A Quiet Summer Get Away Ch. 03

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The next morning Dan woke up early. The open windows in the room letting light from the early morning sun to shine in, and the warm gentle breeze flowed through them. He rolled over and saw Chloe was still fast asleep next to him. He slowly got out of bed and grabbed a pair of gym shorts from his bag, pulling them on. He walked out to the kitchen, noticing Nate and Haley’s door was still closed. He turned the coffee machine on and opened the front door, stepping out onto the covered porch. He leaned on the railing, taking in the calm, early summer morning.

Today was the first full day of his vacation with his girlfriend, Chloe and best friends Nate and Haley, who were also a couple. The four had just graduated from high school the previous week and were using Dan’s family cabin as a getaway to celebrate.

Ten minutes went by and Dan walked back inside, pouring himself a cup of coffee. Looking through the pantry and fridge, making a list of what they’d need from the store. Tiptoeing back into his room, he quietly grabbed a set of clothes, trying not to wake Chloe, and went to get a quick shower. His morning showers were always quick, ten minutes and he was washed, dried off, and getting dressed. He opened the bathroom door and saw his friend, Haley standing in the hallway.

“Glad you’re quick,” she said, bouncing around a little, “I really need to pee.”

Dan laughed, and hurried out of her way. He walked back out to the kitchen grabbing the shopping list, keys, and his cup of coffee walking toward the door.

“Where are you off too?” Haley asked, appearing behind him.

“Heading into town to get some groceries,” Dan said, trying to look at her face only.

Haley was wearing a long white t-shirt with their school mascot on the front. It must have been an old one because it was worn from washing, and practically see through, showing the outline of her nipples, which from what Dan could tell, were quite puffy.

“I told you last night I’d come along,” she said, a little annoyed, “I had a shower last night so just give me five minutes to get dressed.”

She turned around and ran back to her and Nate’s room, the hem of her shirt flaring up and displaying the bottom of her perfect ass with each stride.

Dan waited out on the porch. True to her word, five minutes later Haley came out carrying her wallet and a cup of coffee.

“Ready?” Dan asked her.

“Yep,” she replied sleepily, getting into Dan’s Lancer.

He backed out of the driveway and headed down the old dirt road towards the main highway. Not much was said during the twenty minute drive into town. They grabbed everything they needed from the list, plus a few other things they thought of walking through the aisles. The drive back Haley must have woken up a bit because she started talking non-stop about graduating the week prior, summer plans, and college. It didn’t take her long to maneuver the subject to Dan and Chloe.

“So you two finally.. You know,” Haley said, trailing off at the end.

“Finally what?” Dan asked.

“Oh come on!” she insisted, “Nate and I both heard you two last night. The windows were open and Chloe wasn’t exactly quiet.”

Dan blushed, not knowing what to say. He thought back on the night before, remembering how beautiful Chloe looked in the glow of the bonfire. Her breasts swelling up and down from her heavy breathing, the sweat giving her body a glossy orange sheen from the firelight. Without realizing it, he started to get an erection. Adjusting uncomfortably in the driver seat he glanced over at Haley, who thankfully was looking ahead.

“Sorry if we kept you and Nate awake,” Dan said, still not knowing what to say, “We honestly didn’t even know if you could hear us through the open windows.”

“No no!” Haley said quickly, “You both were fine. It was kind of sexy to be honest. Nate and I started getting a bit worked up ourselves.”

Dan chuckled, “Yeah, we heard you when we walked by your door to go to bed.”

Now it was Haley’s turn to blush and be slightly embarrassed. Dan looked at her, her face bright red and for the first time since he’s known her, Haley was at a loss for words.

“Yeah, well..” Haley stammered, “Normally I’m much more quieter than that, but I couldn’t get the thought of you and Chloe out of my head, so I was a little more turned on than usual I guess.”

An awkward silence filled the car for about five minutes. Dan was surprised at what Haley had admitted. Sure, he thought she was absolutely gorgeous, sexy even, but he never allowed himself to think of her in a sexual manner. She was his best friend’s girlfriend after all. Here he was now, hearing Haley say that she was thinking of himself and Chloe while she was having fucking Nate, his head was swirling. Finally Haley broke the silence.

“Sorry, I shouldn’t have said anything,” Haley said, shifting in her seat uncomfortably.

Dan didn’t want her to feel embarrassed, but he was still searching for something to say. Racking his brain, he knew he wanted to comfort her in some casino oyna way.

“Haley,” Dan said after moment of hard thought, “you shouldn’t be embarrassed by that. Hell, guys get turned on by the slightest notion of sex, so why should it be any different for girls. Besides, when Chloe and I heard you and Nate through your bedroom door, I started to get a little turned on again.”

Haley was smiling when she replied, “Oh really? Like you are now?”

Dan looked at her, wearing an expression of horror when he saw where her eyes were looking. Realizing that he was still sporting a large erection that had tented his cargo shorts a bit. Quickly trying to adjust himself, Haley started to laugh.

“Calm down, Dan!” she said between giggles, “I know you guys can’t really control it.”

To Dan’s relief, Haley looked away and out her window saying, “Besides, Chloe already told me it’s huge.”

She giggled a bit and let the subject drop resuming a normal conversation. Soon they were pulling onto the dirt road, and then into the driveway of the cabin. Nate and Chloe were both sitting on the porch, chatting and drinking coffee. They came down and helped Dan and Haley carry the groceries into the house.

“What time did you guys leave?” Nate asked, “I just woke up and was surprised you two were gone.”

Haley giggled and kissed her boyfriend, “Dan was already done with a shower when I got up to pee and we left shortly after that. It must have been about 7 o’clock.”

Chloe hugged Dan, “I just missed you guys then. I was up 15 minutes later.”

“You’re all sick, don’t you know we’re on vacation?” Nate said, “We’re not supposed to get up that early.”

The four of them got all the groceries inside and put away. Dan and Nate managed to get the last fourwheeler running and decided they wanted to test them out. They both went for a quick ten minute ride and came back to find the girls had made breakfast.

“You all want to go down to the lake after we eat?” Dan asked, “It’s pretty far into the woods, we might want to pack sandwiches or something for lunch.”

“Oh yeah!” Haley said, “We can make a picnic out of it.”

Her and Chloe got up and ran to the kitchen while Nate and Dan cleared the table and washed the dishes. Excited, the girls made sandwiches, with Nates supervision, while Dan pulled all four ATV’s from the shed. The ATV’s weren’t automatic, so Dan and Nate had to teach the girls how to use them. Satisfied they understood how to drive them, they all took off with Dan leading the way.

The were winding through the woods, spotting a few deer as they went. Dan knew the woods like the back of his hand, having practically been at the cabin every weekend with his family since he could remember. About a half hour later they finally came to the trail that Dan knew lead directly to the lake, and they had to cross a fairly wide stream to reach the it. The area must have had quite a bit of rain before they arrived because the water level seemed to be higher than usual. He approached the edge, and eased the ATV into the stream, dropping it into a lower gear as he made it across, and the others followed his lead. Another ten minutes went by and they were at the lake.

Dan loved coming to the lake and could easily spend hours just sitting against a rock looking out over it. It was always flat calm and the trees around it protected it from any wind. They all got off their fourwheelers and walked to the edge.

“Ever go swimming in it?” Haley asked.

“A couple times when I was younger,” Dan replied, “I mostly come here just to relax.”

Nate checked his watch, “Well, we still have a couple hours before lunch,” he said, “why don’t we take a quick dip?”

“Did you bring your trunks?” Dan asked.

“Shit, they’re back at the cabin,” Nate replied a little peeved, “So much for the quick dip idea.”

Haley kicked her shoes off and stepped into the lake up to her knees, “The water is actually warm,” she said surprised.

“The sun hits the water all day, and the trees block the wind, so it usually does warm up pretty fast,” Dan replied.

Haley walked back out of the water, whispered something to Chloe, and suddenly both girls were grinning mischievously.

“We’re going to go swimming,” Chloe announced.

Nate laughed, “You don’t have your bikinis though.”

“So,” Haley said with a sultry look, “What’s your point?”

Both girls pulled their tops and shorts off, revealing their underwear. Chloe was wearing a matching black set while Haley had a red bra and yellow panties. Without hesitation, both girls removed their skivies and ran into the water. Nate and Dan were too shocked to really get a chance to absorb what had just happened.

The girls splashed and played in the water, teasing the boys, ducking just low enough so the water covered their tits.

“This water is perfect!” Chloe yelled at them, “Why don’t you boys come in too?”

Dan and Nate stood at the edge of the lake, watching the girls. Nate pulled his shirt off, which Dan took as a sign canlı casino for him to follow suit. The boys were down to their boxers and started walking into the water.

“Oh no!” Haley commanded, “If we’re naked then you have to be too!”

Nate didn’t hesitate. He ripped off his boxers exposing his 6″ cock, which was starting to swell, and ran into the water. Dan wasn’t as willing. He turned around facing away from the lake, and slowly slid his boxers off.

“You were right, Chloe,” Haley said, “Dan does have a nice ass!”

Dan blushed, turned around and walked into the lake. His own 8″ dick swinging in front of him with each step.

“Oh my god,” Haley gasped.

“Way to show off, Dan,” Nate chuckled.

Dan was mortified now. Until now, Chloe had been the only person to ever see him naked. Now he had two of his best friends, one even being a guy, admiring his dick was something he wasn’t really used to.

Dan walked over to his girlfriend, and ducked down into the water getting his head wet. When he came up, she put an arm around him and kissed him gently on the lips.

“Relax,” she whispered into his ear, “they don’t care. We’re all friends.”

Dan took a deep breath and exhaled, trying to loosen up. The four of them just stood in the water chatting about nothing in particular. After a while Haley was getting bored with just talking and suggested the couples pair up and play chicken. Chloe was all for it, and so was Nate. Dan gave in, not wanting to spoil their fun, and lowered himself so Chloe could climb onto his shoulders. He could feel the small patch of her pubic hair on the back of his neck, and he started to feel himself harden.

Once he had Chloe settled onto his shoulders firmly, he looked over at his friends. Haley was still trying to climb onto Nate and Dan had a clear view of her breasts. They weren’t large by any standard, maybe a large A cup, and as he had suspected this morning, her nipples were extremely puffy. Her tan lines gave her body a great contrast between the pale skin of her tits, and the darker tan of the rest of her body. Nate wasn’t lying. Haley truly had a great body. It wasn’t as good as Chloe’s, but in her own way Haley was dead sexy. Flat stomach, toned arms and legs from were the result of her many trips to the gym.

The couples began to play chicken. Chloe had the advantage because she was a little more muscular than Haley, but Nate was much more suited for having someone sit on his shoulders. His broad husky body was the perfect base for Haley to sit on. Dan was more focused now on not letting Chloe fall off, his strong arms wrapped around her thighs, keeping her firmly planted on his shoulders. He was finally able to let loose and have fun, forgetting that he himself was also naked. That was of course, until he felt something else touch his somewhat hard cock under the water. He panicked at first thinking it may have been a snake or fish, until he considered how closely he and Nate were standing. Both girls were petite, and didn’t have a long reach, which meant Dan and Nate had to be inches from each other for the girls to be able to battle it out.

Dan was a little embarrassed and looked at Nate for his reaction. He didn’t seem to acknowledge what had happened, so Dan ignored it also. While his attention was glued on what was happening underwater, Haley took advantage of Dan’s lapse in focus and knocked Chloe off of his shoulders. There was a large splash, and Haley threw her hands into the air to celebrate. Dan watched her small tits jiggle up and down as Haley bounced on Nate’s shoulders with excitement.

“What’s the matter Dan?” Nate began chuckling, “Did a fish nibble on your worm?”

Dan blushed, finally understanding that Nate was doing it on purpose, knowing Dan would lose his concentration. He thought back on the rumors he had heard about his friend. Other guys had claimed that Nate would steal glances at their dicks in the locker room, get a little touchy while wrestling during gym class, and even when he played water polo. Dan knew Nate wasn’t gay, but he was starting to wonder if he may be bi.

“What happened, babe?” Chloe asked when she resurfaced, “You completely lost your grip on me.”

“Sorry, I kind of dazed off for a minute,” Dan said, concealing what really happened.

“Best two out of three?” Haley asked, still sitting on her boyfriends shoulders.

“Oh you know it!” Chloe shouted, splashing water at her.

Dan lowered himself again and Chloe climbed back on. Once again, he felt her neatly trimmed landing strip tickle the back of his neck. He and Nate squared off again so the girls could go at it. After about five minutes of swearing, giggling and screaming Chloe was finally able to knock Haley off of Nate’s shoulders. Declaring herself the victor, she began doing a little dance on Dan’s shoulders. He could feel a hardened nub rubbing on the back of his neck and knew it was her clit.

Once Haley was back on Nate’s shoulders, the two young couples went in for the final battle.

“Ready Dan?” Nate kaçak casino asked, with a mischievous smirk.

“Hell yes!” Dan replied, an uneasy tone in his voice. He wondered what Nate was up to. “No dirty tricks.”

“I wouldn’t think of it,” Nate said, still wearing his shit eating grin.

Both girls lunged at each other without warning, knocking both guys off balance at first. Dan recovered first and clamped down on Chloe’s thighs, hard.

“Oh shit!” Nate cried out.

He must have stepped in a hole in the lakes floor, but was quick to get back onto flatter ground. Both girls were laughing and giggling, not paying attention to the guys. Suddenly Nate dropped a hand off of Haley’s legs, letting it sink in the water.

“Showing off?” Dan mused, seeing how easily Nate was holding onto Haley one handed.

“Something like that,” Nate responded.

Dan was focused on the girls on their shoulders, cheering on Chloe. Suddenly, he felt something wrap around his dick. Snapping his gaze from the girls, to his friend in front of him, not sure if he was more surprised, violated, or angry.

“Dude, what the hell?” Dan demanded.

Nate was laughing hard, “Just trying to distract you. Feels nice by the way. Your dick I mean.”

“Dude, let go. I’m not gay!” Dan hissed, not wanting to cause a scene.

The girls were entirely too focused on each other, trying to pull out the win.

Nate was laughing again, “Neither am I. I’m just comfortable and confident with myself.” His hand began jerk up and down Dan’s cock, coaxing it into a full erection. “Looks like you’re enjoying it anyway.”

Dan was trying to turn his attention back to Chloe sitting on his shoulder, but all he could focus on was Nate’s large hand that grasped his dick. He finally decided there was nothing he could do about what his friend was doing. He tightened his grip around Chloe’s thighs, trying not to think about his friend jacking him off.

Nate picked up the speed and Dan couldn’t concentrate on the girls anymore. He was feeling too much pleasure from Nate stroking his cock. His mind racing, not wanting to enjoy it, but knowing that he did. Soon he was breathing heavily and rocking his hips back and forth with his friends hand. Minutes went by, and just when Dan thought he might cum, Chloe was able to knock Haley off of Nate’s shoulders, surprising both guys.

Dan backed up away from Nate, before gently dropping Chloe into the water. She swam around to face him, and kissed him, wrapping her arms around his neck, pulling him close. She could feel his hard cock poking her in the stomach, and grinned at him.

“So, is that for me, or were you looking at Haley too long?” Chloe chuckled loudly.

“That was actually me,” Nate said laughing hysterically, “I may have played a dirty trick on Dan. Or at least tried too.”

Dan loosened up a bit and started laughing with the rest of his friends. He was still unsure what he thought about Nate. Whether he was angry or not, he’d have to figure out later.

The four of them made their way out of the water and back to the shore line. It must have been close to noon, and they were all starving. Without putting any clothes back on, Chloe and Haley grabbed the coolers from the fourwheelers and set up lunch, laying out a blanket, large enough for them all to sit on. As if being naked around each other were totally normal, the four friends started chatting away and ate their lunch.

After lunch, Chloe and Haley found a soft spot to lay out and work on their tan lines. Dan had waded back into the lake and was just floating around still thinking about what Nate had done. He had just lost track of time when he heard Nate’s voice behind him.

“Hey, you’re going to turn into a giant prune,” Nate chuckled.

“Yea, I guess,” Dan replied.

He was unsure how to talk to Nate, and felt short answers would probably be best.

“Ok, what’s up?” Nate asked.

“Nothing,” Dan replied, short and a little forced.

“Bull shit!” Nate started, “I know you better than that. If it’s about what I did earlier, it wasn’t anything personal, or sexual. Trust me, I’m not gay. I know what the guys used to say at school, and they can all go fuck themselves. I’m just confident with who I am and how I look. I could be naked all day, around anyone if I had to be. I’m comfortable like this. I’m sorry if I crossed a line, but I thought you’d understand and be cool about it.”

“Nate, it’s not that I don’t understand. I know your perfectly comfortable around guys and girls. I get it,” Dan said, searching for words as he went, “But I’m not that comfortable. I’m probably the most conservative person you’ll meet. I don’t parade around nude, I’m shy as hell, and I always kept to myself in the locker room.

“If you would have told me at the start of this trip I’d end up skinny dipping with my friends, I would have said you were nuts. But here I am, naked. Just let me go at this at my own speed,” Dan finished, hoping he made his point clear.

“I get it, dude,” Nate replied, “I guess I did take it a bit far. The more I think about it, I guess I could probably be bi, but I’ve never tried it. In fact, yours was the first cock I’ve ever held, other than my own obviously.”

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