A Timeless Place Ch. 10

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Bruce and Peter walked into the restaurant while Tony parked the car. It was one of eight they found and were using from Mr. Bowman’s garage. He had spotted the BMW and had always wanted to take it for a spin when the man was alive. Of course, he also had his eyes on the Porsche and the Mazeratti, but there were three riding, so they needed a little room for everyone.

As he pulled into the parking spot, put it in neutral and extracted the emergency brake, he looked over toward the building to see two well dressed men with slight bulges under their jackets. Conspicuously, he busied himself while he watched them for a moment, pretending to be putting things away, or getting them in the car. When he stepped out he straightened his jacket, buttoning it still scoping out the couple with nonchalance. Slipping on his shades, he meandered toward them for a better look.

“Hi.” He spoke with an almost outlandishly silly grin. “Nice evenin’, don’tchya thank?” a thick southern drawl poured from him as well as some overly accentuated southern mannerisms.

One of them answered with an even thicker Russian accent alerting him to the fact. “Hello, yes, very nice night.”

Tony smiled continuing back around the front hearing them follow close behind. His keen ears could hear their steps that weren’t as trained as Peter’s were, silent, patient, and furtive. Their conversation was in jest of his cowboy like manners and such. It didn’t bother him until one of them called him a pimp because of the jewelry he was wearing. But, he let is slide for the time being, seeming to know they would tango soon enough. When they reached the front corner, they stopped, but Tony kept going, stepping in through the door.

The valet nodded, as he passed, a bit disgruntled that Tony had chosen to park the car himself.

“Watch those two. Let me know if they leave.” He muttered to the teen briefly.

“Why? What’s goin’ on?” the youth asked who must have barely been eighteen. He seemed to perk as if he was about to learn some juicy news about a conflict.

“It’s a matter of national security, kid.” Tony quipped. “And you shouldn’t be so nosey. It might get you killed one day.”

The teen smirked, not believing him, but glanced over at the two men outside. They stood at the corner of the building seeming to be waiting for someone. Both were wearing nice suites, dark shades and appeared to be identical twins. Their hair color was of a milky blonde; long, straight and worn free. Their lips were a pinkish tan that appeared to have been surgically over defined. Yet they both had had no such thing done to them. As one of them removed his shades, he could see that their eyes were an eerie bluish-silver color that the teen had never seen before.

It made him shudder as he glanced over at him giving him an evil grin. When the man replaced his shades once more, the teen couldn’t tell if the man was looking at him anymore or not. It unnerved him so, that he stepped in through the foyer doorway to get out of his sight for a moment.

Inside, Tony meandered to the table where Peter and Bruce had joined David. He took note of the room and everyone there as he went. Everyone appeared normal to him, yet he couldn’t help but think a third man was lurking about nearby. His trained eyes and quick mind memorized everyone there, just in case. They fell on a certain man with that sparked his suspicions instantly. Anyway, he knew he had to keep his skills sharp and this was one way of tackling that problem. So, he focussed on his surroundings as he went.

“‘Bout time, Tony.” Bruce teased as he approached pulling a chair out from under the table to sit in.

“I had to park the car, Bruce.” He chuckled as he spoke now parking in the chair with a little grace.

“Yeah, but you had time to wash, wax and buff the thing too.” He was pouring it on; knowing Tony really liked the car to begin with.

Tony grinned leaning on his arms on the table. güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri “Peter, two o’clock, white button-up, blue slacks, Swiss watch, newspaper and shades.” He muttered so low that Bruce and David missed most of it.

“What’d you say?” David leaned in closer in case he did it again.

But Tony only sat back watching as Peter expertly made a move to look under the table briefly. In doing so, his hair slid down concealing his momentary study of the man Tony had described. He was used to him practicing such observations in the event some real danger posed itself. And as he looked he recognized the man from his own organization.

It almost made him laugh that they would send someone he knew. Obviously the higher ups were making a statement to him. He understood that to be that they were not willing to just let him go. His desire to naturalize, becoming an U.S. citizen, was openly rejected.


Jonathan sat at the desk his uncle once used, going over some files from his contacts. He wanted to get a feel for what other businesses Mr. Bowman was working in that he didn’t divulge to him so readily. His eyes narrowed as some encrypted fonts flashed across the screen angering him a little. What was his uncle hiding anyway? What need did he have to encrypt anything? If it were legal, he wouldn’t have to worry about it, would he?

Greg meandered toward him seeing the consternation on his face. Setting the tray on the desk, he moved around to look at the screen with him.

“That looks like gibberish.” Greg commented playfully.

“It is. It’s encrypted.” He answered with a chuckle.

“Hmm.” The man leaned closer, the warmth of his breath washing over Jonathan’s ear.

A slow grin played across his lips as he then felt the moisture of his tongue sneak out to tease the outer shell.

“You’re gonna make me delete somethin’ accidentally.” He half laughed as he closed the file just in case.

“Well, Jonathan, You’ve ignored me for more than two weeks now, and I won’t stand for it.” Greg fussed gently as the hand that had been resting on Jon’s shoulder now glided long and languidly down his arm to his thigh.

“Bruce put you up to this, didn’t he?” The young man grinned as he opened a less important file.

“Hmp…” the doctor grasped a handful of flesh squeezing tight in a cow bite.

“Ouch!” Jonathan leaned away looking into his face. In the same instant the man attacked his mouth driving his tongue deep inside. Jonathan instantly melted it seemed. He reveled in the feel of Greg’s light aggression in an effort to get his full attention. Slowly taking his hands from the keyboard and mouse, he enveloped the man in his arms guiding him to straddle his thighs.

“I’ve wanted you so bad, Jonathan.” Greg muttered to him as he sat on his legs diving for his lips and mouth again.

It hadn’t occurred to him that he had been a little less than sociable since the night he had spent with Bruce. And lately, Bruce was the only man Jonathan had slept with. It wasn’t that Tony, or Greg didn’t appeal to him, or make him want them, he just wanted Bruce’s arms around him to hold and protect him of late.

Greg didn’t waste any time unbuttoning Jonathan’s overly large shirt. He pushed it over his shoulders and part way of his arms leaning into him desperate to feel his warmth, the softness of his taut skin over developing definition. His lips and tongue led the way down Jon’s throat to a shoulder almost forcing the younger man to lean his head away allowing for more room.

Jonathan shivered suddenly, the effect of Greg’s warm breath, light kisses and moist tongue driving him to the brink of erotic insanity. Unconsciously, he let his hands wander down the man’s sides to his hips that he pulled closed to his body in a lewd gesture.

“Greg, if you want this, you’re gonna have to take these off.” Jonathan teased in a whisper.

“I’ll take güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri ’em off when I get good an’ ready. Ok?” The doctor insisted.

“Ok.” Jonathan sighed heavily. “Have it your way.”

“Not impatient are ya?” he grinned at him devilishly.

“Well, maybe. Just a little.”

Greg almost burst into a full laugh knowing the predicament he had Jon in, and the fact that the young man was easily aroused didn’t help any. He had taken control of this situation, Jon was allowing him to take the lead, and he needed to follow through with that. Standing he unfastened his pants removing them completely, as well as everything else. Jonathan took the moment to do the same before meeting Greg somewhere in the middle behind the desk.

“Not here, Jon. Please.” The doctor whispered as he sank into Jonathan’s embrace.

“What is it with you guys and this fucking room!” Jonathan backed away yelling angrily then.

“None of us want to be an unwilling part of your past memories, Jon! We’re all part of your present and future. And I for one do not wish to be Mr. Bowman for you, if even for a second, thank you very much.” Greg expressed to him, vigorously shaking a finger at him.

Jonathan stood completely stunned by his reaction and what he said. Not a moment of all he had recalled had involved them except with Bruce at the club. Why would they think he would do that?

“Fine.” He slipped into his jeans leaving the room promptly.


“David, don’t you think you’re being just a little unreasonable here.” Tony leaned toward the center of the table to express gently, but firmly. The stern look on his face and in his eyes told everyone at the table, he was controlling his anger.

“Unreasonable or no, this club is not going to stand a chance if we just liquidate the profits like this.” The man sat back in his chair tossing his hands up at his sides trying to make his point to them, clear. He was obviously not going to bend on the matter, it seemed.

“In that case, perhaps we need a new manager. One that will do what we ask and see to our best interests.” Bruce calmly stated, his eyes locked on the empty plate before him.

David watched the man appear to not be affected in the least by the proof he had. His demeanor was just too calm for his taste and he had much more in this little club than they all knew to begin with. It belonged to him. He had made it what it was, worked his fingers to the bone to achieve what it was at the moment, sweat and tears had gone into it that these men had no idea about. How dare this man come in here and just tell him what he can do with his club! He seethed as he sat glaring at him. it boiled hot in his belly rising quickly to the surface.

“Look here, you backwoods country boy, you ain’t takin my club away from me. Not like this, not ever! You come in here like you own the place! Well, you don’t! You didn’t make it what it is now! I did!” the man popped off at Bruce angrily.

“Your club, David? I think you must be mistaken, sir. That club was given to Jonathan and Mr. Bowman himself…”

“I could care less what that fuckin’ Bowman said!” David jumped to his feet proclaiming to all that were there. Realizing his mistake he looked around him, as the room now became deadly silent.

“David, sit down.” Tony stood calmly, speaking to him even softer than the man had expected.

This was no different from before he knew that now. It was the same force he was faced with when Bowman was alive. Tony and Peter were backing this Bruce fellow completely. They were his muscle, just as they were Bowman’s. And he suddenly knew he had better watch himself before he ended up dead like a few others of Bowman’s managers.

“What’s goin’ on, really?” David sat quietly staring at Tony all the while.

“Nothing, David. But outbursts like that, draw too much attention to people that just don’t want to have attention güvenilir bahis şirketleri drawn to them.” Tony answered mildly.

“Well, I didn’t mean to draw attention to you, Tony. But I would like an explanation of what the fuck is going on here, please.” The man asked emphatically, though he tried desperately to keep his voice down.

“What is going on, has nothing to do with us, David. It seems to me that you’re the only one hiding information from us.” Bruce spoke low watching across the room behind Tony at the man staring at them now. Sensibly, the man had removed his shades being he was inside and it was dark out. It was readily apparent the man was noticing them now.

Tony saw the look on Bruce’s face knowing something was going on behind him. He couldn’t tell being he didn’t have a mirror to look and see, or anything to reflect the goings on taking place behind him. It made him feel restless and uneasy. He shifted, looking to Peter briefly who gave him a calm, approving nod.

“Mr. Bowman left the club to Jonathan, David. He also expressed that half of this club would belong to me. So, being the proprietor of said club, either you will bend to the offer given, or relinquish your position as manager.” Bruce explained.

David couldn’t believe his ears. This man actually thought he could just waltz in and take what didn’t even belong to him in the first place. It seemed to him, the guy was an arrogant prick, one that needed to learn a few lessons in manners, at that. Not only that, he had only just threatened to fire him from his job. He couldn’t let this happen. This just could not be.

“Alright, damn it!” the man looked down at a spot on the tablecloth, speaking low but emphatically. “Have it your way. But, I’m tellin’ ya, the club will fold. It won’t carry it’s own weight without the extras.” The man pressed.

“Then there is no need for it to be open, David. We’re not going to be involved in drugs and prostitution, is that understood?” Bruce began to shake his head inertly in a negative motion.

“Whatever.” David stood straightening his jacket. “You do whatchya want. I’ll wait.” He grinned.

“Wait for what, David?” Bruce looked up at him not showing any emotion, as if he were playing poker with the man.

“Nothin’.” The manager turned leaving them, seeming to be in very high spirits.

They all watched him leave, each one wondering in his own mind what he wasn’t telling them.

“It would seem to me, he plans a hostile take over, Bruce.” Tony leaned to him from across the table.

“I agree.” Peter lifted his glass of water to take a sip. While his eyes were concealed by the glass, he cut them to the man sitting across the room obviously enthralled in the goings on. At the moment, he was staring David down as he watched him leave.

“Well, whatever he’s planning, he can’t very well do it without a job, can he?” Bruce grinned fully then.

“But we’ll still need a manager.” Tony quipped with concern.

“Yes, that’s the only draw back. So, I guess we need to shake the bushes and see what jumps out.” Bruce teased.

“Yep. And I’ve gotta go to the boys room. Be right back.” Tony stood meandering toward the restroom, glancing over at his targeted mystery man briefly.

Peter watched the man blatantly get up as Tony disappeared around the corner. He knew in his mind, it was a ploy to get him to follow him into the restroom. But as much as he knew this, the safety of his friends were the first thought in his mind.

“Peter, don’t…” Bruce grasped his hand quickly in warning.

“I have to, Bruce. I can not allow harm to come to any of you.” The man spoke low for only Bruce to hear before stepping steadily further from the table toward the restroom.

Bruce sat contemplating upon all that could come about in the next few moments. He could loose so much, and that just frightened him more than anything did. Peter could be dragged away from him, his life, his love, and his desires to show that love. He could loose Tony, who would never go quietly, unless it meant saving the lives of the rest of them. Trapped is what he felt in that moment. He felt completely trapped. But he refused to remain seated there at that table and not do something about it.

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