A Peeping Mom

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My names William Johnson, I just turned nineteen a few weeks ago, and as a young single guy, I jerk off…a lot. It’s kind of a habit that I only grew into when I was younger, it started about the time I was in my early teens, and I found one of my dad’s old porno mags. My dad had ditched out on me and my mother right around the time I was turning eight, but he had left more than his fair amount of shit at our house. My mother, being a single working mom, she often asked me to try and pick up the slack of housework, which I was more than happy to do. I felt bad for my mother; she had me when she was so young and had to make so many sacrifices just to raise me, hell she couldn’t even finish high school! My loving father had her knocked up by her seventeenth birthday party and he “promised” to be there for her throughout everything, but clearly, that didn’t happen.

Anyway, I was cleaning out our garage, and I found my dad’s old toolbox hidden away in the back. Being a curious kid, I opened it up and started to dig around, at the bottom I found some faded magazine with this gorgeous blonde sitting on the front. I began to thumb through it, though most of the pages were stuck together from my father’s constant use. Eventually, I found this picture of this perfect, beautiful redhead sucking on some dude’s cock. If I inherited any trait from my father, it was his horniness, as I jerked off and came almost instantly on that picture. After that, there was no looking back; I was doing it all the time, just waiting for the day I had a girlfriend to help me out with her hand, mouth, or just maybe, her wet cunt.

The point of me explaining that story is to tell you that I turned into one horny bastard the more I matured. I unfortunately never did get my girlfriend, though I got lucky enough to get a few handjobs and one blowjob from an old friend of mine, Sarah. I was thinking of asking her if she wanted to be more with me but of course, with my luck, Sarah ended up moving away at the end of the year, leaving me once again alone with just my hand. So, since my mother was always at work during the day, I’d just jerk off all the time in the house.

Now, I wasn’t an idiot, I’d always clean up, and I never did any weird shit with my mother’s stuff…yet, and to be fair, when I started, that wasn’t exactly my fault, it was more hers. Still, that didn’t stop me from doing it everywhere, the bathroom, my room, the living room, kitchen, dining room…actually, I think I should just say I jerked off in every room but my moms. I mean, hell, I never had to worry about anyone being around, so if my cock got hard, I pulled out my phone and just went to work wherever I was standing. But, I never left any evidence, I always made sure to be done before my mother got home, and thanks to this, I never got caught! Well…until a few days after my nineteenth birthday.

My mother had saved up some vacation days and decided to take the week off on my birthday week. I had to curb my horniness until the night time, and honestly, I was doing pretty well, at least for the first couple days. After about nine, I’d go to my room, lock my door and just go to town for a few hours then pass out. However, on the fourth day, I don’t know exactly why, but I just couldn’t wait that long. I had this boner all morning that just refused to go away, canlı bahis by eleven it was getting ridiculous, and I told my mom I’d be in my room for a little while.

I ran up the stairs and quickly pushed into my room, now I swear that I had closed and locked my door, but then again, I was so focused on getting relief maybe I just imagined I did. I just laid out on my bed, above my covers, and started stroking myself. I didn’t have anything up on my phone or a magazine; I was just using my imagination this time. It took a little bit of time but eventually, I squirted out a big load and got my relief. The only problem was when I reached over for some tissues I froze; my door was almost a foot open. My brow twitched, and I blinked a few times as I swore that I had noticed a figure quickly shifting away from my entrance.

Figuring that my mother might have accidentally glanced in, I quickly hiked my pants up and wiped off my chest with a tissue. I couldn’t bring myself to leave my room out of embarrassment, so I stayed inside, just laying on my bed with a beet red face. After about an hour, of just laying around, of course, my mind started to wander. And no, it wasn’t about my mother, I was just thinking about some girls from my school, along with Sarah. I know I was a fucking idiot, but my mind clouded up with lust, and I jerked off a second time, without…closing…my…fucking…door. This time when I finished, I reached over, and once again I swear to god, I saw that same figure just move away from my doorway, scampering off up towards my mother’s room.

At this point, I was curious, was my mother actually peeping on me? I mean, once is a mistake, I get that, but twice on the same day? No, there’s no way that you just happen to stumble on your son blowing his load. Still, I didn’t think I was right; I started thinking I merely saw things. I mean, what would any rational son think, I couldn’t just believe that my mom was watched me wank off. However, I needed to know for sure, so I decided to do a test the next day.

Early the next morning I woke up and went downstairs for breakfast, I greeted my mother with a kiss on the cheek and sat down to eat with her. My mother, being only thirty-six, still had this youthful aura about her. She wore these snug shirts and tight-fitting jeans or capris, clearly not moving on from her teens, and honestly, she still had the body to pull that off. Her breasts were amazingly perky, the C-Cup sized melons barely needed a bra even to be held up, which I know, sounds a little weird for a son to say, but I couldn’t help but notice whenever she decided not to wear one and they remained almost in position.

I’ll admit it too; I started to check her out that morning. I made a mental note that she wasn’t wearing a bra that morning, I also watched her jiggly, bubbly ass whenever she walked away towards the fridge or stove. Hell, I couldn’t even stop appreciating the way her blonde hair was styled, perfectly straight and hanging down just to the halfway point on her back. This was the first time I ever just sat back and fantasied about blowing a load on my mom’s face, or in her mouth…or inside her. Needless to say, by the time we finished eating, my cock needed some serious attention.

So just like last time I told my mother I was heading to my room for a bit bahis siteleri and headed up the stairs. Once I got in my room, I made it a point to leave my door cracked open, just a bit further than last time, that way I could get a clear view on any peeping moms. Then, it was business as usual, jerk off, though this time to the thought of my own mother. Just as I started to blow my load, I snapped my eyes over and internally grinned, my eyes caught the beautiful sight of my mother kneading her breast while her crystal blue eyes stayed glued on my spewing cock. Now, I’ll be humble, I’m not a huge dude, I’m just a bit above average, so I don’t think my mom was just watching me because she was cock drunk. I do think she was lonely, and most of all, I think she liked watching her son cum.

I shut my eyes and turned my head towards the door with a blissful smile; I decided I just had to tease my mother just a little bit. I wet my lips while jerking the last of my cum out and let out a sigh, “Oh god, Carrie, that was awesome.” I heard the faintest of gasps, Carrie was my mother’s name, and I knew that’d get her wondering if I was jerking off to her. Then, I opened my eyes, reached over for a tissue and my mother quickly fled the scene like the other two times.

A few hours later, I was at it again, jerking off with my door slightly open for my mother’s viewing pleasure. Come to think of it, I never found out how she knew when I was doing it, and how she was always there before I came, but at that point, I didn’t care enough to ask. All I wanted was to blow my creamy loads while my mother watched, getting drunk off the sight. I spent the rest of that day and the day after doing this, jerking off while consistently moaning out my mother’s name. Though at the end of the second day, during my last session, I couldn’t hold back any longer, I had to cry out while a came, “Oh fuck mom!” And boy did I get the response I wanted, my mother cupped a hand over her mouth and moaned out with me.

After that day, I went crazy; I couldn’t stop myself from obsessing with my mother completely. I started giving her more to see; I’d always be mumbling out, “Mom, or mommy,” while jerking off and soon enough I started using her panties as cum rags. She never said a single thing to me when I’d return them cumstained to her hamper, but then again, she never said anything while watching me blow my load into them. By the end of her week off, she got to watch me cum in her panties every few hours, and on our very last night, I stole some of her clothes and just spent a straight hour cumming all over her shirt and pants. There was no doubt that my mother knew about me knowing about her watching, but we still never said a thing once I came out of my room, and met back up.

Unfortunately, all good things must come to an end. My mother’s vacation ended, and she was sent back to work, leaving me alone in our house without my new favorite outlet for my lust. I spent the second week waiting all day for my mom to come home before I’d jerk off even once, it felt like the right thing to do, it was our thing now. I could tell my mom appreciated it, along with the new affection as I’d always greet her at the door with a hug and a kiss before letting her know I was going to my room. I started to grow hard each time she said the same thing in bahis şirketleri sweet, cute voice, “Okay, sweetie, you have fun up there.”

Seeing as I was now holding off on jerking off until late in the day, I was crazy pent up and only after the second day of that week, I had to upgrade my method. I started grabbing my mom’s luffa from the shower and jerking off onto that, muttering out, “Yeah mom, rub my cum right into your body,” Now I wasn’t blind to the fact that things were getting really crazy, I was just starting to jerk on everything of my mothers except the woman herself. Hell, I even started cumming inside her shampoo and body wash, and still, she never said a thing! The only thing I’d hear from her was right when I came; she’d moan out or even whisper, “Yeah, baby, give mommy all that sticky, dirty cum.”

Finally, last night and just at the dawn of our third week of doing this, I couldn’t take it anymore. I waited for her to get home and we had our usual meet and greet before I let her know I was about to go jerk off. Only this time once I got up to my room I left my door wide open and stood in front of my door while my pants down and cock in hand. I called down for my mother to come upstairs and almost immediately I heard her walk up the stairs, “Everything okay, honey?” She asked in the purest and most innocent voice I’ve ever heard.

She froze as she saw me, and immediately I started to stroke my shaft, keeping my eyes deadlocked on hers. My mother didn’t say a word; her eyes merely stayed glued on my oozing tip while I inched towards her. “Mmm, Mom, I need this so bad,” I growled out to her as stopped as my cock was only a few inches away from her. My mom merely gulped and started to lick her lips, her breathing was picking up, but her eyes still stayed right on my tip.

After only a few short minutes of our silent session, I let out a low moan and started to fire off. My mother let out a small gasp of my hot jism sprayed all over the bottom of her shirt and crotch of her pants, leaving white trails all over her. I was firing off like a torrent, spurt after spurt leaving my tip and I couldn’t see any end in sight. By my strong seventh shot, my mother finally spoke, “Oh baby…does it ever end?” I let out a little guttural cry as my legs started to go weak.

I reached out and steadied myself on my mom’s shoulder, though this caused my still cumming shaft to push right up against her, right against the soft fabric that covered her pussy. My mother let out a little moan of her own as I gave a few final milking pulls of my cock, finishing myself off before I let my head fall, resting it right against her forehead, “T-Thanks mom, I n-needed that…” I sighed while taking deep tired breaths,

“I-It looked like it,” My mom agreed while licking her lips once more, “Are you satisfied?” She asked with simple, motherly concern while I absently wiped my dripping tip off on her shirt.

“Yeah, thanks,” I murmured back before I pushed forward and give her a quick kiss, “Night mom, love you.” With that I turned around and shuffled towards my bad, I collapsed, exhausted from the session, and almost instantly passed out.

The last thing I heard before drifting to sleep was my mother’s tender voice saying, “I love you too, William, sleep tight, honey.” Today I woke up and she already left for work, I’m a little worried what she’ll say when she gets home now that everything is out in the open, but at the same time, as should be expected by now, I am fucking turned on as well.

To Be Continued…

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Telefon Numaram: 00353 515 73 20