A Scrapbook

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A Scrapbook of the Rise of Female Dominance & Mandatory Male Chastity


Depending on your perception, this work is either a fictional description of a world that might be, (should be?), or a slice of personal historical recollections and observations sent back from that future. Perhaps it is both at the same time.

In any event, it is dedicated to those men who appreciate that better (albeit less frequent) sex for them happens when the lady is in control, enforcing a build up of his desire.


It’s hard to imagine that not long ago a man could walk out in public without having his genitals encased in a device to prevent erections. In those days, clothing was considered enough to preserve “decency”, at least in most cases.

A news search for the terms “required male chastity in public” yielded the following article from a few years back. Apparently the seeds of our modern society were present for quite a while. Clearly some women were practicing mandatory male chastity in public gatherings long before it was the law.


[A black and white photo of three nude women in their early 20’s are standing ankle deep in water by the beach is flanked by another picture of the same women. The second photo is in color and the women are in their early 60’s, still nude and though a little heavier, still attractive in an ‘ordinary’ person way. Accompanying the photos is the following article.]


Lynn, Kate and Helen are pioneers. Over 40 years ago the three fast friends turned a section of private beach their families owned into a nude beach with mandatory male chastity. In addition to the many thousands of visitors who may have been influenced by the concept, these remarkable ladies have been leaders on the home front too. They have 11 children and 21 grandchildren between them. That’s 32 couples (not counting themselves) practicing male chastity. Even more of a testimony to their influence, 15 of those offspring are males who sought out such a relationship with a woman. “It all started simply enough,” Lynne explained. “We just loved to skinny dip and wanted a safe place to do it.” Kate added, “When one of us wanted to bring a boyfriend along it just seemed right that he should be ‘restrained’ so no one would have to be embarrassed by any natural reactions, especially to someone who wasn’t his girlfriend.” It just grew from their with the addition of other girlfriends, and of course the same extension of rules to any males they might bring. But what about chastity as a lifestyle away from the beach? “Oh that,” Helen commented, “well we were always teasers because we’d figured out that the boys were always more attentive when they were hungry for a little more. So combining that with chastity was just a matter of putting two and two together.” Are they surprised at how much this kind of relationship has caught on? Lynn summed it up, “When you think about how many people have come to the beach over the years, yeah sort of; but honestly, for us it just seemed like the natural way to be in a relationship. canlı bahis I couldn’t imagine any other way.”

End of Clipping

The earliest “official” step in the direction of our current practices was probably the expanded laws regarding public lewdness and the special enforcement details that were formed. You can see in this article from those times that this step was met with controversy. But ultimately opposition crumbled for lack of anyone to stand up and defend themselves or others for these actions.


[A photo shows two female officers and a nude male. The man is laying face down on a picnic table seat, arms held by one officer while the other uses a leather strap to strike his exposed buttocks. The photo is captioned: Ladies of the new AMS (Anti-Masturbation Squad) punish an offender caught in the park.]


In an effort to combat what some female lawmakers have called “a rising tide of sexual predation,” special police units have been formed to enforce the new stricter ‘public lewdness’ laws. The units are known as the Anti-Masturbation Squads, since public masturbation in the parks were the triggering incidents for the laws. Critics are calling the AMS units the “Anti Male Squads” because of their zealous enforcement of the laws. Offenders are stripped and whipped immediately without arrest or trial. All that is required are two witnesses. Repeat offenders are to be fitted with chastity devices that can be monitored from the police stations, and offenders are required to report in regularly. Any display of nudity, including urinating behind a bush, is cause for punishment. Some men have reported being punished for ‘lewdly staring’ at women in the park while remaining fully clothed, but none wish to make those complaints publicly.

End of clipping.

It was about this same time that I began to notice young women “accidentally” exposing themselves in public. Perhaps these were the origins of the anonymous complaints about AMS enforcement in cases of “lewd staring” and entrapment.

In many of these cases it was clear they really knew they were being observed. It was as if they were putting on some sort of show, and getting some sort of devilish delight in the male reactions.

In other cases, it seemed more like they were engaging in some form of entrapment. In any event, as we all know, it wasn’t long before the laws were expanded to require male chastity devices when out in public.

Apparently lewd staring would be tolerated as long as there was clearly nothing the man could do about “following through” on those lusty desires.

Almost as soon as male chastity was law, the incidents of flashing increased and became more brazen. Perhaps it was spurred by a confidence that they could exploit their own sexuality safely, or a desire to use it to gain control of men.

Public transportation and parks were most often the preferred locations for these incidents. They offered the advantages of many potential “victims”, and usually a ready supply of law enforcement bahis siteleri or “good Samaritans”.

There was as girl who loved to go without panties under her skirt and show others what they couldn’t have and what her boyfriend would only get when she decided to unlock him. The chastity law made it doubly exciting. IF they were locked, then it could become uncomfortable if they got excited, and if they weren’t, well that’s a violation.

An imaginative technique was to go nude with only the appearance of clothing painted on the body. The cunning genius of this meant a man might see her and follow her, getting more excited all the time.

Once close enough to tell that it wasn’t clothing, it was also easy to tell if he was locked or not.

Older men often fell prey to a very insidious sort of entrapment. It involved meeting a more mature lady in a public place, who confessed a need and an attraction. Once they moved directly to a private place things could develop rapidly. But being together continuously from meeting to undressing she could tell that he hadn’t been locked when out and then she could turn him in.

The overwhelming majority of women were happy with the law; sexual assaults were down since passage. Despite misgivings about the method, most men were happy to worry less about their wives and daughters becoming victims.

At the same time, popular graffiti seemed to favor taking total control of male sexuality. It was the first hint at how much deeper these ideas might really extend. These were still dismissed as “fringe elements” by most men and women alike.

Some saw the “balance of power” shifting with the combination of women naturally using their sexuality to get what they wanted from men, while being free of potentially dangerous male responses.

There was an increase in clothing optional beaches and resorts, suggesting women had a more relaxed feeling about their bodies and sexuality.

Or was it that with more men locked up more of the time, the men were more easily aroused, and these displays gave the women more sexual power? And at less effort.

The end result was a wonderful synthesis of women using control of men’s sexuality to enhance their own and to accept and use their own sexuality largely on their own terms.

Of course at nude resorts it was extremely easy to determine that all the males were following the mandatory male chastity requirements. Another planned event, or happy coincidence?

Many women enjoyed displaying the keys to their husband’s and boyfriend’s chastity devices in special body piercings, in very appropriate locations.

Some claimed that this was a “secret sign” among women who advocated 24/7 lockup for men.

Others said it just made it harder to lose or for a man to slip it off with her unaware, therefor it was a more secure location.

A few even admitted it was a constant source of stimulation in this location, mentally and physically.

Some flashing changed from teasing to vigilante enforcement, with women boasting of the number of men they bahis şirketleri had gotten arrested.

A favorite spot for “vigilante verification”, as it came to be called, was outside of police and court buildings.

It ensured an ample supply of law enforcement nearby. And being near notices and warning signs eliminated any claim of ignorance of the law, which has never been an excuse in any event.

Even women choosing not to participate in these actions seemed to be tacitly in favor of them. The theory being: “if you weren’t guilty you didn’t really have anything to be concerned about, did you? And if you did, well you had been warned.”

Eventually the police emulated the tactics of these ladies with sting operations, confident that any entrapment defense would be useless, at least when it came to any women on the jury.

As with the original public lewdness laws and AMS units, no one stood up to protest this.

Perhaps inspired by the quick and public punishment the original AMS units meted out, many of the vigilante women didn’t bother reporting violators to the police.

These public incidents did spur stricter official punishments; which eventually made this sort of action less common or necessary, and restored due process to the punishments.

Rumor was that many of these ladies simply went to work for the police and courts, exclusively as judicial punishers.

Stings and “direct citizen action”, as it was called by police, could only be so effective. So chastity checkpoints were established; some in fixed locations like park entrances etc. and some mobile that could be set up quickly, anywhere.

Yet even with chastity checkpoints common, some ladies still liked to flash; especially near checkpoints. That’s got to be about enjoying the torment the attempt to get erect inside a chastity cage causes. Doesn’t it?

As women shared how much better relationships were when men were controlled, the ladies began to insist that we be locked, even in the home.

Before long there were groups like the Female Council offering advice like the following:

Guidelines for Male Sexual Management

• The primary purpose of male orgasm is to initiate ejaculation for the purposes of procreation. If procreation is not desired, there is little reason for men to experience orgasms.

• The secondary and lesser reason for orgasm is to keep fluids flowing through the male genitals (health). However, we recommend non-orgasmic milking techniques for this purpose.

• The Council recommends that men be allowed no more than 14 orgasms per year (more than 14 have been proven to be detrimental), and ideally, nine (9) or fewer orgasms per year (“single digit frequency”).

My lady isn’t interested in children and tells me I’m lucky because she likes the feel of me cumming in her. She allows a full 14 orgasms a year, provided I have not earned any demerits. (A year without demerits is very difficult, but I have done it a few times.)

However, even she buys the idea that more than 14 would somehow be “detrimental”. I’ve never been clear on why.

I can remember when I had 14 orgasms in a month.

If I mention this she just pats my swollen, aching, blue balls and says with a smile, “That was then, this is now.”

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