A Much Needed Houseguest Pt. 02

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Shorter submission that I woke up thinking about and wanted to share. Hope you enjoy, and stay tuned for a longer chapter 😉


Rolling over to turn her alarm off, Becca still couldn’t believe the events of last night. Staring at her sleeping husband, she couldn’t help but feel a wave of guilt. While her husband wasn’t perfect, she had promised herself that she would always remain faithful. Even though last night was beginning to feel like a mistake, Becca couldn’t stop her body from reacting to what took place, and she soon realized that her panties were becoming wet with arousal at the thought of her brother-in-law.

Telling herself it would be better than nothing, she positioned her body against the back of her sleeping husband, spooning him and reaching around to place a hand on his groin.

“Good morning,” she whispered in his ear as she wrapped her long fingers around the base of his cock, coaxing it awake. Morning sex was a rare event in their household, but Becca was feeling more than adventurous because of last night. Waking, Cole let out a low groan as his cock twitched under her touch.

Rolling over, Cole pulled her hand out of his boxers, “What are you doing, Becca? I need to get ready for work, and Dave is in the next room. What if he heard us?” Cole asked her, irritation growing in his voice.

“He won’t hear us, and you have a little time before you need to leave. I just thought we could have a little fun,” Becca said, knowing her husband was unlikely to be convinced.

Softening a bit, Cole kissed her on the forehead, “I’m sorry babe, I have to get ready,” he said before he got up and went to take a shower.

Pulling her robe on, Becca walked toward the kitchen to prepare coffee and breakfast for Cole. Passing the guest room, Becca paused, wondering if Dave was awake. Wanting to see what he wanted for breakfast, Becca lightly knocked on his door before opening it a crack, “Dave? I was wondering…” Becca was unable to finish her question when she saw her sleeping brother-in-law lying on his back, completely naked. The sight of his penis, laying against his leg, caused a small gush of wetness to rush to Becca’s newly aroused pussy. With all thoughts of guilt leaving her mind, Becca was finding it hard to look away, and even harder to not touch herself. The sound of the shower turning off brought her back to reality as she quietly canlı bahis closed the guest room door.

Cole drank his coffee and quickly rushed around, getting ready for work. The morning in bed was not mentioned again, and Becca began to feel silly about her actions. Before walking out the door, Cole gave her a quick peck on the cheek and said he would probably be home late. With a sigh, Becca began to clean up the mostly-untouched breakfast, and did not hear the door to the guest room open.

“Good morning beautiful,” Becca heard behind her as she stood at the sink, washing dishes. “Did Cole leave for work already?” Dave asked as he reached around her to grab a coffee cup out of the cupboard. Becca wasn’t sure, but she thought she could feel something press against her ass as he brushed against her.

“Yeah, he just left a bit ago. Are you hungry? I can make you something to eat really quick,” Becca said without turning around.

“No thank you,” Dave said as he leaned in close. “Did you enjoy yourself last night?” He asked, close enough to Becca that it was no more than a whisper. “I sure did,” he said as he pressed his body lightly into hers.

With Dave pressed against her, Becca’s earlier suspicions were confirmed, when she felt an obvious bulge pressing against the small of her back. Knowing she should move away, Becca pressed back against him, still frustrated from earlier, “I enjoyed it more than I should, Dave,” she said in a low whisper. With a moan, Dave grabbed the sides of her waist, and pulled her body closer to him, and Becca could feel how hard he was for her.

“I can’t stop thinking of how sexy you looked last night, Becca. I’ve never wanted to touch a pussy more than I did last night,” Dave whispered in her ear, as he pressed his stiff shaft into her, lowering himself slightly to press it against her ass. “I know you have rules, and I would never ask you to break them, but every rule is a little flexible,” Dave growled in her ear.

With Dave so close to her, Becca’s pussy was aching to be touched as her juices began to soak her white cotton panties. Without even bothering to dry her soapy hands, Becca plunged one into her panties, greedily seeking out her swollen clit. In her aroused state, Becca didn’t even realize that Dave was no longer holding on to her waist, but was moving his hands upward, pulling her tshirt off in one quick motion. Since bahis siteleri she wasn’t wearing a bra, the cold air hit her nipples, which immediately hardened. Dave’s hands were now hungrily pulling at her heavy breasts, kneading them and lightly pinching her nipples. Kissing her neck, he continued to press his cock against her ass, moaning with each gentle thrust.

“Oh Dave. I want you so bad, but we can’t. I’m married to your brother. It’s wrong,” Becca said, as she continued to flick her clit and push back against his rock-hard cock. “We can’t go any farther, I can’t fuck my brother-in-law, even though I’m dying to,” she said, in a low and breathless murmur.

The feeling of his strong hands pulling roughly at her tits, caused Becca to forget about anything but her arousal, and how she could satisfy it. Pulling her hand out of her panties, Becca reached up, grabbed Dave’s hand, and guided it down to her warm, wet slit. He did not need much encouragement and was soon running his fingers along the length of her pussy, exploring every fold and crevice. Placing her hands on the counter in front of her, Becca spread her legs slightly, wordlessly asking him for more.

Dave’s fingers found their way to Becca’s hot, wet opening, and soon he was plunging in and out of her as he rammed his cock against her slightly upturned ass. With a little adjustment, Dave was able to rub the length of his naked cock against the underside of her ass, all the way to her pussy, dry humping as he fingered her.

“Oh Dave! Please don’t stop…right there…yes!” Becca’s pleas were nearly incoherent as she gripped the counter tightly, feeling her climax build as Dave roughly rammed his fingers into her, slowly adding digits until he was stretching the walls of her pussy with four fingers. Feeling his cock sliding between the cheeks of her ass, knowing that her pajama bottoms were the only thing keeping them from full on fucking, was bringing Becca’s orgasm on quickly.

“Fuck yes!” Becca screamed as she came hard on Dave’s fingers, squeezing them tightly with her pussy muscles, as spasms of ecstasy ripped through her body. Bucking her hips hard she squeezed her legs together around his thrusting cock. Increasing the speed, Dave quickly sped toward his climax with a loud groan/growl as he grabbed Becca’s hips and pulled her hard against him.

“Mmphmm…fuck yes!” Dave yelled as he ripped bahis şirketleri the back of Becca’s pajamas and panties down, and grabbing his cock in his hand, shot his hot load on her perfectly plump, naked ass.

Dave hugged Becca from behind, lightly playing with her tits as they both tried to catch their breath. The sound of a car pulling into the driveway woke them both from their climax-induced exhaustion. Before she knew it, she heard the guest room door slam, and Becca was standing at the sink, topless, with her ass hanging out and her husband walking up the sidewalk. Yanking her pants up, she desperately tried to pull her shirt on, pulling it down over her breasts just as the door opened and her husband walked in.

“I forgot my briefcase,” Cole was saying as he walked in the door. Looking up at Becca, Cole stopped, “Are you feeling ok? You look flushed,” he said as he reached down to grab his briefcase.

“Oh yes, I’m fine sweetheart,” Becca replied, trying hard to gain control of her breathing.

“Ok, just leave the dishes and lay down for a bit. You look like you just ran a marathon. Call me if you don’t start to feel better, and I’ll come home early,” Cole said with a smile as he walked out the front door.

Taking a moment to calm herself, Becca rushed into the guest room as Dave was pulling a shirt over his head.

“Did he leave?” Dave asked her, a wicked smile spreading across his face.

“Yes he left. We are so lucky he didn’t catch us, Dave! A minute sooner and he would have walked in on us,” Becca exclaimed, finding herself near tears.

“But he didn’t. We are ok. He’ll never know, Becca. Now, didn’t it make it even hotter that we were almost caught?” Dave asked, as he reached out to pull her into his arms.

Backing backward toward the door, Becca shook her head, “We can’t do this anymore. Your brother is my husband, it’s wrong,” she said sadly as she turned and went into her room, closing the door behind her.

Even though she just told him that they could no longer continue, Becca was still shaky from the intense orgasm she just experienced. Turning on the shower, she slipped out of her clothes, still messy from her fun in the kitchen, and stepped under the steaming hot stream of water. Trying to push her thoughts away from Dave, she could not shake the feeling of his cock rubbing against her ass, and imagined how it would feel against her bare skin. Turning the shower to cold, Becca finished and tried to turn her thoughts elsewhere, telling herself she would avoid Dave as much as possible that day, but knowing her curiosity would probably win.

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