A Perfect Time with a…

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A Perfect Time with a Perfect Stranger

The meetings, the bullshit, and the business part of the day were finally over. It had been one meeting too many, and certainly one heated argument too many for Ricquie. She wondered where the concept of give-and-take had gone. These people were like her last boyfriend Carl, – his way or the highway. She was quite certain there were a few men in that meeting that figured women were supposed to be in the sack, playing mommy, or taking notes with their mouth shut – as in secretaries, or executive assistants as they are know today, and that really pissed her off. Finally free for the day, she left the building, hailed a cab, and asked the driver to take her to the West Bank Suites Hotel. He didn’t speak much English, but he seemed to know where it was. At last he was one man who didn’t want to argue with her.

She tried to relax in the back of the cab for the ride to the hotel. She thought of Carl and sex, or was it sex and Carl? He hadn’t been all bad. As a lover he had proven very interesting, and had introduced her to a few things. One of the more interesting things had been those wool-lined wrist cuffs that he had used to tie her arms to the bedposts while he ate her to one delicious orgasm after another. Ricquie was getting wet just thinking about it. She got off so well, so intensely, soaking his face, when a lover ate her to completion. She wasn’t much on the bondage thing, but this had been great. Unfortunately, there were things that she liked that he just wouldn’t even talk about – anal sex for starters. It had been a long time since she had gotten off that way. Anal for her was just so deliciously nasty! There wasn’t anything like being eaten to completion and then having the guy take her up the ass. Old Carl wasn’t much for talking during sex either, let alone some erotic “dirty” talk. Then there was his macho attitude all too much of the time. It finally got to the point where he had to go.

Now here she was in another city for a few days, and instead of just arguing with one man, she was doing group arguing. Thank God the day was over. It was time for a nice hot shower and then a nice meal – alone! It wasn’t that she had to eat alone, more than one of those God’s-gift-to-women men had offered to take her to dinner.

The cab stopped in front of her hotel. Ricquie paid him, gave him a generous tip, and went straight to her suite. Once inside, she gave a sigh of relief, dropped her purse and computer case in a chair and slipped off her suit jacket, tossing it onto the bed. The heels came off next, and a moment later the blouse found itself on the bed. She was starting to feel a little more human – dirty and sweaty, but human. Ricquie walked over to the curtained sliding glass door, drew the curtains apart a little and looked out. Not bad, second floor, small balcony with a black wrought iron railing, a plastic table and chair, and a view of the ocean. Albeit across a narrow tree infested park separating the back of the hotel from the beach and the ocean, but still a great view. It would have been a better view with fewer trees, but at least she could see the ocean. Her attitude was beginning to improve. She left the curtains where they were, turned and walked to the bed. Her skirt soon found itself next to the blouse. In short order, her bra, pantyhose, and thong lay next to them on the bed. Naked at last, she headed for the bathroom.

The shower had been invigorating. Wrapping herself in the soft white terrycloth robe provided by the hotel, she walked back to the sliding glass door and opened it. Warm moist evening air greeted her. She plopped down in the chair and soon had her feet up on the railing, crossed at the ankles. He robe wasn’t tied tightly and slid open. Looking around quickly, she noticed that there wasn’t anyone in sight, so she just enjoyed the warm evening breeze on her now clean skin. It was a pleasantly wicked feeling exposing her body like this. But, since there was no one to see her, so she made no attempt to cover herself. Soon the exhibitionist streak in her let her uncross her ankles. A wicked smile crossed her lips. Then her legs moved apart – just a little at first; in a few moments a little further. She glanced around nervously. There still wasn’t anyone. Soon her feet were about two feet apart, as if she was displaying her very private parts to anyone who might be out there – except of course there wasn’t anyone out there – just the trees and the ocean. It felt so wicked, so naughty, and so very sexy.

Ralph had been sitting on the ground with his back to the tree for half an hour now, enjoying the ocean and fresh air. It had been a long hard day. It was however, the beer bottle was empty and it was time to go and find something to eat. He rolled on his side to look at the hotel for no particular reason, when a flash of movement caught his eye. There was a woman on the second floor in the center of the hotel sitting out on her balcony with her feet up in the canlı bahis railing. If took him a few seconds to realize that other than the white robe, she had nothing on! A few moments later, she moved her legs apart, giving him an even better view. He was just a little too far away to have a truly great view, but this was getting interesting. He moved over a little, putting most of his body behind the tree, exposing as little of him to her view as he could and still watch her. The hell with eating, this was getting a lot more interesting. He settled in to watch her and see if she did anything worth watching. Yea, in my dreams, he thought.

Exposing herself, even if there was no one watching, was getting Ricquie hot – very hot. Soon a hand slid down over her tummy, moved slowly over her well trimmed downy soft bush, and slid down between her legs. Her other hand began caressing a perky nipple – gently at first, flicking lightly over it, then more earnestly by gently pinching it and tugging on it, making it grow. Her lovers had always loved her long sexy thick nipples. Now those dark pink nipples were standing out from her breasts waiting for someone to suck on them, tease them, or otherwise stimulate them. She could almost come with the right lover sucking on them. The hand between her legs moved slowly up and down over her sex and felt her growing wetness. A finger slowly brushed over her swollen clit, teasing it a little, before curling and sliding slowly, deeply, into her. She gave it a firm squeeze.

Oh God, she thought, where’s a man when I need one, and not one of those pricks I was with today. I need a real man, one who knows how to eat me and please me. Her thoughts turned to a lover before Carl, okay he was a jerk too, but time erases some of the more unpleasant aspects of people and she remembered one of their better lovemaking sessions; a really hot one, where he ate her to a hot juicy climax, then he had turned her over and took her in the ass. It wasn’t the first time she’d taken a man up her bottom, but it was one of the best times ever.

The finger inside her slid out and began firmly circling her now hard and aching clit, teasing it and getting her hotter by the second. The other hand moved to her other nipple and was far less gentle with it.

Her eyes were closed most of the time now as the big event, the desired end, the big O rapidly approached. Here she was, out on a hotel balcony, her legs spread, jilling off for the whole world to see, and she was about to get off. Now she wished she had remembered to put her vibrator in her suitcase. Right about now, that thick little friend of hers would have come in handy.

Ralph moved a little, rolled partly to one side, and slid a hand down his pants to adjust a raging hard-on that wasn’t in a comfortable place. Watching this woman masturbate was really getting him worked up. He had just hoped that she might stand up and really give him a view of her naked body. Instead, she was sitting there getting herself off! With his hard cock now in a better place, he resumed watching her. He wasn’t close enough to see every little detail, but he was sure close enough to know what she was doing – there wasn’t any doubt what she was doing. He hoped she hadn’t noticed him moving; he had tried to move slowly and be very careful. A piece of tissue paper fluttered by in the light breeze.

Ricquie notice some movement out in the park. Was there someone out there – someone watching her? She stopped what she was doing for a second, freezing there with one hand between her legs and one hand with a firm nipple in its fingers, suddenly forgetting how erotic it was supposed to be if someone was watching her, and stared out at the park. Ricquie wasn’t exactly a dedicated exhibitionist.

The piece of tissue paper fluttered along in the light breeze, eventually catching of a small bush several yards from Ralph.

Relieved to see that is was nothing more than paper, she quickly resumed what she was doing. There wasn’t anyone out there after all. Her head rolled backward as two fingers now slid into her wet pussy. She resumed her daydream about what her lover was doing to her. Soon one finger can out of her and the tip of that finger slid into her puckered little anus as she thought of her lover and how he had pulled out of her and slowly entered her back there so long ago. Her legs moved further apart as she remembered the way he had taken her, enjoyed her, and had encouraged her to play with her clit as he moved in and out of her hot little ass, bringing both of them to a screaming climax. Today, she had another climax, albeit a quiet one out on the hotel balcony remembering that event.

When she was done, Ricquie just sat there exhausted and breathing hard. A few minutes later, she stood, spread the robe wide, flashing the whole world, then wrapped the robe tightly around her body, tied it firmly this time, and went inside.

Ralph lay there for a few minutes, hardly believing bahis siteleri what he had just seen. Not only did she sit there and get herself off, she had flashed him too. He didn’t know if she was staying in the hotel alone, but he just had to try to get in touch with her. It wasn’t hard to figure out which room she was in, all he had to do was count balconies from the north end of the hotel, go to the second floor and find that room number; that done, he went to his room, picked up the phone and dialed that number. If a man answered, he was going to excuse himself and say it was just a wrong number. He hoped a woman would answer – and one did. It took a little fast talking to explain why he was calling, no he wasn’t a pervert, and that she had nothing to fear if she met him downstairs for a drink. If she didn’t want to, he would never bother her again – ever. Strangely enough, she had agreed to meet him.

On the way to the hotel’s bar, Ricquie was having some second thoughts about meeting a guy that was, as far as she was concerned, little more than a peeping Tom. Yes, she had been out there on the balcony jilling off in public, but still…. The nerve of this guy to call her and ask her out for a drink after telling her what he had seen! Then, he did sound rather inviting in his own way, and he did give her his room number and tell her that he would leave her alone if she decided not to have anything to do with him. And, he did sound honest – if there is such a thing as an honest pervert. Come to think of it though, she never had checked to see if that room number and the name he gave had anything to do with each other. Well, it was time to throw caution to the wind and take a chance on a nice voice. God, she thought, what if he’s really ugly? Well, it wouldn’t be the first time a blind date turned into a dud. She’d just make up an excuse and leave. Ricquie stopped, took a deep breath and entered the bar.

Ralph notice Ricquie as soon as she entered the bar. He stood and waved to her. Fortunately she didn’t turn and leave the bar, but came over and introduced herself. Ralph didn’t bring up sex or what she had been doing when he had noticed her, and neither did she. They had one drink and then decided to go a few doors down the street to a nice little Italian restaurant that looked promising. There, the conversation hinted at sex now and then, but they still never discussed what she had been doing on the balcony.

Ricquie had been wondering if he was ever going to get around to asking about what she had been doing out there on the balcony that afternoon. Now she was wishing that she had worn something a little sexier, a little more provocative than the conservative blouse and skirt she had chosen for this meeting – with the pervert that turned out to not be a pervert. She knew he just had to bring up what she had been doing sooner or later this evening. Eventually she would mention the little matter; though she would rather he did it. Ralph was a pretty interesting guy, was pretty decent looking, and she wouldn’t mind going to bed with him – actually, she wanted to go to bed with him.

It wasn’t until they had returned to the hotel bar later that evening and nearly finishing another drink that they got around to talking about sex – and what she had been doing.

It was turning her on to know that he liked her and had watched her that afternoon. Now that he had finally brought it up, she was more than happy to tell him that she was just a little sex starved and that she had been out there thinking of a former lover and what he had done to her.

“And just what would that be?” he had asked her.

Finally they were talking about sex. Now all she had to do was get him where she wanted him – between her legs. “Well,” she started, “it’s a little kinky or downright nasty for most people, but he ate me, letting me or rather making me come all over his face, and then he took me in the ass.” There, she had blurted it out. Now to see if he was completely turned off by the idea of anal sex or if he was okay with it. “Anyway, that’s what I was thinking about while I got off. And, before you ask, no, I don’t get off out in public as a general rule. I really thought there was no one out there today. As for the anal sex part, I only like it if I am in the mood – and very horny.”

“Having gotten off this afternoon, I guess we can rule out you being ‘very horny.’”

“Don’t bet on it. Getting yourself off isn’t quite as good as having a good lover get you off. It beats nothing, but it’s not what it could be. So, how horny are you after seeing my little show this afternoon?” Like she couldn’t guess! Just this little bit of sex banter was getting her hot enough to screw him in the elevator on the way to either of their rooms. Unless he was some kind of eunuch, she guessed that he was hiding a nice hard-on under the table in inside his pants. Now the only question was, how nice and comfy a fit inside her was his “thingy?”

“I think ‘very’ bahis şirketleri describes it pretty well.”

A few minutes later, Ralph had paid the bar bill and the two left for his room. He had invited her to his room, and that had been just fine with her. If this turned out to be a great night, that meant a large wet spot on the bed and he could have that! She would retire to her room after the event and he could have the wet spot all to himself – and the sweaty sheets.

Inside, the door was barely closed before they were at each other, hugging, kissing, and nearly ripping each others clothes off.

“Nice boobs,” he said as her bra came off.

“Thanks,” she said as his pants hit the floor around his ankles. She reached in and found the tent pole in his boxer shorts. “Oh yeah,” she sighed as she took a firm hold on it. She gave it a firm stroke up and down the rigid shaft. “Just the right size; this ought to be a nice comfy fit.”

By now he had wiggled out of his boxers while she held him, and then proceeded to remove her panties.

“Oh,” she exclaimed when she discovered that he was uncut. “Interesting; I don’t have a lot of experience with this type.” She gave him a few slow strokes, watching the swollen cock head slide in and out of the soft foreskin. “This is fascinating.”

“Mom and Pop were hippies of sorts and didn’t go for that clipping attitude of the day. What you’re doing feels pretty good too.”

She watched his cock in fascination, and slowly gave it a few more strokes. “Well, I’ve never been had by an uncut one before, this ought to be interesting.”

He slipped a hand between her legs and found her ready and wet – very wet. “From what I hear, you won’t really know the difference. In a way, it’s mostly a cosmetic thing. Anyway, let’s get it where it belongs.”

They moved to the bed, with her under him, and she spread her legs very wide for him. “Let me have it baby,” she purred, “all of it. Let’s see if I can tell the difference. Make me come all over your nice hard cock.”

She was so wet he slid all the way into her in one slow erotic stroke. “Oh that’s tight, hot, and wet” he groaned. He felt her pussy give him a firm squeeze.

“And you fill me nicely. Now how about giving it to me nice and hard, the way I like it. I want you to really FUCK ME!” she commanded. About then she noticed that she really couldn’t tell the difference between a clipped cock and Ralph’s uncut one. Interesting, she thought. She had imagined that there would have been some difference.

Ralph’s first few strokes were slow and gentle, as he just enjoyed her tight pussy around his hard cock. Then he started to pick up the pace and pound away at her, driving deep and nearly pulling out of her on the backstroke. “How’s this baby?” he asked. “Getting fucked the way you like it now?” His arms were under her sides, hands on her shoulders, pulling her onto him with each lunge of his hard cock into her. He was giving her a nice hard fucking.

Ricquie’s legs were still spread wide and up in the air, making sure he could go as deep as he wanted. She had discovered pretty quickly that he wasn’t quite long enough to hit bottom, so she could let him fuck her with abandon and not get the unpleasant surprise of a hard cock smashing into her cervix. “Yea, baby,” she cooed, “that’s it, give me that nice hard cock. Pound my hot pussy.” Apparently she could talk as dirty as she wanted, and he ate it up. She loved talking dirty and wished he would too, or at least a little more than he was, but he seemed to be the quiet type. Her fingernails raked his back. “Fuck me nice and hard; make me cum all over your nice hard cock.”

Ralph pounded away at her, enjoying a chick that talked dirty and really liked to get fucked. She was so wet that his whole groin was getting wet now with her sex juices. God this was great, he thought; now, if I can just hold off a little and convince her to let me take her in the ass. That talk about anal sex earlier in the evening had made him want to have her that way so badly. He pounded away at her a little longer and then slowed down. He was getting way too close to coming, and from the sound of it, so was she. She had been groaning and moaning as he fucked her, and only now did he realize that if anyone had been in the hall outside of this room, there would have been little doubt about what activity was going on in here! Dear little Ricquie was a real moaner. “How about we try it in your ass?” he whispered in her ear.

She wasn’t too sure about taking a guy in her ass that she didn’t know very well, but she was so hot and Ralph had been very considerate so far. She thought about it for a second and then decided to let him take her that way. “Uh…okay. Easy at first okay lover?” she pleaded. “Sometimes it doesn’t feel so great when it first goes in, and sometimes I need the guy to pull out and try again.”

“Yea, sure, no problem. How do you like to do it: like this and just have me slip it into your ass, or do you prefer doggie style?”

“This way works,” she said. “I think I like this better than doggie. But, I gotta play with my clit to get off either way; I hope that doesn’t bother you.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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