A Revengeful Night

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As she walked out of the shower, the bedroom door cracked open about a foot. I looked at this deep purplish-Blue bruise, the size of a basketball on her leg. My heart leaped up in my throat as I continue to stare. My beautiful Aunt, was scarred. How? Why? WHO? Raced through my mind. She is a Goddess, I told myself. How could this happen to such a perfect specimen of womanhood? I wondered.

Then our eyes had locked, she knew that I saw. Tears began to build in her beautiful blue eyes. Stepping into the darkened room, no words meant to be expressed, we just fell into each others arms. I held her close, as we held each other for what seemed to be eternity. My mind then flashed back to evening before last, when I realized my dream from that night. Could it have not been a dream? Was it real I thought. I felt dizzy, my stomach turned as I thought to that night, laying in my bed thinking I was sound asleep. Dreaming of my uncle, beating my poor, defenseless Aunt. But, it was a dream right? Why wouldn’t it be? My Uncle would never harm my lustful Aunt? Would He? Could He? I had to ask her.

As she looked up at me with that empty look. She was pale in complexion, I felt her entire body shake as she told me the story. It seems the day that the “Stranger” came over to look at the Pop-up camper for sale was a fink. He had called my uncle soon after the incident with the camper took place and told him that he had sex with her inside. Yes, she did give the man a blow job but that was far as it went. My Uncle went Ballistic with Jealousy. Not wanting himself to look bad to me by questioning her when I was awake, he waited till after I was already in bed several hours I suppose. She told me how he grabbed her by the hair, through her on theh bed, degrading her with terms such as Slut, Whore, Cunt among other explicatives. He kicked and hit her where it wouldn’t be noticable unless she was naked. Her thighs and ass, under her breasts she was bruised. Bite marks on her ankles. She said she tried pleading with him, but he didn’t stop, after trying to fight him, for what seemed hours, she just succumbed to the torture. It was longest night of her life. I became so weak, I couldn’t stand, the dream which I thought I had was real. I felt sick, that I did not realize this and try to stop the attack on the one person I trully loved. I had to find a way to make it up to her. She had it was first and only time he ever had laid a hand on her in all the years of their marriage…It was to be the LAST TIME…

We spent the evening just talking, I told her that I wasn’t going to let this ever happen again, as long as I was living and breathing he would pay for his biggest mistake. I would find someway to make him pay!

Next morning, I got up, my uncle ready to head off to work, we chit-chatted in our usual way, but in back of my mind the disdain for him was growing. My Aunt came out in her green robe kissed him on the cheek, I almost got sick again. But, I knew we had to güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri play this so cool not to let on we had something planned for him.

That afternoon, my cousin Dave came over, we hung out shooting some hoops. Eileen came out in these short jeans shorts and white shirt, saying she was running to the store she be back in about hour or so. Watching her drive away. Dave and I started to talk. The more I told him about what went on at the house in past few day. I saw the Redness to his eyes. He was just as angry, if not more, than I even was. We had to come up with something. By the time She drove back in, we had a plan, but we needed her help. We weren’t sure if she go along with it, but we had to try. We watched her get out of the car, with just one little shopping bag, now we began to wonder she was gone for over an hour and all she came back with was just one small bag? This was unusual for her.

Dave had to take off, because he had chores to finish over at his mom’s. I told him I would talk to her as soon as I get inside. He got on his quad, and drove off across the yard. I then got myself all together, went inside, up the steps to kitchen and asked my aunt, “OK! What’s up? You go to store for over an hour, and come home with just one bag?”

“Jealous?,” She smiled back. “Should I be?” I answered back. She walked over to me told me to sit down, she wanted to tell me something. I felt my stomach just fall in. She explained she was to a lawyers, she used the shopping excuse just I would not ask questions. She wanted to file for divorce and she got the ball started. I just smiled at her, we hugged again. As we talked more, she told me though she wanted to get revenge on him, so figuring me and Dave were there, we might come up with something while she was gone. She had beauty and Brains as well, what more could we ever ask for!

I told her Dave and I had a plan, but we needed her help pulling it off. She said “MY GOD,YES!!!! “Let’s here it! As I told her of what was to be done. Her eyes began to gleam and this evil laugh, bubbled up from inside her. I called Dave and told him we will go with plan Friday Night. Dave agreed to it, and the three of us could not wait for Friday to arrive.

Friday finally came, and we went through the day as if any other, just knowing what was going to happen that night was excruciating. My uncle is no lightweight being around 5″10 going around 200#, so Dave and I really had to make sure we execute this plan to a T.

Our unsuspecting Uncle came home around 9pm, from report we got from PI that my aunt hired he was with some woman at the office. As he came in I was up in kitchen with flashlight in my hand. Power’s Out. I exclaimed as he came up. He answered, “Figure what way to end perfect day.”

“That Bad?” I replied, thinking it’s only going to get worse for you. As he stared down the hall towards the bedroom, once passing the closet. Dave came out with his trusty güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri wooden baseball bat, and like he had done so many times this summer on the field he cracked another Home Run, with the ball being behind my uncle’s knees. Then with quick rap over the head with a cast iron skillet. Our poor uncle was seemingly out at Home. Quickly dragging him into the bedroom, tying him very securely to a chair in the corner and using duck tape over his mouth. He was right where we wanted him. Dave asked my aunt if she was ready for her part in this. We heard a joyous Yes. Dave quickly ran into large bath, drew some ice cold water from the tub. Dumping it over His head. He started to come out of his unconscious state, still groggy, we waited till he came around more. We didn’t want him missing a single thing, this night.

With him fully around now, Dave and I gave a sharp shrilled whistle, out of the closet walk our Aunt all in Red, from her 6″ heels to her luscious lipstick. A leather skirt about 8″ above the knee and a red leather vest, that zippered in front. Revealing her ample cleavage, my uncle did match her as his face was almost as red as her outfit. Dave went first, walking behind her, his hands on her trim waist.

His mouth now gently gliding over her skin kissing her neck shoulders and arms. I stood behind my uncle watching the scene unfold as she turned to Dave and they kissed fully on the mouth. She lifted up his shirt, letting her hands roam all over his muscular torso. Dave unzipped the vest and watched it crumple at their feet. Getting on her knees she undid his shorts slipping them off with ease. Kissing her way up his hairy, firm legs. When she got to his bikini briefs, she simply removed them. Now positioning herself where our enraged prisoner sat to let him get good long hard look. She took his long thin cock into her mouth slowly, achingly, steadily. Inch by inch, till her faced nuzzled into his curly pubic hair.

With long smooth stokes she sucked him, placing a finger to his asshole, teasing it. I had to look away, knowing how much I wanted to jack off right there, but wanting to wait to cum just for her later. Our poor uncle thrashed around slamming the chair against the door. I had to backhand him to settle him down. The action was now getting hot and I could hear them moaning together, knowing he was about to cum, with her talented tongue. She quickly grabbed his balls and with a curdling scream he shot a load towards her mouth splashing his thick creamy juice on her face, and over her breasts.

Now she turned her attention to me as Dave recomposed himself, taking me by the hand and laying on the floor at my uncle’s feet. I unzipped her skirt exposing her naked and shaved pussy. We kissed passionately, my hands fondling her breasts, making her nipples stand out about an inch. Suckling her wonderful sensuous globes, my hand found her dampness and began rubbing her swelling lips and feeling her güvenilir bahis şirketleri coat my hand with her moisture. Taking my middle knuckle I rubbed her clitoris hard, she moaned and bucked with more pressure I using, kissing that firm stomach, I found myself just inches away from her fuse box, spreading her wide, I began licking and teasing her box. Bucking more and more, I plunged my tongue deeper into her as I teased her clit with my hand. Grabbing me by my hair, pulling me deeper into her, I know the eruption I long awaited for was there, and soon it exploded with ferociousness, I never experienced, she convulsed and shook as her orgasm consumed her.

My uncles eyes began to water as he tried desperately to break his bonds, but he was going to have to face this for as long as three of us wanted to last. He had no choice in matter. Dave now had time to recuperate, and was ready to go again, we both fondle and kissed her back into a frenzy, this time getting on her hands and knees, she crawled to me taking my thicker cock to her red lips, began rubbing precum all over her lips, licking it with passion and pleasure. Dave got up behind her, feeling her moistness again, began stirring those feelings from within her once again. Once she was at the moment, Dave thrust his cock deep into her as she took me all the way down sucking me with more fervor than she even did Dave before. Focusing on what she was doing, we just enjoyed both her openings.

Soon Room was filled with smell of sex and moanings of the three of us lost in our own world. As Dave banged her wetness, I continued pumping her mouth, wanting to fill her up at same time, holding on to the pleasure we all enjoyed. With her sucking and Fucking, becoming more increasing with each thrust, we could not hold back all three of us climaxed simultaneously. Dave shooting a gob of semen into her pussy, I exploding in her mouth as she let loose with another orgasm.

Now it was her revenge, naked and cum pouring out of her she walked to her husband. Kneeling down before him, playing with her breasts, and tasting the mixed juices that came from her vagina. She teased him, not saying a word, you could see the bulge in his dockers quite visible, she unzipped him. Pulling his cock through his briefs, she began sucking him. Dave and I looked at her in amazement that she be doing this at this time. But she had her reasons, he was moaning and his cock become very rigid. But what she did next even astounded us. She took the head of his cock between her lips and without warning, she bit down, hard on his penis. He blood-curdling scream came from him as she bit harder drawing blood from the tip. Then with she connected a right cross to his face, as the chair toppled over.

With that she came back to us and we continued our escapade till early morning light. We were full of cum everywhere, all over us the bed and floor. Sometime during the night, Uncle must have fell asleep, ashamed too, he missed a very erotic hot night. That morning when he awoke, we untied him. Her lawyer was in kitchen, with tapes of my uncle and his infidelity. She served him divorce papers and had no recourse but to grant her a divorce. No one in family knows of this but Eileen, Dave and I always have had very special relationship…

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00353 515 73 20

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