A One-Man Woman Ch. 02

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The next month went by rather quickly with Mike and Jill fucking each other nearly every night. Surprisingly, most nights after they fucked in his room, she’d come back into ours to sleep with me. I knew each time that she was too tired for sex with me, so consequently my horns were growing rather long again.

Then Mike was gone for three nights on a business trip and by the third night, I sensed Jill was feeling pretty horny herself, anxious for his return. In bed that night, we began to make love and I did my normal fingering of her pussy and sucking on her nipples until she had a very satisfactory orgasm. Normally when we made love, she would either then climb on top of me, or spread her legs and ask me to fuck her. This night, she turned on her side toward me and reached between my legs to take my stiff cock in her hands. She began massaging my balls with one hand and stroking me with the other. I realized that tonight I was just getting a hand job but didn’t ask her why. Instead I said, “He’s really good for you, isn’t he Jill?”

After hesitating, she admitted, “Yes, Bruce, he is.”

“Can you really feel the difference in our cocks when we’re fucking you?” I inquired. I think she then realized the game I was playing.

“Yes, darling. His cock is SO much bigger than yours.”

“Is he better than me?”

“Better at fucking?” she asked, looking into my eyes. I nodded. “Bruce, he is the best fuck I have every had. His technique, his skill, his bringing me to orgasm, all of them are so much better than you.” She giggled as she felt my penis twitch. Some pre-cum was dripping from the head of my penis and onto her hand.

“You like hearing me say that, don’t you?” she asked. I swallowed, my throat dry and could only nod. “Does it turn you on to know that my stepfather can fuck me so much better than my husband can?” I nodded again. She whispered in my ear, blowing at the same time, “I’m so glad to hear that, darling, because now I have a bigger and better dick to fuck my cunt instead of your little weenie…” With that I blew my load all over my stomach and her hand, and she laughed out loud.

After Mike returned from his business trip, he and Jill went out on a date on Friday night. When they returned that night, I fully expected them to go into his room to fuck, but instead she joined me in the family room for a glass of wine and he went up to bed. She had put on a very sexy Victoria secret outfit that left little to the imagination. As we sipped our wine, she said, “I have a surprise for you, sweetheart.”

I was wondering if she was going to let me fuck her for some reason, or maybe give me a blowjob. The real surprise was nothing like I expected. “Mike gave me this on our date tonight.” She flashed a big diamond ring on her left hand and I noticed she had moved my much smaller diamond and her wedding band to her right hand.

“Let me explain,” she said, noticing my shock. “Ever since the first time Mike and I made love, I’ve felt like he and I were married, rather than you and I, if you know what I mean. He’s the only man who has been inside me since that first night. I love you very much, Bruce, and I always want to be your wife, but Mike and I talked about this a lot over the last few weeks, and well, I am kind of an old-fashioned girl. I’m really a one-man woman, and I’d like to have a wedding with Mike. Not a real one, mind you. That would be illegal. Just a pretend one, so it feels like we got married. We were hoping you would go along with this like you’ve gone along so well with our sex life together.”

I was quiet for a long time, just sipping my wine, then asked, “If I were to agree to this, how would it all happen? Have you worked out details?”

She smiled and said, “Actually, we have, honey. Mike knows a guy who owns a swingers club and they have had ceremonies there before, mostly for singles who met at the club and wanted to be married there. Mike’s friend, Roger, said we could rent the place for the night and it would only be us, whatever friends we want to have, plus maybe a few people from the club. Roger would perform the mock ceremony and we can have a reception of sorts right there.” I could hear the excitement in her voice.

I looked at her and asked, “What friends are you thinking of having?”

“Well, that could be the hard part. I’d like to have my best girlfriends there, Penny, Marcia, Wendy, Stephanie, and maybe Pam. And their husbands,” she said, cringing slightly.

I must have blushed twenty shades of red. “Those are all people we socialize with. How humiliating to have them know that you’re “marrying” another man, because I can’t satisfy you.”

“Oh my, that would be humiliating for you, wouldn’t it, darling?” she smiled sweetly.

“Yes, it would” I replied.

Then Jill surprised me by reaching for my crotch and she discovered a rock-hard penis in my pants. “OH….MY….GOD!” she almost shouted. “That WOULD be humiliating for you, but canlı bahis it turns you on so much.” She was laughing now and I was blushing again. “We’ll have a very special ceremony, darling hubby, but I’m going to let Mike make all the plans. So whatever he wants for this wedding, we need to agree to do.”

A month later, all the plans were made. Jill had talked to her five girlfriends and explained everything to them about our relationship and how it had changed. I assume they had filled their own husbands in. Fortunately, I didn’t have to see any of them until the wedding. Mike had told me to leave all the details to him and he would take me to the place about a half hour before the wedding ceremony.

Jill told me that in addition to her five friends, Roger had invited some of the regulars from the swing club so there would be a good crowd for dancing and partying afterwards. She said there would be about fifty people. I understood that I was going to be Mike’s best man and would also play the role of giving away the bride. How appropriate. I should mention, that during the month before the wedding, I had not made love to my wife, which means I had not fucked her since she started fucking Mike. She gave me a couple of hand jobs on the nights they weren’t sleeping together.

The day of the wedding Mike and I left for the club together. We didn’t dress up; he told me there was no reason to. The club was actually a much nicer place than I thought it would be and in the room where the wedding would be, Roger had installed a little altar. There were rows of chairs and then, behind them, an area that would be the dance floor because I could see DJ equipment set up. Mike introduced me to Roger and he seemed like a really nice guy, actually quite handsome.

Mike then took me to a staging area in another room off the main one. I looked out a few times and could see people taking their chairs. I didn’t really want any of our friends to see me until the ceremony, so I wouldn’t get too embarrassed ahead of time. Mike told me to relax and said Roger would be doing most everything. He wanted to be sure I had the ring for Jill’s finger. We hadn’t had a rehearsal, but Mike told me all I have to do when Roger asks “Who gives this woman?” is say “I, her husband, do.” And he said I should also answer honestly any questions Roger asks. I wondered what that was about.

Ten minutes or so before the ceremony, Mike took out a flask and we both had a couple of shots. Then he said, “You and I need to take off our clothes now.” I must have looked shocked because he said, “It’s all in fun, it’s something Jill wanted, and we need to keep her happy. Besides, it’s supposed to be a fun, sensual evening.”

I hesitated until he began stripping, then figured he must be serious, so I stripped down too. Mike and I stood there by the door ready to go out as soon as the music started. We were both flaccid and checked out each other’s penises. His hung down fully three times as far as mine and his balls were so much bigger. The music started and we walked out, he first and me behind. I could feel eyes on me even without seeing people’s faces.

When we got to the altar, we turned to face the audience. I could see Jill’s five best friends sitting in the first row, with their husbands, not ten feet from where we stood. The girls were all looking at my penis and then at Mike’s, then back at mine again. The husbands did the same. I could see each of the girls smile knowingly, perhaps fully comprehending why Jill was getting “married” again. All of the husbands were giving me looks of pity. Despite my embarrassment, I could feel my penis beginning to get erect.

Fortunately, the bridal march started and Jill came walking up the aisle. She had on a wedding dress and veil, but the dress was completely transparent and she was totally naked underneath. Everybody there could see her full tits, her nipples, her ass, and wisp of pubic hair above her cunt. Her best friends’ husbands had never even seen her naked before. When she arrived at the altar she gave me a big kiss, then we turned to face Roger, with Jill standing between us two naked men.

“Who gives this woman in matrimony to this man?” Roger asked.

I hesitated for a few moments until Jill looked at me expectantly. “I, her husband, do,” I replied. I gave Jill’s hand to Mike and they stood before Roger. Then Roger gave this incredible sermonette.

“Often in life, two people will marry who are so compatible in every way. Those marriages usually last forever. Sometimes, however, two people love each other and may be compatible in a lot of ways, but not compatible in one way. If that incompatibility is in their sexual relationship, it can lead to problems in a marriage. Today before us stands Jill, a highly sexual woman with an appetite for large cocks. Also here today is her husband, Bruce. Bruce, would you turn and face the audience for me?”

I hesitated until I heard Mike gave me a stern bahis siteleri look that said I’d better do it. I turned around slowly, feeling quite embarrassed. Roger went on: “Now Bruce, Jill’s husband, probably has one of the smallest penises I’ve seen. Bruce, does it even reach 5 inches when it’s erect?”

I shook my head “no”.

He went on. “I’d be willing to bet it is the smallest in this room today. Am I right, all you lovely ladies out there?” There was a general murmuring of assent accompanied by a number of stifled giggles from the ladies. “Jill, is Bruce’s the smallest penis you’ve ever had inside you?” Roger inquired.

“Yes,” she answered in a very distinct voice. “Now Bruce, that may be nothing to be embarrassed about. You can’t really help how God made you. But, Jill has told me of this other problem. And, Bruce, that probably IS something you should be embarrassed about. Jill, tell us the longest that your husband has been inside your cunt before he came.”

Again, in a voice clear as day, I heard my wife say, “About one minute.” Now the audience was quietly laughing, and Roger, Mike and Jill joined in. I blushed and tried not to make eye contact with Jill’s girlfriends.

Roger went on: “Now, along comes Jill’s stepfather, Mike. He starts living with Jill and Bruce after his wife, Jill’s mother, died. Mike and Jill find that they are absolutely compatible sexually. Turn around you two and face the audience. I again ask those of you in attendance, have you ever seen two bodies that go together so well?”

Most in the audience voiced their approval. “Now, Jill and Mike, please face each other.” They turned as instructed. “Jill,” Roger said, “I would like for you to describe for those witnessing this ceremony today what it is like to have Mike’s cock inside you compared to Bruce’s?”

She looked livingly into Mike’s eyes. “There’s no comparison. Mike’s cock is so much bigger, so much longer, and so much thicker.”

Roger went on, “And how would you describe how Mike fucks you compared to your husband?”

Jill giggled. “Again, there’s no comparison,” she said. “He fucks me longer, he fucks me harder, he just fucks me better.”

“And, please,” said Roger, “compare for us how these two men can make you cum with their cocks inside you.”

“Mike makes me cum every time he fucks me. Bruce has never made me cum when he’s been inside me.” I heard an audible gasp from the audience.

Roger then addressed our friends and the club members. “Based on what you have heard, my friends, if is there anyone here who believes these two lovers should not be married today, please speak now.” Both Mike and Jill looked at me and smiled. Roger said, “Hearing no objection from Jill’s husband either, would you, Bruce, please remove your rings from Jill’s right hand?” I did as instructed.

Then he said, “And now, please remove your wife’s dress and present her to her new husband?”

I walked forward and lifted the dress over Jill’s head. She now stood totally naked in front of Mike, eliciting a few oohs and aahs from those present. “And now give me the new ring, Bruce”. I handed it to Roger who gave it to Mike to put on Jill’s left hand.

Then Roger said, “Mike, please take ahold of Jill’s tits and Jill, you take ahold of Mike’s cock.” Mike’s penis began to grow in Jill’s hand and she took her other hand to cup his balls. She began stroking his manhood until he was fully erect. Some of the women in the audience gasped when they saw Mike’s erection.

“Beautiful,” said Roger. I suddenly realized that I, too, had an erection now. Roger noticed too. “Well, we couldn’t have asked for a better turn of events,” he grinned, and both Mike and Jill looked at my stiff little penis. “Would Bruce and Mike now stand side by side and face our witnesses?” I went next to Mike and stood with my penis sticking straight out. It was obvious to all in the audience that he was twice as long as I and more than twice as thick. Jill’s girlfriends were all looking at me and now they were quietly laughing.

Roger addressed the ladies. “It’s perfectly permissible to giggle at a moment like this. It’s a natural reaction from the females of our species to look upon a male who is so inadequately endowed and have that reaction. And I can assure you that Bruce understands when he hears that.”

Then Roger turned to the naked couple and said, “Jill and Mike, I now pronounce you husband and wife. You may kiss your bride.” They embraced in a long, passionate naked kiss.

Roger went on. “If Jill would now please get on her knees, I will ask the new husband to fuck his bride in front of these witnesses and I will ask the cuckold husband to assist in the consummation of this marriage by inserting the new husband’s cock into his bride’s pussy.” I knelt next to Mike and took his warm, throbbing cock in my hand, aiming it at Jill’s very wet hole.

Naturally, her pussy was already extremely wet with anticipation, bahis şirketleri so he slid into her rather easily, making certain that those in attendance could see the complete penetration, almost as if he were starring in a porno movie. Jill was sideways to the audience but they could all see the satisfied smile on her face, as could I. She asked Roger to kneel next to her and she whispered in his ear.

Then Roger said, “Jill has asked me to announce that if her cuckolded husband would like to leave the room and not stay to watch his wife being fucked, he is welcome to do so.” All eyes were then on me, and I was starting to feel really humiliated. In one way I wanted to leave, but I couldn’t tear my eyes away from their raw lovemaking.

Then I heard Roger say the words I had dreaded coming but inside wanted to hear so badly. “The couple would like to announce to the audience, that Bruce has two choices: if he decides to stay and watch this marriage being consummated, they would like his agreement, in front of these witnesses, that his little penis will not enter his wife’s pussy again from this day forward, but he will get to watch them fuck whenever they allow him the privilege. If he leaves the room, he will be allowed to fuck his wife on rare occasions, but is forbidden from watching Mike and Jill ever have sex again.”

I looked at all of Jill’s girlfriends one by one. Pam was smiling and nodding at me. So were Penny, Marcia, Stephanie, and Wendy. Then I made eye contact with their husbands and they were grinning from ear to ear. Then one of them began chanting quietly, “Stay! Stay! Stay!” The others began taking up the chant and I saw all five of Jill’s girlfriends chanting along and grinning.

Roger announced, with excitement in his voice, “It sounds like the audience has expressed their opinion, Bruce.” I looked at Jill and Mike as they kept up their fucking rhythm on the floor. They were looking at me smiling, and the room was starting to take on the smell of raw sex from Jill’s well lubricated pussy and what must have been some pre-cum from Mike.

“But has the cuckold husband made his decision?” asked Roger. I was standing there with my hands on my hips. My penis was as hard as I could ever remember it being. The thought of never being inside Jill again was devastating. On the other hand, the thought of her continuing to fuck Mike, but me never being able to watch them again would deprive me of my greatest sexual thrills. I understood so much. I knew my little penis could never satisfy her. Not like Mike’s. Then I saw Jill motion Roger over to her. He knelt next to her and she whispered in his ear again. Then he whispered to her, and she to him again.

Roger stood up with a grin on his face said, “Bruce, perhaps we can help you make your decision. I realize it is a difficult one to make with long-lasting consequences. Come over here and kneel down next to your wife and her new husband.” I did as he asked. “Now put your face down here real close to Mike’s dick.” I moved in closer. “Now see how totally beautiful that is watching his really big dick fuck your wife?”

I could see every vein as the shiny dick slid in and out of Jill’s pussy. “Mike, take your cock out of her for a minute,” Roger said. He slid it out and it was only inches from my face. “The cuckold husband needs to pay homage to the new husband’s superior dick,” Roger said excitedly.

When Mike moved his dick towards my mouth, my lips parted and he slid it inside. Jill looked around at me, totally amazed that I was now sucking and licking her lover’s cock. “Oh my God,” Jill exclaimed. “He loves Mike’s cock as much as I do!” The entire audience laughed as one.

“He took that in awfully easily, didn’t he audience?” Roger exclaimed. I tasted a combination of Jill’s cunt juice and Mike’s salty precum and it really turned me on. Pre-cum began dripping from my own penis. Mike removed his cock from my mouth and Roger said, “Bruce, put it back in your wife’s cunt. Help her new husband fuck her cunt!”

I again took ahold of that penis, the strongest, most erotic thing I’d ever felt, and inserted it back into Jill’s cunt. The audience cheered again. As I knelt there, I heard Roger’s next words burn in my ears. “The cuckold is very excited, ladies and gentlemen. His own penis is dripping pre-cum. We all know what he wants to do, don’t we? And Jill, tell us what he needs to do if he stays in this room. It means he won’t ever be fucking you again, doesn’t it?”

She looked at her girlfriends, then at me, then said, “No he won’t be fucking me ever again.”

Then Roger said, “It looks to me like he wants to stay. Is that right Bruce?” I nodded. “So if he stays, Jill, is there something he can do to let you know that he only wants Mike’s cock inside you, and that it turns him on to know he can never fuck you again?”

“Yes…Roger…there is…..” she said between heavy breaths as Mike’s cock sawed in and out of her pussy.

“What is that, Jill, please tell all of us. We’re dying to know,” Roger said, still with excitement in his voice.

“He….can….masturbate….Roger….in front of ……you….me….Mike….and all these witnesses….”

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