A Night of Sin

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Chapter 1

This particular family was considered fairly rich among their native people. They had ample land, where they grew wheat and rice in plenty. They lived-in a large house that was made up of four small houses, connected to one another by common walls and had separate entrances to each house. These houses were all made of mud bricks, build inside one large compound wall. The compound wall was also made of mud bricks. It had a tall wooden gate as a single entrance to all four houses.

Radha lived with her mother-in-law in first house that was on the left side. She was a young widow and so was her mother-in-law. Her son Bali, who was youngest of all the three brothers, lived with his wife, Mala and children in the house, besides his mother.

Mohan, the eldest cousin brother of Bali, lived in the third house, with his wife Vimla and their two kids. Kishan was another elder cousin of Bali, who lived with his wife, Chameli in the fourth house.

It was quite a hot afternoon. Radha had just returned from the field, delivering lunch to the men of her house, who had been sowing rice since morning. She had served lunch to Mohan & Kishan, but she couldn’t find her son Bali. He wasn’t there working at field. When Radha asked his elder cousins, where he was?, they told her that he wasn’t feeling well and had left for home.

Radha knew nothing of his illness. She had met him this morning and he looked quite healthy to her. He was her strongest child, and had rarely fallen ill.

When she returned home, Radha found Bali’s chappals (Flip-Flops) outside his elder cousin, Kishan’s house. Kishan was out working in field with his brother Mohan. Bali should be helping his cousin brothers in the field. What was he doing in Kishan’s house? Radha wondered. She was also worried, because Kishan’s beautiful wife, Chameli, was alone in her house.

She went over to see what her son wanted from Chameli; his sister-in-law, at this hour of the day. She went to the door and tried to push it gently. The door was locked from inside. It was quite odd to find her door locked, as doors of all four houses generally remained open during day time. Radha went over to the side wall and peeped in through the small wooden window.

As most window curtain were drawn, the room was dim lit and a bit hazy. But still she could see two figures inside. Her eyes quickly went wide at the sight.

Inside the hazy room, she watched Bali and Chameli, both stark naked. Their bodies glistened in the hazy sunlight that poured in through the drapes. Her son was laid on top of his brother’s wife, her legs spread wide for him, and between her legs, she watched her son’s massive cock fused to his sister-in-law’s hot cunt. Their nude bodies so connected, were rubbing over one another, jerking, as he thrust his thick cock in and out of her.

Laid under him, Chameli felt her hips jerk at his every thrust into her. Her moans were mixture of pleasure and pain, which she received, so wantingly, from her brother-in-law. Radha stood there in amaze, watching her son’s raid on his elder cousin’s wife. She watched Chameli wriggle in pain. Radha could imagine the pain her son’s cock could render, as it pounded its way into Chameli’s tender cunt.

Bali was pounding his brother’s wife ruthlessly, reaping the sheer pleasure out of her body. He was holding her by her hips, and bolting his shaft into her quivering cunt hole.

The sploshing sound, his cock made with every stroke inside her soaked pussy, echoed inside the room. So did their moans echoed.

“Oh harder, fuck me, harder,” Chameli moaned, pulling him into her “oh fuck me, my bull.”

The word “bull” quickly struck Radha’s mind. She was familiar with the term. Only women from their family knew the real meaning of the term. They would address a man, as bull, only if he has fathered her children, or, is intending to father her children, without her husband knowing it.

Radha gasped, quickly covering her wide open mouth. She thought of Bali’s wife, Mala, and felt sorry for her. Fortunately Mala had gone to her friend’s house, not very far from their house. Radha only hoped Bali could finish before his wife arrived. She should know nothing of this.

Radha watched her son in amaze. She could only fathom the beastly size of his cock, ripping Chameli’s pussy apart.

His mammoth cock reminded her of her husband. She could imagine the pleasure it could give, to her, if it ever raided her cunt. Her heart pounded heavily, and her pussy was wet with anticipation. Suddenly the thought of her son grinding her cunt had left her panting. She had never had such incestuous thought for her son before, and when she had it, she felt an unusual excitement growing inside her.

Radha didn’t stand there any longer. She left from there, and came to her house, where her mother-in-law was turning the stove on, for preparation of second meal. It was a typical rural kitchen, with traditional mud stove. Her mother-in-law was seated next to it on a old wooden stool. canlı bahis

“I saw Bali in Kishan’s house.” Radha said to her mother-in-law as she walked in. There was certain pride in her tone.

“Oh, so you have found out.” Her mother-in-law sighed.

“Yeah, did you know about this?”

“Yes. He is just like his father. Madhav, too, didn’t leave a single woman from his house. Bali is no different. He is also Vimla’s bull.” her mother-in-law revealed.

Radha looked at her mother-in-law in disbelief. It meant that Bali had fathered Mohan’s both children, or, at least one child, usually the first born.

Radha was nothing but pleased by her son and quite aroused. “He is quite a man.” She said.

Her mother-in-law noticed Radha breathing heavily. She could see lust in eyes of her young daughter-in-law. Her old eyes could easily see how much attracted Radha was to her son.

She sighed, only if Radha’s husband was alive. She thought, cursing the plague that took her son, Madhav’s life.

Radha sat on another wooden stool next to her mother-in-law. She was lost in her thoughts as she stirred the curry.

Radha was only 12 when she came in to this house. At fourteen she had her first period. No sooner she did, Madhav, her husband, took liberty of taking her to bed. She still remembered the night Madhav first made love to her. He was 18 then, not too old for her, but his shaft definitely too big for her small, tender cunt. She remembered the way she had screamed when he had entered her, splitting her small, tight cunt lips in two, and then the immense pain that followed, the pain was of her flesh being torn apart.

But it was only after his raid on her that she felt the hunger for more. After that night she waited every night eagerly for her husband to come and pound her cunt. Nothing measured the immense pleasure that his cock gave grinding inside her cunt.

She was merely fifteen when she gave birth to Bali. She gave birth to two more daughters, after which, she got copper T inserted in to her vulva.

But to her dismay, her husband hadn’t stopped making babies. Madhav’s eyes had noticed the distress on Kamala’s face. Kamala was his elder brother’s wife. She had been ‘dead worrying’ that her husband might throw her out of the house for not giving him a child.

Madhav had been lustfully prying on her ever since. He flirted with her in secrecy and she had no other choice but to accept his flirting. It was high time she needed a baby in her lap, she didn’t care whose it was.

One afternoon when everyone was at field, Madhav came to his brother’s house, where his wife was alone. That afternoon he seduced Kamala and had sex with her on his brother’s wedding bed. After that day Madhav had sex with Kamala every afternoon until she found out she was pregnant.

When Radha came to know about this, she was furious. She wanted to revolt against her husband, but then, when her mother-in-law explained to her why it was needed, she did understand and started respecting her husband.

In most villages in India, women are treated merely as an object of desire and a source of reproduction. Still in some parts of India, men treat the women in their family equal to cattle.

If a wife couldn’t give her husband a child (especially a male child) she is rejected and replaced with another woman.

‘Only a woman can understand another woman’s feelings.’ Radha had learnt this lesson when she was very young. She had thanked god for blessing her with three children, Madhav’s children. She never had to get naked and spread her legs before any of her husband’s brothers, like Kamala had to do.

Now sitting there in kitchen, besides her mother-in-law, she felt the same respect for Bali as she had felt for her husband. Bali’s wife had already delivered him a son and was heavily pregnant with the second child. It was Kishan’s wife who had not delivered a single baby ever since she started getting her periods.

“Radha, are you thinking of Madhav?” Her mother-in-law asked interrupting her thoughts, as she still stirred the curry.

“Yes.” Radha said, straightening up.

“I worry a lot about you my dear. You are still very young. If only Madhav was alive, you wouldn’t have felt so desirous.” she said.

“Desirous?” Radha asked inquisitively.

“Yes, I can see it in your eyes. You are attracted to him, aren’t you?” Her mother-in-law asked.

“No mother, I am not. He is my son. How can a mother be attracted to her own son?” Radha queried.

“The same way you are now, my dear.” Her mother-in-law answered.

“Oh mother! Stop kidding me.” Radha smiled shyly.

“I am not kidding. I am a sixty years old woman, and yet I felt attracted to Bali when I saw him shove his shaft into her. But my time is gone. You are 34, still very young, still very attractive. I know how it feels, the hunger, it won’t end unless you allow a man to take control of it.” her mother-in-law said blinking her old eyes.

Radha knew her mother-in-law bahis siteleri was right. Her mother-in-law was the only person, who had seen Radha taking cold water bath, almost every alternate night, for past so many years. How long was she going to suppress her insatiable urge to mate?

Radha couldn’t sleep that night, although her mother-in-law slept like a baby on the carpet beside her. Her unusual attraction, which she felt towards her son, was keeping her awake.

It was close to mid night, when she got up from her bed and went to her son’s house. She peeped in through the window and in the light of oil lamp that flickered inside god’s deoghar, she saw Bali lay on the carpet next to his pregnant wife.

Her lust filled eyes gazed at her son’s body, from head down, stopping at his crotch, where his dhoti lay flat over his semi erect penis. She could easily make out the outline of his massive tool. The sight of his bulge added more steam to her sex deprived life. Radha sighed, thinking how much her body craved for a man like Bali. She left from there, with her heart filled with lust.

Chapter 2

Few days went by, Bali’s brother-in-law had come to take Mala, (Bali’s pregnant wife) to her parent’s home for her delivery. It is a custom for women in India to go for delivery to their parent’s house.

With his wife gone to her parent’s house, Bali had started staying more at home. He would only wait for a chance to get hold of his brother’s wife and drag her into a room. He would then strip her naked and fuck her. Chameli loved Bali taking her that way. Her husband had never been as passionate as Bali.

Radha, on the other hand, couldn’t put her mind at work. She had been seeing too much of flirting between her son and his sister-in-law. And then every time the two had sex, she would stand outside their window, and watch them fuck.

She loved seeing Bali, spawned between her legs, him moving on top of her, his strong muscular chest rubbing against the soft mass at her breasts and her hardened nipples. She would watch their sweating bodies, move in sync, his over her, his massive meat grounding her soft tender cunt, over and over, reaping as much pleasure as it could, to satisfy his insatiable lust.

Chameli’s moans would make Radha heave in lust. She would stand there, fingering her wet cunt from over her sari, watching them fuck. She loved watching Bali’s nude body, perfectly ripped and chiseled, and feel sexually aroused by it.

She would mostly spend her time thinking about Bali. The thoughts of his massive shaft grinding into Chameli’s cunt would keep her frenzied all day long and leave her sleepless at nights. Every night, she would have to take cold water baths, and still her body would burn in passion.

Night after night, she felt the heat rising within her. The cold baths were no longer helping her to lower the steam. She would spend nights tossing and turning over her mattress, not able to sleep.

And then one night came, driven out of lust, she went to her son.

It was night, She had just been out of bath, her wet skin draped in an old sari, a tight ragged blouse holding her ample breasts, with no bra inside. She was walking across her son’s house when she saw him through his window. Brimming over with lust, she was drawn towards him. Her feet took her to his doors.

It was an odd time for her to visit her son during night. The night was dark and the moon was shining. Everyone in their house were either asleep or were getting ready to sleep. Bali was about to turn the lights off when he heard a knock on his door. He opened it.

It was his beautiful mother, fresh out of bath, her hairs still wet, and let loose. He had never seen her hairs let loose before. They would always be tied in a big bun or in a single braid. Her brown skin glowed in moon light and her facial features were ever so sexy.

“Mother, what is it?” Bali asked, befuddled to see his mother at his door at this hour of the night.

“Can I come in?” She said, almost whispering. Bali let his mother inside. They both sat down over the carpet.

“What is it mother?” He asked.

“Bali, my son, you should be feeling awfully lonely now that your wife is not here?” Radha said in her soft voice.

“Yes.” He replied.

“But with a pregnant belly she is of no use to you either.” Radha said. Bali looked up in amaze and saw Radha give him a mock smile.

Radha saying nothing further, dropped her sari pallu from over her shoulder. Her hand quickly and skillfully unbuttoned her blouse, and then she stripped her blouse right out of her body. All of a sudden her large breasts were hanging down, naked, before her son’s eyes.

Bali could have bounced at her if it was some other woman. But before his mother he remained bolted to his place, gazing her in awe.

“Bali, you have sucked these before, haven’t you, when you were a baby?” Radha said gathering her breasts up together at him, with her both hands.

“Yes mother.” Bali said, bahis şirketleri his eyes alternating between his mother’s breasts and her face.

“I want you to suck them once again.” His mother whispered.

Bali was bewildered, but somehow he couldn’t argue with his mother. He loved her more than any one in his family, even his wife. He also respected her for the woman she was. He politely bent down and taking one of her breasts in his mouth, he began to suckle over it.

Radha let out a deep sigh, once she felt her son suckle her breast. He also unknowingly began to knead her other breast, adding more heat to her already burning body.

He was completely flustered. He couldn’t understand why all of a sudden his mother wanted him to suck on her breast. But he slowly began to enjoy sucking on her soft tender mass. He felt excited by the way her nipples turned hard and erect to his attention as he suckled on them. He took liberty of switching to her other boob, sucking on it equally hard.

Radha heaved, her head thrown back, she let her son relish upon her milk bags. After few minutes she felt the heat growing with in her. Now it was time for him to turn his attention on something more explicit.

“Bali,” She whispered, “that’s enough.”

Bali stopped instantly. He looked up at his mother from over her breast. He wasn’t sure why all of a sudden his mother was acting so unusually, but some how he had started to enjoy it.

“Do you know why you sucked on them, when you were a baby?” Radha asked in her soft voice.

“Yes mother, for milk.” he replied

“Yes, and didn’t these sacks help quench your thirst?”

“Yes, they did, mother” He replied.

Radha stood up and gently unwrapped her sari from over her waist. She was wearing nothing underneath her sari, no petticoat, not even a panty. No sooner she finished undressing her sari, she stood before him, completely naked.

Bali was mystified by her. He stood up looking at her. He had never thought his mother would be so beautiful underneath her plain clothes. Her milk chocolate skin had a natural shimmer to it, but he never thought it would be so taut, especially down at her belly and her thighs. Her body was toned and deliciously curvy, her waist so very slender, and her hips, generously wide, and rounded.

His eyes gazed at her, dumbfounded, and lust filled, they could barely take what was served forth them. His mind was clouded with lusty thoughts for his mother, his bull cock, hard, ready to raid the flesh of woman before it.

He watched her lay down, on her back, over the carpet, spreading her legs before him. She stroked her finger through her soaked already soaked slit.

“Now that you are a man,” she said, “a very big man,” she paused, her words interrupted, as she gazed down at his cock, hard and long, peaking out of his dhoti, standing tall before her eyes, “I want to offer you this…” she said looking down at her slit, that was all sodden with her fresh juices, and stroking her finger through it.”…for you my son, my body is to quench all kinds of thirst.” She finished.

Bali couldn’t believe his eyes, to what he was seeing, his ears, to what he were listening.

He was completely mesmerized by the way his mother was trying to seduce him. His mind had stopped thinking. He could only see her swollen pussy, that looked so wet and juicy to his eyes, and her finger, sleekly running across her slit.

He sat down, kneeling between her legs. Leaning down between her legs, and bringing his face close to her cunt, he could now smell her. The sweet smell of her nectar, which oozed out of her cunt, filled his nostrils, intoxicating his senses.

Not once did he resist his urge, not one moment did his mind think against it. Not once did his sanity remind him that the woman laid before him, ready to be taken at his will, was his mother. His bull mind had grown delirious. His desire to take her had gone beyond all barriers. He could think of nothing else, but, to fill her up.

Bali charged, plunging his mouth into her sodden vulva and he watched it submerge into her flesh.

“Ohh God! Yes!” a loud moan escaped Radha’s lips, when she felt her son’s tongue plunge right into her puddle. She was glad he had accepted her willfully. She cooed as his tongue, split open her cunt lips, and licked her, thoroughly, relishing over her fleshy folds.

It had been ages she was being pleasured like this. She reached her hand to the back of her son’s head, and she pulled him into her, groaning in sheer ecstasy.

“Ohh yes, God!” she moaned, “suck me, God!”

Bali licked her across her slit, and sucked her flesh. He loved eating woman’s flesh, especially if it was already as wet and juicy as it was before him now. His tongue dipped into her slit, stroking her clit. His tongue tip wagged against her clit causing her cunt to shudder.

Radha could feel herself climaxing already. An intense feeling, as if was being washed over by a strong sea wave, over and over. She squirmed, her legs closing together, locking her son’s face between them.

Bali was getting chocked, clenched between her legs. He forced himself out and watched his mother squirm with orgasm he had just given her.

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Telefon Numaram: 00353 515 73 20

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