A New Twist

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I cannot believe how I have been awaiting his arrival home. I have been at home getting our evening ready and anticipating his reaction when he walks in the door. The candles are lit and the house smells of sweet seduction. I am wearing his favorite white dress shirt and favorite tie; I have the first three buttons undone showing off my red lace bra that he loves so much. Under my shirt are black fish net stockings held up by the garter belt he bought for me. He walks in the door and sees me at the stove stirring his favorite chocolate for dipping the fruit he loves. He drops his brief case which startles me but I don’t turn around because I feel his eyes upon me and I hear him walking toward me, my heart beats in anticipation of his touch. He slides up behind me kisses my ear softly and whispers, “I couldn’t stop thinking about what I was going to eat for dinner tonight and now I know and cannot wait to taste it,” as he slide his hand into the shirt and tweaks my nipple. His one hand continues to play with my nipple till it is hard he then slide his other hand along the lace of my garter belt slowly inching down to the clips and onto my thigh, my breath quickens and I slide my legs apart while still stirring at the stove.

He tells me we are going to have fun tonight but we’re going to make it last, his hand now moves from my thigh to the inside of my leg where he slowly moves his fingers to the outer lips of my pussy where he proceeds to tease me by outlining all around the outer lips all the while running his tongue along my neck, my breath quickens as my stance widens showing him that I’m ready for what he’s about to do. He slowly slides his finger into me, which gets me even hotter and makes me want him even more. He slowly unbuttons my shirt I can feel his hot skin as he reaches the last button his hand slides canlı bahis up my neck cupping my face he turns me toward him and kisses me with all the passion that he’s been saving for me all day, all the while still pleasuring me with not one but two fingers now. I have to pull my mouth away so I can tell him, “let me turn the stove off so I can give you my full attention.”

We don’t even make it to the bedroom before he has me against the wall kissing me hard and unlatching my bra and fondling my breasts, he tries to stop kissing me I let him know with a nip of his lip that I’m not done with his mouth, my tongue enters his mouth slowly and my hands reach down to feel the bulge in his pants I trace my nail slowly along the outline and feel as he gets harder. We find our way into the bedroom and I push him onto as we make our way to the top of the bed I slip his tie off my neck and take his one hand and tie it to the bed post then I slip his tie off of him and take his other hand and tie it to the other bed post, he says, “this is a new twist” and I tell him, “I am in control tonight and you won’t be able to do anything till I want you to.” I start kissing down his chest stopping at one nipple at a time and licking each one, working my way down his stomach kissing and licking my way down, watching his breathing get quicker in anticipation of my next move.

I get to the end of his belly button and I lick down his happy trail to the top of his pants, to which I slowly unzip them and his lovely cock springs out, I smile at him slyly and proceed to give his cock a soft kiss right on the tip. I see the wanting in his eyes as I slide his pants off his body. I tell him, “I’ve been looking forward to you coming home all day, and you’re in for a treat tonight baby.” I go back into the kitchen and get my naughty supplies and bahis siteleri when I enter the room he sees that I’ve brought with me the melted chocolate from the stove and his favorite whip cream. He smiles slyly and say’s, “what are you going to put those on?” I just look at him with that naughty gleam in my eye while I stir the chocolate and proceed to scoop some on the spoon and then drizzle it slowly onto his lips, down his chin, and make a fun little chocolate trail down his chest.

My lover licks his lips and I say, “Allow me to help.” I lick his lips and his tongue flicks mine I continue to down his chin licking slowly down to his chest his breathing gets faster as I move my body down his while still lapping up the warm chocolate off his chest. I grab the whip cream and add a little down his happy trail and lick it up slowly I can feel his hard cock straining against my body so I slide my hand around it and give it a slight pull and my lover moans and tells me, “I can’t take it anymore I need to feel you.” My reply is a smile as I put some whip cream on the tip of his ever-expanding manhood and lick it off and continued down the shaft and up again slowly taking him into my mouth showing him pleasure by sucking his cock just the way he likes it, I turn my body so that were almost in the 69 position he can see my sopping wet pussy as I suck his cock faster he tells me, “I want to taste you bring your pussy closer so I can get my tongue in you.” I wiggle my ass just to tease him and he starts to buck his hips into my face so I can take his dick deeper into my mouth, as I deep throat his cock I begin to suck faster and faster as he fucks my mouth. He tells me, he’s going to cum and I can feel his muscles tighten as he unleashes his orgasm full force into my wanting mouth, there is so much cum it fills my mouth and bahis şirketleri I swallow it down and slowly release his cock from my mouth and lick my lips to taste even more of my lover.

I stand up on the bed straddling my lover with my pussy right in his face he licks my pussy while I slowly untie his restraints. He tells me I taste lovely. As I free one hand he grabs my ass and pulls my now dripping pussy even closer to his mouth as I free his other hand he grabs me by the hips and throws me onto my back and throws my legs over his shoulder and thrusts his tongue deep into my pussy and inserts his fingers and his tongue laps up my cum as I have a screaming orgasm. His fingers thrusting into my cunt and he says, “Tell me what you want me to do to you.” I gasp, as he plays with my clit seducing me all the while with his gaze. I can’t take it anymore I tell him; “I need to feel him in me now.”

He teases me by thrusting three fingers in me and says, “Tell me what part of me you want.” My back arching and legs wrapping around his neck I tell him, “I want your rock hard cock deep in my pussy now.” He grabs my legs and flips me onto my stomach and now I’m on all fours and he teases my pussy with the tip of his cock I push my ass towards him I need him in me and he grabs my ass and thrusts his cock into me and I scream in ecstasy as he fucks me like a man who has gone without sex for years. I begin bucking against him as he thrusts his cock in and out of me. I tell him, “Fuck me faster I’m going to cum ram my pussy.” He obliges and rams his whole cock fully into me I scream with pleasure as I release my orgasm as the cum runs down my leg. I can feel as his hands grab my tits that he’s going to burst. He tweaks my nipples and thrusts faster now and he releases his load into me I can feel it fill my pussy and run down my legs he pulls out of my pussy and grabs his cock and unloads the last of his cum all over my ass. He turns me over onto my back and collapses onto my stomach and says, “Dessert was great.” I laugh and tell him, “Next time you cook.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00353 515 73 20

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