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One of the best things about my job is the travel! I get to travel all over the world, staying in exotic places like Singapore, Hong Kong, Taipei, and all over Europe. I was recently on a trip to Wales, where I was fortunate to stay for a month while getting a business started.

After a grueling 4 day stretch of 18 hour work days, I finally managed a few hours to go out on my own. I ended up at a coffee shop at the beginning of the evening. I figured if I got some caffeine in my system, maybe I could actually stay up after 10pm. Anyhow, I was sipping my coffee and people watching when I spotted a gorgeous man.

He was sitting at a table across the cafe and he was reading a newspaper while nursing his own coffee. I was immediately attracted to him. He’s appeared to be in his 40s and average height and weight. He had short, dark hair, closely trimmed beard and wonderful eyes.

As I was stealing glances at him over my coffee, he caught me! I’m not what people call an outgoing kind of guy, so being caught staring at an attractive man was somewhat uncomfortable for me. I smiled and quickly looked away. I didn’t even see if he had smiled back.

I went back to looking at other people in the cafe, being careful not to make eye contact with this very cute guy. But, after a few minutes I couldn’t help myself, and glanced in his direction and when I did, I saw he was looking right at me! I felt a quiver in my stomach, I didn’t know if he was offended, interested . . . what do I do now? Then I noticed he was smiling at me! Whew.

I held his gaze for what seemed like a long time. I know I was grinning from ear to ear and I knew he’d figure I was an idiot and walk away. I was wondering what I should do. Should I motion to him to join me? Should I walk over and join him? What if people were watching me? So, I did what every man would do, I looked down at my coffee.

As I was considering how to rectify the situation, I saw from my peripheral vision that he was getting up from his chair and getting ready to leave. I blew it! I hesitated and made sure he would leave.

However, he actually came to my table and sat down across from me. He offered his hand and said (in the sexiest voice) “Hi I’m . . . ” I won’t tell you his name, that’s my secret.

I shook his hand, and replied “Nice to meet you, I’m Stephen.” Our eyes lingered upon one another for a few seconds, smiles on both our faces and then settled into a comfortable conversation almost at once. How’s that?

After talking for 20 or 30 minutes, my new friend asked me if I had plans for the evening. He said he was enjoying a night off and didn’t have to work the next day. He said he’d love to show me around and help me learn my way around the town. What could I say? So, we paid our tabs and walked out of the cafe.

We walked around town for an hour or so, he was explaining the finer points of the town and where to go for good food, good beer and the places to stay away from. There were several times while we walked that canlı bahis our shoulders or hand brushed up against one another. There were even more times when our gazes lingered, and there was even some blatant flirting. I was loving every second of my time with him!

At about 6pm I asked my friend if he was hungry? He looked at me, and made the first overt pass at me. Reaching up he ran his fingers down the outside of my arm and asked “for food?” I was new at the actual flirting thing, I didn’t quite know what to say, so I took advantage of the moment and replied “yeah, any good restaurants near here?” Geez!

We actually went to a restaurant and ordered a light dinner, with a couple of pints. We were sitting at a corner booth, away from most other customers. We drank our beer and ate our food while enjoying wonderful conversation.

After the beer began to settle into my system, I decided I really liked him and wanted him to know that. So, while we talked, I slid my hand across the table and touched the top of his hand. I was so bold! I didn’t even stop to think weather or not I had read his earlier advance correctly.

In an answer to my touch, he turned his hand over and lightly held mine. I didn’t even realize at first, but I wasn’t looking at him; I was looking at our hands. It was so funny, I’m laughing as I write this.

We finished our beers, I paid for dinner and we walked out. Once outside, we stopped and he turned to face me. He reached for both of my hands and held them in his. “We can go to a club for some dancing and a few drinks, or we can go somewhere else.” He said. I was so taken by him that I stepped close to him and quickly kissed him! That move alone made me so hard, I figured people could see the bulge in my pants! But, it was dark, nobody was near us, and if they were I’m sure they wouldn’t have even cared.

I whispered into his ear “I want you so badly”. He turned and with my hand in his, we began walking down the street. I didn’t know where he was leading me, and I didn’t really care either. I walked close to him, I was stroking his thumb with mine. I reached over with my free hand and rubbed his arm a few times. When we stopped at intersections to wait for traffic, we kissed. The first time we kissed at a light, our tongues met and our kisses were pretty passionate for a street corner . . . it was wonderful!

In about 10 minutes of walking, we arrived at his flat. He unlocked the door, and led me inside. Once inside he turned to face me as I was closing the door and he pushed me up against the door with his lips against mine and his tongue probing my mouth. Our breaths were heavy and I think I may have even moaned a little.

I was still against the door when he lifted my hands above my head and pinned my wrists to the door. His lips left mine and he began kissing my neck. He was pushing his body against mine, and grinding his bulging jeans against mine. It was such a hot experience, so tender but so passionate.

His hands slid down my arms and bahis siteleri I kept them above my head until he began to unbutton my shirt and he slid his fingers onto my skin. I lowered my hands and grasped his head, pulling him back into another kiss. He continued unbuttoning my shirt and then he slid his hands down to my hips, pulling me as close as possible to him.

We were making out for a long time against his door, when he suddenly stopped kissing me and led me into the living room of his flat. Then, it was my turn. I stopped and and slid my arms around his waist while standing behind him. I was kissing the back of his neck while my hands slid down the front of his body and over his crotch.

I could feel his hardness through his jeans. I grasped his hard cock and began to stroke it thought he material. At the tip of his cock, a wet spot was forming and I firmly squeezed the head of his cock. He leaned his head back onto my shoulder and turned to give me better access to his neck, and his hands were behind his back, groping my own erection through my jeans. I know he could feel the wetness as I tend to produce a lot of pre-cum.

I unbuckled his belt and quickly unbuttoned his pants and within seconds, while I was sucking on his neck, my hands were inside his pants and my fingers were wrapped around his cock. I was stoking him inside his jeans, the foreskin of his cock sliding up and over the head . . . he was also wet with pre-cum and I gathered some of the fluid on my finger tips. I reached my fingers up and he sucked them into his mouth. As he did this, he turned his head so my fingers would slide out and we began to kiss again.

Turning in my arms, we were facing each other, passionately kissing and moaning into each others mouths. His hands were at my belt, unfastening it and then unbuttoning my jeans as I let my shirt slide off my shoulders. His kisses traveled from my lips, down over my neck and to my nipples. He sucked one nipple into his mouth and bit down at the same moment his hands found my cock inside my underwear.

I moaned as he began to stroke me. I pushed my pants and underwear down and his mouth released my nipple. I stepped out of my jeans while I watched him take his shirt off over his head and then push his own pants and underwear off his body. We stood there naked and hard, staring into each other’s eyes. At the same instant, we both reached out for hard cocks, our fingers quickly grasping and then stroking one another, kissing again. Moaning again. Sucking tongues. Feeling wetness.

He sank to his knees and took me into his mouth staring into my eyes. His hands ran up the backs of my legs and over my ass to the small of my back. He sucked my cock into his throat as he pulled me into him, his hands pulling my ass cheeks apart.

I ran my hands over his head as he moved his mouth on me. He was getting me very wet and slippery, his hands wandering over my ass and my legs and my back. I felt fingers all over my lower body, over my nipples with one bahis şirketleri hand while pushing agains my ass with the fingers of the other hand. I quickly arrived at the point of exploding and pushed him away from me. I didn’t want to cum without at lease tasting him.

He stood and kissed me yet again. He grabbed my hard cock and led me to his bedroom as we both giggled. When we arrived at the bed, I playfully pushed him down and fell on top of his back. My cock was at his ass, and I was grinding against him as he pushed back. I was kissing his shoulders and the back of his neck while I was pushing myself as close as possible against him.

I lifted up off of him and straddled him as he turned over. My balls were brushing against his legs and I began my travels with my lips from his mouth, down the front of his body to my waiting prize.

The sight of his erection so close to my face made my breath catch! His uncut cock was so hard. So gorgeous. So sexy. I first just slid my mouth over his cock, and pushed as much down my throat as I could. I heard him moan, and his hips raised to assist.

Then I grasped the shaft with my hand and pulled the smooth foreskin down so I could suck the exposed head into my mouth. I began sucking and moving my hand in unison with my mouth, trying vainly to milk the cum from his body. I was getting him as wet as possible, my hand and mouth sliding freely over his skin . . . I was loving every inch of him.

His cock began to get super hard, and I knew he was getting close when he pushed my mouth off of him. He gazed into my eyes “I want you inside of me” he demanded and raised his knees toward his chest.

What could I say? My tongue quickly found his hole and my probing elicited moans of pleasure from his mouth. I lightly scratched the back of his legs as he held them open for my mouth.

After a few agonizingly erotic minutes of tonguing him, I raised to my knees and positioned the head of my cock at his hole. I rubbed it around, using my pre-cum to make him even wetter and I slowly pushed the head inside.

We were staring at each other as my cock entered his body. He released his knees and I felt the his heels slide behind me and pull me deeper into his body. His eyes closed as I entered him and pushed passed his sphincter. I moaned at the feeling of him, at the idea of what we were doing, at the sight of my cocking filling him.

We moved as one for only a few minutes before I exploded inside of him. My orgasm filling his body and my moans filling his mouth. I came harder that I think I ever had, as I was cuming, his arms slid around my body and he pulled me as close as he could.

I stayed on top of him until my cock softened and slipped out of him. I raised back up onto my knees and I took his soft cock into my hand and began stroking him until he was hard again. I finished my lover off with my hand and watched as he exploded onto my hand and his belly.

We fell asleep.

My lover and I have made love several times since that first night. Each time we show each other gentleness and passion. However, sometimes it’s hard. Sometimes very kinky, but each time we end up sated and sleeping.

Thank you Ant . . . well, you know who you are.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00353 515 73 20