A Woman’s Touch

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Do you remember the thrill of being touched for the first time by a lover? The sensation of his hand on your skin. It felt like electricity for me. Like for the first time I felt, truly felt my own body. It brought out feelings I had no idea existed. The shiver of flesh under a delicate touch. That feeling fades over time. Each time you are touched the delicious senses diminish. I have always wanted to regain that thrill of the first time. I finally did.

The story I am about to tell you is true. I haven’t shared this with many people but this event changed my life in one night. I have always wanted to tell the story. Now I will.

I am 26 years old. I have been married to a loving husband for a while now. As always happens, like with a favorite outfit, my marriage bed has become more comfortable than exciting. It still fits and I enjoy my time with my husband but I don’t get those butterflies in my stomach very often these days. We haven’t had the most experimental relationship. I had a few bad experiences that really soured my appetite for such things. My husband has always been up for trying things. But lately I just can’t bring myself to desire much. So we are stuck with unfulfilling sex that is as much habit as desire. Until recently that is.

I don’t want to get ahead of myself. Things were okay. I had a decent life going. I enjoyed my job most of the time. But something was missing. I began to develop a friendship with a few of the girls from my work. One in particular. We seemed to bond really well. Her name was Kelly. Even my husband seemed to get along with her. She would come over to watch movies or do each others make up. She worked hard at work and rarely got on my nerves. Something that couldn’t be said of most of the girls. We began to grow even closer.

It was weird. It wasn’t like we talked about really deep stuff. We just grew really comfortable around each other. We would talk about relationships but the conversations only went so far. Mostly we just enjoyed each others company. My husband seemed glad to see me making friends. He didn’t even mind when she would come over. He would

Often when we were watching TV I would lay with Kelly. Either with my head in her lap or hers in mine. We both really enjoyed a scalp massage. It became a regular thing to get together, watching movies and trading head rubs. Occasionally we would opt out of the scalp massage for a neck rub. It was on one such night that something I had only timidly imagined finally happened.

I guess I should have seen it coming. I have always had an interest in women. Not that I could be in a full relationship with them, but sexually being with another woman has always excited me. I have occasionally had a fantasy but rarely shared it with anyone. I never actually intended to go through with it. I had been brought up to believe such feeling were wrong. I guess I just buried them. Sometimes that just makes them grow stronger.

Anyway back to the TV. I was laying there with my head in Kelly’s lap. My husband had made us some drinks. They were pretty good and by the second one we were all feeling no pain. We had rented a movie. My husband had chosen it. To this day I don’t know if he was trying to set something up.

The movie was about this soon -to-be bride and her fiancé. The bride and groom really hit it off with the illegal bahis flower girl and soon become friends but as always in Hollywood a twist has to occur. Our heroine soon falls in love with the flower girl. What began as a friendship soon turned sexual. I don’t know if it was the movie, the drinks or just the inevitable but things soon took a twist for us as well. My husband became bored with the movie and began to play on the computer. I had already given Kelly a long back, neck and head rub. She had soft shoulders. Soft skin. I had taken my time on her neck. Maybe it seemed tight like I told myself it was. Or maybe I was giving in to my feelings. I lingered on the fronts of her shoulders. Near her chest. Then I caught myself absent-mindedly rubbing my fingers lightly across the front of her neck. I have always had a weak spot there myself. I think inside I had hoped it would have the same effect on her.

I wouldn’t have had the guts to go further. I must admit the thought crossed my mind but to me it had always just been a fantasy. I was saved by Kelly telling me it was my turn. I was worried she somehow read my mind. Maybe she was uncomfortable with my touch? I glanced nervously at her for a sign but she was smiling. She had a warm, easy smile that I always liked.

I laid down on the couch with my head in her lap. She began to rub my head. This time she also rubbed my ears and face. Gently. She swept her fingers across, alternately rubbing and just softly touching. It was driving me crazy. I glanced at my husband. He was busy playing his game. He looked over at me but just smiled. If he suspected my darker thoughts he gave no clues to my casual eye. I returned my focus to the hands on my neck. Her thin fingers felt good. They didn’t have the strength of my husbands but they seemed to know where they were needed.

She rubbed for the next ten minutes. She never actually approached any inappropriate parts. I wasn’t sure if I was relieved or disappointed. Despite the lack of any other motive in her touch I was excited. That butterfly feeling was back. Like I was in high school again. Kissing my boyfriend behind the bleachers, both wanting him to try to go further and afraid he might. I pulled the blanket over me. I was a little cold but that wasn’t why I had goose bumps. Kelly’s friendship meant a lot to me. She moved a pillow to behind my head. I had to scoot up further on her to rest my head. I was laying across her lap now. She kept rubbing under the blanket. She was massaging my arms. Her hands were rubbing my arm. Her fingers kept almost brushing my breast. I was practically squirming in my seat. Her hands followed my arm down, sliding gently down the back of my arm to my sides. She was rubbing my side. Her hand moving lower and lower. Her hand reached the end of my shirt. It had slipped up a few inches and exposed some of my skin.

Her fingers felt electric against my flesh. I felt warm, heady almost dizzy from the feeling. Her fingers traced back and forth gently. Sliding my shirt up. Each inch more of exposed flesh pushed my senses higher. Still, in the back of my mind, other thoughts crept in. Reality flooding in most unwelcome. Was she doing it intentionally? Would my husband see? She had to know she was rubbing my skin! I thought to myself. It was driving me crazy. Then she stopped her fingers before they climbed illegal bahis siteleri further. Was there a problem?

I realized I had begun to rub her leg. My hand had moved as if on its own. I was rubbing the inside of her right knee. Gently massaging her muscles. The running she was doing was paying off. Oh God, did she get spooked? Did I miss interpret her caress? My mind raced. Then her fingers began to move down. Away from my shirt. Her fingers reached the edge of my pants. She slipped them in. Just the tip, her fingernails slid across my skin. It was like the first time that part of me had been touched. As if it was virgin territory and she was an explorer with magic in her fingers. She had limited room with my pants buttoned. She used every inch of room available. She was only 2 inches in my pants but with a start I realized I had been holding my breath. I let out a ragged breath.

All of a sudden my husband sat down on the couch across from us. Kelly began to pull her hand away. I grabbed her wrist under the blanket. Stopping her hand. She let out a giggle. I squeezed her leg. My husband wasn’t even looking at us. He was watching the movie. I pretended to be tired and turned toward Kell. I kept her hand there. It was down the front of my pants and with the bend of my legs she gained another erotic inch. I knew the blanket was covering our actions, as was previous behavior. We had laid together watching movies many times. I slid my left hand onto her side. Moving up her shirt. Nearly to her breasts. I felt the edge of her bra. It was lacy. Chad stood up and said he was going to bed. We wished him goodnight.

I was at once relieved and scared. With him there we had only so far to go, now how far would it go? We didn’t speak. We just sat almost frozen. My heart felt like it was pounding so loud it could surely be heard throughout the house. I considered excusing myself and going to bed but it wasn’t where my heart was at tonight. I looked up, nervously into her eyes. She smiled and licked her lips as she often did. Her pink tongue emboldened me. I reached down and undid the button of my jeans. She slipped her hand over mine. Then passed it. She got a hold of my zipper and began to pull it down. It stuck for a moment. I grabbed the edge of my jeans to help her. She began to pull again. It still stuck. We both giggled. I adjusted the angle I was pulling and the zipper quickly opened.

I rarely wear underwear and tonight was no exception. Her fingers traced through across my skin. I had recently shaved some. What was left her fingers were running through. Tracing a hurried path south. Her fingers reached me. I was wet and she slipped in easily. She knew how to gently open me. Her fingers warming me. She slowly explored, deeper, deeper. She traced my clit. I pressed against her. Grinding against her touch. The time for subtle was over. I slipped my hand over her chest. Caressing. Massaging. I felt her nipple harden in my hand. I slid her shirt up. I kissed her chest. Her perfume was familiar. Her skin warm and sweet. It tasted lightly of vanilla. Perhaps it was a trick of my senses, smell overriding my tongue. Either way it was delicious.

I reached behind her to unclasp her bra. She leaned forward giving me access to her snap and exposing her neck at the same time. I kissed her neck. Her bra opened. She pulled canlı bahis siteleri her arms into her shirt, momentarily leaving me aching for her touch. She pulled her bra off her arms and hid it in the couch cushion beside her. Her hand again returned to exploring me. I glanced over my should but all the lights were out in the hallway. I slid her shirt up and began kissing her breasts, her nipple both soft and firm under my tongue. My hands explored while my mouth took her in deeply. I was flush with desire.

I cast a last glance down the hall. Not expecting to see anyone but because it was never going to be the same after this. I sat up and slid my pants off. She did the same. She took her underwear with her. I positioned her on the couch so I was on top. I kissed her stomach, working my way down. I kissed her inner thigh working my way more intimate. I licked and kissed her the way I like to be licked. She tasted warm and clean. It was different than I expected but wasn’t unpleasant. I slipped a finger inside. Slowly kissing down her slit, lower, lower, past my finger. I reached the end of her and kept going. I reached her deepest areas. Letting my tongue linger. Licking deep into her pussy. Then I gently began licking below her wet pussy lips.

I enjoyed being licked from behind. My husband had surprised me the first time he licked my ass. I thought it would be gross but it felt so good I didn’t stop him. I had wondered what it would be like. She was tight, I wondered how she would react to it. She moaned softly and pushed her hips into me. She lifted her legs higher, giving me more access to her ass. My tongue pushed deeper, pulling her cheeks apart I was able to get deeper.

It tasted as I would have expected a rose to taste. Musty, pleasant. I was going even deeper in both action and desire. I felt her hips begin to shudder. She was shaking. The fingers I had deep in her felt her fingers hit against them she was rubbing herself. Her shaking continued to build as I forced my tongue deeper. I desired even more. I licked deeper tasting her as she came. Her hand was on the back of my head pulling me into her. She stifled a stronger moan. She shook, coming over and over. As she finished she trembled. I kissed her slowly up her stomach, to her nipples now hard from excitement.

We switched spots as she returned my affection. Her tongue and moves were different than anything I had felt. It was the same in many ways but soft, knowledgeable. I was worried, knowing I was more than a little wet. She never hesitated. My body quickly responded. Almost too quick, I didn’t want it over. Her tongue hit all my favorite spots. Her fingers inside and exploring me. Her tongue traced low to my both my places. I came hard, turning left and right but she held my hips, her tongue never ceasing to lick me deep. After, we laid together. We held each other, shaking and sweating. Finally growing tired I kissed her. I asked if it was okay? My concern was for our friendship. She just smiled. It is great she said. Slipping my pants on again I told her I better get to bed. She got dressed and slept on the couch as we had planned. It was hard to walk away. We had shared something just then. But I had a commitment to another….

I felt guilty as I slipped into bed. Rolling over to my husband, he kissed me…. I forgot to wash! Would he know? He had to taster her… He grabbed my wrist and slipped my hand to his hard dick. He was erect and firm. He kept kissing my deeply….. Did he know what we were doing????? Did he watch???? Yet again tonight my mind raced. But that is for another story.

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