A Surprise Homecoming Pt. 01

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My work regularly took me away from home for a week at a time and I was always anxious and looking forward to coming home to be with Sharon my sex-crazed wife and fuck her as soon as I had come home. With us spending a lot of time apart we were left to settle for having phone sex and would masturbate together on the phone telling each other how much we missed each other but it wasn’t the same as being at home with and fucking her at home.

Sharon would always make me cum and blow a massive load of my hot sticky cum into a pair of her used panties that she had placed into my luggage to remind me of what she smelled like, she would talk about her fantasies of being with our daughter and how much she wanted to suck my cum out of our daughter’s cum filled cunt.

When I was offered the chance to come home early, I jumped at the chance and decided to surprise Sharon. That night when I arrived home the house was in darkness except for our bedroom light. When I saw that my mother Mary’s car was parked in our driveway, I assumed that she had stayed overnight to keep Sharon company as she had previously done while I was away.

After entering our house and setting down my luggage at the front door. I heard soft moaning coming from the bedroom and quietly moved down the hallway towards the bedroom. When I looked into the bedroom, what I saw surprised the hell out of me and shocked me to the core.

There was my beautiful sexy wife standing behind my mother slamming a strap-on dildo in and out of my mother’s hairy cunt. My mother was on her hands and knees, her head buried between our daughter’s legs, licking her bald cunt.

“Mom,” screamed Susan as she looked at me standing at the bedroom door.

“What is it, Babygirl?” my wife Sharon asked.

“Dad’s home,” squealed Susan.

“Your father is coming home tomorrow,” replied Sharon as she slammed the dildo into my mother’s soaking wet cunt.

“Dad’s here watching us,” squealed Susan pointing at me.

When Sharon turned and looked over her shoulder and saw me standing there, she panicked and screamed, “Fuck, David why are you home so early… why didn’t you call me and tell me that you were coming home early?”

Sharon stepped away from my mother, pulling the strap on dildo out of my mother’s wet cunt. Mary rolled over onto her side and looked up at me and giggled, “I guess we don’t have to keep our secret anymore.”

“Sharon, how long has this been going on?” I asked as I stared at my daughter’s naked body.

“Ever since you started going away for work a week at a time,” replied Sharon.

“David, Sharon told me how lonely she was and how much she missed having sex with you… so I offered to help,” said Mary.

I couldn’t take my eyes of Susan’s naked body, the sight of my daughter’s small breasts and her bald puffy cunt had my cock throbbing inside my pants and asked, “And what about Susan… how did she get involved?”

“Susan has been sleeping with me to keep me company,” replied Sharon as she started to remove my shirt and undo my pants.

After Sharon pulled my pants and underwear down around my ankles, my hard cock sprang out like a rod of steel. Susan giggled, “Mom, can I play with Dad’s cock?”

“That’s up to your father… David do you want to fuck the three of us?” asked Sharon.

I looked at my mother’s hairy bush and her large breasts with hard pointy nipples and remembered how I had often masturbated after spying on my mother’s naked body when I was younger. I then looked at my wife Sharon’s waxed bahis firmaları cunt and her firm breasts, and then looked back at our daughter Susan’s bald puffy cunt and small breasts and thought how much our daughter looked like a younger version of her mother.

“Are you telling me it’s okay for me to fuck Susan?” I excitedly asked.

“Please fuck me, Daddy, I have wanted to feel your cock inside my cunt for a long time,” squealed Susan.

As Susan spread her legs apart and held open her bald cunt letting me gaze inside her cunt, my mother giggled, “Your daughter’s cunt is nice and wet and ready for her daddy’s cock.”

When I looked at Sharon standing beside the bed smiling at me, she said, “Go ahead David and fuck your daughter… I know that you have wanted to fuck Susan ever since we talked about her on the phone.”

With everyone’s permission, I moved between my daughter’s legs and pushed the head of my cock against the entrance to her bald cunt. Susan’s cunt lips parted and wrapped around the shaft of my cock as I slowly pushed my cock deep inside her cunt.

“Oh, Daddy,” my young daughter screamed as she took a deep breath.

At first, I thought I had hurt her until she screamed, “Daddy your cock feels a lot better than Mom’s dildo.”

“Fuck our daughter… make her cum,” screamed Sharon as she pumped her fingers in and out of her own cunt.

As I thrust my cock in and out of my daughter’s cunt, she raised her hips up to meet my inward thrusts trying to get my cock to go deeper inside her soaking wet cunt. I could feel her cunt milking my cock each time I thrust my cock in and out of her tight bald cunt. My daughter’s cunt felt fantastic and every bit as good as I had first thought it would.

“Oh fuck, I love how your cock is stretching my cunt… Dad your cock is a lot bigger than my boyfriend and his father’s cock,” moaned Susan.

Hearing my daughter telling me that her boyfriend and his father had both fucked her, had me thrusting my cock hard into my daughter and it wasn’t long before I was shooting my hot sticky cum into my daughter’s wet cunt. When I had finished cumming and pulled my soft limp cock out of my daughter’s cunt and stepped back from between her legs, Sharon crawled between our daughter’s legs and started licking up and sucking out my cum that was dripping out of our daughter’s cum filled cunt.

My mother reached out and after pulling me closer, took my soft cock into her mouth and wrapped her arms around me and began sucking the last remaining drops of cum out of my cock.

“Oh fuck Mom, I’ve always dreamed of having you suck my cock,” I moaned as I felt my cock becoming hard in my mother’s mouth.

My mother lifted her mouth off my cock and replied, “David, I’ve always wanted to suck your cock and have you fuck me.”

“Mom, why didn’t you?” I asked.

“Your father wouldn’t let me,” she replied and then took my cock back into her mouth to suck.

I hated my father for being too strict with us both and I was glad my mom had finally divorced him and kicked him out of her house. My cock was becoming hard as I thought about the times that I saw my mother naked in her bedroom and around the house when it was just the two of us living together. I just wish I had been more courageous to approach my mother and ask her to have sex with me then.

Even now my mother had a fantastic slim body and lovely firm breasts for a woman her age and here I was a father and husband with a hot sex-loving wife and a young gorgeous young daughter. The kaçak iddaa three most important females in my life were here with me and I was going to fuck every one of them.

I slipped my hard cock out of my mother’s mouth and chuckled, “Mom, are you ready to be fucked by your son?”

My mother giggled as she replied, “David, put your cock in your mommy’s cunt and fuck her as you had always wanted.”

As my mother laid down on the bed and spread her legs letting me see how wet her hairy cunt was. I moved between her legs and after lifting her ankles up onto my shoulders, rubbed my cock up and down her soaking wet slit as I looked at her face begging me to shove my cock into her hairy cunt. Then with a thrust, I drove my cock all the way into her cunt, she let out a loud moan and then began whimpering as I pulled my cock slightly back out before slamming my cock back into her cunt.

When I looked beside me at my wife and daughter, I saw that Sharon now had Susan lying on top of her as they ate and lick each other’s cunt in the most sexual sixty-nine position that I’ve ever seen. It was an incredibly sexy sight of a mother and her daughter and made me slam my cock in and out of my mother’s wet cunt faster and harder. I reached down and squeezed my mother’s breasts and pulled on her large nipples.

My mother began to scream loudly as her cunt started covering my cock with her juices, my mother was having an orgasm and her body started shaking. When she let out another loud scream, Susan sat up and started grinding her cunt onto her mother’s face as she watched her father slamming his cock in and out of her grandmother’s cunt.

After Sharon pushed Susan off her face and had caught her breath she sat up on the bed with our daughter to watch me fucking my mother. I suddenly felt my cock getting ready to explode and drove my cock into my mother’s cunt as my cock erupted and shot several loads of hot cum into her cunt the same cunt that I had come out of all those years ago.

After removing my limp cock from my mother’s cum filled cunt, I sat down on the edge of the bed between my wife and daughter and wrapped an arm around each of them and fondled each of their breasts and flicked my fingers over their nipples.

When my mother had recovered and caught her breath, I chuckled, “Mom, I want to watch you fucking Sharon with the strap on dildo.”

My mother started giggling as she strapped the dildo into place, I lifted my daughter up and carried her over to an armchair and sat down with my daughter on my lap. My wife knelt on the bed on her hands and knees and spread her knees apart as she looked over her shoulder at my mother approaching her from behind waving the strap on dildo in her hand.

Susan ground her cunt against my soft cock as we watched my mother rubbing the tip of the dildo over my wife and Susan’s mother’s wet cunt. Sharon let out a gasp and began moaning as Mary started driving the dildo in and out of her wet cunt.

“Fuck her ass Grandma and show Dad how much Mom and I love having our ass fucked,” squealed Susan.

At first, I thought I didn’t hear what my daughter had squealed properly, Sharon hated me fucking her ass. When I saw my mother pull the strap on dildo out of my wife’s cunt and push the strap on dildo into my wife’s ass, my soft cock started twitching against my daughter’s ass as she squirmed around on my lap.

“Susan, did I hear you correctly say that you like having your ass fucked?” I whispered in my daughter’s ear.

Susan giggled, “Yes, I love having kaçak bahis a cock or a dildo in my ass.”

I wrapped my arms around my daughter’s body tight and cupped her small breasts in the palms of my hands and pulled her back against my chest and whispered, “Let’s go to your bedroom, I want to fuck your ass.”

Susan giggled as I stood up with her in my arms, my wife and mother were to busy with each other to notice me carrying Susan out of the bedroom and down the hallway towards her bedroom. As soon as we were in my daughter’s bedroom, I laid her down on her bed and crawled onto the bed beside her.

After Susan had given me a soft kiss on my mouth, she started kissing me passionately like no daughter should ever kiss their father, Susan pushed her tongue into my mouth and began wrestling with my tongue. I pulled her body against mine, pressing her small firm breasts against my chest as I held her in a tight embrace as we continued to kiss each other.

With one hand around her slim body rubbing over her back, my other hand cupped her small ass-cheeks and gave them a squeeze. Susan had both arms wrapped around my neck, keeping the lips of our mouths locked together as we explored each other’s mouths with our tongues.

As I kissed my daughter, I began rubbing my finger over and around her puckering ass-hole making her squirm and push her ass back against my finger. When my finger penetrated her ass-hole and I started to finger fuck her cute ass, Susan broke our kiss and started whimpering and softly moaning in between taking deep breaths.

She suddenly pushed me away and rolled off my body, removing my finger from her ass-hole. She looked at me with a mischievous grin and giggled as she rolled over and knelt on the bed on her elbows and knees.

“Daddy, I want to feel your large cock in my ass,” squealed Susan.

She laid her head down on a pillow and after spreading her knees apart, reached behind and spread the cheeks of her ass apart, letting me see my target. After spitting into my hand and covering the head of my cock in saliva, I pushed the tip of my spear at my target.

With little to no resistance at all my large cock slipped deep into her young ass, telling me that my daughter has had her ass fucked plenty of times before. Her ass tightened around my cock, gripping onto my cock like a vice.

“Oh fuck Babygirl, your ass feels fantastic,” I moaned as I began to pump my cock in and out of her ass.

“Daddy, I love how much your cock is stretching my ass-hole,” moaned Susan pushing her ass back against my inward thrusts.

I reached under my daughter and cupped her small breasts in the palms of my hands as I continued thrusting my cock in and out of her ass. It was still hard to comprehend that my sweet young Babygirl loved having her ass fucked and had let her boyfriend and his father fuck her ass. I started thinking about who else has enjoyed fucking my daughter as I started to thrust my cock in and out of her ass faster.

Susan’s moans and screams were muffled by the pillow she had her face buried in. When I felt her body shaking, I knew my young daughter was having another orgasm. I could feel the pressure building up in my balls and knew that I was about to cum and fill my daughter’s ass with my hot sticky cum.

After shooting several loads of cum into her ass, I collapsed on top of my daughter as my cock still in her ass started becoming soft. Susan rolled me off her body and threw her arms around my neck and started kissing me more passionately than before. We must have drifted off to sleep in each other’s arms when I woke up the sun was shining through the bedroom window and I was alone in bed, I reached down and squeezed my cock as I thought had this all been a dream.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00353 515 73 20