A Rainy Sunday

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It’s raining. Of course, it’s raining. It’s been raining for a week. When we looked at the forecast on Friday, it said sunny and warm. It’s not sunny or warm. It’s raining. We made plans to go on a picnic today, but it’s raining.

We decide to have a picnic anyway. I start the fire; she goes into the kitchen to make something yummy. We have a picnic blanket, but I want to use something softer. I have a royal blue throw that she loves. It’s soft to the touch and makes her skin look as if she is made of nothing but the finest chocolate.

She comes back into the den with a picnic basket, a bottle of wine on ice and two wine glasses. “Since we’re not driving.” She says with a smile. “Lovely idea.” She’s wearing jeans with holes in the knees, when that became the style it made my head hurt, they look good on her. They’re low rise and they show her belly some. She’s curvier than she wants to be, but I think she’s stunning. Her off the shoulder rose colored sweater lets me know she’s not wearing a bra. Ample breasts, waiting to be devoured.

She sits across from me. She’s so beautiful. She pours a glass of wine for the both of us. I look in the basket. Apples, strawberries, cheese, crackers and caramel sauce. “Caramel sauce?” “For the fruit!” She gives me a shy smile. It’s my favorite.

We sit back and get lost in our own thoughts as the rain beats down on the house. I lay on my back listening to the fire. I hear her move, I don’t look to see what she’s doing, I’m lost in thoughts of having her in my mouth. I take a sip of wine.

She moves closer to me. She blows softly in my ear, she bits me. I turn to kiss the offending mouth. Our kiss is deep. I don’t think there has ever been a kiss between us that wasn’t filled with pure passion. She sits up and straddles me. I sit up so I’m cradling her in my lap. We kiss slowly. Deliberately. As if the very breath of the other gave life. bahis firmaları

I break the kiss so I can remove her sweater. “You don’t need this.” With her sitting on me, she’s at the perfect height for my mouth to reach her beautiful breasts. They remind me of Hershey’s Kisses. So sweet. I take one in my mouth as I rub the other in my hand. She moans and pulls my head closer to her. I lick around her nipple, leaving a trail. I want her to know I’ve been there, I suck. She catches her breath and leans her head back while pulling me closer still. I leave that breast and go in search of the other. I do the dance again. She’s purring.

I move so she’s on her back. I hover above her. Her dark eyes look up at me with so much love I catch my breath. I lean down to kiss her; she meets me halfway. The kiss sends shivers down my spine. Again, I travel to her breasts. They’re my favorite part of her. Well, to tell the truth, she doesn’t have a part of her that isn’t my favorite. I move from her breasts to her belly. I move further south. I dip my tongue into her belly button. She wiggles when I head lower still. I unbutton her jeans. She’s not wearing any panties, but that’s how she likes it. Easy access. I pull the jeans from her hips and down her legs. As I go, I kiss and lick every inch of her skin. When she is fully undressed, I take all of her in. She is a goddess.

I reach over to the basket and pull out the caramel sauce. While I’m over there, I take the wine out of the bucket of ice and bring the bucket with me. The caramel is warm to the touch. She knew what she was doing. We’ve never used food in our love making before, but there’s a first time for everything.

I take a piece of ice out of the bucket and place it between my teeth. I decide to go south to north. I start with the inside of her thighs. She shivers from the sudden cold. I work my way down from the inside of kaçak iddaa her right knee and go inwards. I get close to her heart but I don’t land there. I go to the other thigh and work my way up to the left knee. The ice has melted. I take this opportunity to run my tongue along the trail of ice. This time I do land on her heart, but only briefly. She moans as I make my pass. I take another piece of ice and work my way up from her belly button to her breasts. I play a little game with her. I make a pattern with the ice then take it away and place it down again. The sudden temperature change makes her shiver and giggle every time I place the ice down again. I do this until once again, the ice is melted. I take a new piece and run it over one breast. Her nipple hardens. I put my mouth on that one and run the ice over the other so it hardens too. I take my time. Going from one to the other. With the ice and my tongue. Her breath is heavy.

I take the caramel, it’s still warm. Good. I open the lid, she whimpers. I don’t think I can make her any sweeter, but I’m gonna try. I dribble the smallest drop on her right breast, I do the same to the left. I work my way down her middle, dropping little bits of caramel every inch or so. I get to her belly button and outline it with the sweet sauce. I stop there. I don’t want to get the best part sticky. I again work from south to the north. Taking my time. I work from the inner thigh again. This time I start with the left. Licking and biting as I go. I stop once more at her heart, but only for a heartbeat. I go to the right and start the dance again. Only at the heart for a beat. I allow my tongue to trail the caramel. From her belly button all the way up to her breasts. When I get to her right nipple, I take it in my mouth and suck hard. She pulls me closer to her, breathing heavy. When the added sweetener is gone from that breast I move to the other. As I savor kaçak bahis her left breast, I allow my hand to travel down her belly. I reach her center. She opens her legs without prompting.

I open her. She’s already wet. I run my fingers lightly over her clit. She moans her approval. I press more firmly on her; she arches her hips to meet my fingers. With one move, I enter her. She cries out. With me inside her and my palm on the clit, I fuck her slowly, as if all I have is the rest of my life to do nothing but savor her. The rest of my life. That doesn’t seem long enough.

She brings her hips up to every slow thrust I give. I want to taste her before she cums. I move down her body and place my tongue where my hand had been. She’s sweeter than the caramel sauce. I consume her. I savor her as if she’s my last meal. I cover her clit with my mouth and suck, suck as if her nectar was the only fuel that could sustain life. My life. She rocks against my mouth. I enter again, keeping my mouth on her. She grinds her hips in a circular motion, trying to take as much of me as she could. I begin to fuck her faster, with more force. She doesn’t miss a beat. She comes with me. I slow my hand, never removing my mouth from her.

I look up at her to see her watching my every move. She takes my free hand and holds it. Holds on for a time, for life, for forever. I feel her slow her hips, still moving them with me, but on her own at the same time. I look up at her again and her eyes are closed. She’s close. I fuck her quickly, knowing any second, she’s going to clamp down on my hand. I remove my mouth from her. I want to see her as she cums. She grinds down on my hand one last time and then stops. Giving one last thrust, she cries out. I withdraw my hand. She whimpers.

She’s beautiful. She has a glow around her. Her skin glistens from sweat. She falls back onto the throw. I crawl up and lay beside her. She moves closer to me; I cradle her in my arms. I kiss her gently. She falls asleep in my arms; I doze off as well. When we wake, the rain has been replaced by the sun. It turned out to be a beautiful day after all.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00353 515 73 20