A Missed Goal

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“Get moving you fucking fags!” the trainer roared across the playing field. Jake, covered in sweat, reluctantly obeyed. He was tired and dried out, but damn it he wouldn’t be the weak link. So he kept running.

The match was already in their favor. Jake’s team had scored 3 goals, while the opponents where hardly able to pass the ball to each other. But that wasn’t enough for Coach Thomas. He wanted the opposing team to be humiliated.

Leroy kicked the ball to Jake and Jake wanted to curse at him. Now he had to run even faster. The ball raced between his feet and Jake suddenly couldn’t coordinate his limbs anymore. A boy from the other team slid between his legs, kicking the ball to one of his own, while disbalancing Jake.

As the crowd jeered, Jake felt like a failure as he inevitably fell down on top of the other player. He was a slim dude, not a muscle on him, tall and blonde, with an evil grin on his face. Jake couldn’t help but drop on him and they slid against the railing together. In his defeat, Jake laid still for a second, before he realized his ass was buried on the guy’s crotch. Jake turned to apologize to his opponent, but the guy kept grinning. He slapped Jake’s thighs, but instead of pushing him off, he held him in his place. It all happened so fast, that by the time the guy pushed himself and Jake up, the game had already continued. Still, Jake was certain he had felt the guy’s soft prick grinding against his cleft through both their silk shorts.

Jake quickly regained his composure and kept running to the tune of his coach’s screaming. It was a hot Saturday, with only the families of the players standing on the sidelines. After all, college soccer wasn’t a big crowd pleaser.

Jake was in his freshman year, studying politics. He was too lean and scrawny for football, though he was incredibly fit, with large calves and a trained stomach. He fitted soccer perfectly and was happy to meet some diverse friends, including Akhmed and Sem, his buddies who were also on the team.

Still, Jake hated his coach and moreover, he hated the captain, Leroy. Leroy was also not a body builder, he even had a big beer belly, but he was strong and fast. Leroy had made fun of Jake from the beginning, setting him up for failure and calling him a pussy despite Jake never doing anything to him.

This is why, when the game ended 4-0 and his team retracted to the locker room, Jake felt a hint of dread at whatever remarks he would endure now. He scanned the field for the blonde opponent, but he was already gone.

A weird tingling occurred in his stomach and Jake didn’t know quite why. It should’ve been disgusting, feeling that flaccid cock through their shorts, but something about the confidence with which the other guy had done it, made Jake feel excited. Not that it mattered. His girlfriend Laura was back at their dorm, probably waiting for her day of studying to be interrupted with a nice fuck. Jake got hard at just the thought.

Jake entered the locker room and was surprised his teammates weren’t there. He didn’t know of any meeting so he took off his shirt, exposing his flat chest and stomach, and kicked off his shoes. It was then his team came in, elated and joyous over their victory.

“You fucking nailed that goal, bro!” Sem said to Akhmed, hugging him from the side.

“Only because Leroy gave the best assist,” Akhmed said humble. But the team agreed. Leroy was the true star. The other guy’s jeered and pushed Leroy around, in a friendly manner.

“4-0, I’m pleased, my men. Let Coach Thomas bitch, we’re fucking giants!” Leroy jeered, and the team agreed.

Jake listened to it all, while slowly taking down his shorts but leaving his boxers on. Would they make fun of…

“Aaah, bahis firmaları here’s the bitch of today!” Leroy laughed, confirming Jake’s fears.

“Couldn’t get us to the 5, could you, pussyboy?” Everyone chuckled. Jake decided to say nothing and turned away.

“Ah, he’s alright,” Akhmed said as he slapped Jake’s butt in companionship. Jake was thankful for his friends.

“Is he though? I would have scored with that pass,” Ashton, the ox of the team said. He was already completely naked, massaging his large pecks and rock hard stomach, while staring down Jake’s back. Jake felt like he had no choice but to turn and show he was not impressed.

No matter how many times he saw it, Jake was still taken aback by the long hump of meat dangling between Ashtons thick tanned thighs. It started off really broad, while slimming down towards the top, where his skin came together revealing only a tiny slit.

Jake’s view was blocked when Leroy’s short but, thick cock stood before it. Something about the egal dark skin was noticeably beautiful. For a cock. It was still disgusting, Jake asserted to himself. He looked up and saw Leroy with a crooked smile.

“Even his pecker is useless, pussy boy,” Leroy laughed and with one fell swoop he pulled down Jake’s shorts. It hurt and it was obviously crossing a boundary, Jake thought as he pulled them up. Yet everybody laughed. And despite himself, Jake felt his cock twitching at the touch of a human hand in his crotch.

“Are you the faggot coach warned us about?” Leroy asked in a serious tone that shut everybody up.

“Fuck off,” Jake mumbled under his breath and he turned again.

“I don’t know about you guys, but I can’t have a teammate with a girly ass like this,” Leroy quipped as he slapped Jake’s behind, still covered by his boxers. It was true, he had a bubbly but. Laura loved it. But it made Jake feel effeminate. It stood out, even in boxers.

Everybody laughed, and Jake felt humiliated. He grabbed his towel and was ready to walk to the showers when Leroy signaled he wasn’t finished.

“You’re going to shower with your boxers on, faggot?” he said and he pulled down Jake’s boxers for good this time. They fell to the floor, which made Jake stumble a bit and bump into Akhmed, who was still dressed in his attire. Everybody laughed again.

“I think we need to show faggot boy here that he can’t ever miss a pass like mine.” Leroy said. And suddenly Jake felt everybody in his team staring at him. Behind him, Akhmed grabbed his arms.

“Sorry Jake, captain’s orders,” Akhmed whispered, with a hint of regret. As Jake tried to struggle free, he could feel his ass moving against Akhmed shorts and those shorts were rising! Was Akhmed seriously getting hard?

Leroy grabbed Jake’s feet and thus Jake was hanging by his teammates. He struggled to get free but they were far too strong. Under loud cheers and laughter, Jake was brought to the showers, where they threw him on the floor with a loud thud.

Everything hurt Jake, and in his embarrassment he pulled up his boxers again. Hopefully the prank was over now. Unfortunately, when Jake turned to look, a big, hard cock was pushing in his face.

Jake had never felt another guy’s dick before. It felt a little rough, spongy maybe. Yet when the mushroom slid from his eyeball, down his cheek, towards his mouth, Jake was surprised how soft it felt too. Almost instinctively, Jake opened his mouth. The cock went in.

Everybody screamed, pissing themselves.

“Holy shit, he’s really doing it!” Sem cried out.

Leroy was towering over Jake and pushed his cock further down Jake’s throat.

“I knew it,” he said as he put one leg on the other side of Jake’s head, forcing him kaçak iddaa to lay down and be trapped, with Leroy’s cock buried to the hilt in his mouth. Jake could feel Leroy’s balls hanging on his chin, he could smell the sweat and musk of a man who just worked out in Leroy’s curly hair. And still Jake wrapped his lips around the hard pole.

“Suck,” Leroy said. And Jake, unsure what else to do without getting forced, sucked like he was sucking a lollipop.

Leroy moaned and everybody in the team gasped and gathered.

Jake didn’t see who put on the shower and took off his shorts, but he felt his legs being pushed up in the air and another dick, wet from water, stroking his ass the way Leroy’s dick had his face. He wanted to scream, beg them to stop, but his throat was full with dick and Jake was happy he could breathe through his nose.

“Don’t pretend you want something else, little faggot cocksucker,” Leroy said. And that word put Jake in obedience. Resisting felt like faking, because indeed, feeling another guy – nay, man-‘s dick inside him aroused Jake beyond compare. He never got this intrinsically horny when he ate out Lauren.

Jake didn’t have time to collect his thoughts about his sexuality, because someone’s cock was rubbing his hole and it was the warmest, nicest feeling Jake had ever had. His dick was twitching in excitement and his stomach was hurting from tingling. How did a man’s dick in between his ass cheeks feel this exciting?

Jake let out a moan as much as he could as he felt the dick’s tip push against his ring. The hormones triggered from sucking Leroy’s dick numbed any pain and he felt his ring relaxing, welcoming the foreign invader into his canal. The dick was broad and Jake reckoned it was Ashton’s.

Everybody was cheering.

“We did it! We found our faggot! The coach was right!” Guy’s, both naked and still in their shorts, were gathering around Jake as two dicks penetrated him. Jake had surrendered. He didn’t know what was happening or why, but he wanted it to last forever.

Leroy had towered over him and starting bucking his hips, fucking his mouth and forcing Jake into a passive state. Meanwhile his lower body was being plowed senseless by a large specimen of man, who’s cock was splitting Jake’s insides.

After a while, Leroy got up and Jake caught his breath. It wasn’t Ashton who was taking his anal virginity, but Sem! Sem leaned forward and kissed Jake with tongue.

“I told them you’d like it,” he said and he continued fucking his friend while being showered with water. Excited about being this intimate with his mate, Jake finally let out moans too.

Leroy stood next to Jake’s head and pushed Akhmed to the shower wall. He stripped down his shorts and boxer, revealing only the light brown, hairy ass before sticking his dick in between its cheeks. Akhmed screamed in pain and agony but did nothing to resist. Jake felt his cock grow hard as he saw the pole disappear inside his friend’s ass and come out wet and slimy. Leroy started fucking hard, making Akhmed whimper.

Jake didn’t see Ashton pulling his upper body up, which caused his ass to slide down Sems cock even further. Jake held on to Sem’s slim body not to fall back and saw stars when he felt his crotch hairs, signaling he was taking an entire dick up his ass!

Jake started to moan as the pole inside him was touching a very sensitive place which made Jake feel like he needed to pee, except he didn’t.

The exciting feeling didn’t last however, because what came next hurt Jake. Ashton was pushing his dick also up his bumhole! Jake clutched Sem even more, who took it to kiss him on his shoulder. Ashton embraced them both and forced his cock inside. Jake felt his anal ring stretch until kaçak bahis it broke. It was so numb he couldn’t feel it anymore and the pain was so much he felt like passing out. Still, he felt a second pole sliding inside him and it was the most natural feeling. Like his intestines always needed to be filled and stretched and two dicks were perfectly made for being inside a man’s guts.

As the last pinch of strength left Jake’s body, he fell back into Ashtons broad chest and could only whimper as the two of them fucked him. He turned his head to the side and matched eyes with Akhmed, who’s head was now in between his legs while standing with his ass up, as it was plowed by Leroy. Akhmed looked in pain and satisfied all the same, and that’s exactly how Jake felt.

Someone turned Jake’s head away from Akhmed and another team member, who Jake couldn’t quite see clearly, revealed his flaccid white dick from his shorts and pushed it inside Jake’s mouth. Jake’s eyes looked up and it was the guy from the opposing team. The other team had entered their locker room to join the party!

First Sem and Ashton both moaned in unison as they shot their load up Jake’s hole. Quickly after the guy from the other team unloaded thick ropes of cum inside Jake’s mouth, and forced him to swallow. Afterwards, Leroy put his dick up Jake’s stretched out hole for a few twitches before unloading as well.

Fat team mates, thin team mates. Naked team mates, and team mates completely dressed with only their dick exposed. They all took Jake. Some didn’t want to look at him and took him doggy as his face was rubbing the shower floor. Akhmed pushed him on his stomach and buried his long cock deep. He only needed two slaps against his ass before he came. And ironically, it was his cock Jake liked the most.

Jake saw more than two guys, fully dressed in their soccer outfits, fucking each other with only dick and ass exposed. This wasn’t gay, it was just straight guys hyped up from the game unloading their rush in each other and then moving on. Some others wanted to mimic fucking their girls, pushing Jake on his back and fucking his lower body while rubbing their naked bodies against him and kissing him on his mouth. Even more others didn’t want to come near a faggot and simply shot their fertile young ropes of cum across his face.

Fifteen guys fucked his asshole. Twenty-two cocks unloaded on and in him. Some were shy about doing this sort of thing, some were experienced and knew exactly how to fuck anal. One boy twirled his cock round and round and made Jake shot his own load while screaming.

And as the last one left the substance of his balls on Jake’s stomach and walked out, Jake felt like he had just had the best massage of his life. He was no longer tired, he was fulfilled. He wasn’t the weak link of the team, he was their strength. He had made up for losing that pass and done his duty.

Slowly, with every muscle in his body aching and his ass completely numb, Jake got up. Sure that a thousand showers couldn’t wash off every trace of cum out and off of him. Tonight, he would plow Laura thinking about other man’s cum still inside his ass canal or behind his ears. Jake’s mind was drawn back to the locker room as he saw Coach Thomas standing in the doorway.

Jake couldn’t move, that’s how spent he was. Nor did he have to. Coach Thomas would take him standing, quickly, spurting his masculine load fast like a man who hadn’t had a good hole in a long time.

“I knew you could move like a faggot,” he said as he put his flaccid dick back in his shorts, slapped Jake’s ass and walked away. Jake sunk to the floor, happy and exhausted, where he beat off his stick to finish this amazing afternoon. Something inside him made him excited for next week.

When his hand and crotch was covered in his puddle of cum, Jake felt like he woke up. Suddenly he felt the warm air of the shower and the bright light of the locker room. What the fuck just happened?

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00353 515 73 20

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