A True Biology Lesson

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The alarm sounded its usual shrill sound at six o’clock in the morning. The occupant of the bed next to the nightstand on which the alarm clock sat up and turned to towards the insistent alarm and turned the pesky noise off.

“It’s way too early to get up,” said the occupant of the bed, who promptly went back to sleep after hitting the OFF button on the alarm.

The occupant of the bed was Anna Ignacia. She was a 19 year old college freshman at George Mason University. River was five and a half feet tall, had long, slinky black hair; red, full lips that, when parted, revealed glossy, white teeth; soft, brown eyes; and tan skin that revealed her Mediterranean roots. Her figure was curvy and quite stunning. Her breasts were a 34C. Her hips were in perfect proportion to her body, giving Anna the hourglass shape that is very appealing to men. All in all, she was a beautiful girl.

After half an hour of sleep, Anna’s roommate, Grace, came into their dorm room and shook Anna awake. Grace was about the same size as Anna, except she had a much paler complexion. That was very helpful because usually the two wound up sharing clothes along with class notes.

“Come on, we need to get going,” Grace said softly.

“I know, I know,” Anna said in a very cranky voice.

Anna was always like this in the morning. She liked to stay up late and sleep in until at least 10:30 in the morning. This morning was brutal for her. Anna had to get to a microeconomics class at 7:30 every Thursday morning. She tried to get the class later in the day, but it filled up before Anna could sign up.

“Wonder why?” Anna had said at the time.

Anna staggered to the shower room at the end of the girls’ hall with her towel in one hand and her soap and shampoo in the other. When she reached her destination, she saw that it was empty. Happy at what she found, Anna locked the door, stripped off her pajamas and got into the shower. When she turned on the water, it was cold, so Anna, with nothing to do, looked at herself in the mirror. She liked what she saw. Her breasts were plump and juicy. Her hair was a little frizzy but that would change when she got into the shower. Then Anna looked at her pubic hair. Normally, she kept it trimmed, as it was now. However, Anna had a stroke of inspiration just then. She was going to shave it all off. Looking for a razor and shaving cream, she saw some in the shower.

Anna walked over to the shower, found that the water had finally warmed up, got in, and closed the shower curtain. With the shower’s water giving her a boost of energy, she reached for the can of shaving cream and razor. Anna applied the cream to her pubic hair. Then she began to shave her hair off. It went by surprisingly quickly, and in no time, she had a completely bald private area. She went through the rest of her shower routine fairly quickly. She finished, got out, dried off, and then went to her room to get dressed.

Anna got dressed very quickly. She decided that, since it was May, jeans, a t-shirt, and sandals would be fine. She put on her clothes on, grabbed her book bag, and then walked quickly to her first class. She had gauged the weather right, and it was warm and pleasant. Anna made it to her microeconomics class on time, for once. She finally go to hear the entire lecture, something that had happened only three times throughout the semester.

Anna settled in the back corner. That way she could rest her head against the wall, and look halfway interested.

As usual, the lecture was boring and gave Anna time to doze, as was her routine in this class.

“Everyone here should know that the final is coming next week,” the professor said.

When Anna heard that, her eyes snapped open. She immediately grabbed her bahis firmaları pencil and waited for the words to come out of the professor’s mouth.

“The exam will be entirely about supply and demand curves. I would recommend that many of you learn how to draw to scale so as to not make your exam look like a bunch of random squiggles. I will expect neat work. You should bring a ruler, a calculator, and colored pencil so as to label the different parts of the supply and demand curves. Graph paper would be helpful to you.” The professor ended the class on that note.

Anna walked out of class with a huge sigh of relief. She knew supply and demand curves like the back of her hand. Anna then headed to her dorm room. She didn’t have another class until 4:30 that afternoon.

Back at the room, Anna went through a mental checklist.

Do I have work, she thought. No, not until Friday afternoon.

Do I have any other studying to do? No, I know the rest of the stuff.

Any other obligations? Nope.

With that, Anna slipped out of her clothes, set the alarm clock for 3:30 pm, and went to bed. But before she could get to sleep, she had a very interesting urge to pleasure herself.

Anna then got up, walked to her dresser, and got out her silver vibrator. She went back to her bed and laid down on the comfortable mattress and turned on the vibrator. Anna began to move slowly around her sex, gently rubbing her mons, her slit and eventually her clit. It did not take long for a very warm sensation began to grow inside Anna. Se kept the head of the vibrator on her clitoris and soon, a warm wave erupted from between her legs and Anna lay back on her mattress, spent, but feeling better. Soon, Anna wiped her juices off the vibrator and put it back where it belonged. After it was stowed away, Anna went back to bed and fell into a wonderful sleep.


Anna woke up and turned off the alarm. She got dressed, brushed her hair, and gathered her things, and got ready to go. She was ready to go at 4:15 and set off at quick pace. This was her favorite class and was not going to miss it for the world. It was her biology class, and unlike Anna’s biology teacher in high school, the professor actually made it fun. Not to mention the fact that she thought the professor was kind of cute. The professor was Dr. Martin de la Vega. He was Spanish, like Anna, and had an aura of intelligent fun about him.

Unfortunately, Dr. de la Vega was not teaching that day. Instead it was some grad student. The grad student said that they were to work on the bacteria cultivation labs they had been doing all semester. Anna was partnered with a sophomore girl that was really pretty. But Anna had been too focused on the professor to realize it. Anna’s partner’s name was Jaime, and they had become very good friends. Jaime had very large breasts, that Anna knew to be real because they were to animated to be fake. Jaime was also a blonde with blue eyes. Her skin was paler than Anna’s but was tan nonetheless.

They had a lot in common. Both of them were huge film fanatics, had a huge crush on Dr. de la Cruz that both girls admitted was childish, and both worked at the cafeteria in the Johnson Center. The class was four hours long and usually went by pretty slowly. This time, the class seemed to leave the two girls in the dust. They hadn’t had time to complete their culture samples that need to be done by the next day when, the grad student told them, Dr. de la Vega would be back from his trip and would be inspecting the cultures.

Anna asked the graduate student if she and Jaime could stay after awhile and finish up their cultures. The student teacher said yes.

“Thanks. We can close up for you if you have someplace to kaçak iddaa go,” Anna said.

“I’d appreciate that, thanks.” The grad student gave Anna the keys and said to keep them and give them to the professor when he got back. With that, the girls were able to continue with their cultures in peace. Jaime got comfortable by taking off her shoes and Anna followed suit.

For about an hour, the girls worked on their cultures. Then when it came time to incubate the cultures, the girls had to wait for an hour for the cultures to be ready. The girls killed the time with small talk, but during the conversation, something was stirring in Anna’s loins. An urge to reach out and feel Jaime’s skin. It was overpowering to Anna. It caused Anna’s heart to flutter. She was sure that Jaime could hear her heart beating like a gong. Then Jaime picked an interesting topic.

“Have you ever had sex with a woman?” Jaime asked.

“No,” answered Anna, “why do you want to know?”

“It’s just that I’ve kinda have a thing for you, that’s all,” Jaime admitted.


“Yeah. I don’t know why. I’m not a lesbian or anything. It’s just I kind of have a thing for you.”

Anna was taken aback. Normally, she would have told Jaime that that was going too far, but tonight something was different. She felt an attraction to Jaime. Anna decided to tell that to Jaime.

“I kinda have a bit of a thing for you too.” Anna said.

“Really?” asked Jaime

“Yeah. I’m not a lesbian either, but I’d have some fun with you.”

Jaime then walked up to Anna very brazenly and said:

“How about we start the fun here and now?”

Anna didn’t think too hard on that.

“Sure. Just lock the door from the inside and we’ll have a little fun.”

“You got it.”

Jaime walked over to the door, locked it from the inside, and came back to Anna. Anna got up from the chair she had been sitting in, reached to Jaime, and gave a very suggestive, yet chaste, kiss on the cheek. Jaime one-upped Anna by taking Anna into a passionate embrace and kissing her on the mouth.

Jaime’s tongue started to probe Anna’s lips. When Anna felt this, she immediately opened her own. The two girls’ tongues surged forward and began to explore the other’s mouth. The kiss seemed to suspend the girls in time. It was a beautiful embrace that neither girl wanted to end. When they finally parted, both girls had a blazing fire between their legs.

“You want to get more comfortable?” Jaime asked.

Anna could only nod in agreement. With that, Jaime began to lift up Anna’s t-shirt. Anna lifted her arms to let it slide off. Jaime began to kiss and lick different parts of Anna’s body. She licked the tops of Anna’s breasts, but she wanted more.

That bra has got to go, Jaime thought. With that thought, Jaime reached back and unclasped Anna’s bra. Those wonderful globes of flesh bounded into the light. Jaime saw them and her eyes lit up. She began to fondle Anna’s breasts. She licked them, probing different parts of the breasts. She sucked on Anna’s erect nipples, which caused Anna to moan in pleasure

“Oh, that…feels…wo…der…ful” Anna gasped through the spasms of pleasure that wracked her body.

Anna then started to grasp the hem of Jaime’s shirt. Jaime obliged and it came off. To Anna’s wonder, Jaime’s breasts popped out of her shirt. There was no bra.

No wonder they were so animated, Anna thought.

Anna started to fondle Jaime’s D-cup breasts. Then lick them. Anna forced Jaime to the ground where they could make love better. Both girls were topless and they were one on top of the other. Their breasts were forced together. Then Anna started to lick lower and lower.

Then Anna got to the top of Jaime’s pants. kaçak bahis Anna unbuttoned them and began to inch them downward. Jaime, sensing what was going on, eagerly helped and soon the pants were off, and all Jaime was wearing was the skimpiest of thongs. But those, too, were off in a hurry. Then Anna got to the heart of the matter at hand as she gazed upon Jaime’s beautiful, bald womanhood. But suddenly, Anna felt apprehensive as to what she was doing. Jaime sensed that something was not right.

“What’s wrong?” Jaime asked.

“It’s just that I’m still technically a virgin and…and… I don’t know what I’m supposed to do.” Anna answered, sounding as if she were about to cry.

Jaime understood immediately that Anna was very inexperienced at the whole “sex thing”. So Jaime began to help Anna. The older girl embraced Anna and in reassuring tones, said that everything was all right.

“I can help you get over your fears. Would you like that?” Jaime said finally.

Anna nodded her head.

“Good. Now would you like me to start on you, so you can get an idea?”

Anna nodded again.

Jaime then laid Anna on the ground then began to take off the younger girl’s pants. When they were off, Anna was naked except for her thong. Jaime slowly inched Anna’s thong down. When Jaime saw the results of what Anna had done in the shower early that morning, she was impressed. But she was still concerned with Anna and not Anna’s sex.

“Are you still OK?” Jaime asked.

Anna nodded.

Jaime slowly began to investigate Anna’s sex with her forefinger. She could see that Anna was incredibly aroused. Jaime continued to probe with her finger, then adding another finger into the mix. Anna began to feel a bonfire between her legs beginning to develop. Jaime could tell because Anna’s sex began to look like a waterfall. That is when Jaime applied her lips to Anna’s slit, and began to lick, very slowly, Anna’s tender slit. Soon, however, Anna’s bonfire blew up and waves of pleasure coursed through her body. Jaime felt them and licked them up. Then she began to lick Anna’s breasts and spread Anna’s passion juice all over the original owner’s breasts.

“Did that feel good?” Jaime asked gently.

Anna could only nod from the ecstasy.

“Do you want to try it now?”

“Yes,” Anna said weakly.

Jaime got on her back and Anna crawled to where she would have best access to Jaime’s box o’ love. Anna then began to apply what Jaime had done to her, to Jaime. Anna began with one finger, gently probing the flesh of Jaime’s sex. Then Anna added another. Jaime began to get wet. Anna then decided to abandon the finger part and leaned over and began to lick the wonderful tasting juice off of Jaime. Jaime started to feel the same bonfire Anna had build inside of her. Then, the bonfire blew up and Jaime’s passion juice came over Anna. Anna licked it all up, but instead of applying it to Jaime, Anna used it to moisten her own love box. It felt wonderful, and Anna wanted to go again. But Jaime said one was enough, so the two girls cuddled and fondled with each other for the rest of the time it took for their cultures to incubate.

The girls were startled by the alarm of the incubator going off. The suddenly remembered that they had cultures in the incubator. They took them out and put them on Dr. de la Vega’s desk. After that, the two girls realized that they needed to go, so they got dressed, and headed for their respective dorms, but not before giving each other a goodnight kiss that would make any dating couple very jealous.

“Can I see you again soon?” Anna asked.

“Yeah, but this time let’s not meet in a bio lab.” Jaime said.

“OK, where then?”

Jaime went through her book bag, and pulled out a piece of scrap paper. She quickly wrote her address on it.

“This is my address. My roommate is gone for now. I’ll see you this weekend.” Jaime told Anna.

Anna agreed, and walked home, as happy as could be.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00353 515 73 20

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