A Night to Remember

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Amy and Judi arrived right on time for our get to together. Well more like our dates but it was at our place for the weekend. We all gathered to what was to be a most exciting funfilled frolic with two very sexy lovable ladies.

They arrived in floor length coats making them look so business like with their high heels on. Amy in her lovely just below her shoulder length blonde hair looked ravishing. Her lips in a light colored lip gloss and hardly any make up allowing her true beauty to shine.

When she opened her coat she revealed the most provocative outfit I had ever seen on her. The push up bra she had on showed off her cleavage marvelously under a very sheer cotton top and it was sheer enough to allow her seemingly erect nipples to show some. Her skirt was a “fuck me” skirt with her high heels and with” legs all the way up to her snatch.” As they say.

Judi in her shoulder length wavy black hair had opened her coat about the same time to reveal her top and almost totally exposed boobs. Tod almost passed out as he stumbled to take Judi’s coat. She to wore a bra but it merely covered her nipples as it was covered by a silky light blue top. Her”nips” were “standing proud” as she entered the room. Her smile exuded excitement as her beautiful eyes sparkled. Her makeup was perfect to with her luscious lips saying “please kiss me”. Her model legs were also sporting high heels and her very short “fuck me” skirt would have put any street walker to shame. If either girl had any undies on they had to have thongs because there wasn’t much left to the imagination.

They greeted Tod and I with the most luscious kisses any man would have died for. Each in their own way made us drool with anticipation on how this evenings festivities were going to progress. As we exchanged greetings and kisses from each girl it became apparent these ladies were all about pleasing us tonight. We wasted no time in getting comfortable as Tod led Judi to the bar as Amy and I followed.

It wasn’t long before I knew we had to get the “festivities” going or we would all burst from sexual anxiety.

I took Amy by the hand and led her to the bed room. I looked her straight in the eyes as I pulled her to me.

“Amy, I don’t want you to show your jealousy this weekend so here’s what I have planned,” I said. “You will wear this vibrator in your pussy. I will hold the remote and when I see any hint of jealousy I’ll turn it on. I might set it low or high depending on what I see. If I see lots then I’ll leave it on high until you cum. “

“Gary, no you can’t, I’ll be good. “

“No, Amy, you’re going to wear it. Lay down and spread your legs. “

Regrettably Amy set back on the bed. She almost cried as she spread her legs slowly as I reached for her thong and pulled it to the side. I wanted her wet so I began to lick her clit as my fingers opened her lips. She began to moan as my tongue started it’s onslaught of her clit. I slowly inserted my index finger as my tongue and mouth licked and sucked her now engorged clit.

“Oh Gary, don’t stop. Make me cum. “

She began to writhe and lift her hips. It wasn’t long before her body arched and she began to convulse to her orgasm. I immediately inserted the small bullet vibe deep into her vagina and turned it on. Amazingly her orgasm continued. Now she’d feel it’s effect and be less reluctant to wear it.

“I can’t stop cumming. Oh my god. It feels so good. ” She said.


What seemed a long time was actually a few minutes when Amy calmed down. Her eyes told me she was ok as she held her arms out for a hug. I lay down beside her and held her tight. She kissed me lovingly as she clung to me.

“We best not disappoint our friends. ” I said and pulled her to her feet and hugged her one more time. She took my hand as we joined Judi and Tod.

Our friends looked like they were enjoying themselves as we re entered the bar.

“You let Tod teach you some drinks while I talk to Judi. “

I took Judi’s hand and led her to the large couch and had her sit down. I sat down beside her and lightly lay my hand on her bare thigh. She grinned and lightly kissed my cheek.

“Thank you Gary. I am so glad I’m here. I’m a bit nervous but you and Tod are sweethearts. “

“I’m so glad you’re here to. You and Amy are beautiful tonight. I’m sure you’ll not be disappointed. “

I squeezed her thigh as I bent to kiss her. She responded with a squirm and kissed back. Her kisses were so soft. My hand now inched it’s way to up to her pussy. I slowly pushed her legs apart as she showed little resistance and began to fondle her nether lips. She responded with opening her legs wide and pulling her thong to the side.

Now I began to deep french kiss her as my finger slipped in her wet womanhood. Her pelvis arched up telling me she liked her pussy finger fucked. Judi was soaking wet now. My fingers kept up their pace fucking Judi as her moans became frequent and louder. I looked to see Amy staring at me so I just touched the button and saw her jump canlı bahis şirketleri instantly.

I whispered to Judi, “Do you want fucked?”

She didn’t hesitate one second and said, “YES!”

“I want to go to your knees and pull out my cock and suck it, getting it good and wet.”

Judi didn’t miss a beat as she slid to her knees and immediately reached for my zipper and proceeded to open my pants. She found my cock and got it out and engulfed my cock like a pro.

She took it all the way to my balls as she deep throated very well. Her saliva was soaking my cock just right and I could feel the oncoming pre-cum. I wanted to fill her pussy so I reached under her chin and lifted her.

“Now mount me Judi,” I told her. As she started to stand I pushed my pants down off my hips to the floor.

With no hesitation she did as she told and grabbed my cock and guided my shaft in as she slid down all the way thus pushing my cock into her love hole.

“Now ride me good Girl,” I said to her as she began to fuck me.

“Judi, tell Tod to bring Amy here and sit down beside us.” She did as she kept up her pace of riding my shaft.

Tod had to hold Amy up as the vibe was doing it’s thing inside her pussy. Tod got her to the couch right beside us and took my clue from me spreading her legs. I gave the remote to Judi and told her to push the UP button. She did as directed as Amy’s eyes widened and her pussy began to lift itself off the couch.


Tod now had Amy’s thong off and was giving her a good clit licking. He knew the plan and knew just what to do.

Now Judi was bouncing up and down on my manhood as I grasp her tits inside the very flimsy material of her top. They were soft and supple but her nipples were erect and hard, just like they should be when she’s getting fucked. Her cunt was tight around my shaft and she certainly knew how to use vagina muscles to milk her man’s cock. We were fucking like rabbits in heat as our moans and motions were getting us closer and closer to having mutual orgasm’s together. Judi held my shoulders as I grabbed her hips and pulled her down hard every time she would raise up, thus bottoming out deep in her womanhood. She quickly began to shudder, moan and flood our pelvic region with her womanly juices as my seminal fluid shot up and into her vagina. She cried out, “Oh fuck Gar, you’re fucking me so good, I’m cumming!”

Amy was squirming and almost yelling as Tod was masterfully giving Amy’s clit a good sucking as Amy now had her tits in hands palming them.

Amy had to feel worn out by now but I had to be sure she understood me so kept the vibe on Full power as Tod continued his tongue fucking her.

Judi now had dropped to my chest as my cock began its withering from her cunt. She felt so good on top but I needed her help. After a minute of bliss with Judi I told her she needs to let Amy clean her pussy.

“What do you mean,” she asked naively.

“I mean I want you to go sit on Amy’s face and you push my semen from your pussy as Amy sucks it from you. Either that or let Tod fuck you doggie while you eat Amy’s pussy.”

“Oh my. I want Tod to fuck me”, she replied.

“Get down there on your knees girl and get his cock ready for you. Have at her Tod. I know you’ve been waiting for this moment ever since your saw her pictures.”

Judi got off me, but not before she let me uncover her tits and then went to her kness. There Tod stood right in front of Judi as Judi began to unbuckle and unzip his pants. She got his erect cock out as he helped her push his pants down.

She took his cock right to her mouth and began to lick it. She held it one hand as the other hand held his balls. She engulfed his manhood taking it deep in her mouth getting her lips and nose up to his pubic hairs. It looked like she was giving him very good head when he gave me a “thumbs up”.

I grabbed Amy’s top and pushed it down under her lucious tits, exposing her erect nipples. I took each nipple between each thumb and for finger, tweaking each nipple. Amy flinched a bit and grabbed my hands. If she wanted me to stop she wasn’t asking as I pulled and tweaked them harder.

“Take my cock and stroke it Babe. You deserve a cock but not quite yet.”

Judi was now sucking Tod feverishly as head bobbed back and forth devouring my friends manhood. I couldn’t help but think Tod was about to cum when he took Judi’s face in his hands and held it still. Judi looked up with her gorgeous eyes and released his cock from her mouth. 4

“Turn around Gorgeous and start eating Amy. I’m fucking you now. ” Tod exclaimed.

Judi did as he said and dropped her head to Amy’s crotch. Tod aligned his pink bulbous cockhead to Judi’s slit and slowly entered her. Judi jumped as Tod bottomed out but kept her mouth on Amy’s cunt. Tod thrust in and out of Judi slapping his nuts against her clit.

Amy’s mouth now had my manhood totally engulfed. She was slurping it good when Judi erupted into her orgasm as I could see Tod released canlı kaçak iddaa in her. His head was thrown back and Judi now wasn’t eating Amy but had her head back also and moaning, “Yes Oh My God, Yes, fill my pussy! YES, YES, YES!!!!

Amy just looked at our friends as my shaft left her mouth and she spurted out, “Please Gar, I need fucked.”

“Fucked you’ll get, Sweet Girl,” I replied.

Amy now wanted my cock badly so I decided to grant her wish but with conditions. “Amy, the only way you will get fucked is if your girl friend here feeds you from her sperm filled pussy. Judi must empty her pussy full of semen in your mouth while you clean her cunt,” I told her as I held Judi’s face to mine.

“Thought I’d forget this part, didn’t you Gorgeous?”

“Yee…ssss, I did,” Judi said with some hesitation.

Amy had already laid down on the couch on her back in anticipation of getting my cock.

“Judi, you’d better pull that vibe from Amy’s cunt,” as I took her hands and bent down with her. I opened Amy’s lips and Judi slipped her two fingers in Amy’s wet pussy. Amy jumped but said not a word and let Judi retrieve the vibrator. Judi was about to hand it to me when I grabbed her hand and pushed it to Amy’s little rose bud ass. Judi turned and shook her head NO but I said to her, “in there or I’ll take your ass instead.” Judi obliged and pushed the vibe into Amy slowly but steadily.

“Thank You, Sexy,” as I grabbed the back of her head and pulled her to me, kissing her full on the mouth. Judi didn’t resist as she parted her lips to accept my tongue. Our tongues met and played for a short period of time making me want her all over again but I knew that would come later. Nothing better than to deep french kiss a lady after she’s been fucked.

With that I helped Judi get in front of Amy’s face and got her to squat atop Amy’s mouth. Amy took the clue and opened her mouth and extended her tongue to receive Judi’s drippings.

Judi began to push down like she was peeing but instead her cream filled pussy began to drop it’s semen laden cargo right on Amy’s tongue. Amy grabbed Judi’s hips and pulled Judi’s pussy to her mouth wherein Amy’s tongue lapped Judi’s well fucked engorged lips and slit. Judi looked like she was about to cum again when I stepped in front and presented my cock to her. She grabbed it and engulfed it like she needed it more than anything.

Amy now was covered in semen trying to get Judi clean. Judi’s two loads of cum overpowered Amy’s tongue and mouth. Amy’s attempt to consume all that was dripping from Judi’s cunt was futile as her face was covered in spunk.

Tod was hard again , totally stripped, and had pushed Amy’s legs apart and wide and positioned his cock just at the entrance to Amy’s pussy. He didn’t waist any time as he pulled her lips open and pushed into Amy. She didn’t flinch at all as his manhood bottomed out with his balls hitting her perineum. He certainly 5

was ready to fuck Amy as he pounded her pussy with a passion I had not seen from him before. He showed such determination to unload in her.

I thought Judi was beginning to choke but I realized she was having another orgasm so I pushed deep and hit the back of her throat. That’s all it took to push me over the edge and explode in her throat. Now Judi’s eyes flew wide open as she realized what was happening. She looked stunned and pleased at the same time as I saw a smile come over her.

I could see over Judi’s shoulder Tod was plowing Amy’s cunt harder than ever. Sweat was pouring from his brow as his hips continued to thrust in and out of Amy’s womanhood. He threw his head back and pushed in one last time and held it there as his orgasm rocked his body and unloaded in Amy for the first time tonight.

I pulled my cock from Judi and pulled her off Amy just in time to see Amy stiffen and begin to shake as she cam with Tod. Her body shuddered as Tod pulled her hips to him trying to stay in her now slippery cum filled vagina.

I now had Judi in a hug holding her. Her tits against my bare chest and her warm soft legs against mine made me want to ravish her again, but I knew both girls needed some time to recover so I let that thought slip away…for now.

Amy settled down as Tod let her go and looked pretty drained from her fucking Tod just gave her.

The girls had just gotten the taste of our cocks and cum and looked like they needed to freshen up.

“Why don’t you two go get a shower, but don’t wash your hair, and pick an outfit you had ordered, they are hanging in the closet,” I told them. As we had planned the clothes I had for them they had picked previous to this rendezvous but the deal was in order to keep them they had to come spend the night with us.

Tod and I bided our time watching some sports and having some drinks. We also got redressed knowing full well what we had in store for the girls.

Surprisingly, the girls only took a half hour to get cleaned and dressed. Out they walked stunning as ever.

Amy in a long red canlı kaçak bahis dress with a low neck line showing her lucious cleavage that only a very good push up could deliver. Her pretty blonde hair cascaded at her shoulders and her make up was flawless. Red high heels finished off her outfit as she looked absolutely beautiful.

Judi was right behind her in a silky long black dress showing just as much cleavage as Amy. Both girls have about the same figure, Judi being the shorter of the two at 5-3, but even then her long legs make her appear taller especially with her high heels on. Judi had her shoulder length black hair down like Amy and looked ravishing as ever.

Tod took Judi’s hand and I took Amy’s leading them both to the game table.

Supper had been ordered and was set and ready for our indulgence. The girls looked amazing and refreshed. Dinner was the only thing between us and our girls next fuck session.

I couldn’t get through supper fast enough knowing what lie ahead in our grand scheme tonight. There was no question, we all came to fuck but getting to that point was certainly a lot of fun.

We finished dinner and cleared the table. The girls went off to the bathroom as Tod and I prepared for the next round of play.


The girls returned giving us light kisses. We proceeded to explain our game of Euchre. They both knew how to play and of course we added it would be strip Euchre. They agreed, not like they didn’t expect it, and took their seats across from one another.

We flipped a coin to determine who dealt first. The girls won so Amy shuffled and dealt. Now I was on Amy’s left and Tod on Amy’s right and of course on Judi’s left.

Amy turned up the jack of clubs in the widow. I was full of red so I passed. Judi said “pick it up.” Amy did and discarded. I opened with the nine of hearts. Judi trumped it and Tod had to follow suit and threw in a ten of hearts. It didn’t look good for us and it wasn’t as we lost the first point. Off went our shoes as Judi picked the clothing item since she made the point.

The game progressed with us loosing our shirts and socks while the girls lost there shoes and pearls.

I dealt next. Seemingly getting a pretty good black hand as the widow dealt the ace of spades and Judi ordered me up. Now that takes “balls” I thought but I saw why she led with the jack of spades trying to clear the table. It worked and Tod and I were told to remove another three items. That merely got our ties, suit coats and shirts off.

The girls were screaming and gloating they were winning and would win easily…they thought. Knowing full well if they won they could have their way with us. And after our first session they just be after some revenge.

Not so fast, Judi now dealt and up popped the ace of spades and I sat with both bowers and the king and queen of spades. Tod passed but Amy ordered it up.

I had these ladies good now. Tod opened with a ten of hearts showing me he had no spades. Well, of course he didn’t I had them all.

I took the hand with the queen and ran the table. The girls just sat there aghast as they now knew they lost and they had to as they were told.

“Just a minute girls. Before you strip here how I want to do it. Amy stand up and turn your back to us. Judi you get to strip Amy first but with each article you take off you must do something provocative to her. Kiss her full on the mouth or slap her ass then kiss it or grab both her nipples and play with them then suck them. And Amy when you get to strip Judi you do something to her…understand Girls?” I exclaimed.

They both shook their heads and both got up from the table.

Amy turned our backs to us as Judi began to unzip Amy’s red dress down her back. Judi pulled the dress off Amy’s shoulders and dropped it to the floor. She took Amy’s hand and helped her step over the dress.

Amy looked marvelous in her red push up bra as Judi leaned in to kiss Amy, Amy closed her eyes as their lips met. The girls kissed very passionately as we looked on in amazement. They broke their kissing as Judi unclasp Amy’s bra and pulled it down uncovering Amy’s lucious tits. Judi wasted no time and took one tit in each hand and palmed them with her thumb and fore finger softly pinching Amy’s erect nipples. Amy moaned and shut her eyes and lay her head against Judi’s cheek as Judi rolled Amy’s nipples.

If these girls hadn’t been together sexually before tonight you wouldn’t know it as both girls seem to enjoy one another.

Judi stopped her tweaking Amy’s nipples and bent down to Amy’s butt. She slipped her hands inside Amy’s 7

thong along her hips and slowly slid the thong to the floor. As Amy stepped out of the thong Judi then turned Amy around and slowly worked her hands up the inside of Amy’s legs and stopped at Amy’s pussy. Amy again knew what do to and opened her legs for Judi to gain access to Amy’s vaginal lips. Judi used one hand to split Amy’s lips open as the other hand took two of it’s fingers and slowly slipped them into Amy’s love hole.

Amy closed her eyes and pushed her hips forward as Judi now had her tongue out and began to lick. Amy’s clit. Amy grabbed Judi’s head and held it against her pussy. Judi couldn’t do anything but give Amy a good pussy eating.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00353 515 73 20