A Sinner’s Love: Redux Ch. 03

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I’m soooo sorry for my hiatus. I’ve been busy and been barely able to touch my laptop. So yaaay chapter three! Still looking for editors and beta readers guys so any takers can just comment.


Chapter Three


“Honey, you guys aren’t even together yet,” rationed Eddy. After the whole Rhailey thing, I had to call one of my closest guy friends. Edward was like the stereotypical ghetto, Dominican gay. You know, the guy with the really, well, stereotypical gay voice that has a tendency to speak Spanglish, really good with Spanish and has a noticeable Dominican accent, and almost always say phrases that usually start as “Aye Dios_________”? Yeah, that was Eddy. Despite him being a living breathing stereotype, he gives the best advice when it comes to life aside from my mother.

“I know we aren’t together, but…I dunno…I just-“

“…Feel like you ended a relationship before it even started? Yea I know the feeling hon. Just explain to him when you see him today. Take a chill pill, erase that slut from your mind, and then fill it with pictures of rainbows and gay cherubs and tamales and all that other bullshit.” I laughed, already feeling better.

“You know what, Eduardo, usted es brillante y sólo aterrado increíble. ¿Cómo podía vivir sin su sabio consejo?”

“You can’t live witho-” There was a cry in the background, cutting Eddy off. “”Aye Dios! Estos fucking niños nunca dejen de luchar. Hey, apagar el infierno! ” I’ll talk to you later Jar, I gotta tend to Alejandro’s little monsters. I swear the shit I do for dick…’

“And that’s when I hang up on you, honey. Later Eddy,” I said with a laugh.

“Adiós crazy.”

I hung up with Eddy. I felt better, but I just couldn’t get rid of the nagging feeling that if December wasn’t an understanding person, I would never be able to really be with him. I couldn’t help but agree with December — I’m not sure if I’m the person that can give him everything he wants.

My minds getting way too cluttered and I’ll have to bug Eddy again at this point. With a sigh, I pulled the chopstick out of my hair and let it tumble down my back as went to the bathroom.



I made a growling moan sound when my phone’s alarm woke me up at 12:30. I was tempted to go back to sleep until I remembered that I had plans with Jarred. I rolled out of bed and stumble-walked to my kitchen. Once, my coffee maker started gurgling and bubbling, filling the apartment with the delicious aroma of hazelnut and vanilla, I got to making a light breakfast of a toasted bagel with cream cheese and grape jelly.

Taking my coffee and bagel with me, I walked to my art room. I’m an ambidextrous, so I switched up hands as I make quick, mindless sketches with my Copic Pens, drank my coffee, and ate. I ended up sketching Jarred with little hearts, flowers, swirls, and clouds around him. I checked the time and decided to redraw the sketch but neater and color it in.


“FUCK!” I exclaimed, looking at the time. It was 2:00 by time I finished the drawing. I got so caught up in trying to make it perfect that I forgot all about my time restraints. I ran to the shower, tripping and face-planting into the floor. “God damnit!”

I took the fastest shower I’ve ever taken and I cleaned and changed all my piercings even faster. I dried myself and put on cocoa butter to make my naturally soft skin softer. I ran to my bedroom and threw on some pink and lime green boxers with some low slung skinnies and a pink and black belt with bullets on it. I ran back to my bathroom and pulled canlı bahis a comb through my hair and put it in a high ponytail as I put on some liquid eyeliner. I ran back to my bedroom and put on my hot pink converses and a pink and black Nicki Minaj tee as I spritzed on some cologne. I found my skull wallet chain, clipped it to my jeans and wallet and slipped my wallet into my back pocket along with my phone, my studded cigarette case and a lighter. It was 2:45 by now. I touched up my black nail polish and put some nail enamel dryer on them. As a last minute resort, I grabbed the picture of Jarred, folded it up and slipped it in my pocket as I ran downstairs.

I was nervous and ended lighting and puffing on a smoke. Just as I took my second puff, Doris came out side and smirked as she said, “Nervous?” I nodded.

“Just chillax – it’s only a date and he’s probably just as nervous as you.” Could Jarred be just as nervous as me?



I hope I looked good enough for December. My hair was in its natural wavy state and I left it loose. I put on a long sleeve American Eagle shirt with a pair of tattered, faded jeans and some Union Jack Chuck Taylors. I changed my little gauges to ones with Gir from Invader Zim on them. As I got closer to December’s apartment, I got more and more nervous. Maybe I should have taken my anxiety pills.

By the time that I reached the corner of December’s building, I was having a full on panic attack. I was queasy. I pulled a clove cigarette from my back pocket and lit it. I took a long, deep drag. I breathed in until my lungs burned for air and then I let out a giant puff. I knew these things were illegal, but they calmed me. I had boxes full of the clove-filled delights hidden in my apartment that my cousins smuggled in for me. With the sweet, heady scent of cloves swirling around me, I could think more clearly.

December and I are not in a relationship…yet.

Just tell him what happened and hope for the best.

I chanted Eddie’s words like a mantra as I walked to the front of December’s. All my nervousness disappeared as I saw an incredibly hot, pink and black December leaning on the wall of his building talking animatedly to an androgynous lady.

“Whelp seems like my date’s here, Dorito,” I heard December say.

“Oh, thaaat’s Jarred. I approve of him so far.” I blushed as “Dorito” looked me up and down slowly.

“Oh god, you’re married!” December yelled, giggling. “Un momento,” December said, holding up one finger at me.

“Have fun, Ember. Don’t do anything stupid,” Dorito said as she stomped out the bud of her cigarette and walked inside the building.

December skipped over to me with a bright smile.

“Hey,” he said.


“You ready to go?”

I swallowed hard and took in a deep breathe. It’s show time. “Uhm…okay…December. I’m a horrible person.” A question mark floated above his head. “Last night…I uh…slept with my ex-boyfriend, Rhailey. He was my first love. He was the sun of my life and I just got burned by him…in the worst way possible. He was slumped against my door when I got home and he kept screaming and crying. I…I ended up letting him in…a…and I had sex with him. But, through all of it, I couldn’t get you out of my head. I kicked him out in the morning when I came out of my haze. I broke down. I feel like I killed a relationship before it even started. I…I…Its okay if you don’t wanna even look at me anymore.” I was damn near breaking down and begging December to forgive me for my stupidity.

December just looked at me. bahis siteleri His chocolate eye and sea foam eye showed none of his emotions.



I stared at Jarred. I was shocked. What guy tells a person about their hook up session on the first date and is REMORSEFUL about it?! I couldn’t help but chuckle.

This guy is amazing…just amazing.

“Jarred…you’re so sweet I have diabetes,” I said shaking my head with a smile.


“No guy has ever or will ever do that. We don’t even have a relationship…yet. But the fact that you went out of your way to tell me this and it affected you so much, is so…sweet!”

“So, you’re not mad?”

“No. I’m not mad. I’m far from it actually.” Jarred’s eyes lit up brighter than the sun. He was happier than a puppy.

Before I knew it, Jarred’s suave, sexy self was back as he said, “Wow, I haven’t even seen you naked yet and I’ve already rocked your world. I think that’s a lot of ‘December’s Someone’ points.”

“Shut up, you derf.” I laughed as I playfully punched Jarred in the chest. He put on an adorable fake wounded face on. “So where are we going today, Jarred?”

“Well, I figured I’d take you to Tutta Pasta. I love the place and their linguine carbonara is to die for.”

“Wait, isn’t that place in Park Slope and aren’t they expensive?”

“First of all, it’s fun to go on journeys even if they’re only an hour,” Jarred grabbed my hand and began walking to the train station “And second of all, you’re not cheap December, so why would I take you to a cheap place?” I covered my inner flinch with an outward smile. I wonder if he’ll think I’m so expensive when he finds out about my past…


“Oh my god…I’m gonna explode.” I struggled to bring another bite of Italian cheesecake to my mouth.

‘This place is my new favorite restaurant.” Jared laughed as the insanely Guido-esq, but nice waited dropped our check on the table. Just as I reached for the check, Jarred put his hand over mine, stopping me.

“I’ll pay the bill. My mama always taught chivalry,” he said smiling. I couldn’t argue. I was love drunk off of his smile and the warm, tingly feeling of having his hand over mine. I pulled my hand back slowly as Jarred paid the bill and gave it to our waiter.

“Ready to go love,” He said standing and offering his hand to me. I took it and stood up.



Score for Jarred! Woot! I offered my hand to December and he took it. I’m getting closer to him.

As we walked out of Tutta Pasta, he asked, “Where to next?” I had no idea and I voiced such.

“Well how about we go to the 34th Street movie theater?”

“Amc Loews?” December nodded. “Why there?”

“Because their security is just fuckery and a bunch of what the fucks so we can see whatever movie without getting caught.”

“Woah…badass idea.” He smiled and ran off.

“Race you to the subway?!” December called back to me with breathless laughter. Oh you’re on…


December and I sat in an empty movie theater watching some ridiculous movie about Abraham Lincoln and vampires. It was our third movie of the day. We were picking gummies and popcorn out of each other’s hair and clothing and giggling like school girls.

“Oh come the fuck on! Really, the fucking civil war wasn’t over land, or slavery, or greed — it was over fucking vampires?! Blasphemy, my dear Jarred, BLASPHEMY!” December said half feigning annoyance. I just laughed at him. He had a gummy worm stuck above his top lip, giving him a gum-stache. He was stroking bahis şirketleri it as he made his little speech.

“You are just adorable!” I exclaimed with a chuckle.

“Fuck that,” December started. “I don’t wanna be adorable or cute. I wanna be sexy like Scarlett Johansson and Taylor Launter’s love child would be.”

“I bet you could be…in the bedroom. But naturally you’d just be cute.” Before I knew it, I was pounced on by a wild December. He straddled me and brought his face centimeters from mine. He smelled of gummies, mint, and something sweet that I just couldn’t place. He grabbed my face and kissed me slowly, sensually. Slowly, he pulled away.

With a laugh and a fox’s grin, December said, “Now that wasn’t cute was it?”

I damn sure wasn’t. This guy was the epitome of an adventure.



After the kiss, Jarred and I were a lot more flirtatious during our date…well between flirty and acting like idiot, hormonal twenty-year-olds. The moment we walked out of the stupid Abraham Lincoln movie, the innuendoes started. We had each other laughing so hard that we got cramps and tears fell down our cheeks.

Laughing and in tears, we made it to Toys R Us. What person doesn’t get excited when they see a huge Toys R Us?! That place became our battlefield as we ambushed each other with Nerf guns and any other toy we could find. Of course we got kicked out…we destroyed the poor place. We laughed as we walked to my apartment.

“Wow, for once the city sky is clear.” Jarred said. The stars reflected in his eyes beautifully. I really wanted to draw him. Speaking of drawing….

“Oh! Jarred I forgot that I drew this for you,” I said as I handed Jarred the folded up piece of paper. He opened it slowly. Shock and admiration flashed through his eyes. He smiled.

“Sooooo….” I was getting antsy. Did he not like it?

“I don’t know what to say….I love it December.” I smiled back at him. Conveniently, a guy setting roses passed us. Jarred stopped him and brought a pink rose.

“You know,” Jarred started. “pink is for your crushes.” With that, he handed the rose to me. A slight blush dusted his cheek whereas I on the other hand had the face of a fire truck. I took the rose from him and smelled it as I slowly slipped my hand down and intertwined my fingers with his. Hold Jarred’s hand right now was unlike any other time that we held hands today. It held more emotion this time.

Suddenly we were at my apartment. “Today was awesome, Jarred…the best date I’ve ever been on.”

“Really? Well maybe we could do it again sometime,” Jarred said, hopeful.

“Sure…I’d love that.” There was an awkward silence and my lips tingled as I felt the urge to kiss Jarred. I noticed he was moving towards me, so I got up on my tippy-toes and leaned towards Jarred. Our lips touched lightly and softly. I wrapped my arms around Jarred’s waist as his hands gripped my face. We deepened the kiss, his tongue entering my mouth. Our tongues dueled with each other and searched each other’s mouths.

We pulled away slowly. Jarred’s eyes were darker, if that was possible, with lust.

“Yeah…we should definitely do that again sometime.” I said as Jarred chuckled.

“You’re a trip, hon.” Jarred said shaking his head. “See you at school tomorrow?”


“Goodnight December.”

“Later, Jarred.” I said as I entered my apartment floating on cloud nine.


“Aye Dios! Estos fucking niños nunca dejen de luchar. Hey, apagar el infierno! “. – “Aye Dios! These fucking children never stop fighting. Hey, shut the hell up!”

“…usted es brillante y sólo aterrado increíble. ¿Cómo podía vivir sin su sabio consejo?” – “…you’re brilliant and just freaking amazing. How could I live without your wise council.”

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