A Visit to the Sex Doctor Ch. 05

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Note: If you haven’t read prior chapters; this is a cuckold story. If you hate cuckold stories, please push the “back” button.


It was date night.

CJ’s green dress was every bit as hot as it was when she tried it on at the mall. All of her fit, shapely legs stretched out from beneath the hem. Her 9 inch shiny green high heels were real ankle testers, standing her on tippy toe. But wham! What they did to her calves and thighs!

The dress was snug around her defined midriff and skin tight at the top, stretched over the bottom half of her giant young tits. The globes were pushed up like they were on a platter. The dress was shoulder less. All it would take was a finger and a slight pressure to pull the top of it down to her waist. The idea was sexy! Would she cover up? I didn’t know anymore, my Asian beauty was more and more the exhibitionist.

The thong panty was like a tiny micro bikini bottom. From behind, her ass was essentially naked and only a small patch of fabric covered her clean pussy. This was visible, we discovered, whenever she raised her arms up in the air. She laughed that she had better be careful while dancing. But would she be? Braless, her boobs were in constant danger of bouncing free.

She was excited, her eyes bright and her movements as girlish as a teen. She’d ‘taken care’ of Magnus a couple times this week. However, this was different. Tonight was a planned and deliberate ‘date’. They were going out for the sole purpose of enjoying each other’s company.

I was beside myself with horniness. Even though the cock cage was torturing me, I was rubbing up on furniture, door frames, everything, except my fiancé. My mind was insane with lust for her, unfulfilled lust.

When I tried to rub on her, she snipped back that ‘I had already cum a few days ago at her sister’s office!’ She just didn’t understand that having the sperm churned out of my balls by a 15 inch sounding rod pistoning down my urethra was not a joy ride. It was horrible. Even when my thick cum was flowing out of the head there was no pleasure at all. Any ‘release of pressure’ went unnoticed by me, my balls still felt over inflated and ready to pop. But I guess there was less nocturnal leaking for awhile so that is something.

I think my baby was also seriously annoyed that the black receptionist Caramel had been there when I had been milked / double ass dildo smashed. Really? She was jealous because another girl had helped to nearly kill me?

My love was bothered by my desperate attention because she was busy getting ready. Her make up and hair were amazing and hot as hell. My cock blocked boner had me walking leaned over from the cage spikes. She had me bring her a glass of wine and other minor chores to get me away while she prepped for Magnus.

He had called a few hours ago and I noticed a difference while CJ talked to him on the phone. Normally her fingers shot to her pussy whenever he called and she rubbed out a cum gushing orgasm to his voice, often screaming audibly and apologizing to her caller. This time, she refrained, with obviously strained self denial.

When there were only a few minutes before her date’s arrival to pick her up, she brought me into the bedroom. She wanted a short chat.

She started by kissing me, and lovingly rubbing the outside of my cock cage. Her beautiful eyes met mine.

“Maybe I should ask Alna for the key, and let you out every few weeks.”

“Oh baby! I am so hot for you, I can barely hear over the rushing sound of my blood.” I gasped. It had been months since I had had any pleasure!

Caressing my spiked cage. I smelled her perfume, and stared down at her cleavage.

“What a contrast, you never cum and Magnus lets fly a river of cum every day. His climaxes are amazing, he shudders in pleasure. I can now extend his orgasm with my hands for a couple minutes. Afterwards, he’s so completely satisfied and happy. I find my own satisfaction and happiness, pleasing him so much.”

I processed her words, but watching her breasts swell with each of her breaths was enchanting.

“You’re ok, with everything he and I do together?” She asked.

Well, really she only strokes him off. Often times she will use her tits to help the massive love missile explode. They kiss a lot, and every once in a while he will stay over and they will share our bed for the night while I sleep downstairs. I nodded that things were ok. Her sweet, gorgeous face was near to mine. Asian eyes, smooth skin, pouty red lips. She pulled back when I tried to kiss her. ‘My make up dear’ she says.

“Well baby” she started. “Until now, Magnus and I have just been unloading his testes. He and I were not really supposed to become so close to each other.”

“But we have.” She added. She was sitting on our bed next to me. With her smooth fit legs stretched out in front, all the way out to those killer high heels.

“Magnus and me want to make tonight different. We want to make each other climax, for the pure sake of pleasuring each other. He wants to use his fingers on bahis firmaları my clit, to bring me off. To show his affection for me.”

“And I will use my mouth on him. Suck his cock for the pure sake of pleasuring him. We want to pleasure each other like man and woman.”

“You mean, fuck you?” I stammered.

“Oh no, baby. I am not ready for that yet! But we are going to bring each other physical joy tonight. I will spend the night as his woman tonight, in this bed.”

She twisted at the waist, and had a slight arc to her back. Her body was sex in a bottle. She deserved to be happy. He wasn’t going to fuck her (yet?), she was still going to be my bride soon. And some day this cage will come off me.

“Is there anything I need to do?”

She smiled in relief. “Well, we might need to change the bed sheets a few times. There are four extra sets in the closet. If you could take care of that for us, in between sessions. We will be drained for a bit each time and that would be a big help.”

“You see hon, Magnus has not erupted for over 36 hours. For him, that’s about 3 gallons worth. And I haven’t orgasmed for 3 days. The fireworks are really going to go off tonight. These sheets are going to be soaked, saturated and dripping with cum. I hope four extra sets are enough!”

She took my hand, and placed it upon her pushed up tit. She let me rub the smooth skin along the top of her globe. This was not common, as our own intimate contact was now nothing really. Sometimes she would dance up against me during a tease session, but since I was locked up, further touching seemed pointless.

“I should let you touch me more.” She purred. “We could work it into my tease dances.”

I found a suitable laundry bin that could accommodate extremely wet linens (didn’t want puddles all over the house). My love spared me a ball punching bout. I might be needed to help make the night magical and clean up messes.

At one point she licked her lip and said to me that she hoped she could suck cock as good as me. It was meant as a light moment. She decided that I wouldn’t be eating any of Magnus’s cum tonight. His ejaculations tonight were just going to be about him, and her.

So tonight, my true love would spend the night with another man. But I get to skip my ball pounding and I don’t have to swallow semen. I was thinking overall a good balance.

And then he was at the door. He hurried past me when I opened the door and swept my blond Asian off the floor. He kissed her fiercely before she could protest and held her tight against him. Her heels dangling nearly two feet off the floor.

They were still lip locked when another two guys walked in. They were both big and hard looking.

Finally, with a loud liquid sound, my betrothed broke her kiss and was placed back on the floor. I was introduced to two of Magnus’s army buddies. It seems the one had saved his life in the mid east. They were both enthralled by CJ. I told you about her dress, right?

She did a little twirl, and a shake of the hips when ordered to by Magnus. The other guys cheered! She seemed to blush, and smiled coyly. She said she was pleased to meet them.

“Oh, no! The pleasure is all theirs! As a matter of fact meeting you is a reward for being my close bro’s and what we went thru overseas.”

The first guy went over and embraced by girl. He was big, muscled, and towered over her. She was lifted by the hug, the massive arms and hands holding her tight, as if never to let go.

“Easy, Horse. That’s my girlfriend there!” Magnus said. CJ’s eyes darted to me as he said that. An embarrassed look on her face. She put her hand to her mouth, an ‘oops’ kind of mannerism.

‘Anaconda’ took a turn hugging her. Horse and Anaconda being nicknames I guess.

Afterwards, CJ took Magnus by the hand and walked over close to me. “Honey, I didn’t want you to be embarrassed by this in front of strangers. Sorry, I forgot to mention before. Magnus has asked me to be his girlfriend.”

“What about me? What did you say?” I stuttered.

“You’re still my fiancé, but you are kind of out of commission, physically, I mean. I haven’t answered yet.” Elbowing Magnus playfully, chiding his premature claims.

“Sorry, honey. But my two buddies are really into you, they’d be all over you, so I had to step up.”

“Awwww” She cooed at the massive man. “Well, I will give my answer when we get back home after our date.”

Since I already knew what she planned to be doing for Magnus all night long, her answer was plain to me. Maybe, just maybe, Magnus had a doubt. If so, he was in for a pleasurable announcement later.

“Tonight I will make a formal announcement to both you. It will be very official. Magnus, I want a beautiful request to be your girl from you. From my dear I will expect a promise of support, that you would expect me to make my boyfriend happy and give him great pleasure. That my body should be used for his pleasure and satisfaction. And then, maybe I will make you both wait a minute, I will make my promise.”

Anaconda kaçak iddaa and Horse clapped and whistled.

And then the four of them climbed into a SUV and headed to the club.

When their tail lights were lost in the distance, my loneliness set in, and the ache of no sexual release built over months.

I wandered about our place. Lost in lonely thought. Each minute seemed like an hour. I got a picture text on my phone, from CJ at the club. It was her, her hot body in her hot dress, with Magnus’s arm around her waist. She was beaming happiness. The next photo had them kissing.

The next pic was of my girl, from the waist up, her tits challenging her dress top. My cock ached and pulsed, throbbing itself into the sharp spikes inside the my cage.

Next came a short video. The club music was loud. Magnus was standing behind my love, with his hands moving up and down her body. He playfully squeezed her large breasts thru the dress material. Her tits bulged upward with each fondle, lit by the club’s strobes.

She turned her head as he leaned forward over her shoulder and they kissed a deep long tongue kiss.

Two hours passed with nothing. Just the clock ticking on the wall. My imagination of my betrothed dancing sexily at the club had me in a state of constant pounding arousal. The spikes stabbed and tore at my confined penis.

Then they were at the door! A glance told me it was 3 am but I swear I had been caught in a time warp. I must have dozed into a trance like dream, a dream of my dream girl laughing and enjoying a night at the clubs.

They were all laughing and charged up, as if it wasn’t the middle of the night at all. Magnus was actually carrying CJ into the house, with one arm. Anaconda and Horse were just as animated. Stealing overt stares at CJ’s long legs and high heels.

When she was set down, my petite Asian knockout jumped up on the table and started dancing in her tall spike heels. Her hips moved like a stripper and her tits stretched her dress top like a porn star.

The guys cheered! I cheered! The four of us sat around her in the living room and she danced a dance giving us all concrete boners. I felt the spikes skewering me, tears leaking from my eyes I still cheered on. My balls gave me a deep heavy pain that throbbed with each rapid heartbeat. Would they burst? My skin was stretched (to the max?) and the excitement had my trapped semen churning and pushing against their walls.

Now I’ve been in car accidents, I’ve even fallen off a roof and broken a dozen bones, but the cage needles and blue balls were more than all that, more pain than even Alna had put me through.

CJ smiled at my agonized face and danced in front of me. It seemed like forever, an hour?

“OK, it’s time.” She finally said. “Magnus come here.” The two of them stood in front of me, holding hands. His buddies cajoled him on.

“I have settled my mind on the matter.” Her smile was joyous. “But I will hear any comment from you, dear boyfriend.” They were both looking down at me as I sat on the couch. She was covered in a sheen of sweat from her dancing. All the men were sweating from watching her.

I gulped. I had no speech prepared at all.

“Don’t do it baby. Don’t be his girlfriend. There’s really no need to even keep ‘treating’ his penis. Someone else could do it!” I blurted clumsily.

My true love seemed flushed with matrimony. “Take off your clothes baby! I have your key right here!” And she showed it to me, hanging on her necklace.

The two new guys laughed hysterically when my microscopic penis came into view, all locked up. My balls hanging behind it like swollen pulsing purple apples. The laughter echoed thru our living room. The look on CJ’s face changed from compassion, to embarrassment, and finally to a bemused pout.

“Is, is that blood?” Drops of blood were leaking from me. Thicker gobs of pre cum were also flowing from the tip. “And are you cumming again?”

“No, that’s just pre cum. I can’t remember when I’ve really cum last.”

“On your knees, boyfriend.” She ordered, much like Alna would have. From her purse she slipped something and I found that my hands were behind my back, fastened by a plastic locking strip. “Alna gave me a few of those for you. I didn’t think I was going to need them.”

“Need them for what? You were showing me the key just now.”

I kneeled before her, in her goddess dress and her goddess shoes. Her goddess body.

She brought her shoe up to my ball sac and rubbed it slowly. Her strong calf and tight thigh muscles were sexy beyond belief. Then she tapped my balls with her foot. It was a small tap but their tightness and soreness and fullness made it feel like a sledgehammer. This small tap was nothing compared to a full powerful kick stroke, the exact threat that flashed in her eyes and the set of her face. A stab of her long spiked heel into my balls reinforced the threatened violence.

CJ again took Magnus’s hands in her own. She looked up into his eyes.

“Magnus, I am now your girlfriend. I am not kaçak bahis his girlfriend. I will sleep in bed with you only. I will pleasure you and love every moment of your ecstasy. I am your girlfriend, Magnus.”

In one smooth moment the engagement ring I gave her was off her finger and set onto the coffee table. Another smooth moment and the zipper down the back of her dress was pulled down. The dress fell to the floor.

Ultra high pump heels, micro thong panty, and a warm smile. That was all she had on. Her nipples were so erect I thought they were going to ejaculate. She stood before her new boyfriend. “Are you ready to take me to our bed?”

He was ready, his monster cock tented his trousers. But before he swept her up into his arms, he noticed Horse and Anaconda sporting massive steel pipes.

“Look at my buds, honey. Can you dance naked for them? Just a little while and then I swear I will take you to our bed for 24 hours!”

So it was that CJ did a new dance, in her thong and heels. The ‘buds’ groaned, cheered, and urged her on. With glances at her boyfriend to confirm, she allowed them to touch and rub her breasts, pull her nipples, suck on her tits. Their cocks were in the same class as Magnus’s. Did these giants gravitate together based on 12 inch plus cock lengths?

She lap danced them, rubbing their poles (through their trousers) between her ass cheeks, stroking up and down upon their lengths. They begged and cried for Magnus to share his girlfriend. But tonight, he explained, was about just the two of them. As the two friends suffered, I suffered exponentially in my steel spike trap. I watched every move of the stripper / lap dance. They ran their big hands all over her body.

“I know what to do.” CJ stated. Then had Horse and Anaconda release their meaty cocks. They both came out, massive, huge, throbbing bestial members. Magnus raised an eyebrow, but his girl seemed to know what she was doing.

Horse was next to me and she walked over to us. She grabbed me by my shoulders and with a twist I was facing him, his cock right in front of my face. She giggled as she grabbed the cock, pumped it a few times with her fist (it quivered and emitted more pre cum), then grabbed the back of my head by the hair with her other hand. She pushed my head down over the oozing crown, then pushed more until nearly half the shaft was in my mouth.

“How does that feel? Nice and warm?” Horse agreed that it did, although her mouth would feel sweeter, and look a lot prettier. Then she leaned forward, giving Horse a passionate kiss on the lips. His cock was now firmly planted deep down my throat, so she had a free hand and guided one of Horse’s hands up to her firm round tits.

With her arm, she used my face as a toy. She pumped it down on the dick. Faster, slower. Deeper, shallower (allowing the crown to soak in my mouth). He in turn wrapped his arms around her slim torso and brought her chest to his mouth, sucking nipples in turn.

Twice she brought him to edge, I felt the hot cock in my mouth shaking like a volcano. But then she would stop, allowing another flow of pre cum only for me to swallow.

Finally, when he began the clear signs of climax, did she push faster, and deeper and deeper. When he erupted she stroked me hardest and fastest, chasing him through a strong orgasm. The cum was like geysers, I felt the bursts shooting down my throat and my belly was getting that warm full feeling again.

Light were popping before my eyes when she let me come off it. She hadn’t thought about my need of breathing. If she hadn’t had a firm handful of my hair I would have fallen over. Horse gave her a last kiss on the lips then sat back happily.

She dragged me over to Anaconda, who was sitting on a near chair. I still wasn’t able to keep myself upright from the dizziness. She grabbed Anaconda’s monster, which was even thicker. It was veiny and muscular. Did he lift weights with his dick?

Again, she used her hands to guide it into me. Maybe her stroke hand was tired. What she did was, sat on top of my head! Her weight kept his tool firmly planted past my tonsils. She was facing Anaconda, giving him access to her tits and face for kissing and playing with as he saw fit.

By pushing her hips down on me, she forced Anaconda’s hot pulsing meat down into my throat. She gyrated and pumped up and down, forcing my face deep down onto him, again and again. I could listen to the slurping of their kisses above me and his sucking on her tits, even above the liquid slurping of my mouth being violated.

She played with him, even longer than Horse. Bringing him close over and over. Lights were popping again in front of my eyes. More and more lights. My head was getting an underwater feeling, like everything was far away. I started to feel as if I was falling, falling forever. The only clear sensation was the taste of hot fresh man cum spraying into my mouth, flowing down in a roaring river down my throat.


Living room ceiling. Ceiling fan. Daylight, afternoon light. I was on the floor. I struggled to my knees, then stood. Unsteadily up the stairs. The bathroom was first on the left. The mirror showed dried cum caked all over my face. The taste was overwhelming. How many times had my mouth been used?

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00353 515 73 20