A Summer of Firsts Ch. 03

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Thanks again to LarryInSeattle for his help editing.

Nick and Jack and Loretta continue to get to know each other. Nick surrenders his ass for the first time, at least the first time to flesh and blood.

Enjoy. Let me know what works and what doesn’t.


They lay there, a tangle of slick flesh until the mosquitoes, drawn by all that warm sweat, found them. A slap or two later and Loretta was hurrying toward the house while Jack and Nick grabbed the bottles and the blanket. They dropped the stuff on an old dented aluminum picnic table that had seen better days and followed Loretta inside. Nick stood there, scratching a particular troublesome bite on his right ass cheek as the screen door banged to a close behind him.

“Jesus bro, that was some heavy shit, no?” Jack panted, his usual wide grin distorting the bottom half of his face.

He surprised Nick by wrapping his arms around him and kissing him. Nick’s body relaxed inside the circle of Jack’s arms. They kissed for a long time, standing there just inside the side door of the kitchen. The kisses were passionate but not fervid, the kisses of two lovers who felt they had a feel for each other now. Loretta joined them. She leaned the side of her face on her husband’s arm, and put one arm around each man’s waist. They huddled there as the light faded from the sky.

When they stepped away from each other, Nick had a hard-on again.

Jack casually, wrapped his hand around the boy’s cock and looked at his wife, eyes wide.

“Uh-oh, whose turn is it to provide Nick a little relief?” he joked.

“Not mine,” Loretta replied quickly, “unless you don’t want any supper.”

“Fine by me baby. I’ll take him,” Jack said, kissing his wife softly. He nodded toward the back of the house, questioning Nick with his eyes.

Nick shook his head and laughed at the comical look of surprise that fell over Jack’s face.

“Are you leaving, Nick,” Loretta asked, her fingers lightly resting on his forearm, ignoring the antics of her husband. “Can’t you stay? At least for dinner?’

Nick tried not to read too much into the “at least for dinner” comment but he felt hope rise in his chest.

“I can stay but let me help.”

Loretta smiled. “Deal. You can set the table. Go relax till then.”

Nick shook his head. “Let me help. What are you fixing?”

“Pork chops, fried potatoes, and corn or green beans, depends on what I see first in the root cellar.”

“Potatoes in the cellar?”

Loretta nodded as Jack stood, his head swiveling from his wife to Nick and back.

Nick pointed at a door along the back wall of the kitchen, one eyebrow raised and Loretta nodded again.

She was tying on an apron as Nick opened the door to the cellar. He felt above his head for the chain he knew would be there. He’d never been in Loretta’s house but he’d been in plenty of old farmhouses. Instead of a chain his arm encounter a string. He smiled, a bitter half smile. His mom would have pointed out, later of course and out of ear shoot, that people with class had pull chains on their basement lights, not cheap string. Nick pushed his mother out his head. He’d no need to deal with her until Monday afternoon.

He tugged and the stairwell was filled with harsh yellow light. The smell of damp earth filled his nose. It wasn’t a dirty smell but a rich smell. He knew already, standing there at the top of the stairs, that the cellar would be tidy. It would have a dirt floor and damp rock walls with crumbles of loose mortar appearing to glow where they had fallen, but he would not find a rotting potato, or rotting anything else, in a cellar under Loretta’s rule.

He spotted the potato bin at once. He had been built by someone who knew what they were doing. It was off the ground and had several large flat shelves, with lattice bottoms. The potatoes were spread out evenly and with plenty of circulation. He grabbed several, pivoted to the shelves besides the bin, and grabbed a large Mason jar that caught his eye.

“Five bean salad okay instead of corn?” he asked setting the jar and potatoes on the floor. He turned, leaned against the door frame and brushed the loose dirt off the bottoms of his feet. When he looked up Loretta smiled her approval. Nick didn’t feel the action was praise worthy. What sort of clod would track more dirt on a floor that he needed to?

“Fine by me,” Loretta chuckled. “But you have to sleep with Mr. Gas bag over there. I’ll take the guest room.” She looked over her shoulder at Nick. “You can stay the night can’t you?”

Nick nodded and Loretta smiled before turning back to what she was doing.

“Leave the potatoes by the sink. I’ll take care of ’em after I finish with these biscuits.”

Nick ignored her and crossed to the sink where he found the vegetable brush he’d known would be resting canlı bahis şirketleri in a little porcelain holder on the window sill. In the glass, he saw his own reflection, the kitchen lights and the ghostly flashes of fireflies dancing with the first stars of the night. Nick silently chanted “star light star bright” to himself and made his wish.

It didn’t take long to wash the potatoes. Loretta directed him to the cutting board and a knife.

“You want ’em peeled?” he asked.

“Not unless you do,” Loretta replied. “All the vitamins…”

“Are in the skin,” Nick finished for her and they both giggled.

Looking bemused, Jack hopped up to sit on the countertop. Loretta shrieked.

“Jack! Get you bare butt off my kitchen counter. Honestly,” she stammered. As she shooed him off with floured hands. He smiled as he hopped down and bowed.

“As you wish, madam,” he intoned in a passable English accent. Loretta giggled and floured both of his cheeks by pressing his face together with her hands and kissing him. Nick smiled as the biscuits were forgotten for a minute or two.

“Get us all another beer okay babe,” she asked as she gave him a quick I-have-things-to-do-mister kiss.

Jack bowed again and turned to the refrigerator. Things went quickly after that. They ate in silence. Nick would never tell his mother this but he’d finally found someone who made better biscuits than her. Jack chased them into the living room, assuring them he’d feel guilty if he didn’t do the dishes.

Nick settled back on the couch, amazed at how quickly he’d forgotten he was naked. Loretta had given Jack her apron. Focused on the meal, his cock had grown quiet, now watching Loretta bend over to thumb through a milk crate of LPs, he felt it stirring. She had a beautiful ass and the cleft mound of her pussy was easy to see between her legs. Yet, dick getting hard or not, Nick acknowledged to himself that while he’d had fun with Loretta, it was Jack he really wanted. He felt like a jerk for thinking that way but, nonetheless, it was the truth.

She lowered the needle, there was a hiss and then unfamiliar music filled the air. Loretta turned to him with a smile. He made no effort to hide his boner. She settled onto the couch and curled up beside him. She rest her hand on his dick, in an almost companionable fashion.

“You like Jefferson Airplane?” she inquired. “It’s their first album,” she continued, not waiting for his reply. “Well, not really, but the first one with Grace and without Grace it ain’t Airplane as far as I’m concerned,” she clarified, at least to herself. Nick had no idea who or what she was talking about. On Saturday and Sunday his mom listened to Porter Wagner, Bill Anderson, and Lawrence Welk. His confusion regarding the music didn’t bother him. He didn’t feel like a total spaz like he did at school when classmates would talk about Zeppelin and Clapton and he had no option except to nod his head and offer and occasional “yeah, cool” to the conversation. He listened, not worrying for a change, and thought he might like this music. He certainly liked the warmth of Loretta’s body next to his.

“Did you like making love to me, Nick?” she whispered.

“Um-hm,” he murmured truthfully. “It was better than I had ever imagined.”

He could see her nod out of the corner of his eye. When she spoke, her voice was soft but insistent.

“Don’t feel bad. I know you like Jack more than me. That’s okay.”

Nick shifted to look at her. For perhaps the first time, he spoke as an adult.

“That’s not true. When I think about sex, about fucking, I imagine Jack more than you but I don’t like him more than you. I love you both.”

His face may not have shown it but his own words shocked him. It made a little more sense in Loretta’s case. He’d known her for years, known the real girl, woman, not the white trash stereotype everyone tried to mold her into. Jack, he barely knew, but the man had watched out for him, protected him.

“Okay, I love you. Jack, maybe that’s a crush not love,” he amended as Loretta began to giggle.

“What’s not love?” Jack asked as he tossed the apron behind him and entered the living room.

“Nicky was telling me he loved me but only has a crush on you,” Loretta replied laughing, as Nick’s face flamed.

“You tell my wife you fucking love her little bro?” Jack demanded, his face flat.

Nick started to stammer something but Jack couldn’t hold it and began to laugh.

“Of course you love her. Who doesn’t? She’s fucking perfect,” he whispered the last as he bent to kiss his wife, a wife who still had Nick’s cock in one hand.

Jack turned his head to look at Nick. “I don’t mind sharing but don’t try to take her away or we’ll have us a little problem.”

Nick nodded, more amused than threatened. Did the dope think canlı kaçak iddaa he was after Loretta?

“Don’t be a simp, honey. I’m the one who should be worried, not you,” Loretta offered, honest as ever. “He loves me but he’s got the major hots for you, honey-pie.” She patted Jack’s cheek affectionately as she rose. “In fact, I think I’ll let you boys have the couch. I’ll make myself comfortable in the recliner.”

“That true?” Jack whispered, kneeling on the couch. “You got the hots for me, Nick?”

Nick nodded.

“Speak up, bro, I can’t hear your brains rattle.”

“Yes. I have the hots for you.”

“Really? Now that’s interesting cause at the moment I got the hots for you, too.”

Jack pulled at Nick’s feet, tugging until he was lying flat on the couch with Jack kneeling between his legs. He bent over and gave Nick’s cock a couple of quick sucks before leaning further. He began to kiss Nick’s nipples, then tease them with his tongue before tugging at them with his teeth. When Nick reached for his cock, Jack stopped him.

“Put your hands under your head,” he insisted, as he returned to teasing Nick’s nipples. He kissed his way sideways, pushing his nose and face into Nick’s armpit. Nick moaned and writhed beneath the older man’s body.

Jack kissed and nipped his way up the side of Nick’s face. He tugged at the boy’s lower lip with his teeth before driving his tongue into his mouth. Nick struggled to rub his dick against the man’s body but Jack pressed down on him, trapping him between the couch and his body. He held Nick’s arms down by leaning on his elbows, trapping him.

Jack raised his head up, no smile on his face this time. “So little bro, what are you hot for? Want me to suck you?”

“No,” Nick grunted. “I want you to fuck me, fuck me like you did Loretta.”

Jack shook his head. “Man, you aren’t ready for that yet. You got to take it slow. But I dig the enthusiasm.”

“I’m ready,” Nick insisted, eyes blazing. “Fuck me.” He turned his head to look at Jack’s wife. “You got any lube, Crisco?”

Loretta had her legs sprawled up, two fingers in her pussy and two more that appeared to be tapping out “fuck me” in Morse code atop her clit. She rose and hurried down the hallway, returning with a small squirt bottle in one hand and a towel.

She folded the towel as her husband sat back on his heels. Loretta waved him toward the end of the couch and he obliged. She tugged at Nick and he moved down the couch as well. Nick raised his ass and she slipped the towel under his butt. She pulled one of Nick’s leg over the edge of the couch. Then, she helped him drape the other on the back of the couch before she squeezed herself into the space at the end of the couch. She lifted Nick’s head up and rested it in her lap.

She leaned over him, forcing him to move his head to the side to give her room. He didn’t know what she was doing until he felt something cold and wet on his cock. She pulled his balls up and the cold and wet something ran over his balls and into his ass crack. Her breasts lay heavy on his chest as she reached below his balls. Her middle finger rubbed the liquid over his asshole, then pushed inside. When she pulled her finger out of his ass, she stretched, hand opened, and Jack laid his cock in the palm of her hand. She stroked his cock, spreading the lube over the head and the shaft, before sitting leaning back against the arm of the sofa. Her upside down face smiled at Nick, who was too lost in anticipation to smile back. The look of appreciation and wonder in his eyes was enough for her. She contorted herself enough to give him a kiss before straightening up to look at her husband.

Jack’s smile was gone. For perhaps the first time since he’d met him, Jack appeared to Nick to be all business.

“You sure about this little bro?” Jack whispered in a voice that clearly hoped the answer would be “yes”.

Nick answered with a quick jerk of his head.

“Okay, tell me if it hurts too much,” Jack muttered as he walked forward on his knees. His right hand cupped the back of Nick’s left knee and lifted it, rolling his ass off the couch. His left hand gripped his cock. He began to rub the head over Nick’s pucker hole. The boy began to rock his hips slightly, pushing himself against the man’s cock.

Nick felt the pressure on his ass build. So did the discomfort. He expected some but this was more intense than a coke bottle. As he drew a breath to say “stop”, there was a brief flare of pain. The pain eased and Nick was left with a sensation of fullness. Jack continued the slow penetration of his ass. As the head and then shaft, of the hard cock slide over his prostate, the sensation of fullness spread to Nick’s cock.

A moment later he felt Jack’s balls pressed against his ass. It was done. He’d taken all the man’s cock. They rested canlı kaçak bahis that way until Nick’s breathing eased.

“You okay?” Jack asked, watching Nick’s face carefully.

“Oh yeah,” Nick panted. He smiled. “I told you I was ready.”

Jack’s reply was to ease his cock out of the boy’s ass. Nick felt his sphincter swell as the head of the man’s cock drew near. When Jack entered him again, it was quicker, not fast yet, but quicker. Nick’s eyes were glued to his own cock. As Jack pistoned in and out of his ass, each stroke forced another drop of fluid out of the slit of his dick. A long strand clung to his dick. As he watched, it detached in slow-motion to disappear into his pubic hair.

“More lube, babe.”

Jack’s voice interrupted Nick’s contemplation of his own cock. Loretta’s breasts pressed against him. She must have squirted the lube on Jack’s cock because Nick did not feel the cool liquid on his balls or ass. When she moved back, she raised her butt and sat on the arm of the couch. Nick’s head lay flat on the cushion.

Jack hooked his arm under Nick’s knee and lifted. Nick’s leg now rested on the man’s chest and belly. He leaned forward, sliding easily back into the boy’s ass, and began to kiss him. As they kissed, it felt to Nick as if the man’s cock continued to grow. His balls were smashed against Nick’s ass. He couldn’t possibly be any deeper in the boy’s gut that he had been but it sure felt that way.

Without breaking the kiss, Jack began to fuck the boy. It wasn’t the long full strokes he’d used earlier, these were quick, hard jabs that sent waves of excitement rippling through Nick’s belly and chest. When Jack pulled away from the kiss, he pulled Nick’s other leg from the back of the couch. He leaned into the boy’s knees, rolling his ass even further into the air. He changed his strokes once more. He fucked Nick just as fast, just as hard but now he was able to pull all the way out of the boy’s ass before plunging back into the newly accommodating sphincter.

Nick tilted his head back. Loretta was fingering her pussy. Her juices ran down her fingers to cover the back of her hand. Nick reached up and pulled her hand away. He drew it to her mouth and began to suck on her fingers. Between his legs, Loretta’s husband moaned and began to thrust with more vigor. Nick relinquished Loretta’s fingers, unable to do more than absorb the sensations washing over him.

Jack plunged deeply into his ass and then froze. Nick could feel the cock pulsing in his ass. He was disappointed he couldn’t feel the actual jets of cum filling his ass but when Jack began to move again, his cock slid even more easily in the boy’s ass. When the cock left his ass, NIck felt cum oozing down his ass crack and was glad for the towel under him.

He reached for his cock but Jack pushed his hand away. As Jack took his cock in his mouth, Nick tilted his head to look at Loretta. Her face was pinched and red. Her fingers rapidly moved from her clit to plunge into her pussy and then back. She noticed Nick’s gaze. The boy reached up and tugged at one of her legs. She didn’t bother wondering if she should, or if Nick really wanted to or was he just trying to be nice. She simply didn’t fucking care.

She moved from the arm of the sofa, put on foot on the floor and the other slid between the cushion and sofa back. She squatted and covered the boy’s face with her cunt. His tongue buried itself in her pussy, sucking at her wetness. Nick’s hands found her hands and urged her forward. She followed his lead. She gasped when she left his tongue on her ass. Her fingers flew to her clit. She did not rub her clit. She began to slap it softly at first, then with real force as her orgasm ripped her apart. She shoved against Nick’s face and her ass started to spasm around the tongue that had penetrated her.

She gasped and shudder but could find no words.

Jack watched from under his bangs as the boy’s tongue got his wife off. He never slacked in his attention to the boy’s cock. He deep-throated the organ and massaged the shaft with his tongue. When the boy came, he swallowed what he could but most ran down the boy’s cock, over his balls to mingle with the cum trapped in the crack of his ass.

As he came, Nick’s hands closed convulsively on Loretta’s ass. His face bucked against her cheeks as he fucked her with his tongue. She was never sure if she had another orgasm or the renewed anal assault had simply prolonged the one she was already having.

It was too much. She pushed herself off the boy’s greedy mouth and collapsed on the floor in front of the couch. She rested her head on the edge of the cushion. When her husband left Nick’s cock and sat back on his heels, her eyes took in the site of his slick, shiny, and still half-hard cock. She raised up onto her knees and took Nick’s cock in her mouth, wondering if she could taste her husband on the boy’s cock. She licked the underside of the shaft and sucked one ball after another into her mouth but went no further. The towel beneath the boy’s ass was soaked.

As the two men panted above her, Loretta laughed.

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