A Widowed Man’s Sister-in-Law

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I miss you so much, my love
It’s so hard without you
I’m staying strong but I’d give anything just to hold you one last time

Brian closed the journal he wrote letters to Jenny in. It’d been nearly a month since her passing, and he wrote letters to her every day – how much he missed her, memories they’d had together. It gave him a small sense of comfort, imagining that she read his letters somewhere in heaven.

Jenny had died of post-partum pneumonia / tubercolosis, which led to heart failure, according to the hospital report. She was an incredibly stubborn girl, who always insisted she felt fine, even when she wasn’t. About two weeks after giving birth to their first son, Jenny had developed a terrible cough and shortness of breath.

A chest x-ray had diagnosed her with pneumonia, and the hospital recommended she be confined for a couple days for treatment and monitoring – but Jenny had insisted they give her antibiotics and send her home instead. She wanted to be with their newborn son, not couped up in a hospital room. Brian, figuring pneumonia was a common and easily treatable infection, did not argue with her. But her condition kept getting worse, despite trying all sorts of home treatments – strong black coffee, back and lung massages, breathing steam with Vicks in the water. Jenny was constantly gasping for air and coughing up wads of phlegm, occasionally vomiting, and could barely sleep at night.

In the last week of her life, Jenny appeared to make a recovery – the difficulty breathing had went away, she could sleep and eat normally, everything seemed fine. And then she was dead. Some kind of relapse that led to heart failure, or maybe her heart just gave up fighting. Nobody could understand why she would simply die after appearing to make a full recovery. The only logical explanation Brian could think of was that she felt better because her lungs and heart had given up already – maybe her heart had been working too hard, and even though she appeared to be recovered, the damage was already done.

Brian, now a single-father of their newborn son, was absolutely devastated. He’d loved Jenny so much, with all of his heart – still loved her, and felt he always would, for the rest of his life. She would occupy a huge part of his heart, no matter if he ever moved on someday. She was his, and he was hers – they were completely in love, celebrating the birth of their newborn son, and suddenly she was gone. He felt empty and hollow inside. When Jenny was still alive, they were planning to rent an apartment next to Jenny’s sister Anna. After Jenny died, Brian followed that plan because he needed help with the baby. But every night he sat in the bedroom, thinking about how this apartment was supposed to be theirs, the beginning of their future as a little family, and now it was the beginning of his life as a single father.

Jenny’s sister had especially been helpful during this time. She’d instantly bonded with the baby, and had taken on a motherly role for him. When the baby had developed a nasty cough a couple weeks after Jenny’s death, Anna had went with Brian to the hospital for a check-up. When the baby was diagnosed with pneumonia, Anna stayed with Brian and AJ for 3 days in the children’s ward. She carried AJ, spoke lovingly to him, and just really stepped into a motherly role for AJ in Jenny’s absence. Anna’s presence was increasingly comforting to Brian, for reasons he kind of regretted.

Anna didn’t look similar to Jenny at all, you wouldn’t guess they were sisters based on appearance. But personality wise, there were definitely similar traits between them. That same caring, nurturing personality Brian had found so attractive casino oyna in Jenny. The kindness and thoughtfulness – Jenny and Anna definitely shared that in common. And less than a month after Jenny’s death, Brian began to see Anna in a new way – not without a bit of guilt, though.

For one, Anna was Jenny’s sister – surely, developing feelings for her was wrong, especially so soon after Jenny’s death. Brian was a logical, practical kind of thinker, and he realized the initial feelings for what they were – a sense of comfort and companionship, seeing the way she handled AJ, and the overwhelming loneliness and grief of losing Jenny. He told himself he wasn’t falling for Anna, he was just grateful for her company. It was completely natural to develop some kind of attraction, based on the situation, but that didn’t mean he had to act on anything he was feeling. It was too soon. And too … wrong.

But the more time Brian spent with Anna, the more his feelings developed. He found himself catching her eyes with his more than once, and both of them smiling before looking away. He also found himself checking her out more often – whenever she’d bend over the cradle to pick up AJ, for example, his eyes would glance over her hips, buttocks and legs. He found himself sincerely considering what a relationship with Anna would be like – especially since she was so good with baby AJ. But he shoved these thoughts aside, feeling guilty for even thinking them. Anna was the sister of his dead wife. It was wrong.

It was late one night, around 2am, when Brian heard a soft knock at his bedroom door. Brian closed the book he was reading, thought about blowing out the candle he lit every night for Jenny’s memory, but decided against it. He got up and opened the door. Anna was standing there, holding baby AJ, who was fast asleep in her arms, his head cradled against her bosom.

“I figured you were still awake, did you want AJ with you tonight?” Anna asked, her eyes glancing past Brian towards the candle that was burning next to Jenny’s picture. Her heart sagged a little for him, and for her sister.

Brian nodded and smiled, opening the door for her to step inside. Anna looked around the room, at all the little memories of Jenny that Brian kept on a shelf – her perfumes, her favorite purse, the teddy bear and necklace Brian had bought her when they first started dating. It was hard for Anna to be in this room, she couldn’t imagine how much harder it must be for Brian.

“You really loved her so much, didn’t you?” Anna asked softly, carefully putting AJ down into the crib. She turned around and looked at Brian, a sad smile on her face.

“With all my heart,” Brian replied wistfully. “But I’m staying strong, for our baby. That’s what she would tell me to do.”

Anna nodded understandingly. Her sister Jenny had always been so full of optimism and positivity – she surely would be telling them to be strong and positive, if she were here.

“I’m just… worried about you, is all. It feels so sad in this room. And I really hope that someday, you’ll find someone who will take care of you and AJ.”

“Well, that’s what I have you for,” Brian said jokingly, but it didn’t feel like a joke. Anna knew that as much as he did. She smiled and looked away with a small sigh.

“Of course I’m always here for you, and I love AJ like my own. He has Jenny’s eyes, you know. My sister gave us a beautiful child before she… passed.”

Brian noticed her use of the word ‘us’, but didn’t say anything. Her comment about AJ’s eyes had simultaneously stung and made him feel happy, because he’d noticed it too. AJ looked very much like Brian, except the eyes – they were all Jenny’s. He blinked canlı casino back a tear, which Anna noticed.

“Hey, it’s all right… she’s always with us, in our hearts,” Anna reassured him, her voice soothing. Brian nodded and offered his own sad smile.

“I know, I know,” Brian replied in almost a whisper. “I keep telling myself that she’s smiling down on us from heaven, watching our son as he grows.”

Anna held out her arms to hug him, pressing her body against his in a comforting embrace. Brian embraced her back, lumps forming in his throat and tears welling up in his eyes. His head rested against hers as they stood like that, and he caught a delicate whiff of her perfume. Perhaps it was the moment, or the grief, or a combination of both, but Brian gently kissed her forehead and looked at her face. Anna smiled back at him, her own soft brown eyes slightly damp. That’s when Brian kissed her forehead again, this time just above one of her eyebrows.

“Brian…” Anna began, but he kissed her again above her other eyebrow, and she felt herself pushing closer against him. She closed her eyes and tilted her face upwards, and that’s when he kissed her lips, delicately. She felt herself respond and kissed him back, and that’s when their hands began to slide along eachother’s backs, their lips pressed together with increasing passion. Anna’s lips parted and felt Brian’s tongue briefly touch the tips of hers, and she opened herself completely to him in that moment. Brian was a good man, he’d loved her sister so much, and perhaps Anna would only be a band-aid tonight for his grief – but perhaps it could be more than that. Jenny would approve.

As Brian’s hand went through her hair, the other on the small of her back, Anna felt a stirring against her stomach, and knew there was no turning back. She wanted this, needed this as much as he did. It suddenly stopped feeling wrong, and started feeling right. Brian began kissing along her neck, and she shivered against him. They were slowly stepping towards the bed, and now he was gently lowering her onto it.

“Oh, Brian…” Anna murmured as he continued to kiss her neck and nibble at her ear, his fingers stroking along her arms, raising goosebumps on her flesh. Now he was lifting the hem of her blouse over her stomach, revealing her skin slowly to him. He bent down and started to kiss her stomach in an upwards path, teasing her as he lifted her blouse higher, until it was just over her breasts. Brian reached behind her and undid the clasp of her bra, and she lifted her arms to help him remove it. Then he bent down again and took one of her nipples into his mouth, and she gasped softly.

As Brian sucked and licked her nipples, alternating between breasts, his hand slid down her stomach, and he cupped his palm between her legs. She raised her hips ever slightly, and her own hand began to travel towards the growing bulge in his pants, gently squeezing it through his shorts. She was rather surprised at its size, and a humorous thought fleeted across her mind – “Now I know what kept Jenny happy all this time.”

Brian suddenly found himself comparing Anna’s body to Jenny’s – it was only natural, though he felt a little ashamed in these thoughts. Jenny had been a little on the petite side, with small breasts, a small cute butt, and great, long legs. Anna wasn’t as petite as Jenny – her breasts were a bit fuller, as were her hips and butt – but she didn’t have Jenny’s legs. Jenny had always kept herself either fully waxed or trimmed very shortly between her legs, and he wondered if Anna did the same.

Brian rubbed his fingers along the heat drifting from the center of Anna’s yoga pants, until a damp spot started to form. kaçak casino Then he slid his hand inside her panties, and felt the wetness with his middle finger, rubbing between her slit. She also kept herself neatly trimmed, to Brian’s excitement.

As Brian rubbed and teased her increasingly wet pussy, Anna writhed against his hand, and undid the button on his shorts. She reached inside and pulled out his cock, giving it squeezes as she stared at it. Then, before Brian could say anything, she leaned over and wrapped her lips around it. When Brian felt Anna’s warm mouth engulf the head of his cock, he let out a gasp of his own.

They kept this up for a little while – Brian rubbing his finger between Anna’s pussy, tracing around her clit and teasing her hole with the tip of his finger, while Anna gave him a slow, sensuous blowjob. Anna was quite good at it – she had an entirely different technique than her sister Jenny. who had also been quite good at the art. Jenny in fact had absolutely loved to give Brian blowjobs, and she’d often pout and insist she was having fun when Brian wanted to go down on her, or suggest they go into 69 position. Jenny would spend a lot of time alternating between licks and sucks, dragging her tongue in big lines from Brian’s balls up to the tip of his cock, like she was holding the world’s best icecream cone. Jenny had also perfected the art of giving him big, innocent eyes while she was gazing up at him from between his legs.

Anna, on the other hand, seemed to put more emphasis on the suction action – she simply wrapped her lips around it and bobbed her head up and down. And she could even deepthroat a little bit, managing to get just a little more than half of Brian’s cock into her mouth. When Anna reached between his legs and began to gently squeeze and massage his balls, Brian knew he wouldn’t last long.

Brian suddenly pulled his cock from Anna’s mouth and rolled over on top of her, yanking her pants and panties down her legs. She obliged him by lifting her legs, and he flung her garments across the room before positioning himself between her legs. He pressed the head of his cock against her pussy, and began to slowly push inside. Anna was so wet, Brian slid in with barely any effort, and she groaned as he filled her depth. They began to kiss passionately again, Brian squeezing one of her breasts in one hand, pinching and rubbing around her nipple, while he squeezed her thigh with the other.

Anna closed her eyes and raised her hips to help Brian push deeper, lost in the pleasure that was taking over her body. She was experiencing so many emotions at once – lust, passion, sadness, a slight twinge of guilt, but more than anything, she was feeling satisfied. Brian’s cock simply felt amazing, and she would ride it like the devil, in memory of her sister who wasn’t here to ride it. Somebody had to keep Brian satisfied and fill the role of mother for AJ, it might as well be her – and if Brian could fill her up this way, it wasn’t a role she would take unwillingly.

As they vigorously fucked / made love in the dark, Brian thrusting his hips back and forth, touching places inside Anna she’d never felt before, the candle next to Jenny’s picture slowly burned down – and just before it extinguished, they climaxed together, Brian letting out a groan as he began shooting deep inside Anna, her walls squeezing him tightly in the throes of her own orgasm. Finally, they collapsed together, panting.

The baby in the crib stirred next to them, and both of them looked over at him for signs of him waking. But AJ just kept on sleeping peacefully. Neither of them felt any guilt or remorse for what had just transpired – Jenny was gone, but her memory lingered with them forever. Brian and Anna were married a year later, and they continued to light a candle next to Jenny’s picture almost every night – sometimes before making love, sometimes after. It just felt right.

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