A Mommy for an Orphan

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The soccer team had only been practicing for a few weeks when Julie saw an object of desire. Julie had been coaching soccer at the university for ten years. She’d never once been attracted to any of the girls. She felt herself checking out other woman once in a while but she’d never acted on anything. She also never felt this kind of desire before. Never. Her divorce was based on that alone. Julie’s husband was tired of being the only one interested in sex. He left her for someone who could get just as excited as he always did. Julie didn’t miss him much. His dick just couldn’t ever turn her on. It had been tiny to say the least. Her ex-husband’s dick just never seemed to reach the places she needed it to. Now, she had her fingers and fantasies to satisfy her in ways her ex never could.

At soccer practice, though, Julie saw Debbie for the first time. Just the sight of the tiny little girl from the south had Julie ready to cream in her panties. Though the girl was more than twenty years younger than her and relationships between coaches and their team were strictly forbidden at the university, Julie had to have Debbie. She wanted her more than she wanted to keep her job. Just the thought that Julie was old enough to be Debbie’s mother turned her on even more.

Luckily, Debbie was a loner in need of some attention. Julie easily became friends with her by chatting with her during breaks. She also made a point to greet her when she came in and say good-bye to her when she left. Julie noticed the beauty was always alone and she always walked or took the bus to the practice fields, never driving like the other girls on the team. It was in this that Julie found her opening.

After a particularly draining practice when the August sun pounded on all of them, Julie offered Debbie a ride home. She was careful to keep the offer private so as not to show favoritism, though this girl was her favorite by far. Debbie shyly agreed and so she sat beside Julie, the girl’s short, tight shorts hugging her gorgeous legs in a way that had Julie having to resist the urge to stroke them.

Julie made sure Debbie felt she could relax with her. She talked to the girl about being so far from home, even though home had been a horrible life for her. Debbie’s parents died when she was young and she had no other family. Since she was truly an orphan, Julie felt even more that this girl needed her. Debbie became more and more easy with Julie until they really were friends. It almost seemed natural for Julie to invite Debbie to her house one Saturday afternoon. Debbie accepted without güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri reluctance.

Claiming the weather outside was too hot for anything, Julie told Debbie that had better just sit inside and watch TV. When she gave Debbie wine and continually refilled her glass so that it was never empty, Julie told the girl it would just add to their relaxation. Before long, Debbie was so relaxed that she was sprawled on the couch with her eyes half shut.

Julie slid close to the girl and rested a hand on her leg. “I love your legs,” she told her, running her hand up as high as she dared. “They’re so smooth, so strong.”

Debbie only smiled at her, too lost in her hazy head.

Sensing the girl’s oblivion, Julie reached up and stared unbuttoning Debbie’s shirt. All the girl did was look down at her progress, confusion marking her brow. “I want to touch you,” Julie told her. “I want to run my hands over every inch of your body. Then, I want to run my mouth over it as well.” When the girl’s shirt was parted, Julie stroked her tits. They were surprisingly full, despite their confinement in Debbie’s ever-present sports bra. Julie got down on the floor, kneeling between the girl’s legs. She slipped her fingers in the elastic of Debbie’s shorts and pulled them down. At the sight of the girl’s panty-covered pussy, Julie sighed. She pushed Debbie’s legs apart, leaned forward, and inhaled. Then, she moaned. “You like what I’m doing to you, don’t you, dear?” Julie leaned up until her own full tits rubbed against the girl’s. Then, she kissed her, driving her tongue into the girl’s mouth in an assault that wasn’t welcomed or refused. While she attacked Debbie’s mouth, Julie’s hands stripped the girl of her shirt and bra.

Slowly, Debbie began responding to the older woman’s kisses until she was pushing her tongue right back at her coach. She hummed against Julie’s mouth.

Julie reluctantly left the young girl’s mouth to take her own on a journey. She suckled at her breasts and heard the girl moan. Pulling her close as she stayed on her knees, the older woman licked, chewed, and sucked at each of Debbie’s nipples in turn. Then, she slid a hand over the girl’s pussy. She was greeted with a warm wetness and the feeling of the young girl pushing against the pressure she applied.

“Coach Mills,” Debbie managed to breathe out. “What are you doing to me?”

From her suction on the young girl’s juicy nipples, Julie looked up at her. “I’m loving you,” she answered her. “And call me Mommy.” At the command, Julie pushed her finger güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri around the girl’s panties and up inside.

“Oh, shit!” Debbie shouted. “Fuck me, Mommy, please!”

Encouraged by the girl’s cooperation, Julie tore her mouth away from her tits so hurry the action of removing Debbie’s panties. Once they were off, Julie focused all her attention on eating out the girl’s sweet, slippery, pussy. Julie could have sucked and licked up the girl’s juices all day. She felt the young girl cum and it was the juiciest nectar she’d ever tasted. “Cum for Mommy again,” she told Debbie. As the older woman added her fingers to the assault, the girl soon complied.

Once her face was covered with what juices she hadn’t been able to lick off, Julie leaned up again to kiss Debbie, effectively sharing the girl’s juices with her. Debbie lapped at the older woman’s face, loving the taste of herself as much as she loved the kiss itself. Their tongues tangled for long minutes until Julie knew she needed to find her own release. As she moved away from the girl, Debbie made a small sound of protest but she was so exhausted from her orgasms and still a bit drowsy from the wine that she couldn’t do much more to complain. Julie kept her eyes on the girl as she moved back to sit at her feet. She pulled her own dress off to reveal she wore nothing underneath. Debbie’s eyes stayed glued on her coach as the older woman spread her legs and began fingerfucking herself. Julie pinched one of her nipples and rubbed her clit furiously as she stared at the naked object of her desire across from her on the couch. At the sight of her coach, Debbie slipped her own fingers back down to her recently sated pussy as her juices began flowing again.

The older woman and young girl watched each other masturbate until Debbie finally told Julie, “Cum for me, Mommy. Please, cum for your little girl.” The words put Julie over the edge and she began one of the best orgasms of her life as she watched Debbie cum as well.

Over the next few weeks, as soccer practice and classes took up so much time, Debbie and Julie only found precious moments to be together. But Julie gave Debbie a ride home every night . . . to her own house. That’s where Debbie stayed all night, fucking in Julie’s bed. Then, they’d go together to campus in the morning, very discreetly.

The car rides could be such fun. Debbie would sit in the passenger seat of Julie’s car and touch herself, encouraging her mommy to watch what a bad girl she was being. It would turn Julie on so much güvenilir bahis şirketleri that by the time they got to her driveway, she was already ripping the girl’s clothes off and diving her own fingers into the young girl’s pussy.

On one of these car rides, the lovers got stuck at an agonizingly long red light. Debbie took delight in torturing her mommy with her masturbating as Julie took impatient looks at the stubborn light. Finally, Debbie coaxed the older woman to put her own fingers inside her pussy. Julie didn’t need much encouragement. She drove her fingers inside the tight, wet pussy of her young lover. Debbie laid her head back and moaned.

It was then that Julie noticed a man in the car beside them watching all that was happening between them. Loving how his eyes egged her on along with his nodding, Julie got really into the fingerfucking session. Then, she brought her fingers to her mouth and sucked all of the wetness from them. She saw him moan as his hand rubbed his crotch. Julie kissed Debbie long and heard, purposefully using her tongue in a way the man would have to notice.

Horns started blaring so that all three were shocked out of their arousal. Julie drove the rest of the way home with her pussy burning for attention. When she pulled into her driveway, she noticed a car pull in behind her. It was the man from the red light.

Debbie was scared when she saw him, but Julie was so turned on she motioned him inside with them. He followed eagerly and though Debbie sat hesitantly on a chair, Julie pushed the stranger down onto the couch. He just grinned when she reached for his zipper. Julie was shocked by what she uncovered when she pulled out his rock-hard cock. It was over nine inches, the biggest she had ever touched. Without any thought to consequences, Julie pushed her shorts and panties down before she straddled the stranger. She rubbed her achingly wet pussy against his giant cock and he moaned in delight as Julie grinned.

She plunged down onto his cock and though it stretched her and hurt, it also hit all those spots that had never been hit before. Julie started cumming instantly so that the stranger took hold of her hips and controlled her movements. He pushed into her over and over again, making her moan and scream in orgasmic delight.

Eventually, Julie had the realization that Debbie was still in the room. She looked over her shoulder to see the young girl with hand buried in her shorts as she fingerfucked herself to the sight before her. Julie moved even more against this monstrous cock that was giving her the best pleasure of her life. As she felt it spurt deep inside her over and over again, she wondered how her sweet Debbie would feel about losing her virginity to this powerful cock. Julie thought that would be something this Mommy would love to see.

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Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00353 515 73 20