A Summer To Remember

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It was the fourth of July when it happened. It was a particularly hot summer in the panhandle of Oklahoma. We had some rain assuring the fire works display would go on as planed, however the air was heavy with moisture. I was eighteen years old, and had just graduated high school in May. My Aunt Sara had moved into an apartment just three blocks away in April. I had watched her for a couple years. She was about 5’6″ with mousy brown hair, but it wasn’t her hair I looked at, Sara had a nice firm ass, and a pair of pert c cup tits with nipples that poked through her t-shirts just begging to be sucked. She often came over evenings to talk with my mother. They were both divorced, and I guess they kept that their common ground. Other than that they were very different people. Any way, Sara normally wore shorts and t-shirts in the summer. For as long as I had been interested in sex I had been dreaming of seeing her tits, out in the open, I had no idea just how close I would end up to them.

She came over about 10:00 AM that morning, we weren’t doing anything that day and my mom was leaving for the night to see her boyfriend at five. They sat around watching the tube for a bit and Sara said that she would like to wash her car. Having a TV in my room I had been on my bed watching the “4th of July Extravaganza of movies” on one of the networks. When I heard her car pull up beside the house my interest was peaked. I leaned over to glance out my window and nearly fell into the floor. Sara was washing her car, but to keep cool in the summer heat she had turned the hose on herself. The printed white tee-shirt she was wearing now did nothing to obscure the fact that she was with out a bra.

Staring at the wet transparent fabric plastered to my aunt’s luscious breast, I suddenly felt as if a marble rod had been some how implanted wear my dick once was. I thought it was going to rip the seam of my shorts! Fortunately my door was shut, so I was able to grab the Vaseline next to my bed and start pumping my cock. I stroked myself slowly as I watched her wet body shimmering in the sun. I was almost to the point of cuming when she turned the hose on herself again. I shot my load uncontrollably, as she cupped one of those beautiful mounds, directing the water directly onto the nipple. I didn’t wait to see if she did any more, Mom would be calling me for lunch any minute and I had one heck of a mess to clean up.

I had decided after my view of the car wash that I should probably change from my running shorts into cutoffs. They don’t hide a hard on, but they sure obscure it a lot better than loose cotton. I found out how wise this was as I went to the kitchen to grab a sandwich, Sara had changed out of her wet shirt into a halter top that made me almost as hard as before. It casino şirketleri was during lunch that I started to suspect my little peep show had not been a coincidence. Sara waited till my mother went for a refill on her drink, then looked strait at me and w inked. “Jon would you be so kind as to help me wax my car this afternoon?” She asked it with out even a hint of the longing I had hoped to hear, but still I had to wonder. “Sure Aunt Sara, No problem, you want me to drag out the shop vac to do the inside to?” I was hoping to get a little more response from her and I did, though I missed it at the time, “no that’s alright I think the back seat is plenty clean enough for all it gets used.”

After lunch Mom said something to the effect that she was headed down town to catch the sidewalk sales. She was hoping to find a new swimsuit to wear in her boyfriend’s pool that night. Sara and I headed out to the garage to get wax and rags for the car. “My God it’s hot out here, You won’t mind if I shuck these shorts and run around in my bikini bottom would you Jon?” Trying not to show too much enthusiasm I answered, “Sure Aunt Sara, what ever you want.” I may have been gathering supplies for the car with my hands but my eyes were glued to Sara’s ass as she pushed her shorts down around her ankles and stepped out of them. As she rose she rubbed her hands up along her calves and thighs, ending up with her hands on her ass. Watching this I knocked everything off the shelf I was reaching for.

As Sara turned and looked at me there was no hiding the flush across my face. “Dear me Jon, I think I will have to take that as a complement.” I stared at her for a second, open-mouthed. As she took the can of wax out of my hand she smiled, “Lets hurry up and get the job done, I can think of much better ways to get sweaty.” Through out the buffing of the car I kept looking at her ass and tits barley hidden by the bikini and halter-top. Grabbing a bottle of vinyl cleaner, she said, “Why don’t I do the dash and steering wheel while you buff off the roof?” with out waiting for an answer, she opened the drivers door and sat down. It was only a matter of a few minutes before I stepped in front of the open door to finish buffing the roof. My arms were aching from the repetitive pressure and I was about to walk away when I felt her hands at my crotch. “Oh my, have I done this to you nephew? I suppose I have since there isn’t any one else here.”

I groaned as she rubbed her hand up and down the front of my shorts. Suddenly I felt the zipper open. “Aren’t you a hung! And no jockeys either.” I was about to pull away when I felt my raging cock engulfed by her velvet mouth. “Sara, we shouldn’t!” the only answer I received was her mouth driving even further down on my shaft. Her casino firmalari hands grasping my belt loops to prevent me from pulling away. In a few seconds I felt the pressure in my balls become critical. Evidently Sara could feel my dick pulsing in her mouth, because just then she drove her head forward forcing me even deeper into her mouth. I felt the head of my cock touch the back of her throat and keep going a bit. That was all that was needed. As I came I thrust my hips towards her grabbing the back of her head. I had never come so hard in my life! Pistoning in and out of Sara’s throat I shot what seemed like gallons of my juices down her. When I finally released her head she smiled up at me from inside the car, “Now that is the way to work up a sweat!”

Hearing the sound of an engine I quickly shoved myself back into my shorts and zipped them. As we went inside Sara told my mother who had just walked in the door, how great a job I had done helping her out.

The afternoon passed quietly, I could here people setting off firecrackers, while I sat on the sofa watching TV. Mom was showered and heading out the door before I knew it. “Jon there are hamburger patties in the freezer, why don’t you and Sara fire up the grill for supper?” I looked up and nodded, “I probably won’t be home till Morning so mind your aunt, and don’t get into trouble.”

I smiled and told her not to worry, I had stayed at home alone many times without incident. As we heard the car turn the corner at the end of the street, I looked over at Sara. “So Auntie what do you want me to do?” She smiled over her beer at me, “I think you should probably cook me dinner nephew. I am going to go take a shower. ” Conceding to her wishes I went outside and started the charcoal.

It took about a half-hour to get the burgers ready, when I went back into the living room I nearly dropped the two plates I was carrying. There was Sara lying buck-naked on the floor. “So are you going to feed me dinner or not?” The evening continued to progress this way, her naked, directing me to hand feed her “After all your mother did say to obey me.” After dinner and a few beers, she turned to me, “so do you like watching your auntie’s tits through the window, or is this much better?” As she spoke she cupped her tits and began rolling the nipples between her fingers. “I think you owe me a show. Why don’t you strip off those shorts and jerk your dick for auntie?”

With the way this day had gone, I was willing to do any thing for her. I just wanted some time soon to suck those beautiful nipples, and drive my dick as hard as I could into her snatch. As I pulled my clothes off she continued to massage her chest telling me how good it felt to suck on my dick earlier. Taking my cock in hand I began güvenilir casino to pump it. I sat down on the edge of the recliner above her and continued to masturbate. When she reached under the footrest and retrieved a dildo I almost blew my load. “Careful now, you don’t want to get off before the fun really begins. It was incredible, My Aunt Sara fucking her self right in front of me! “Come for me Jonny, Cum for Auntie Sara!” She was thrashing on the floor the big rubber dick pushing in and out of her wet snatch. She began to breathe faster and faster, I shot my load as I realized she was fucking herself to orgasm. Cream shot from my dick like a rocket, landing all across her face.

We both stopped our breathing ragged. Sara spoke haltingly from the floor. “Are you ready to fuck your auntie now?” Even after a blow job and jerking myself off twice today, that invitation brought my dick back to full attention. I reached down between her legs and grasp the dildo still shoved halfway into her cunt and began stroking it in and out of her body. “Yes Auntie Sara I am ready to fuck you.” With one hand I reached up and grasp one of those tits I had been dreaming of so long. Kneading it in my hand and pinching her nipple as I had seen her do, I soon had her writhing on the floor. As she started to get closer to cumming She wiped my cream off of her face with a towel in the floor. “Wait Jonny I want to watch you fuck me.” She pushed my hand away from her cunt and removed the dildo, taking my hand she rose and led me into the bathroom. There she planted her hands on the counter and looked at me in the Mirror. “Well What are you waiting for, Are you going to fuck my greedy cunt or not?”

I didn’t need a second invitation, I stepped behind her, grabbing a breast in each hand I pushed my dick up into her crotch and rammed it into her cunt. She caught her breath and began shouting, “Oh God yes, fuck me Jonny! Fuck your auntie hard!” At first I tried to quiet her, but hen as her pussy started to respond more and more to my pounding, I just let her yell. She got louder and louder, “Oh God Jonny your cock feels so good inside me Fuck me Harder Jonny Fuck me harder!” Relinquishing my hold on her tits I grabbed her shoulders and pushed her down on the counter. Using her shouders for leverage I Rammed My dick into her as hard as I could. I could feel her cunt contract around my shaft as she began to orgasm. A high-pitched wail came from her and she started shouting gibberish at the top of her lungs. I thought I would never stop coming inside her, as I pumped my boiling semen into her. Finally I stopped and stood there, she still was half lying on the counter, my dick still deep inside her. “You are definitely my favorite nephew Jon” She panted.

Later that night we fucked again, we missed the fireworks show, but neither of us really cared. The next morning when my mother got home, Sara told her that she was going to be rearranging her apartment later that week and she might need to borrow me. It was truly a summer to remember.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00353 515 73 20