your brother, I’d be very happy.”

Knowing the truth made the dark haired parent hotter. The fact her daughter was ill at ease made the girl sexier. Ruby liked the idea of controlling a younger woman so easily.

“Mom,” Sara admits softy, “I let Eric eat my cunny by the pool güvenilir bahis şirketleri this afternoon.”

“Did you like it?” Ruby asks huskily already knowing the answer.

“Yes,” she answers, then adds quickly, “It was such’a beautiful feelin’, Mother.”

Placing a gentle hand on an upper leg, she asks, “Hav’a ever thought about being eatin’ before Eric did it?”

“Not really,” the pretty offspring asks anxiously, “You’re really not upset at what we did? It was only that one time!”

“Don’t worry, honey,” Ruby assures squeezing the young leg. She then adds absent-mindedly, “I was so proud of your kids when I watched what you did this afternoon.”

“You saw us!?” Sara aghast with a hand on the small chest.

The girl sat up and moved away from her mother. Her blue eyes widens. A pink lipstick mouth formed an “O” of astonishment.

“Honey,” the sexy mother confides with a series of gentle pats on the young leg, “don’t be so alarm. It was such’a wonderful sight to watch you an’ Eric.”

“You—, you—-,” she stutters, “—really mean that?”

“I wouldn’t lie to you about such a thing,” Ruby assures with a caressing hand.

“You were really proud of us?” she asks as excitement filled the young body, “You really didn’t mind what we were doin’?

“No, baby,” the sexy parent admits, “It’s my wish that you an’ your brother become even closer.” She then reasons, “Remember your brother will always be the man you can trust completely.”

Sara set mute for a few minutes. The teenager was at lost as to her parent’s attitude. There was always a desire to have her mother’s approval. Now it seem that the most taboo thing the girl had ever had been completely condoned.

“Can I let Eric eat me again?” she asks.

“Whatever you wish, baby.” Ruby slid next to her daughter encouraging, “In fact you should let him have all of your body.”

“You mean we should make love?” Sara awes with eyes wide again.

“If it’s what you’re feelin’?” the sexy parent quips, “A girl should always go with her feelings.” She then probes, “You do want ‘im to eat you again? Dontcha?”

The teenager was still mystified at her parent’s attitude. It seem it was her mother’s wish that she and Eric make love! After this afternoon, that idea would have been repulsive. But now it didn’t seem so awful.

“Mom,” Ruby says slowly, “I’m a virgin.” She confesses, “I don’t think I would know how to make love to Eric.”

Pulling the girl into arms, the mother coos, “That’s why I’m here, baby.” With a tight hug, she tells, “Momma’s gonna teach you what to expect an’ do.”

The younger female’s body felt wonderful in her arms. Ruby’s pussy was wet with the contact. Old desires from years before were resurfacing. This tender child was ripe for the world of erotica.

“Let’s start with cunt lovin’,” she suggests and then asks, “Do’ya wanna be eatin’ again?”

“Yes I do,” Sara quickly states, “It felt so wonderful. I’ve never had such’a fantastic feelin’ before.”

Ruby proudly hugs her daughter. A long finger twirls a blonde curl. Her little girl was about to become a woman.

“You know boys love a bald headed cunny.” Setting up and releasing Sara, she asks, “Let momma see what yours looks like now.”

Sara stood up and reached underneath a long tee shirt. A pair of pink bikini panties came sliding down the slender legs. The garment’s crotch was darkened with moisture.

“Now pull up your shirt and show off your little love hole, baby,” Ruby instructs.

A pretty pink-lipped pussy was exposed. It was glistening with wetness. The lips and crotch was covered with an even coat of blonde hair. It was more beautiful than the sexy mother remembered from this afternoon. Then Eric’s head did block the view.

To Ruby’s surprise, a heartbeat sped up at the view. The turned on parent realizes that to kiss that cunt was becoming a desire. She had sucked off Eric. Why not eat Sara?

“I don’t believe I just thought that?” Ruby amazes silently, “I can’t be thinkin’ of her that way now.”

“Mother,” Sara asks returning the mother to the present, “what do’ya think?”

“It’s quite stunning,” the lusting mother, answers. “But I think you should shave it naked.”

“I’ve never done that before,” the girl admits.

“I have many times.” Ruby stands up saying, “So I’ll shave ya now.” She moved closer instructing, “I want ya to go my room an’ strip naked.” Taking a small hand in hers, the confident parent adds, “I’ll go into my bathroom an’ get the tools for the job.”

The two women moved upstairs hand-in-hand. Sara followed obediently. She had no idea what her mom was up to. This was a new side that the girl never suspected the hot parent had.

Sara was left at the bed while Ruby moved into the bathroom. She quickly pulled the small packet from a shelf. Then a washbasin was removed from underneath the sink.

As the water filled the metal bowel, Ruby removed all of her clothing. The logic was to preventing them from getting wet. The parent knew there was a more erotic reasoning deeper inside her sex-driven soul.

Sara was setting on the bed naked. The container of water was almost dropped when the sexy mother saw the beautiful daughter. The girl was a gorgeous sight!

“Baby,” Ruby states, “Position yourself as momma sets up the equipment.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00353 515 73 20