A Short Story

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I took me awhile to talk my Mom into what we did. I knew that she would be very happy with the outcome once she just gave in and did ‘it’. She can be very stubborn at times though.

In the end it took begging and some hard bargaining to get her to agree. I know it was worth it. As I watch her step into the light, her body aglow, all I can think is how beautiful she is.

“So, how tall is your Mom?” Nick Canon asks me.

Watching my Mom step out onto the America’s Got Talent stage I feel nervous, proud and not a little bit sick all at the same time.

“She’s three foot seven.”

“Wow.” Nick watched for a second as she walked toward the center of the stage. “I would have said six foot.”

I smile.

“Right now she is.”

* * *

Standing next to Nick I watch as my mom faces down the judges. They make the odd comment, ask the predictable question. Then ask her what she’s going to do.

“I’m going to sing.”

“Oh. Alright and what will you be singing?” asks Sharon.

I see mom take a deep breath and set her shoulders. She’s nervous.

” ‘Tough lover’ by Etta James.”

I see Howie’s eyes go wide, Piers Morgan kind of shows doubt and Sharon blinks in surprise.

“Really? Well give it a go.”

Mom nods. I watch her take a deep breath. I smile as she starts to sing and the faces of the judges’ change.

“Wow! Little moms got a set of lungs on her.” Nick tells me as we listen.

Her voice strong and powerful fills the hall, the tones deep and sweet. When her time runs out she stands smiling waving to the crowd and trying too catch her breath.

“Vegas, Vegas, Vegas.”

I listen to the crowd chanting and my heart soars!

Sharon and Howie both praise my mom but, Piers sits there looking skeptical. I hear Nick beside me whisper

“Here it comes.”

“Well I wont deny you have a good voice.” Piers shakes his head. His hand reaches forward and the buzzer sounds. It’s hard to hear it over the booing of the crowd. Sharon whacks his shoulder. When the crowd quiets a little he finishes. “Given your height and look I’m afraid even as good as you are that you would never be more than a novelty act. Not a million-dollar Vegas act. Sorry”

The crowd boos him again but, I cringe when I see Mom lift her mic.

“Why Piers, given that you’re the biggest prick with the smallest dick in all Hollywood I would never have taken you for a size queen.”

I had to just close my eyes and snicker. My Mom, lord help us.

Sharon was about to hurt herself she was laughing so hard and Howie was crying and clutching his sides. I could hear Nick chuckling next to me.

“Vegas! Vegas! Vegas!”

They voted. Two yes, one no.

I knelt down and grabbed Mom as she came off stage. Her small arms tight around my neck. I was tempted too lift her off the ground and spin her around. But I know she hates it when tall people do that to her.

Her hair was damp from nerves and the hot lights. She smells of flowers and shampoo.

Nick steeped up beside us as I turned her lose.
“Well Terry I love what you said to Piers and girl you can sing!”

“Thank you.” Mom shook her head. “I’m sorry for what I said but, I have a temper and a quick tongue to express it. Oh well done is done. Vegas, Wow!”

“Yep your going to Vegas.” said Nick smiling.


I hugged mom again and this time her feet did come off the floor. At least a few inches.

* * *

I had to stay home and finish out my senior year while mom went to Vegas by herself. It was late at night after the live show when she called. She tried to act all sad but, I could hear the excitement in her voice.

“Hollywood!” she screamed.


“It went real well. Even Piers gave me a good vote.” I could hear mom taking a drink over the phone.

“That’s a surprise. After what you told him I figured he would be on you the whole show.”

“Well not so far. Maybe you have to stand up to him for him to like you? Anyway that’s what’s happening. How are you doing? Is your aunt there?”

“Yea she’s here. You want to talk to her?” I ask getting ready to get up.

“Not yet. How was school? I remember my last days. Saying goodbye to everybody.”

“Yea. Been a lot of that.” I tell her nodding even though she can’t see me. “Everybody’s been telling me to wish you luck.”

“Well tell them thank you for me. I’m doing my best. It’s going to get tougher.”

“Yea.” I agreed. “Well, I’ll be joining you in Hollywood. I should be able to be with you till you win.”

“Danny, I don’t really think I can win this. Some of the other acts are just amazing. There’s one magician named Michel. I swear he could make an elephant disappear and reappear out Howie Mandel’s pocket. Then there is this guy who does stuff with fire. My god he’s crazy!”

“Mom, mom. Don’t worry about them. We’ve been watching for years. It’s always the singer who wins. You know that.” I told her.

“I know. Some of the singers are good too. Very good. Damn it! I don’t want to be what Piers said.” I could hear the tears in her voice.

“Your güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri not! You’re a good singer with a strong voice. I’ve told you that for years. Your beautiful and you have a beautiful voice and your going to win!”

* * *

Wish I could say I was prophetic, but I’m not. Mom made it all the way to the finals. Only a handful of people was left when she got eliminated.

She didn’t get the Vegas show, or the money.

What she did get was calls from dozens of people and in the end a manager. His name was Philip Dupre.

Mr. Dupre set mom up with an endless tour across the country. Nightclub after nightclub. Town to town. He got her a tour bus. It wasn’t new but, it was nice.

She got to sing almost nightly and the money was good!

I became her roadie. Carrying her bags into places that had dressing rooms. I would check out the sound systems at the different clubs. When it sucked we had a full set up to replace it with. I put it up and tore it down so many times I got where I could do it in my sleep. None of our equipment was new but, it all worked well. When it didn’t I fixed it. Three years working stage crew in high school dealing with crappy P. A. equipment was helping now.

It was at the clubs where problems could happen. I swear things could go from smooth to disaster and back on a nightly basis.

Seven months in we were both feeling more than a bit of strain. Philip told Mom on the phone one night that when she got done in California, i.e. two more months, forty-five more shows. We would have a month or so off.


As we pulled up in front of the next club I heard Mom start to cuss. Looking out the window I saw the marquee.

‘Terry the midget Morgan.’

“Fucking ignorant pricks! Danny go check their sound system. I need to go have it out with this club owner.”

“Ok Mom, give him hell.” I told her as I got up.

Going into the club their bartender showed me where the sound equipment was stored. It was ok but, not great.

I could hear Mom storming!

I was in and out the club for the next hour bringing in boxes and mic stands. I saw Mom sitting in a chair in the manager’s office. As I went by the door I saw her talking to him her voice simmering. He looked up at me as I passed the second time. He got up and closed the door.

I brought in the rest of our stuff and talked to the bartender for a bit about the acoustics of the room. He seamed to know more about that than most of his breed. I was just setting up Moms mic when the door opened. Mom went out the front of the club without a backward look. The manager called over to the bartender and told him to go change the sign.

When I went back out to the bus to get something I head her in the small bathroom.

“Mom you ok?”

“Yea Danny. I’m fine. We ready in there?” she opened the door and came out.

“Yea just about. You sure you’re ok? You look a little out of sorts.” I ask seeing the look on her face.

“I told you I’m fine.” She said with a little heat. Then she shrugged. “I’m a little tired.”

As she walked past me I could smell her toothpaste. I could see where she had dripped some of it on her shirt.

“I’m going to go lay down for a bit before I have to start getting ready. Let me know when seven o’clock rolls around.”

“Sure.” I told her.


I worked my normal miracle with their sound system in short order. Washing the ozone smell off my hands I headed across the street to the golden arches. I was going to grab and go but, looking at my watch I had them give me a tray. Having a sit down meal even here has been a rare thing of late. I sat sipping one of their new coffee creations watching the woman behind the counter. She looked board off her ass. Looking up she saw me looking at her. Her face took on a look like I was some form of garden slug. Shaking my head I looked down at my watch. Getting up I dumped the tray and went to the counter. The girl saw me coming and went into the back. In a few minutes a manager type came forward and I got some food for mom. I headed for the bus.

Looking at my reflection in the side of the bus I couldn’t see much wrong with the way I looked. No slime trail behind me. Oh well. If I wanted to be that kind of rodie I would sign on with a rock band.

Cracking her door I stuck my head in enough to see she was still in bed.

“Mom? It’s time.”

She didn’t wake.

Going into her room I turned the dial on the wall and the lights gently came up. I crossed to the bed and looked down at her. I saw her then as most people see her. So very small.

Sitting down on the side of the bed beside her I brushed her hair out from over her eyes. Her blue eyes slowly opened. She smiled up at me.

“Is it time?”

“Just about. ” said nodding. “I got you some food.”

She caught my hand in hers. They looked so small next to mine. She saw the look on my face and gave me a slow smile.

“You look tired Danny.” She gave my hand a squeeze.

“Just a long time on the road.”

She nodded.

Looking down at our hands I saw her bare shoulder güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri and realized she was topless under the sheet. She must have seen the look in my eyes cause she lifted the blue satin higher. I saw the twin points of her nipples appear and press against the cloth as she moved it.

“Let me let you get dressed.”

Getting up I headed for the door. She called out to me just as I was about to close it.


“Yea Mom?”

“Thanks for being here. I don’t know if I could be doing this if you weren’t here.”

I smiled.

“Your foods getting cold.”


“Damn it Philip don’t do this again. I don’t like these types of surprises. It’s a good one; I’ll give you that but, still. Just you give me a little more warning next time.”

I watched Mom pacing as she talked on the phone.

Her manager had booked her to do more shows on the tour. Without calling to tell us this. We had pulled the bus into a lot in L.A, got our bags together and headed for the airport. When we got there it was to find our plane tickets changed. No other warning than that.

The America’s Got Talent winner had invited Mom to come open for him for this weekend. Five more shows before Sunday night. She couldn’t say no of course.


The hotel was above the casino where she was to sing. It was the same one where they filmed the first Vegas show. I got Mom’s bags and my own up to her room while she went to meet and greet. I must have fallen asleep on the couch cause when I next looked up the sun was starting to set. I got up and went to the window and looked down onto the Vegas strip. The lights were already coming on to battle with the burnt orange and red of the sun’s last moments.

“Hell of a view.”

Mom walked up next to me. Standing there we watched the last of the sunset together.

“I was so sick with nerves the first time I was here. I think I had this same room…then again maybe not. I may have been a floor down. The view is the same either way.” She looked up at me and winked.

“And how are you feeling now?” I asked smiling. I knew the answer.

She smiled back.

“Sick with nerves and dead tired.”

Laughing we got her show clothes unpacked. I got hustled out as people from the show appeared like magic to help her with her make up. Going to my room I got out the only set of dress clothes I carry with me. They didn’t need my help here so I was going to watch the show from backstage.

I walked down with her and the stage assistant. I soon found myself waiting in a room with a huge monitor. I saw her perform from there. With all the glitter and glits of Vegas behind her she looked like a goddess and sang like one as well. I hurt to see what she could be doing every night had she won. I saw the ‘Guy’ who did when she finished come out give her a hug. He sang some of the songs he had done on the show. He looked board off his ass to me.

Who knows maybe Mom had won after all.

We had all kinds of people up in her room later. They had descended like a plague of locust just after she left the stage.

I know some how I got her to eat something in between there and her room.

There were record producers and radio people. Hollywood stars and talk show host. There were sports stars with too many tattoos and singing stars with too little clothes. It was at a truly ridicules hour when I herded the last ones out. They wander off down the hall talking about where they were going to next. I felt like I was looking at some alien race. They must survive on alcohol and show lights. With camera flashes for snacks.

I thought Mom was sitting on the couch looking out at the Vegas light. I picked up some of the party trash. I turned to ask her something as I put the last of the liquor bottles back in the fridge.

She was asleep sitting up. Her drink was held in her lap in clinched fingers.

Moving over to her I knelt down. I had to almost pry the glass from her fingers. I set it on the table. She was softly snoring.

Smiling I picked her up. My arms cradling her. She rolled her head against my chest and seemed to snuggle into me as I carried her to her bed. It looked ridiculously big when I laid her down in it. Standing up I looked down at her.

She still wore her show dress. She would need to have it sent out to be cleaned before the next show tomorrow.

Going to her bag I got out one of the long T-shirts she wore as a nightgown. I gently shook her shoulder to try to wake her. Then with more force. I truly shook her once. She never stirred. The strong smell of alcohol coming from her may have been helping but, I knew she was finally exhausted.

Most people don’t think about it but, small as she is she burns through a lot of energy. She takes two steps for everybody else’s one. Small as she is she also doesn’t have a large tolerance for alcohol and every one wanted her top have a drink with them.

I turned her onto her side and caught the zipper in the back of the dress. I pulled it down to the small of her back. I stopped as I saw she had no strap across her back.

My güvenilir bahis şirketleri mind raced for a second to figure out how to get her out the dress without seeing her. I could I decided slip the shirt over her head and pull it down. Then take the dress off under it.

I started to do that then stopped.

I looked at my Moms beautiful face. Her eyes closes her features relaxed. The memories of long nights when I had fantasize about her. Like every boy does according to Freud. I looked her over. The swell of her breast pushing up the front of the dress. The smooth white skin of her shoulders.

Reaching down I slowly began to peal her out the dress. I felt my breath quicken as I slid the spaghetti strap off her arms, first one side. Then gently rolling her the other. Catching the open front of the dress I eased it down.

I felt myself painfully harden as I saw her nipple come into view. It was a soft pink. Hardly darker than her breast. At first it was soft then the points slowly lifted and hardened in the cooler air of the room.

Breathing hard I pulled the dress down over her hips. Her breast jiggled. I felt myself throb. Reaching down into my pants to move my cock to the side a bit I was shocked at how wet the tip was.

As I pulled the dress fully off her I saw her short legs and the small blue silk panties. I looked at her for a second then grabbed up the shirt.

My hands shook as I pulled it over her head and lifted her soft arms up and threw the sleeves. The touch of her silky skin was almost more than I could take. I slipped the shirt down over her breast and across her hips.

I covered her with the sheet and turned to go to my room. I knew I was going to have to cum as soon as I got there and maybe a few more times before I would ever get to sleep tonight. I was in true pain as I walked towards the door.

Stopping I turned to look back at her. She lay there where I had left her. Those soft snore the only sound letting me know she was ok.

Slowly not even really thinking about what I was doing I went back to her side. I knelt back down beside her and gave her shoulder a shake.


When she still showed no response I slowly lifted back up her shirt till her beautiful breast were bare again. The rose pink nipples stood tall up from her skin. I looked down at the triangle of blue silk. I saw it was raised from underneath by her hair. Looking up at her eyes I reached down and caught the top of her panties in my fingers. Lifting them up I gently slid them down.

I stopped as I saw a scar just above where her pubic hair began.

Looking for the first time at the place where I had entered the world I felt a chill. Looking up at her face I felt instantly so ashamed. Ma hands shook as I pulled her panties back up. I reached up to pull her shirt down. My hand brushed across her breast. The soft skin giving under my touch like sponge. I stopped and ran a finger around her nipple slowly. As I did this I felt lust came back and shame fade away.

I laid my hand down onto her breast and hardly believing I was doing it gave her breast a squeeze.

It was so soft and her nipple was so very hard against my hand. My cock felt like a piece of steel pipe.

The blue silk again caught my eye. Taking my hand from her breast I caught the elastic edge and pulled them down off her hips and onto her thighs.

Mom’s curls showed like white cotton candy in the dim light of the room. A white diamond of hair. I could see the puffy outer lips and a faint line of hairs running down them.

Not giving myself time to think about it I leaned forward and buried my face in her curls. The soft hairs parted for my lips as I placed a kiss just above her lips.

Shaking I stood up. My cock hard in my hand. I looked down at her nearly naked under my gaze. At that moment as terribly horny as I was I saw her. She looked so very small and vulnerable in that huge bed. Her body exposed before my lust filled eyes. I knew I was just a stroke away from sending cum all over her.


Small. Tiny even.

I couldn’t.

Mad at myself for what I had done I quickly put her clothes to right and fled from the room. Getting to my room I leaned against the bathroom sink. I felt sick. Looking up at my own reflection I had to look away. I turned off the light and shedding my clothes pulled back the blankets.

Unable to not do it, I made myself cum in second. I let the sheets catch it. I was sure it wasn’t a first for them. I was many hours trying to get to sleep. The image of my Mom coming back again and again through out the night. The sheet was truly a mess when I finally passed out as much from exhaustion as anything else.

Mom never asked about how she got into her sleep clothes. She finished out her four other shows over the next two days and we both slept all the way home on the plane.

We weren’t there nearly long enough.


Two months passed quickly with Mom spending a lot of time on the phone talking to Philip. She did four small shows locally. Nothing much really too them. Philip was putting together a record contract for her. He said that by the time she got done with the next leg of the tour it would be into a studio for a few months then maybe another tour, four to six months, to promote the record. That long schedule stretched out like an endless road before us and we already felt tired.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00353 515 73 20