A Quick Taste

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(Based on assorted true stories; names changed to protect the not-so-innocent.)

It was late spring, and I was visiting the dorm room you shared. You and your roommate were each at your computers, ostensibly working, but I could occasionally hear the sounds of Snood and AIM coming from either side. I was stretched out in your bed so as not to disturb you, a book open but ignored in front of me. My mind was wandering to the first time you came to stay with me.

We’d only had a couple of days together, but most of it had been spent in my bed. I knew you were less experienced, so I didn’t want to push your limits beyond the occasional winking innuendo. We were just cuddling until I felt your cock against my leg, already hard–apparently it wasn’t my advances that were making you uncomfortable.

You proved me right by reaching for your fly. “I’m assuming you don’t mind . . .?”

“Not at all.”

Your cock had already pushed through the slit in your boxers, so when you pulled down the zipper of your pants it was completely exposed. It was thicker than your modesty had made it out casino siteleri to be, with velvety smooth skin just begging to be tasted . . .

I blinked out of my reverie at the creak of your chair. You flopped down on the bed beside me and I scooted over a little, keeping you close enough to snuggle.

“Whatcha doing?” I inquired.

“Waiting for Joe to leave,” you replied in a hushed tone.

I blinked innocently. “Why?” You said nothing, only smiled at me, and leaned down to press a firm kiss on my mouth. I licked my lips unconsciously as you went back to work, returning to my memory.

At the first touch of my soft tongue you had gasped, almost sitting up, but I laid a hand on your chest to still you as I gave long, slow licks. It had been a while, but the little twitches of your hips told me I hadn’t lost my touch. I brushed my lips along the shaft of your cock, then up to the head, where I gave a harder lick. The muscles in your hips were tense under my hands, and you let out a quiet groan as I slid my mouth over you.

Another noisy chair, this one Joe’s. He collected some canlı casino papers from the printer, waved to us cheerfully, and went out. You stood almost before he’d shut the door, locking it after him and striding back to the bed. I grinned as you practically pounced me, straddling my hips and bending down for another kiss.

“Mmmph . . .” I ground up against you and could feel your cock straining against your jeans.

Your fingers were already on the buttons of my shirt, pulling it open and sliding it off my shoulders. I propped myself up on my elbows, letting it fall and reaching back to unhook the clasps of my satiny black bra. You paused to let me pull it off, sliding your hands over my breasts as I uncovered them.

When you stood up to get out of your pants I knelt on the edge of the bed, watching appreciatively as your body appeared. As soon as your tempting cock was in view again I leaned forward and closed my lips over it, running my tongue along the ridge between its head and shaft.

“Mmm. Enjoying yourself?” you asked breathlessly.

I began to suck as I pushed my mouth kaçak casino down onto it. “Mmmhmmm.” You groaned as the sound vibrated through your stiff cock.

I slid my mouth back, licking the head for a moment, then pushed down as far as I could. Your hips jerked forward involuntarily. “Gah!”

I smiled and started sliding back and forth faster, sucking with abandon and rubbing you with my tongue. Reaching up one hand, I began lightly stroking between your balls, finding the nerves that make you twitch just so.

“Ohh, love,” you groaned.

“Mmmmm?” My lips vibrated again, and I could feel your body jerk in reaction.

You gasped, “I’m gonna come.”

I was speeding up my thrusts, savoring your taste and the sense of your impending orgasm, when we heard the lock click in the door. I pulled, off, startled, and you grabbed for a blanket; when Joe came in we were cuddled up underneath it. I avoided his eyes so he wouldn’t see my annoyance. When he sat back down with his back to us you began thrusting against my hip, and I whispered,

“I thought he went to class.”

“He must have been copying something. He’ll be gone again in a few minutes.”

“Good,” I murmured, and began jerking you off slowly under the blanket. “Because I’m not finished with you yet.”

(To be continued . . .)

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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