A Sissy’s Lifestyle

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When I go out to the adult bookstore, I am always dressed as a woman. And not just as a woman, but a whore. I tease my hair up big and high, and will have either a dress, skirt, or butt baring short shorts; and, of course, high heels. It’s a 15-minute walk from my apartment to the arcade, and my route runs me through an industrial area along a fairly wide avenue. On the way there it’s usually somewhere in between 3 and 5 pm. And yes, I get a LOT of attention from cars passing by.

The arcade I spend most of my time in, shares a space with an adult modeling studio, so it’s not your traditional adult bookstore with the arcade in the back. You enter the building and walk up a ramp to a window with a hole cut in the bottom. The girls from the modeling studio always man the window. I’ve gotten to know most of them, and, except for a couple of hater ass holes, most are friendly to me. It cost 6 bucks to gain entry to the arcade. Once you pay you are given a card, which has been loaded with 6 dollars worth of viewing time. The girls buzz you in. The arcade is quite dark, and is mazelike, with various corridors lined with video booths. Most of the booths have glory holes cut in between them. My favorite booth is located in a back corner. As soon as I’m in I head straight to the booth and strip down to just a 2-piece string bikini and high heels. I check my look in my compact, and I’m ready. Sometimes there isn’t a soul in the place, so I go from booth to booth to see what I can find. You’d be surprised; people leave all kinds of stuff in them, loaded cards, condoms, lube, sniff, money – you name it. Mainly I’m looking for cards. Once I’ve checked out the booths I’ll head back to my booth and see which cards are still loaded, discarding the empties in the trash. Also at times like this I like to kneel in cum and rub my knees on the dirty floor, because I think it just looks really sexy! And the men like it too! I get so many comments from guys about my dirty knees!

Sometimes I get hit on the minute I walk in the place. One Sunday night recently, one of my regulars greeted me as soon as I was buzzed through the door. He had a group of guys with him and his hands were all over me. “What did I tell you?” he said to the men.

I squeezed his cock through his pants and said, “Sweetie – give me a minute to freshen up.” I headed to my booth and quickly stripped completely nude – even the bikini. All I kept on was my high heels. Then I stepped back out to where they were waiting. My regular took me by the arm and we all walked to a dimly lit corner at the far end of the building, where I got down in a lewd squat. They immediately surrounded me and I had hard dicks poking in my face. One by one I began giving hot blowjobs. As I was sucking cock I heard my regular güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri say, “I told you, she sucks like a fuckin’ vacuum!”

Well, I don’t have to tell you how sexy that made me feel! One by one, they all got off in my mouth. The last guy took me by the arm, stood me up and pushed me facing the wall. He got up on me while the others watched and worked his hard dick up into my anus. One or two pushes and he groaned in pleasure, filling my belly with hot seed. As quickly as they had surrounded me, the men evaporated and I was left standing alone in the dark corner, naked, cum running down my bare legs. I picked up my bag and walked back to my booth, to wait for more.

This experience that I have just related was not the norm; most sexual activities occur in privacy in a video booth. Most guys I have sex with are more or less straight, and are either married or in relationships with women. Some guys, though, are exhibitionists, and ask to leave the door unlocked, or even ajar, so that others can watch. Also, a lot of people watch through the glory hole. I do give a lot of blowjobs through the glory holes, even though I prefer being one on one with a man in a booth. That way I can feel his hairy legs and give lots of attention to his balls. But there are men who prefer the anonymity the glory holes afford them, and I’m not about to turn down a hard cock! A lot of them even like to fuck through the hole – and I always accommodate them. But not before first inviting them to a private booth. Some take me up on it; others just would rather fuck me through the hole.

When I first got out of prison, I tried to reclaim my identity as a guy, but I soon found myself missing the attention I had received behind bars. As a woman I can easily pass a biologically female. But what makes me a good woman, works just the opposite for me as a guy. All people see, if they even look at all, is a plain little man. The minute I put on make up and tease up my hair, and step into a pair of high heels, I get LOTS of attention! And that’s what I found myself missing – that and the sex with men. Initially I began going to the adult bookstore as a guy. Those places are full of gay men, and gay guys really go for handsome men – something I was not. One day I decided to dress up and go there, and that’s when I realized I ever wanted to be anything other than a woman. I got more cock that night than I had had since prison. The straight guys who went to the arcade flocked to me. And, I have rarely seen other trannies in the arcade; I have that market pretty much to myself.

The only other tranny who is more or less a regular, is a girl named Peggy. She and I are opposites; where I am quiet and ultra girlie, Peggy is loud and outrageous. güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri She always wears a bustier, extremely high, Rocky Horror type heels, and a short, curly wig. She’s pretty attractive, but makes no effort to be girly. She talks about her pickup truck and Harley Davidson motorcycle – guy things – whereas I am totally a femme. Peggy never stays very long. She blows in, loud and proud, sucks a few cocks, and is gone. I really like Peggy, and since we are so different, neither of us is really competition for the other.

Initially I went to the arcade just to give blowjobs and get fucked. But I soon found out men would not hesitate to give me money, if I asked. That’s how I started – asking guys if they had a few bucks I could have – and always after the blowjob. Soon I began targeting certain men to ask for money BEFORE the sex. Gradually I learned who would pay up for sex and who wouldn’t. I mean, if I see a gorgeous man, I don’t even think about asking for payment. However I will ask after it’s over. Some give, some don’t. But now I actually make a pretty good living by spending as much as 7 days a week, and up to 12 hours a shift, in the arcade.

I have a regular who always shows up on weekends, mainly Sunday afternoons, between 3 and 5 p.m. I always look forward to seeing him, even though I know there’s no money for me in it. What I like about him is the SEX! He comes in wearing a sweatshirt with the sleeves cut off to expose his buff arms, and shorts. As soon as he sees me he comes in the booth and we lock the door for privacy. We both strip nude and we start by standing together and making out. He’ll have his strong hands all over my ass and legs, kissing on my neck and tits; while I’ll be feeling his muscley body and squeezing his hard on. Then it’s on my knees to suck him off. He has an average size cock, but I don’t think I’ve ever seen it soft! He likes me to work him over good – suck his cock and balls, eat out his ass, and suck and lick his feet. Then he’ll take my arm and put me on the vinyl bench, facing the wall, my buttocks spread out for him. He sticks that fuckin’ hard thing into my ass hole and he fucks like a jackhammer. Sometimes the whole booth s rocking! When he’s ready to cum he pulls out, slaps my ass and I quickly get down on the floor and he beats off into my open mouth – LOTS of CUM! Then I lick him clean, and sit on the floor, as he hurriedly gets dressed. And his dick stays hard! I mean, he walks out of there with a big bulge in his shorts!

After he leaves there is usually someone waiting outside, mainly because of all the

noise. My regular will leave quickly after sex and I’ll usually be still be sitting on the floor. He never bothers to shut the door, so that güvenilir bahis şirketleri anyone outside can look in. And that’s what they see, a naked bitch, on the dirty floor, applying a fresh coat of lipstick! Needless to say, within minutes I’m sucking another cock.

I love the arcade I go to because the staff really could care less about what goes on back there. Some adult bookstores I have been to are really uptight, and have all kinds of rules regarding no sexual behavior will be tolerated, that kind of thing. And they enforce it too. But where I go, even though they have the required signs warning against sexual behavior, its just window dressing. Unless they get a complaint, they leave us alone. Which brings me to my pet hater.

There is a guy who hangs out there who, for reasons of his own, HATES me, and loses no opportunity to harass me. He’s a fag, who spends most of his time leaning up against the wall, smoking cigarettes. Maybe he sees me as competition, I don’t know, but he definitely does not like me. When I first began hanging out in that arcade, I used to walk around completely nude, high heels only. I was standing in the one dimly lit corner, and he passed by, and the minute he saw me he said, “Oh no!” And he literally raised his hand to shield his eyes from me. I didn’t think much of it, but about 2 minutes later the manager of the modeling studio came back and told me, “You can’t be walking around the corridors like this – you have to be in a booth if you’re going to be naked.”

So, with that, my hater and I both realized that it wasn’t going to be that easy to get rid of me. After that I began wearing a 2-piece string bikini whenever I was out of the booth. He tried to bust me again a few months later, when he caught me giving a naked blowjob right in the middle of the corridor. It was a Sunday night, about 8 or 9 pm, and I was sucking off 2 men in the hallway, and I was nude. I had already finished off the first guy, and I was blowing the second, when I spotted the hater coming around the corner. He passed by without a word and kept walking. But I knew where he was going. Just then the second guy came, and I quickly got up and said, “Better get lost, that guy is going to the desk to report us.”

I quickly grabbed a booth and locked the door. Sure enough, a few minutes later I heard the footsteps and saw the flashlight. The manager walked around for a few minutes and, not seeing anything left the arcade.

Anyway, that’s a little background on what my life is like, sucking cock and getting fucked in the adult arcade. I have had all sorts of experiences, 90 % positive. I know that in some cities and areas, this sort of thing is prohibited, and that you can be arrested for the type of activity I engage in daily. I’m fortunate to be in a place where, for the most part, there are no hassles. You just have to explore your opportunities and use caution. Going to prison and living the life of an adult arcade sissy, have allowed me to live out pretty much every fantasy I have ever had, and I am so glad that this is my life.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00353 515 73 20