A Step in the Wrong Direction Ch. 02

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The next morning Jenny saw Sarah and Dave out of the door and donned her running gear. The tight Lycra showed off every curve, the top required no bra and she’d not worn panties, using talc instead, wanting to keep clean lines and avoid chafing. She jogged to the supermarket and walked up the healthcare aisle, taking her time to select what she needed. Choosing the same brand she used with Dave, in case they were discovered, she decided against ribbed or flavoured for the same reason, finally choosing a pack of three as they would be easier to conceal. She paid for her purchase at the chemist counter, tucked the change and her condoms into the small zipped pocket of her running top and jogged home.

As she turned the corner of her street, she saw Jake at her front door, finger poised over the doorbell button, contemplating whether or not to push it. She reached her gate as his hand dropped and he turned, surprised to see her standing behind him, the outline of her sex plainly visible through the tight shorts. His cock betrayed him; he had meant to leave, resolving to only come to Sarah’s house when her mother wasn’t in, but here she stood, her body begging to be touched, tasted, ravished. The bulge in his trousers grew painfully erect as she stepped forward and touched him. His resistance vanished as she deftly unlocked the door without her hand leaving his jeans.

Once inside she kissed him hungrily, he reciprocated readily, his hands wandering over her firm buttocks, pulling her into him. She broke the kiss and took his hand, leading him upstairs.

She took the condom packet from her pocket and tossed it on the bed before pulling her top over her head and freeing her breasts. Jake pulled his t-shirt off and stood behind her, cupping each magnificent breast, kissing her neck and earlobe. He tweaked each hard nipple, causing her to gasp. With her hands on his, she persuaded him to go lower; his fingers teased the waistband of her shorts as he slowly rolled the fabric down over her firm arse. With the shorts rolled halfway down, he turned her around and kissed her full on the lips; she opened her mouth and they kissed deeply, her hands caressing his body as he unfastened his jeans. He kicked off his shoes, stepped out from his jeans and, taking her hand, he lowered Jenny down to sit on the edge of the bed.

He kissed her again, resting his hands on her thighs as he knelt down, his lips kissing from mouth, to neck, to nipple. He flicked her hard nubbin with his tongue, his hands moving around the rolled down waistband of her shorts; she laid back, lifted her hips and he removed the last barrier between them. With his head between her legs, he drew a line up her slit with his tongue; her period had finished a day or two before and she hadn’t shaved; his tongue tickled as it rasped up the short hairs on her pussy. He licked her slowly, taking his time, savouring her taste, the tip of his tongue finding its way between her lips as her juices mingled with his saliva, lubricating her in preparation for what was to come. Before that though, his tongue found her clit; she tensed as he teased her pleasure button, licking and sucking until she was grabbing handfuls of his hair and crying out his name, begging him not to stop.

As she lay there panting, he kissed his way back up her body until their tongues were entwined; tasting herself on his lips. She rolled him onto his back and kissed him; her hand traced its way down to his marvellous penis and her head followed. Taking him in her mouth, she swung her leg over his chest and backed her dripping pussy to his waiting mouth. Using his finger to tease her clitoris, his tongue delved into her depths. He ran his tongue over her puckered asshole, causing her to shiver. She lost her concentration, not wanting him to cum yet, but desperately wanting him to get her off; she could tell he was close, his hips were moving urgently, but she was closer. With his fingers and tongue thrusting into her, his cock fell from her mouth as she cried out again.

On her back, catching her breath, Jake crawled up to her; she sat up and kissed him, then pushed him backwards into the middle of the bed. Straddling his legs, she unwrapped a condom, rolled it onto his stiff cock and impaled herself on him. He was only half way in when her first orgasm hit; with him fully inside of her, she felt as though she was crashing from orgasm to orgasm. She gripped his shins as she rode him; he held her waist, reaching up to squeeze her breasts as she fucked him. Jenny collapsed on top of Jake as her last orgasm ebbed, fully aware that he hadn’t yet cum.

She climbed off him and moved to the top of the bed, head in the pillows, her swollen pussy presented to him; he entered her carefully, starting slowly and building up speed as she urged him to fuck her harder, faster; driving her into the pillows as he grabbed her waist and with one last push, both lovers came together.

Exhausted, they lay together on the bed, güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri neither one speaking, both looking into each other’s eyes. Jenny reached out and touched Jake’s face; he kissed her hand, his own caressing Jenny’s breast. His cock was hard again, she felt the itch in her pussy that needed scratching; she stripped off the old condom, rolled on a fresh one and this time they made love.

It was late afternoon when Jake left; they’d fucked in the shower before she sent him home, clean, but thoroughly spent. As she tidied up the bedroom, she made a mental note to buy more protection; three just wasn’t enough, especially if this was going to be a regular occurrence. Dave’s arrival woke her from her daydream; he called out as the door swung shut. “I’m upstairs!” She shouted; seconds later he bounded into the bedroom and embraced her, kissing her lips and squeezing her bum. Guilty feelings swept through her, along with a rush of adrenaline as she kissed him back; she couldn’t believe how horny she was, especially after this afternoon’s activities. He slipped the robe from her shoulders, admiring her lithe form as she undressed him and pushed him onto the bed. Grabbing protection from Dave’s bedside drawer, she suited him up and sat astride him; her slick pussy easily accepting her husband’s girth. As she rode him, Jenny imagined Jake’s mother, a black man between her legs while another pounded her arse; she came, hard, falling forward, Dave thrusting into her from below. She came again, this time she thought of Dave holding her, while Jake filled her pussy from behind; her voice caught in her throat as her orgasm peaked, she felt like her heart had stopped, cunt muscles contracted and milked Dave’s cock, her womb trying to suck his sperm through the rubber.

They lay together, panting; Dave wondered what had gotten into his wife, not knowing that it had gotten into her four times already, and she was busy planning more. For the next few weeks Jake tried to balance his love for Sarah with his lust for Jenny; visiting Jenny when the coast was clear during the day, and seeing Sarah when he could muster the strength in the evenings. Jenny tried not to make things awkward when Jake was around with Sarah, but she was insatiable when she was alone with him; using her leave days from work to stay home when Sarah was in school, being careful not to let her daughter and husband suspect anything by dressing for work in the mornings. She bought her condoms in bigger boxes, although not so large that she couldn’t conceal them in her underwear drawer; but while Jenny’s protection use exploded, Dave and Sarah’s started to wane. Dave sometimes caught Jenny while she was still horny from her lover’s visits, earning him a quickie before Sarah came home; Sarah had to coax Jake’s cock into life before he’d fuck her, and his performance with her had been lacklustre lately.

One morning, feeling neglected, horny, and thinking the house was empty, Sarah decided to take care of herself. Recalling her most delicious dream, she thought of her step-father watching from the doorway whilst she worked her lubricated dildo into her pussy. She found that her orgasms were much more intense when she imagined that her father was watching her play with herself; she didn’t know he was in the house, nor that he was walking up the stairs as she cried out “Oh god, Dave!”

Thinking that something was wrong, he vaulted the last few stairs and rushed into Sarah’s room. She looked up as the door swung open and her father stood there motionless. It was the final push she needed to take her over the edge; he was rooted to the spot as her orgasm hit, her face contorted and chest heaving as she looked into his eyes. He shook his head, clearing the fog which had descended and narrowed his focus to that of his daughter at her most intimate and open of moments. Embarrassed, he turned and left the room, meaning to enter the bathroom when his step-daughter caught up to him; she touched his elbow, stopping him in the hallway; he couldn’t turn around. “I’m so sorry love.” His voice was shaky. “I should have knocked. I didn’t know. I’m so…”

“Dad, stop!” She said quietly, squeezing his elbow. “Please look at me.”

“I can’t.” He said, but she stepped in front of him; he tried not to look at her glorious nakedness; she noticed the reason why he couldn’t turn around. She placed her hand on the bulge in his trousers; he flinched and looked into her eyes, holding her gaze as she traced his length with her finger. He was confused until she stood on her tip-toes and kissed him, arms around his neck, she pulled herself up, pressing her bare breasts into him and encircling his waist with her legs. His hands found her naked buttocks, feeling her soft flesh, his resolve melted and he kissed her back. The girl he had known as his daughter for the last thirteen years; the girl who had called him daddy since she was five years old, was kissing him hungrily, güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri begging him to take her, wanting him; needing him. He couldn’t refuse her.

Hands kneading her buttocks as her tongue fought with his; he took Sarah into her bedroom and laid her on the edge of the bed. She released his neck, reclining on the soft duvet as he kissed her thighs and down her legs to her ankles; then kissing all the way back up to her shaved slit. His tongue teased her open, probing and exploring; tasting her nectar while she writhed on the bed. Sucking on her engorged clitoris, she grabbed at the duvet and dug her heels into Dave’s back as she shook through the most intense orgasm she had ever experienced.

Dave came up for air; he shed his clothes, his erection proudly before him as he stood. With her feet at the edge of the bed, she pushed herself backwards and reached out to him; he took her hand and knelt between her legs, bending to suckle on her prominent nipples. He wondered if he’d taken things too far, until she passed him a condom; she obviously wanted to take it further, and he didn’t want to disappoint his little girl.

On his haunches, he tore open the packet and rolled the thin latex down his thick shaft before tasting his way up Sarah’s perfect eighteen year old body. He kissed the hollow of her neck as she reached down and placed him at the entrance of her slick pussy.

This was it, the point of no return; he looked into her eyes, the naked hunger in them confirmed that she not only wanted this, but craved it; he entered her slowly.

She felt momentarily guilty, but it passed as her body accepted him. She thought of the times he’d pushed her on the swing, the time he’d given his ice-cream to her when she’d dropped her own, the Halloween costume he made for her when her mother was sick, and the volcano they’d made together for the science fair. She felt her orgasm build; reaching a crescendo as she thought of Dave watching her as Jake pinned her to the wall. She locked her ankles around her stepfather’s back, urging him deeper as she felt him swell; her own orgasm hitting hard as he filled the barrier between them.

He stayed within her, she hugged him tight as they shifted positions; with her on top, she felt in control, his softening cock trapped in her. She rose, helped, in part, by his hands on her firm breasts, caressing the soft flesh and tweaking her hard nipples. She rocked in his lap, feeling him grow again inside her, filling, stretching her until she threw her head back and came in earnest. He held on to her thighs as she slammed down on him, her pussy milking his cock, she cried out as she came.

Still hard, still inside her, he sat up and kissed her; a bead of sweat travelled from the nape of her neck, slowly down her back as he grasped her taught buttocks and picked her up. Laying Sarah on her back, with her head over the edge of the bed, she felt as though he were driving his throbbing member through her. He picked up speed, she groaned with every thrust, raising her knees to her chest, allowing him deeper as he thrust into her. She heard a whimpering, not realising is was herself until her breath caught and her orgasm exploded as Dave added a second load to the condom.

He collapsed backwards, his head on her pillow; she put her fingers on her pussy lips, they were swollen, tender and oh so hot. She shifted on the bed; laying next to her step-father, the man who had taken care of her for thirteen years, and the man who had just given her the most exciting sexual experience of her life, she laid her head on his chest. His heart raced; the post-coital bliss masking the enormity of their recent actions as he hugged her to him, feeling her warmth next to him. They lay together, kissing and stroking as lovers; they parted with a kiss, then Sarah disappeared into the bathroom for a shower. Walking into his own bedroom, he noticed that the bathroom door was ajar; he resisted the temptation to enter, although the thoughts of what could happen if he did had made him hard again. Pushing the thoughts from his mind, he waited until Sarah was finished in the bathroom to have his own shower, although he neglected to lock the door.

In her bedroom, Sarah picked the discarded wrapper off the floor and tossed it into her waste bin. She heard Dave enter the bathroom, but didn’t hear the lock engage; thinking that she’d give it five minutes before sneaking in to surprise him, she donned her robe and opened her bedside drawer to retrieve another condom. The packet was empty; she sighed, then thought her parent’s might have some. Entering their room, Sarah decided to look in her mother’s bedside cabinet first. Opening the top drawer, she found nothing except for her mother’s vibrator, a half used bottle of lube and a box of paracetamol. She opened the second drawer and was startled by her mother’s voice, “And what do you think you’re doing, young lady?”

Sarah’s heart güvenilir bahis şirketleri was pounding, but not as hard as her mother’s. Sarah thought on her feet, “Just looking for ankle socks mum. I can’t find mine.” Both women relaxed, their secrets safe. They jumped when Dave entered the room; Sarah hurriedly fastened her robe, but not without giving Dave a quick flash of her breasts. She grinned at him.

“Can one of you two start dinner while I grab a shower?” Jenny said, distracted. She was feeling tired; having to put more effort in at work to cover the days she was spending with Jake. She couldn’t go on at this pace; but she didn’t want to slow down either. She was addicted. The adrenaline rush, the thrill of getting caught, the fact that a man nearly half her age lusted after her; she just couldn’t get enough.

Dave set the table, Sarah made dinner; a very nice spaghetti carbonara, but Jenny was too preoccupied to taste it. She sat next to Dave at the table, across from Sarah; Dave and Sarah exchanged knowing glances occasionally, but Jenny never noticed. As much as she wanted to carry on seeing Jake, she had to take a break before she crashed and burned, ruining everything.

The next Saturday, Dave had to work and Sarah volunteered at her local charity shop. Jake had told Sarah that he was busy; he’d got a job at a garage and they needed him that day, so Sarah said she’d work the whole day at the shop. Jake knew that Jenny would be alone, so he was disappointed when he received a text from her that said she was having a spa day at the gym. He knew which gym she went to, and knew she didn’t like their spa; the women were too gossipy, and too much relaxation loosened her lips. Having lied to Sarah about the garage to spend the morning and afternoon with Jenny, he was afraid that she was getting cold feet; he hadn’t been with her for four days.

All Jenny needed was some “Me time”; a nice leisurely swim in the pool and a relax in the sauna with no-one to bother her. She went at the quietest time, just before lunch; the gym was almost empty, only the die-hard gym bunnies were in attendance, most of them using the weight machines. She used a treadmill next to the window which overlooked the pool, waiting for the serious swimmers to finish, and the daily gossip crew to catch up with the local news, before she left for the changing room.

She’d opted for a two-piece swimsuit which just about met club regulations; her one-piece suit made her uncomfortable in the sauna, the male lifeguard watched her every movement, and she was sure she caught him adjusting himself as she lowered herself into the cool water. She kept her eye on him as she swam across the pool towards him, preferring backstroke as she swam away. She could see he was becoming uncomfortable, shifting in his seat, agitated as blood rushed to his private parts. She teased him with a few more lengths of the pool. As she finished her swim, she hoisted herself out of the water; with nobody left to guard, the lifeguard made a swift exit.

She smiled to herself as she rinsed in the poolside shower, took a towel from the rack and walked the few steps to the steam room door. The hot air billowed around her as she entered the room; the steam thick and humid. She walked to the back of the room, placed her towel on the wooden bench and reclined against the wall. The door was shrouded in mist; the outside world ceased to matter. Finally alone with her thoughts, she started to think of how she could end this affair without her daughter getting hurt too much. She knew that Jake wasn’t the right man for her daughter with him being so easily swayed by her; if it hadn’t been Jenny, it could have easily been another woman, and she didn’t want that for Sarah, but how could she let her know without putting herself in the frame?

Her peace was shattered as she heard the steam room door swing open and footsteps made their way towards her. Jake appeared, dreamlike through the fog; her heart fluttered, her mind screamed “Don’t do it!” but she was already on her feet and embracing him. They kissed, his thumbs hooking into the waistband of her swimsuit as his hands grabbed at her arse cheeks.

“I thought you were avoiding me?” He asked.

“I just needed some time to myself.” She said, “It’s only been four days?”

“I know but I missed you.” He looked into her eyes. “I missed this.” He pulled her to him and they kissed again. She could feel herself becoming aroused as his hands made their way underneath the tight fabric of her swimsuit and caressed her soft flesh.

“Not here!” She panicked, “We can’t do it here! Someone might come in!”

“The place is empty.” He said, easing the waistband over her hips. She kissed him, her tongue darting into his mouth. He took it as a signal to take it further, pushing her pants down her legs. She stepped out of them and stepped up to the higher bench. Sat facing him, legs open, inviting him; he knelt on the lower bench and tasted the subtle saltiness of her pussy. She stroked his head as his tongue lapped at her juices, flicking her sensitive clit; his fingers worked her pussy, beckoning her towards climax. Her breath was quick and shallow, her shoulders tense as she came, holding the back of his head, covering his face with her cum.

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