A Voice on the Phone

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Literotica readers are encouraged to read my other stories, vote on them and leave comments about them. This story occurs many years after I left the law enforcement field. As yet, the entire story has not unfolded. But, this is the beginning and tells the tale of one of the sexiest women I have ever come across. Macy, a Goddess for our time. I hope you enjoy it.

It began with just another business call to one of our vendors two thousand miles away. On that first day I learned our account had been transferred for service to a woman named Macy, who would be replacing the recently retired Ethel. Ethel had been with the firm for nearly forty years before filing her papers and moving to North Carolina where she would live out her remaining years with her daughter and her family. I learned all this in a thirty second conversation with the receptionist, who then put me on hold to await Macy.

“This is Macy,” she said as she answered my line in a voice sent from heaven. It was soft, yet sensual; feminine and having an instant effect on my masculine parts.

“Hi Macy,” I replied before giving her my name and telling her what I was calling about. Despite my reaction to her, I needed to keep this on a friendly but professional level. We chatted briefly and I continued to be entranced by that incredible voice.

Several months went by during which I had frequent conversations with Macy. Naturally I fantasized about what she might look like but I never acted on those fantasies. Then, one day she kind of broke the ice by telling me that she was divorced. She just kind of dropped it into the conversation, in between telling me about an invoice that was due and how was our company stock doing. I doubt she meant anything by it, but women can be wily, so you never know.

Nevertheless, our conversations grew longer and friendlier. The actual business that took place between Macy’s company and mine became secondary to our personal repartee.

I learned that Macy was a tall redhead, in her early 30’s. She ran in short marathons in her far west home state. She lived alone, except for two cats and was finishing college at night. She had a boyfriend who bored her to death and was on his way out, if she could find a way to boot him without hurting his feelings. I suppose her asking my counsel on the subject was the beginning of our discussions becoming more intimate. During this time I mentioned to Macy that her voice was tres sexy and that I had often been aroused at the sound of it. I joked that when I called her, I had to move my chair back from my desk to prevent the thumping from my trousers on the underside of the desk. Macy cracked up at the idea, especially when I gave myself the nickname “Thumper.”

Macy and I developed a very comfortable friendship, often discussing matters of a sensual nature. I think we were both surprised that we enjoyed the company of each other as much as we did. Macy is twenty five years my junior but that never once interfered with the level of trust that was developing between us. As it turned out, we are very much alike in many areas. We share common politics, taste in music, even a mutual dislike for shopping.

I found myself making up reasons to call Macy. Our conversations became quite lengthy, almost never taking under 30 minutes. We would talk about anything and everything, laughing our fool heads off like a couple of school kids. Macy was very special and I loved every moment we spent together. Developing a caring for a person on the other end of the phone seems odd. But, for Macy and me, it just flowed as naturally as it could be.

Unknown to me, one of the other guys in my office was speaking with her, though not on an intimate level. But, he was able to persuade Macy to email him a picture of herself. He showed it to me when it arrived. The picture quality wasn’t the greatest; it was quite blurry. But, it was easy to see that it was a photo of a very attractive young woman with light hair and eyes and a gorgeous smile. On seeing it, I developed that familiar feeling in my loins, a feeling that was making itself known with increasing frequency. Macy definitely had an admirer; an admirer whose temperature rose at the thought of her.

A couple of times I have had to give myself a talking to about Macy. It is one thing to have an innocent flirtation with her. It is another to have vivid fantasies about her. And vivid they were. I was able to picture her in my mind and put the two of us together in scenarios that were likely to never occur.

One such scenario, casino oyna took place just a few days ago, just before I went to bed. I sat on my favorite recliner, naked, with the chair all the way back. I turned off the light and put an Itzhak Perlman cd in my player. I closed my eyes and pictured a hotel room, overlooking the ocean. I could see myself fussing and fidgeting, obviously stressed out or anxious about something. I paced back and forth in my boxers. Then, a knock at the door and a smile came to my lips. She was here. She was really here. I tossed on a t-shirt so as to mask my desire to grab her and throw her on the bed, while tearing her clothes off. I went to the door and let her in. This was the first time I ever got to see her in the flesh. She was stunning; everything any man could hope for. I let her in, grabbed her bag and led her to the main part of the room. I couldn’t take my eyes off her. I know it isn’t polite to stare, but I was way beyond polite and simply could not help myself.

“Hi there,” she said in that soft, leathery voice of hers. “It’s good to be here.”

We spent a few minutes reviewing the flight, how a screaming little girl sat behind her on the plane, kicking Macy’s seat, before her mother finally got her under control and how terrible the food was on the plane. I was mesmerized. She was more beautiful than I pictured. My loins went into instant overdrive.

Macy had been traveling for over eight hours, including a two hour layover in Phoenix, and needed to freshen up. “I’d like to take a shower, if that’s okay.”

“Sure, go right ahead, I’ll go down to the corner for sandwiches. You must be starving.”

“Darn, I was hoping you would shower with me. I need someone who can reach my back and other hard to reach areas.”

I was speechless. I was also thinking that this would be my moment of truth.

“You know, you’re right, those sandwiches can wait until later. Let’s get clean first.”

“I was hoping you would say that,” she said as she began to remove her t-shirt. My heart was pounding. Then, the skirt came off revealing the cutest pink boy cut panties. Macy’s athletic body was now moments away from my view. She unhooked the bra, bringing an absolutely magnificent pair of breasts out into the open. Again, I was unable to speak. I pride myself in my ability to be glib under all circumstances but this day, the glibness just wouldn’t come. The best I could do was stammer something incomprehensible. I never lost sight of the idea that I was about to involve myself in something really special. Macy recognized the effect she was having on me and seemed to really revel in it. With a flick of her wrist, the last remaining garment, the panties, were dropped to the floor. I’m sure my jaw dropped and I was probably also drooling. Men are such putzes, it is no wonder we are easily led around by our dicks.

Macy scooted into the bathroom, closing the door behind her as I tried to collect my thoughts. A minute or so later, I heard a flush, then the door opened and Macy was turning on the shower spigot, testing the temperature of the water with her hand. When it was just right, she stepped into the shower and looked over her shoulder for me.

“Come on, get naked and get in here with me,” she ordered.

“Who am I to argue with that?” I quickly stripped and joined Macy in the shower. Her body was positioned facing the water flow, so I slipped in behind her, unable to resist putting my arms around her and holding her close. Her body felt warm, smooth and womanly. Her breasts were large and firm, yet soft and yielding to the touch. I kissed her softly on the neck as I caressed them. She responded by moving closer to me, rubbing the front of my body with the back of hers. It was heaven. With my right hand I reached lower. Her pussy was neatly trimmed and covered with red down and I began to caress it.

By now, back in the real world, I was unable to resist the urge to gratify myself. I took my cock in hand and stroked it slowly as the drama unfolded in my fantasy.

I took the soap in hand, and began to scrub Macy’s back. I had a theory that her breasts were probably way too difficult for her to wash all by herself. So, I decided to wash them for her as well. I believe in full service. I had her turn toward me as I began soaping up her front. I nearly hypnotized myself staring at those remarkable boobs. But, I continued cleaning her until we were both satisfied that there was not a single square inch of her left untended. I spent considerable time soaping and canlı casino rinsing her pussy as I am averse to the taste of soap and I intended to dine there for an extended period of time. When I was done, I knelt down and took my first sample of her womanly flesh. I spread her lips with my fingers and found her clit. I tongued it, gently at first, until she found the need to hold on to the soap dish for support. I continued for several minutes, but it was now time to remove ourselves to the bed to continue what had begun in the shower. Macy quickly soaped me up, paying particular attention to my cock and balls. A quick rinse and we were done showering. The hotel provided thick towels and hung them on a towel warming rack, so we dried off in luxury and comfort. Then it was off to the bed.

I pulled back the bedspread, the sheet and blanket. Macy jumped in with remarkable enthusiasm, I thought. She was a sight to behold; Young enough to be my daughter, yet a grown woman with desires that no kid could understand or begin to satisfy. Physically, Macy was a goddess. She could have any man, yet, she chose to fly two thousand miles to be with me. What can I say; I am a very lucky man. I always knew that making women laugh would eventually pay off and today was the proof of it.

I lay next to her, putting my arm around her and drawing her closer. Her lips were inviting and I accepted the invitation, placing mine on hers. Our mouths were open and our tongues dueled with each other. I have never been as turned on in my life as I was at that moment.

Back on my chair, I was getting way ahead of myself. Seeing her naked and kissing her had gotten me all fired up. I had to kind of back off a bit to make this wonderful feeling last. My mind was racing and the theatre screen I have on the back of my eyelids was showing scene after scene of pure lust. No wonder I was about to explode.

As we kissed, I began to explore her body and found it to be wonderful in every possible way. She looked great dressed, but that couldn’t hold a candle to how she was undressed. Her skin was soft and pliant. I used a single finger to trace every inch of both breasts. Her nipples were just perfect and responded to my touch by becoming erect from the pleasure. I lightly caressed her everywhere. My cock was throbbing. My balls were swollen. We broke our kiss and I asked Macy to lie on her back. I kneeled between her legs and began to caress her entire body, beginning with her head. She sighed deeply as I caressed her temples, before moving on to her neck and shoulders. She was becoming somewhat limp but I could tell from her facial expressions that she was enjoying the treatment. I moved down to those truly lovely boobs, admiring them visually, at first. Then I began to caress them further as Macy just closed her eyes and enjoyed the feeling. But, I didn’t linger there long, though I would have loved to. I moved on, caressing her abdomen and hips. I passed right by her pussy, which now appeared to be swollen from all the activity elsewhere. I lightly massaged the leg muscles beginning at the bottom and working my way north to the thighs. Macy spread her legs further as I touched the highest part of her thighs in a way that suggested she was very much turned on and ready to be taken. Her pussy glistened a bit from the fluids she produced, though I had still not touched it since we left the shower.

I swung Macy’s legs around until they were perpendicular to the pillows. I remained between them but knelt on the floor after pulling her closer to the edge of the bed. I put one leg over each shoulder and stared at the prize before me. I wasted no time in beginning what I hoped would be a moment she would remember forever. I began by kissing the top of her thighs. She squirmed a bit. I held her lips apart with my fingers and located the center of her sexuality; her clit. I flicked it a bit with my tongue and she responded by locking her ankles together behind my head, holding me prisoner in her softness. She moaned as I lightly sucked her little nub. Her hips began a grinding motion as I pleasured her. She tasted as sweet as honey. I hungered for more. Her level of response dictated my actions. As her hips got into a more frantic rhythm, I increased both tempo and pressure on her. In minutes, she was like a locomotive out of control. I continued to tongue her and I had to work hard to stay with her. Her breasts were swaying provocatively in time with her hips as she arched her back, moments before her orgasm overwhelmed her. Her strong legs tightened around my kaçak casino head. My tongue went into overdrive as I knew she was about to cum. Then, with great swiftness, she was there. Waves of pleasure ripped through her body as she literally lifted her midsection off the bed, nearly strangling me as I continued to tongue her pussy. I could sense seven, perhaps as many as nine powerful contractions as she completely lost control and surrendered to the feelings. She grabbed me by the hair at one point as though she was riding a bucking bronco and didn’t want to fall off. Eventually, the electricity that had gone through her spectacular body began to subside. She released her grip on my head by relaxing her leg muscles, causing her to return her lower body to the bed. She unhooked her ankles and lay there making what can only be described as a purring sound. I looked up from my vantage point and saw that her eyes were almost glassy and she did not appear to be completely back from the land of pleasure she had just visited. But, there was no mistaking the big smile on her face.

My knees were aching so I worked my way back up to the bed, lying by her side. I put a pillow under my head and reached over with my left arm and pulled her to me. She was quiet, not yet completely lucid. Several minutes later, she uttered a single word that told me all I needed to know: “Wow!” I took that as a compliment.

Macy would be here for several days so I was in no particular hurry. She was enjoying the afterglow in my arms and that was quite comfortable with me.

Eventually, Macy came out of her trance and we began to make out again. She has luscious lips that were made for love and I was loving the kissing. As we made out, Macy began trailing her fingers down my chest, stopping for a moment to play with the hair. Then she continued to move down until she got to my aching cock. She gave it a few gentle tugs and it responded as one might expect. Then she lightly caressed my balls, almost weighing them in her hand, first one, and then the other. Her touch was thrilling.

Macy apparently decided it was time to return the favor. She slid down my body in the most delightful way; caressing my chest, abdomen, cock and balls with her tits as she moved into position. Nice touch!

When she got between my legs, Macy took my cock in hand and stroked it as she leaned forward and took one of my balls into her mouth. Nothing in paradise could top this moment. Then she released the first ball and repeated the oral caress on the other. She continued stroking my cock, then returned to it with her tongue, licking first the head, and then running her tongue over the shaft. I wanted this to last, but I wasn’t sure it would. This girl was creating miracles on my cock with every stroke of her tongue and she was just getting started. I must have been very good somewhere along the line to deserve this. Macy got into what appeared to me to be an uncomfortable position between my legs and began sucking my cock in earnest. Even though I was lying in bed, I could feel my knees get weak. I tried everything I could think of to take my mind off what she was doing, just to make it last longer. Visualizing the red Chinese army marching through Tiananmen Square had always worked well for me in the past. But Macy was relentless and it just had no effect this time. Her tongue glided over the underside of my cock just below the head, the most sensitive part. Macy was tireless and, ultimately, successful. She sucked and stroked simultaneously until I had no alternatives left but to give in to the pleasure. I came so powerfully that I felt my insides were being torn apart by a bolt of orgasmic lightning, Macy style. I convulsed repeatedly and with such explosiveness that I, too, lost control of my body. I almost felt that I was levitated above the action and experienced it viscerally as I watched from above as well. This was one of the most wrenching orgasms I had ever experienced. Well worth the wait. I knew at that moment that this was no mere mortal female. This was a woman for the Gods.

At the same time Macy was producing my orgasm in the fantasy, I was overcome on the recliner as well. After I came, I returned to my fantasy.

Macy kissed the head of my clock and gave it a “see ya later” suck and then returned to my arms. I loved the feeling of her body against mine. We were, at that moment, very content to just lie there until our strength returned. Macy would be here a few days and this was just the beginning.

We dozed until I awakened to the sound of a loud speaker: “Flight 1314 now arriving from Phoenix at Gate 104.” Holy shit, I must have dozed off. She’ll actually be here in a couple of minutes. The question is, will the reality equal the fantasy? More later.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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