A Married Man’s Sugar Baby

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This is my first attempt on this site. Please let me know what you think. Any honest feedback is appreciated.



Every time Brooke opened her eyes she’d see her Uber driver trying to catch a look at her in his review mirror. She didn’t want to give him the satisfaction of knowing she kind of liked it, so she didn’t let her pride reach and upturn her lips. She closed her eyes again and went over her routine in her head.

Right when she gets there, she’d go straight to the hotel lobby’s bathroom and check her outfit, makeup, and teeth in the mirror, spit out her gum, and then head over to the hotel bar. Mark, her nervous and hopeful, prospective sugar daddy should be waiting there. This would be the first time they met in person so she’d asked Sarah to plan on calling her a half hour into the date, just in case he turned out to be a creep and she needed an excuse to get away. If Mark seemed nice Brooke could just text Sarah to tell her not to call, then she’d ask Mark what he felt like doing that night, and let him take charge from there. It wasn’t Brooke’s first time doing this. She’d paid for nearly four years of her undergrad by following her routine. The problem was she liked to spend as fast as she earned, so she had no savings for grad school, but she knew she had no reason to worry. It wasn’t hard for her to find willing sugar daddies like Mark. The two other daddies she saw at the moment kept her very comfortable. Add a third and what was left of her tuition would be paid for in just a few weeks.

Her Uber pulled up next to the valet station of the towering downtown Chicago hotel. Brooke had suggested the place. She liked running up a big bill, at least for the first date. A young man in a red vest opened her car door for her, she said thank you to her driver and stepped out towards the hotel. The same valet opened the lobby door for her. Brooke said thank you again and walked inside to head toward the ladies room, spitting her gum into the gilded trash can next to it.

She looked herself over in the mirror, ignoring the other women and their looks of jealously. She knew what they saw; her in her tight strapless black dress that followed her curves perfectly, the left side ending just a little higher on her leg than the right but both above her knees, her brunette hair shining and spilling over one of her shoulders and her lightly tanned skin giving her just a tiny hint of an exotic look. At 5’6″ plus her 4 inch black heels she bent towards the mirror to reapply her rouge red lipstick; the effect of the added lipstick created lips begging to be kissed. Finally looking into her deep brown eyes, Brooke took a deep breathe, and began walking over to the bar.

She readied the smile she used for all of her daddies; one that offered excitement and happiness at finally meeting the incredible man she’d be talking to for so long. She saw a dark haired man sitting alone who looked like Mark from the pictures he’d sent her. He was looking down at his half drunk glass, spinning it nervously.

Brooke had met him through an online sugar baby/sugar daddy site. He’d messaged her telling her he’d been looking for a younger girl he could spend some time with, admitting that he was married, but that neither him or his wife really cared for the the other anymore. Brooke had looked through his profile a little and he seemed alright for what she was after. Early fifties, good paying job, okay looking. She gave him her number and they’d texted for a week, setting up a day they could both meet, and Brooke had gently made sure he knew her expectations. He seemed sweet, and just needed some company. Brooke was happy to give it to him.

Mark must have heard Brooke’s heels click lightly against the floor as she drew closer, drawing his attention away from his spinning cocktail. Both his mouth and eyes wide at the sight of her, her stunning smile shining, and her perfect body swaying. Mark stared just long enough to become embarrassed about it, turning his beige face a light pink, trying not to think about the blood rushing to his growing member. In an effort to recover, Mark jumped up out of his chair to shyly greet his nearing date.

Brooke quickly looked him over. He was dressed like he’d come from work. Black suite, blue shirt with no tie. A little pudgy but not fat. His black hair with gray streaks through it. The blue eyes behind his glasses timid, not quite meeting her eyes.

“Hey! Mark?” Brooke started brightly, making her smile even bigger.

“Yeah! Yep that’s me!” Mark answered, smiling through his nerves.

Brooke, seeing him try to work out whether he should offer her a handshake or give her a more familiar hug, took the initiative and moved up against him, putting her arms under his for a hug and kissing him on the cheek. She purposely brushed against his pants with her leg and felt his cock jump a little at her kiss.

He went from light pink to bright red as Brooke pulled back and he said with a little more confidence güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri and a smile that wasn’t so forced,

“Please, sit down.” And he said gesturing to the booth he’d gotten for them. “I already ordered your drink. You said you like manhattans right? I hope that’s okay.” He said sitting back down across from her.

“That’s perfect,” Brooke answered warmly. She squeezed his hand a little, and said, “You’re so sweet to remember that!” Brooke could already tell she was totally safe with Mark, so she pulled her phone from her clutch, to text Sarah not to call.

Mark was smiling a little easier back at her and stroking her hand slightly with his thumb. Brooke could tell he was trying not to look at her 36c breasts in her push up bra, but he was losing the fight, so she made it easy for him.

Leaning forward slightly, so that he could look down her dress, Brooke rubbed her leg against his, pretending she didn’t even notice what she was doing and said, “God I’m so glad I’m finally getting to meet you!”

Mark, giving in to the little show she’d offered him, looked down her dress, took a big sip of his drink, laughed nervously and said, “Not even close to as happy as I am! God Brooke, you look so beautiful!” Although saying it caused his face to go bright red again. “I hope you don’t mind me saying that,” he added quickly.

Brooke had known walking in, Mark was going to be kind of a nerd, but she didn’t mind. She even thought it was kind of cute. Brooke pushed against his nervousness a little harder, and nuzzled his leg with hers some more, certain that by now that he had a bulge growing.

“Haha thank you!” She said. “I can already tell I’m going to really like you! Let’s have some fun! When the last time you did a shot?”

Brooke ordered a shot of tequila for each of them, then another, and then one more after that. After their third, Brooke had moved over to Mark’s side of the booth to get closer to him. She’d been carrying the conversation for most of the night but finally Mark was starting to open up, and was becoming a little more daring with his eyes.

Raising his lusting gaze from Brooke’s chest, over her neck, and past her lips, to her eyes, his arm around her, Mark leaned in and said, “Do you have any idea have gorgeous you look tonight Brooke? I’ve never wanted anything so badly.”

Brooke laughed lightly, looking down and laying her hand high on the outside of Mark’s leg, then sliding it towards his inner thigh and over his clear, straining bulge. Raising her head so that her lips just barely brushed Mark’s ear, Brooke whispered in her most sultry voice,

“Have you gotten a room yet, Daddy?”


In the elevator Brooke could tell from his stare that he wanted to start kissing her. She leaned against him, inviting him to put his arm around her as they rode up. Even with Brooke in her heels, Mark still had about 4 inches on her. Looking up at him, her best imitation of young innocence in her eyes, Brooke reached around him, deep into Mark’s pants pocket, opposite her, and took out his room key. She’d seen on the check at the bar which room number he’d billed it to, so when the doors opened, she turned and walked backwards in front of him taking his hand, looking up through his fogged over glasses, into his eyes, then down to his clear bulge, Brooke ran her tongue lightly over her lips. Turning, she guided him down the hallway to his room. Brooke stopped outside their room, and slid the car into the lock. She felt Mark, breathing heavily behind her, and gently pushing against her, his hands on her hips. Brooke could feel his rock hard cock fighting against his pants and pressing into her back. She opened the door and stepped inside.

Mark pushed in a little harder, forcing Brooke forward. Clearly starving for her, Mark tightened his grip around Brooke’s waist, and used it to quickly turn her around, pressing her back up against the wall. Closing the door behind them, Mark dropped one hand behind Brooke so that he could start groping her firm ass through her taut dress. With his other hand, Mark gently held Brooke’s neck back against the wall. Pushing the rigid cock in his pants against her, Mark gave sighs between each long kiss he pressed against her, proving his desperation to be with her. The hand he had on her neck reaching behind Brooke toward her dress’s zipper.

“Daddy… Daddy wait.,” Brooke managed to say, breathlessly, between his over-eager lips. Pushing him back slightly, holding his gaze and keeping a playful tone she said “Remember what we talked about? Before all the fun stuff…”

“Oh yeah! Yeah, of course,” Mark said apologetically. “I’m sorry. Guess I got excited. Been a while for me. Sorry,”. He bounced over to the nightstand and pulled an envelope out of the top drawer, handing it to Brooke. “First month of, what I hope is, many allowances.” He said in a way that sounded like he had practiced saying that for her, then smiling and sitting down on the queen size bed güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri next to them.

Brooke walked over to a little table in the corner of the room, opening the envelope and brushing through the numbered bills inside quickly. She felt a little bad stopping him the way she did, but she knew how to make it up to him.

Brooke turned around to face Mark, staring into his eyes and then reaching back her unzip her dress, watching Mark follow it, as it fell to the floor. His eyes slowly started to trace back up Brooke’s legs and body, savoring every inch. She was left standing there, nearly naked apart from her favorite pair of black lace lingerie. Her stomach, toned and tanned, Brooke, heels still on, stepped over her dress with her long legs and stood in front of Mark, seated on the bed staring at her, mouth open, and Brooke’s hands on his thighs.

“Oh my go-,” he started before Brooke cut him off, kissing him hard, letting their tongues play, and allowing Mark to run his hands across her mostly bare body, before finally dropping to her knees in front of him.

“Do you want me, Daddy?” Brooke asked looking up at her newest patron with her deep brown eyes, and watching him nod breathlessly, as she put her hair in a ponytail using the tie from her wrist. “Say the words, Daddy. I wanna hear them.”

“Yes. Fuck yes, baby. I want you. Please,” he answered begging her.

Brooke, hair fixed back, teased and rubbed his cock lightly from the outside with one hand and easily unbuckled his belt with the practiced other. She slid his pants down to the floor, then kissed his cock through his underwear, soaked with precum, then quickly pulled them down too, his cock springing up, hard as a rock. Brooke had felt it through his pants, but Mark’s thick, veined, eight inches still surprised her. She was grateful to see that it was totally shaved, and circumcised. Holding it in her hand, Brooke could already feel it throbbing.

“Fuck, Daddy, you’re so big. Fuck it looks so yummy,” Brooke let out in a low moan so Mark could barely hear, licking her lips and looking down at the cock she had teased all night. It wasn’t the biggest she’d ever seen, but it didn’t have to be. It was a good size, and this married man’s cock belonged to Brooke.

She slowly started stroking it up and down, making Mark moan even louder than when he was groping her at the door. Brooke started kissing and licking up and down her daddies shaft, forcing gasps of pleasure from Mark. Brooke could tell how close he already was, so with her lips barely apart, looking up with her deep brown eyes into his blue ones, and using Mark’s rock hard prick to widen her ruby rimmed lips, Brooke started to slowly slide him deeper and deeper into her young mouth.

Mark tore at the bed sheets, looked up at the ceiling, and let out a long moan, unable to speak, but only encouraging his little sugar baby to keep going. Brooke started bobbing her head all the way down, taking Mark’s cock all the way into her mouth, having him hit the back of her throat. Mark heavy breathing turned to gasping as he got closer to erupting.

Brooke, her hand still working Mark’s shaft, came up for air.

“You like your little slut sucking your massive cock, Daddy?” Brooke asked teasing him.

“Oh fuck. Oh fuck yes. Don’t stop baby. Please,” Mark gasped fighting the urge to cum.

Brooke, staring into Mark’s eyes with reached up with her free hand and grabbed Mark’s left wrist. Jerking him off with her left hand, she brought Mark’s fingers to her mouth and using her teeth pulled off his wedding ring, spitting it onto the floor next to them. She took the same hand she’d pulled the ring from, and guided it to the back of her head where Mark grabbed the handle made by her ponytail. Looking up at him, Brooke brought her mouth back down onto Mark’s pulsing cock, continuing to bob her head up and all the way down, swirling her tongue around the shaft the whole time.

Mark getting closer and closer to cumming every second, moved his grip from her loose hair, to the base of Brooke’s ponytail, using it to force her down harder and faster onto his cock. Brooke’s eyes started to water and she had to fight to relax her throat to keep from gagging.

“Oh fuck yeah! You like that don’t you, slut? You like when I fuck your perfect young mouth, you fucking slut? Fuck you’re so fucking hot! I’m gonna cum baby! Oh God don’t stop. That’s so fucking good. FUCK!”

Mark’s grip tightened, his cock started jumping in Brooke’s mouth, and she felt his balls tighten in her hand. Mark let out a huge moan, forcing Brookes head down, filling her mouth, and shooting his warm cum down the back of her throat.

Brooke swallowed ever drop. Mark lay back on the bed exhausted while Brooke cleaned up his cock, licking up and down, and making him moan again.

When he was all clean Brooke got off her knees, took off her heels and climbed into bed next to Mark, laying her head on his chest and running güvenilir bahis şirketleri a hand over his little beer belly.

“God you are so incredible, baby,” Mark said after he’d caught his breath.

Brooke laughed lightly and said, “I’m glad you liked it, Daddy. Didn’t think you’d be the kinda guy who liked to get rough,” she said laughing again, and followed it with “Very naughty, Daddy,”.

Mark went red and said quickly, “Yeah, I’m sorry about that. I’ve never done anything like that before. I didn’t mean to be so rough,”.

Brooke laughed a little louder at how nervous he was getting. “Mark you just had your cock in my mouth. You don’t have to act so nervous.” She started kissing his chest, and between kisses she said, “You don’t ever… Have to apologized to me… For something like that… I want you… To do with me… What you’ve always wanted to do… And What your wife… Won’t let you do.”

Brooke looked up at him again and smiled. Then she rolled out of bed and started walking to the bathroom.

“I’m gonna take a second and get cleaned up a little,” She said. Then looking back around the corner Brooke whispered playfully, “Why don’t you order us some champagne? We’ve got all night, Daddy,” then left Mark, smiling, in bed.

Brooke grabbed her clutch and stepped into the bathroom. She heard Mark pick up the hotel phone to call room service. Brooke closed the door and looked at herself in the mirror. She smiled thinking about how badly this married man wanted her. He’d cum so fucking hard after only a few minutes. His wife must not have touched his cock in a decade.

Brooke’s mascara had gotten a little misty, after he eyes had watered, so she cleaned it up. She untied, and redid, her hair the best she could, and grabbed the toothbrush she’d brought.

“I’ll probably need it more than once tonight,” she thought to herself.

Brooke had just finished touching up her lipstick when she heard room service knock on the door.

“He must have offered the delivery guy a big tip if they got here that fast,” she whispered, smiling.

She stepped out of the bathroom, still in her black lace lingerie and smiled, pretending the delivery boy didn’t see her, as she walked right past him, and sat down on the cushioned chair in the corner, one leg hanging over the arm. She saw Mark tip the waiter $100, before kicking him out, then Mark walked over, carrying an ice bucket with a bottle in it, and two champagne flutes.

Brooke stood up out of her chair, a sexy smile on her face, and took the bottle out of the bucket, then gently pushed Mark into the chair she was just sitting in. She sat down, laying across his lap, both legs hanging over the arm of the chair, and one arm over her daddies shoulder. Brooke handed the champagne, to Mark to uncork, then opened her mouth for him to pour into, before taking the bottle back from him. Mark held the two glasses for her to fill, then after Brooke had put the bottle on the ground, he held up his champagne.

“To the most incredible girl I’ve ever met,” Mark said, lightly touching his glass to hers.

“To the rest of our first night together,” Brooke said in response, taking a slow sip, before tipping back the flute and draining it.

Mark smiled down at her with lust in his eyes, watching her drink. Brooke could tell he wanted her again. He started running his empty hand up one of her legs and over her stomach. Brooke gave a sexy little laugh.

“Daddy, I think something might be poking me in the back,” she said innocently as she refilled her glass, and again draining it. She dropped the empty glass on the floor and sat up quickly, straddling Mark with one leg on either side of him. Whispering as she started kissing his neck. “I wonder what it could be.”

Brooke felt Marks hands run up and down her back, then felt them start working on her bra. She moved her mouth to his, and started flicking her practiced tongue in his mouth. Mark finally managed to release Brooke’s stunning tits from from their captivity and threw her bra next to her crumpled up dress. Brooke’s little brown nipples were like diamonds pressing into Mark’s chest. He started groping her with one clumsy hand. Reaching down behind her into her panties and squeezing her ass with one hand and dropping his champagne so he could grab her tits with the other.

Brooke leaned back so Mark could see her better. He lowered his mouth so he could suck on each of her nipples. Brooke threw her head back in sincere ecstasy, grinding her ass against his, massive cock, now rock hard once more.. She leaned in next to Mark’s ear when he returned to kissing her neck and groping her.

“Do you wanna fuck me, Daddy?” She whispered, panting, encouragingly, into his ear. “You wanna fuck your little slut?”

In response Mark stood up, Brookes legs wrapped around his waist, and he stumbled blindly back to the bed with Brooke covering his mouth his her lips, flicking her tongue in ways he never knew existed.

Mark fell heavily on top of her, knocking the wind out of Brooke. He took this as a gasp of pleasure and started moving even faster. Brooke’s legs unhooked from around his waist and Mark dragged down Brooke’s black lace panties revealing her shaved pussy. Brooke catching her breath started encouraging him.

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