A Shoulder to Cry On

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I just got back to the hotel from the bar. I sit here with a smile on my face recalling the last several days, when I hear a knock on my door…

I arrived in Cancun for a graduation present. I had just finished student teaching. One of my dear friends gave me a 5-day ticket that she couldn’t use. My husband made it clear that I was to go, I had earned it. My mom took my son for me, so I didn’t have to worry. My hotel room was paid for and because my friend loved me so much. Plus, she gave me $1000 for meals and having fun.

I went out to the pool to watch people and catch a little sun. I had no intention of having human contact; I just wanted to be anonymous. People were having fun or relaxing, but then I watched this woman come into my view. She was a hefty woman, with long, curly back hair. There was nothing special about her and yet I couldn’t take my eyes off of her. My senses were on fire.

I overheard her call herself Texas and Valerie. I forgot about her for the most part, until she sat down beside me. I was listening to my MP3 player hoping she would go away. The first thing she said was not hi or what are you listening to. It was, “Do you like to bump and grind?”

I looked at her with an annoyed look on my face and said, “Do I look like I would? I am here to relax, would you just leave me alone, please.”

She apologized and walked away. That night I went to a local bar to have a drink but didn’t like the scene, so I walked on to what seemed like a real quiet bar, until I got inside. It was a gay bar, so I didn’t have to worry about being hit on.

Men don’t hit on me, why would women? Besides, I was glad to watch a new scene. There were several women that kept catching my eye. I sat in the corner, so not to be bothered. All of a sudden, Texas walked in, but I lost her in the crowd.

The next thing that I knew, she was at my table saying, “I thought you don’t dance?”

I smarted off, “Does it look like I am dancing?”

She said, “You will,” and walked away.

I had a couple of drinks and then headed for the door. I saw a gal talking to someone right outside the door, but didn’t pay much attention.

The next day I did some sight seeing, just taking my time. I found a restaurant to have a nice dinner. I took a walk on the beach before I was going to turn in. There was a gal walking on the beach, it seemed like I should know her and then I realized she was the gal from outside the bar last night.

I watched her for a bit and then walked on. I decided to go have a drink before I retired, having an early morning the next day. The bar was very uneventful except for a couple of people getting a little wound up. I finished my drink and headed for the door. I was standing outside when all of a sudden, the door flew open, nearly hitting me and there was the gal from the beach, crying.

She was slumped down against the wall. I watched güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri her momentarily, but then I walked over to her and said, “I have a shoulder if you need it.” She looked up and just stared at me, slowly standing to lay her head on my shoulder. I didn’t say anything; I just wrapped my arm around her. She started to regain her composure and I asked, “Are you OK?”

“I lost my mom a number of years ago tomorrow, and it still really hurts. I am OK now, thank you.”

I handed her my room key, “If you need to talk again or just need a shoulder, I will be here for 3 more days.”

I walked back, wondering if I helped her any and knowing that I had. I got back to my room, took a long shower, and was climbing into bed when I heard a very soft knock on my door. “Come in if you have a key.” I ducked in the bathroom to put some clothes on as she walked into the room.

“Is that shoulder still available?”

“Of course it is.” I climbed on the bed and she followed. I sat at the head of the bed and she placed her head on my shoulder. I put my arm around her and with a moment of silence, she started to weep. Quite some time passed before there was silence.

“You are very tense, maybe I could rub your back, ease your pain.” She turned so that I could rub her back, and then she started to talk.

“Here in just a couple of hours is the anniversary of her mother’s death.” I didn’t say anything, I just kept rubbing. She just kept talking, and then suddenly she stopped. I slowly rapped my arms around her, and held her. She held onto my arms and then slowly turned towards me.

Looking deep into her eyes, she leaned into kiss me. I was motionless for a moment being taken by surprise then the kiss progressed. It was passionate, soft and breath taking lasting for what seemed like an eternity.

When we broke, she started apologizing. I placed my finger on her lips, “If that is what you needed than it is fine.”

“I need to be going, I’m sorry.”

“I am here if you need me. Good night.” and she was gone.

The next morning I heard a knock on my door, and then heard, “Room service.” I opened the door and a cart was rolled in. The waiter served me and left before I could tip him. There was a note next to my plate. “Thank you for what you did for me. Please meet me at the bar tonight at 9 pm. Love, Hope.”

I had a soft smile on my face, thinking about her. What I didn’t know what that Texas and Hope were learning about each other as I ate breakfast.

Hope’s mojo was running when she left my room, so she went back to the bar. She was dancing in a group of people when someone came up behind her, grinding to the groove of the music. From that point on, they danced together, talking. After a couple of hours, they mutually left together.

When they entered Texas’s room, they were all over each other, kissing and touching. When güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri they finally took a breath, they talked instead of going any further. They curled up in bed together, neither knowing why they stopped but feeling like something was missing. They went to sleep holding each other.

I went sight seeing after breakfast. I couldn’t keep my focus, I wanted a release. No, I needed one. All of a sudden, Texas popped in my head. Why her? Why now? Why is Hope in the background? So many questions; so few answers. So much for sight seeing. I need a nap; I need clarity.

When I woke up it was late afternoon. I had bought khaki shorts and a white, sleeveless blouse to show off my tan. I wanted my spikes trimmed so I went down to the lobby and asked if that was possible. There was a shop next door that would do it for me. They were not busy at the shop so I got right in. They convinced me to do highlights of red and blonde. After a couple of hours I walked out of the shop loving my new look. I went to an outdoor bistro to enjoy some local cuisine and watch the people.

I was daydreaming when my food came. The food was wonderful but I needed to freshen before going out. I went back to my room to change clothes but I was comfortable and I thought I looked good for me, which wasn’t saying much. My friends think I look good but I am my own worst critic. I didn’t know what to expect but I headed out the door to find out.

When I got to the bar, there was a sign saying, Girls Night Only-Bring your $1’s. I was now curious because that would normally mean strippers. I walked in and sure enough, I was right. Everything was a dollar. I ordered a drink and went to “my” table in the corner. It was only 8, so I decided to sit back and enjoy the view.

Time flies when you are having fun, so I was shocked when Hope slid in the booth beside me and gave me a passionate kiss, then softly “Hi!” She was wearing a black bikini strap top and black jeans. She was hot. It wouldn’t be long before someone stole her away.

About that time, Texas walked up, leaned in to kiss Hope and then slid in on my other side. We sat and chatted but it wasn’t long before they dragged me to the dance floor. I wasn’t sure what to pay attention to, the stripper in front of me on the stage, or the women dancing with me, tough choice.

We danced and drank, getting freer and more liberal. At one point, I saw the stripper I had been watching out on the dance floor. She came toward me and we danced. Just like my friends, she basically used me as a stripper pole. The funny thing was that I really just wanted to dance with Hope.

I was turned on for a number of reasons when I took her on the dance floor. I let my hands wander without her protest. She turned and whispered in my ear, “I wondered if you liked me?”

I grabbed her face and kissed her with reckless abandon. It was on like güvenilir bahis şirketleri Donkey Kong. Hope, Texas, and I were all over each other. Finally I said, “I can’t take anymore. I am going to my room, if you want to continue this party, I will see you there” I walked away and went back to my room

…I answered the door and grabbed Hope. I pinned her up against the wall, kissing her wildly while pulling off her shirt. Texas was unbuttoning mine. On a dime, I spun around, threw her on the bed and jumped on top of her, kissing her too. Clothes were flying everywhere. Finally, I pinned Hope on the bed saying, “Stop. I want to enjoy this.” Then I slid down between her legs.

Texas was playing with Hope’s beautiful, luscious globes and kissing her. It took me a few minutes to find her hot spot but finally an orgasm was inevitable. She intoxicated me. It was like I was in a trance and couldn’t stop. After numerous orgasms, screams, and moans I slid up beside her wanting to read her eyes. She and Texas were starting to play.

I moved over to the chair in the corner and watched. For the longest time, they didn’t realize I was gone. They finished with a long passionate kiss then curled up together.

Only then did they start looking for me. I had put on shorts and t-shirt, and I was deep in thought. Hope came and kneeled in front of me. Taking my hand, I slowly looked at her with a soft smile. She pulled my hand to come to bed. “That is not necessary. I got pleasured just pleasing the two of you.”

She looked at me and said,” I don’t want to, I need to. You were so generous even though you didn’t know me. My mother would have liked you, please let me do what I want and more importantly need to do.”

She stood up and held out her hand. I took a hold of it but pulled her to me, right onto my lap. We looked into each other’s eyes, and I felt like I was looking into her soul. Our lips met like we were intently searching for something.

Her hand was caressing me. I stood up with her in my arms and laid her on the bed. I undressed and climbed on the bed. Texas got between my legs while Hope let her hands wander. We all slowly picked up the pace; I guided Hope on top of me into a 69 position with me.

I was approaching orgasm so I decided to insert a distraction. I reached over the edge of the bed and grabbed my smaller double headed dildo, slicking it up with lube. I slid it in her pussy, surprising her. I said I can do you or we can do it together. Texas helped us get together. It didn’t take long before we got into a rhythm. We came together then Texas said my turn and grabbed my dick. I said not with that one. She pouted until I pulled out my 18″ Purple People Eater.

We mounted up and went to town. We were both on the verge of orgasm but neither one able. So I slid off, flipped her over and fucked her until we both exploded. I fell back, disoriented. The next thing I knew, there were fingers in my pussy and on my clit.

It only took about 1 minute to flood for those 2 beautiful ladies. They crawled up, Texas behind me and Hope in front of me. We all fell asleep. I woke up and whispered in Heather’s ear- “I’m glad I offered my shoulder to you.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00353 515 73 20