A Night To Remember

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“Guys hit on me all the time, what makes you different?”

“I’m not hitting on you, that’s what makes me different.”

The incredibly hot blonde stood staring at me, not sure what to say. I had just told her that her boyfriend was a loser and she could do much better. She must have been expecting me to follow it up with suggesting that I would treat her better, but the truth was, I was too busy for a girlfriend. I had returned to college after several years working, and between school, studying, and work, I was stretched to the limits. Unfortunately, seeing all of these 18-22 year-old hot babes kept my cock stretched to the limits as well. I couldn’t help but flirt with some of them as they came through the small restaurant I worked at on campus.

But this girl was different. Not only was she by far the most beautiful girl on campus, but she had this presence about her, an elegance that I could not describe because I had never experienced it before.

“So what’s the deal,” I asked, “you’re so beautiful that most guys are too scared to ask you out?” I have become more bold as I have gotten older. I was too shy to say something like that to a beautiful girl while I was in high school.

She looked at me questioningly for a moment. I saw a hint of interest from her for the first time. “It has been a lot like that.”

I interrupted her, “But let me ask this, does the fact that you are so beautiful go to your head?”

“You ask a lot of questions! I don’t know, I try to just be me, but sometimes I get lonely and only guys like Steve ask me out. What’s a girl to do?” She was being honest. I had only seen her come through the restaurant a few times, and we didn’t even know each other’s names, but she was always very nice, something you don’t always see in beautiful women. I also suspected she came from a wealthy family, and because I came from a working class family it had always been easy to detect any attitude rich people have. She had it, but she seemed honest and sincere. And damn was she beautiful! I could stare into her blue eyes forever. But I wanted more than that. My mind kept telling me that I couldn’t fit a girlfriend into my schedule, but my crotch was telling me something else.

“Guys my age bore me, to tell the truth. All they want is sex, and they aren’t even very good at it.”

My mind instantly created countless images in my head.

“Older guys are more mature.” Somehow I added, “and more experienced.”

“You know your way around a woman’s body, I suppose?” She smiled. I didn’t know if she was serious or just teasing. But I kept my cool.

“Yes, I’m very familiar with how to please a woman.”

“This is supposed to be the point when you say ‘can I show you?’.”

“I don’t have to say something tacky like that. The offer is on the table, if you are interested let me know.”

I found out her name was Denise, and we talked for a few more minutes, then she left.

I only work a few days a week, and Denise doesn’t come in everyday, so it was a while before I saw her again.

I said hello and tried not to seem eager.

“Still seeing Steve?” I asked.

“Not really.”

“What does that mean?”

“I told him I didn’t want to see him anymore.”

“Oh, do you have anyone new in your life?” I wasn’t sure what I would hear. She was definitely flirting with me, but she wouldn’t come out and admit she was interested. If I really wanted her I would have to make the move.

“I’m not sure, there is this one guy I seem to keep thinking about.”

I was in. “It wouldn’t happen to be me, would it?” I flashed my most charming smile.


“Do you want to get some coffee, or something when I get off work?” I asked.

“That sounds nice.”

We spent an hour that night talking over coffee at a nearby all-night cafe.

I learned that she wasn’t really rich. Her parents were well-off, but her dad had taken a bath when internet stocks crashed. I started to see more of her personality that night – and I was hooked. She loved animals, had a dog, rode horses, and she loves baseball. Not bad, I thought. All-American beauty loves baseball.

I told her a little about myself, that I had worked for a few years before returning to college. We laughed together at my stories of the crazy people I used to worked for. She seemed interested in everything I had to say, unlike a lot of dates I have been on.

I could really fall for this girl.

I asked her out again, this time a formal date, or as formal as dates get in college: bowling.

When the night came I picked her up at her sorority house. She made a point of showing me off to all of the casino oyna girls, which I found particularly fun.

Bowling was a great choice. It gave me a chance to get a good look at Denise’s ass. She was wearing tight jeans, and her ass was tight, firm, an amazing! She also had on a t-shirt, but it wasn’t too large to tell that she had a really nice set of tits. I have been with women with huge breasts, and some with tiny breasts, and I actually prefer them in between. Denise’s were just right, from what I could tell.

After bowling we ended up back at my apartment. She had made some excuse about needing to use a bathroom, and my place was close by. I was checking my answering machine when she returned from the bathroom and, standing behind me, started running her hands over my legs, my ass, and reached around and rubbed my crotch. I was wearing jeans that were a little tight to start with, and they were suddenly getting much too tight!

I turned around, and for the first time we kissed. The first couple of kisses were soft and sensual, and I could tell she was a very good kisser. Then we opened our mouths, and her tongue shot into mine, exploring my tongue. I returned the favor, and we started feeling each other’s bodies through our clothes.

I picked her up and carried her to my bed, setting her down on the edge. I leaned down and removed her sandals, exposing her bare feet. I have always found women’s feet sexy, and hers were beautiful. I gently kissed one foot, then the other. She squirmed a little on the bed. I stood up and gave her a wet kiss, then leaned over and helped pull her t-shirt out of her jeans and pull it over her head. She had a pale blue silk bra on from Victoria’s Secret that really highlighted her breasts. It was so sexy it should be illegal. My cock was ready to burst.

I deliberately took my time and kissed her neck, pushing her hair away from her ear, and kissed and licked her ear lobe. She was getting extremely hot as I could easily tell from her moaning and body language. I don’t think any of the college age boys ever took their time with someone like this, they just jumped right into fucking. And that is a damn shame. Her body was begging to be kissed, licked, tasted, and explored. If my cock would oblige, I wanted to spend hours on her body with my mouth.

I went back to her neck, and started down her chest. I lightly brushed her breasts with my face, then kissed below her breasts on her upper stomach, teasing her. I touched her sides, and felt how warm her skin was. I moved my hands to her breasts, teasing her for a moment by lightly brushing them, and then I cupped them in my hands and gently squeezed. “Uhh..” she moaned softly. This girl was amazing. I resisted the urge to tear off her jeans and just start fucking. I wanted this to be the most sensual experience of our lives, and I knew the fucking would be extra hot when we got around to it.

As I kissed her breasts, over, around, and through the pale blue bra, I slipped the bra clasp open with one hand and slowly moved the straps over her shoulders. She quickly moved her arms to remove it, not wanting anything between my lips and her hard nipples. I kissed her areola, one at a time. I licked her areola, intentionally staying away from her nipples, which were very hard. Then I took one nipple in my mouth, and squeezed her breasts up and into my face while I sucked. Denise arched her back and let out a long, moaning cry.

I licked and kissed her nipples and breasts for a few minutes more, then started moving down her flat stomach. She was in incredible shape. Her stomach was tanned, firm, and I could see muscles, but she wasn’t overly developed like some female body builders can be. I paused at her belly button, partially because she had laid down, and because she had it pierced. I licked her belly button, and gently took the ring in my mouth and pulled softly. “Uhhh…” she softly cried. I flicked my tongue in her belly button and continued down…lower…lower.

I unbuttoned her jeans and slowly unzipped them. Then I pulled on her hips and slid the jeans off. She helped by picking one leg up at a time, and as I slid the jeans off I saw that she had a pair of matching pale blue silk thongs on, and that her legs were awesome. They were perfect, shaved, toned, and tanned. She laid back on the bed, and I stood on the side of the bed, leaning over, kissing her legs.

I started at her feet, slowly kissing and licking my way up. I paused behind her knees on each leg, and I softly rubbed her legs as I went.

As I kissed her legs, I looked at this amazingly beautiful creature laying on my bed. Her eyes were closed, and she was enjoying my kisses. She was canlı casino only wearing the panties now, and her firm tits were exposed. My cock was harder than ever before in my life. I felt like I could cut diamonds with it! I tried to slowly move up her legs, but I so desperately wanted to taste her.

I finally got to her panties. Since they were high thongs, they exposed her hips nicely. I noticed she didn’t have any tan lines, not on her breasts and not even from bikini bottoms. I would have to question that later.

I kissed her hips, and slid my fingers under the thong material, quickly pulling it down halfway. I was teasing her. She thought I was going to rip the panties off of her, but I wanted to take a moment and lick her through the thongs. The suspense of what lies underneath is part of the excitement. I kissed her thighs, and she opened her legs to give me better access. I brushed my face against her pussy, which was bulging through her thong. I could feel an intense heat coming through her thong, and I thought about how fantastic it would feel to have my hard dick inside that hot, wet pussy.

I finally couldn’t take it anymore, and I pulled her thong off, lifting her legs one at a time, and sliding it over her feet. I stared in amazement. She had the most incredible blonde pussy that I had ever seen in my life! It was shaven, with a small amount of golden pubic hair left on top. The lips were not red, not purple, but a soft pink. There should be monuments built to honor this pussy! It was the most beautiful thing I have ever seen.

I leaned down, brushed my face against her warmth, licked her thighs once more, and finally put my tongue on her hot cunt. An electric spark must have gone through her body, because she almost jumped off the bed. I slide my hands under her thighs, so I could open her legs and hold them up. I kissed her bare pussy, rubbing my face against it, and then I stuck my tongue past her lips and into her. I immediately was greeted by a flood of wet juices. I sucked them down, licking every corner of her pussy I could reach. She was moaning and moving on the bed. She could barely kept still. I licked my lips clean, and leaned down to her exposed clit. I softly licked it once. Again, the electric spark rang through her body and she almost jumped off the bed. I leaned forward and breathed hot air on her now wet clit, teasing her. Then I leaned in and took the clit in my mouth, sucking on it, and running my tongue over it in my best imitation of a vibrator.

She moaned, pressed her body against my face, and arched her back.

“Oh, Yes!”


“Ye….” The third yes was cut short by a groaning noise that must have started from deep inside her. I didn’t think she could do it, but her back arched even more, and she started bucking her clit against my purring tongue.

“Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh…..Fuck!Fuck!Fuck! Yeah, oh, that’s so hot, that’s so..fuck! I’m cumming again!!” Up she went, back arched, and now she started bouncing up and down on the bed. I tried to keep my mouth on her pussy and my tongue on her clit, which was so swollen. I caught a quick glimpse that she was squeezing her tits and one hand was pinching a nipple. I have never seen a woman so turned on before. I thought she was going to explode, and the fact that I had caused this with my mouth was such a turn on.

I slowed down my purring on her clit, afraid I was going to kill her. She slowly settled back on the bed, but her lower back was still slightly arched. I kept my mouth on her clit, licking it slowly, not wanting to move away. The last few electric sparks rippled through her body as she spasmed.

Slowly she calmed down. I reluctantly took my mouth off of her. My mouth and lips were covered in her juices, which I did my best to clean up with my greedy tongue.

I moved up to lie next to her. I wondered if she had enough left to do some fucking, as my cock was going into hyperdrive.

I looked at her, laying on the bed. Her eyes were still closed for a moment. She looked like an angel, she was so peaceful and beautiful. When she opened her eyes, she looked at me and smiled.

“That was the most incredible thing I have ever experienced! Thank you!” She breathed fast, as if she was still getting over it.

“It’s not over yet, honey, my friend is in need of attention.” I motioned down at my pants.

“Oh, yeah…I almost forgot about you!” she said, and she shoved me on my back and practically tore my t-shirt off. Then she reached down and pulled my shoes and socks off, undid my belt buckle, unsnapped my pants, and started yanking them down.

“Wait! You forgot the zipper.” I said. This beautiful, naked woman kaçak casino was practically raping me, she wanted my cock so badly!

She undid the zipper and pulled my jeans off. When she got to my boxer briefs she didn’t waste any time. There was no foreplay, she pulled them off me and my hard cock slapped against my stomach. She leaned down, held my stiff cock up straight with one hand and began to lick it.

“Ohhh..” She moaned.

“Ohhh..” I moaned.

She took my cock in her mouth, licking up and down with her tongue as she slid her mouth over it repeatedly. She paused, and then opened her throat and took all of my cock in her mouth. I almost fainted! I had never had a woman do that before, and this beautiful rich girl was the last person I would ever expect to do that! She held her mouth on my cock, then slid it off.

“Where did you learn to do that?” I asked.

“Lots of practice,” she grinned, as she looked in my eyes and took me in her mouth again.

She kept her blue eyes locked on mine as she sucked my cock, up and down, up and down, eyes locked on mine. I was entranced. Then she closed her eyes and started to moan as she sucked my cock. I have always thought the ultimate turn on is a woman who moans with pleasure as she sucks a hard cock. You can tell she definitely loves doing it, and Denise was on fire.

“If you keep doing that I am going to cum,” I warned.

“That’s the idea,” she said, removing my stiff rod from her mouth long enough to talk. Her mouth was so hot and wet, and her tongue was playing its own game as she slid up and down my pole.

I felt a familiar tightening in my balls. “Uhh…” was all I could get out. My entire body stiffened, and I began to spurt gobs of hot cum in her mouth. She began moaning louder as I was cumming in her mouth. She kept sliding up and down my cock, with some of my cum getting past her lips as she did this, running back down my shaft. As she moved her mouth up and down, her lips were picking up the cum on my cock, and now she had a load of gooey cum dripping off her lips. I started to shudder, as only my best orgasms can make me do. Now it was my turn to buck up and down, and she held my cock in one hand and did an expert job of keeping her mouth on it, draining all of the cum I could muster.

As I slowly laid back down, she stroked my cock to get the last drops of cum. She took my cock out of her mouth, and looked at me as she stroked me. My body was still spasming, but it was getting under control. As a drop of cum would appear on the head of my engorged cock, she would lick it away.

I collapsed on the bed, literally drained.

She moved up next to me, smiling. “Good?” she jokingly asked.

I didn’t need to answer. I just looked at her.

“If you don’t mind, I want your hard cock to fuck me now.” She was straight to the point.

My cock wasn’t going soft, but to give it a breather, I decided to lick her pussy for a few minutes. She was wet again, and I let my tongue sneak down and lick her asshole a few times. She moaned when I did it, and I made a mental note that maybe the next time…

I opened her legs wide, and leaned up, moving my body forward and between the opening. She looked up at me.

“Fuck me.”

I took my hard cock in my right hand, and guided it to her pussy. I slowly pushed forward, getting the head in. I paused, and waited for her to beg me to go on. When she did, I pushed in further, then all the way. I withdrew completely and did it again, this time not pulling out. After a couple of strokes my cock was lubricated with her juices, and it moved freely. She was so warm. I leaned over her, bracing myself on top of her. She wrapped her legs around my ass and I began to pump into her. She was moaning, or more grunting this time, and she put her hands on my ass, moving them back and forth with each thrust. Forward…back…forward…back. I was in heaven. I looked down and saw her firm tits shaking back and forth with each stroke. Her eyes were closed in enjoyment. Her grunting got louder, and we were both close to cumming.

I leaned ever closer to her and gently rubbed my lips against hers, over hers. I moved my head to the side and kissed her neck, ran my tongue up to her ear, licking it.

“I want you to cum for me,” I whispered in her ear.

“Oh, yes!” She breathed out.

I moved back to her lips, and this time as I brushed her mouth she opened her lips and hungrily attacked my tongue. That was enough. She moaned, “Yes!…Uhhh!…I’m cumming!”

Just as she started to tighten up, I went off, blasting load after load of my hot cum deep inside her tight, hot, wet pussy. We bucked like wild broncos, trying to throw the other off, but we held on for dear life.

The moment started to fade, and as we were breathing heavy, we fell into one another’s arms, physically and emotionally spent.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00353 515 73 20