Abby, My Anal Loving Niece

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I met Abby once when she was very young and hadn’t seen her since so I didn’t know what to expect when, 15 years later, she emailed me and said she’d be in town for a week and wanted to visit with me. She had been living in Japan since she was ten and since her dad, my brother-in-law, was Japanese I remembered she had somewhat Asian features.

What was bothering me was that my girlfriend was out of town for a month at a trade convention and wouldn’t be around to help me entertain this young woman who was practically a stranger to me. I really didn’t know how to prepare for her—what with the age gap and the culture gap—I was sure it was going to be awkward.

I went to pick her up at the airport on Friday night at 8:30 and the flight was delayed so she didn’t arrive until 9:45. I waited at the gate, and when the passengers started coming out, I held up a sign that said Nakamura because I wasn’t sure if I would recognize her, or if she would recognize me.

I was half right, I didn’t recognize her at all. But the petite brown haired beauty that Abby had become easily recognized me even though my sign was hidden by other people clamoring to greet their friends and family members. Abby spotted my face immediately and a big smile came over hers. she walked over to me quickly but in small steps with her head down and positioned herself directly in front of me. She looked up with a cute little wide-eyed expression of wonder, like for a moment she wasn’t sure if it was me.

“Abby?” I said. Her face burst open in a big smile.

“Uncle Ray!” She practically shouted, “I’m so happy to see you!”

She threw her arms around me and held on tight for about fifteen seconds, I was feeling awkward but I tried not to let her know and just hugged her back. She finally broke away.

“How do you like me so far?” she asked, “Aren’t I pretty?”

“Well yeah,” I said.

“I know, huh, haha!” she laughed, but she said it in such an innocent and honest way that she didn’t sound conceited, and I couldn’t argue with her, she was really pretty. But then she shocked me.

“And wait’ll you see my hot little body, I’m in great shape cause I work out a lot and I don’t have that flat butt that a lot of Asian girls have cause I have the American side so I’ve got a perfect little bubble butt see?”

Abby turned around and poked her butt out at me. There was no question about it, at least from what I could see in her mid-length skirt, she had a perfectly round, small but plump little butt, and a tiny waist. She even had decent little tits, not big but cute little B’s. She certainly didn’t waste any time bringing the conversation straight to her body.

“You can’t really tell with all these clothes on but you’ll see what I mean later when I take them off.” She said nonchalantly diverting her eyes to a gift shop along the airport walkway. I was a bit stunned and felt even more awkward than I did before. She was being very forward and I didn’t know what to expect from her next.

Suddenly she shifted her focus onto me and put her arms around my waist while we were walking which made her stumble a bit and fall into me with a giggle.

“And you look awesome as usual, Uncle Ray, you’ve always been my sexiest uncle, and I’ve got some pretty sexy uncles. But I’ve always admired you the most from the pictures my parents have of family gatherings and stuff. You haven’t changed a bit…No, I take that back, you’ve gotten even cuter with the salt and pepper around the temples, very distinguished.”

“Well I’m old enough to be your uncle,” I said for lack of a better way to fill one of the few gaps she left in the conversation.

“You ARE my uncle silly!” she laughed, then she grabbed me by both hands, stopped us mid stride and turned to face me, “And I’m your adoring amorous niece who’s been waiting since she was old enough to notice what a hunk you are, to meet you in the flesh,”

As she spoke Abby got a serious look on her face. It was more than just serious, it was a very intensely sexual look, but for only a moment, then she went back to her playful, giggly, girlish look.

“I hope you like to have fun Uncle Ray,” she said shooting me a coy glance. “since it’s just gonna be the two of us for the whole week, right?”

“Yeah, Tawny’s out of town at a convention, but how did you know about that?” I asked.

“Tee hee hee, Oh I’m so bad Uncle Ray Ray,” she giggled, “I timed it that way. I’m sure Tawny’s a lot of fun, but I haven’t ever spent any time alone with you and I wanted you all to myself, hee hee. Y’know I’m 21 now! Almost Tawny’s age. So I know you like younger women, and I definitely am into older men, Especially when they’re you, ha ha!”

I was speechless. There was now no question about it my little niece was coming on to me. And we hadn’t even left the airport yet!

We picked up her luggage from the carousel and hastened to my car, Abby chatted me up all the way home. This being her first time in the states she was craning her neck out the window commenting on everything but she kept at least one hand on me the whole time and as it started casino siteleri to sink in that she was hot to trot for me, I started seeing her differently and was getting a little excited about this whole visit.

We parked in front of the building and took the elevator up to the fifth floor. The minute we walked in Abby kicked off her shoes, removed her jacket and flopped down on the bed.

“Oooh! This is a cozy little place. I love it! Nice big bed. Just the one room eh?” she said.

“Yes it’s small but we’ve gotten used to it.”

“It’s so intimate!” she said.

“Yeah well I figured I’d sleep on the couch and give you the bed…”

“No way, Uncle Ray!” she said, “I’m not throwing you out of your bed. Look I know I’m being kinda pushy and If you’re committed to your girlfriend I respect that. But at least we can cuddle up and sleep together can’t we?

“I suppose there’s nothing wrong with a little affection between an uncle and niece,”

“I want to take a shower. Can I?” she said slipping out of her skirt revealing a tiny little pair of panties which I stared at for a moment while she pulled her top up over her head. But when her tits popped out and I could see they were more like perky C’s my eyes were unable to look away. She seemed to be having some trouble getting her top over her head, then I realized she was peeking at me through a little hole in the fabric. I was busted.

“Told ya I had a hot body! Hee hee!” she giggled as she turned on her heel giving me a view of the most perfect little ass I’ve ever seen. As she jiggled into the bathroom peering back over her shoulder with the cutest open mouth smile I knew it was all over. My cock was rock hard and I sat there staring at the bathroom door until she turned off the water. I turned to look at my computer thinking I’d check my email but I couldn’t even see the screen. I just sat there staring in the direction of it as Abby came out still wet with a towel barely wrapped around her and walked straight over to me.

“Ooh can I check my email real quick?” she said as she pressed her naked body against the side of my arm and put her hand on my shoulder.

“Of course,” I said and started to get up.

“Stay there.” she said and plopped her butt down on my lap straddling my leg. She leaned forward and began typing so fast her hands were a blur and in a second she had logged onto her email and was going through the messages at blinding speed. I could feel the heat of her pussy on my leg through my pants but I kept my cock down against my leg so as to not surprise her. I placed my hands on her waist and my thumbs inadvertently started following the ridges on either side of her spine up her back to her shoulders. I was mesmerized as my hands massaged her silky smooth skin and moved back down until I held her firmly on the sides of her hips with my thumbs in the little indents just above her ass cheeks. By now she was already done with her email and logged out.

“Your hands feel so-o-o-o good Uncle Ray,” she said as she grabbed them, leaned back into me arching her back and slowly guiding my hands to her chest.

As my hands bumped the bottom of her firm breasts she let out a high pitched sigh and pushed her neck into my face. I cupped her breasts in my hands letting her tiny nipples poke through my fingers and planted my lips against her neck. I felt goose bumps form all over her entire body and my right hand moved down to her belly and stopped with my fingertips just above her smooth shaven pubic area.

She was more excited than I’ve ever felt a woman be as I kissed her slowly and gently up her neck to her tiny ear which I explored with my lips causing her to start breathing more quickly, almost panting with a little sob of ecstasy in each breath. still my hand remained just above her pussy and I could feel her squirm trying to get my hand closer.

Suddenly she jumped up from my lap, turned around to face me with her eyes wide and wild and her cheeks noticeably flushed. She slowly cracked a smile. She was so beautiful it was almost surreal.

“Will you rub some lotion on my body, please,” She said in a soft sexy voice. Before I even answered she scurried over to her bags and tore into one producing a thin bottle of lotion. She came back over to me still seated and fully clothed, and stood in front of me stark naked and smiling broadly.

I took the bottle and dispensed a dollop into my palm, and beginning with her mid section, proceeded to slather her tight, naked frame with the creamy emollient. deliberately avoiding her erogenous zones I teased her with my hands as she stood in front of me with her eyes closed breathing heavily and writhing slightly to my touch.

Suddenly she turned around and started to take a step toward the bed but I hooked my hand between her legs around her inner thigh and held her firmly with my thumb between her ass cheeks. My other hand began kneading the back of her thigh and moved up to her plump butt over the top of my left hand still grasping her inner thigh but now touching her labia which were noticeably wet from the shower but canlı casino too slippery to be just from the shower. She widened her stance and leaned forward slightly encouraging my left hand deeper into her ass crack and I felt her tight sphincter muscle with my thumb. She giggled and leapt away climbing onto the bed on all fours. Looking back over her shoulder with that wide-eyed smile of hers. I started to follow but decided to tease her a little longer.

“You’re too beautiful to do what I want to do with you.”

“What?” she said in shock. “What do you want to do with me, Uncle Ray?”

“Oh jeez, I’d probably hurt you if I did that?”

“Uncle Ra-a-a-ay, I don’t mind if you hurt me. How would you hurt me?”

“Well the problem is I have kind of a large cock and once I get aroused I won’t be able to stop myself from filling your entire vagina with it. Then I’ll want to start pumping it in and out and if I see certain things I might get carried away and ram it in too hard and hurt you,” I said rubbing my hard-on through my pants

“Oh god! What certain things makes that happen to me, I mean you” She said laying on her back with her legs spread wide starting to touch her clit with two fingers while reaching under her ass and poking at her vagina with her long slender middle finger.

“Oh, like if I see your nipples get really hard and scrunched up, I said noticing her nipples had gotten hard and scrunched up. Or if I see your fingers touching your clit” which was what she was doing.

“Uh-oh!” she said, “I’m doing that!”

“Oh, you are aren’t you,” I said unzipping my pants and starting to peel them off. “I’m really sorry Abby but I’m gonna have to…” I let my cock spring out of my pants and stand at attention. Abby gasped and stared motionless. The look on her face was strange. it was like she had just seen an alien. Her brow furled in disbelief, and her jaw dropped in shock, she slowly started to get up moving toward me

“You’re fucking kidding me,” she said

“What’s wrong?” I asked a little confused myself.

“What the fuck is that?” she asked.

“Well it’s my…”

“Shut up! I know what it is. I just never…What did you…How do you…Why is it…Uncle Ray Ray why is yours so much bigger than normal?

“Oh stop. You’ve never seen one this size before? Don’t you watch pornos?”

“Actually no. I’ve been with three boys in my whole life and they had normal sized penises,” she said getting down off the bed and crawling towards me on all fours never taking her eyes off of my cock.

“I’m sorry, I warned you it might be too big. I’ll just put it away, maybe we can watch some TV…”

“No fucking way Uncle Ray! Your not gonna show me that and not let me have it,” she said batting my hand away and moving in on my meat like a hungry predator after a kill.

She started tugging at my pants. I removed them and she got between my legs and settled in. With her head resting on my inner thigh and her lips about an inch away from my balls she began a tactile investigation of my manhood starting carefully and gingerly stroking and fondling every inch of it as I sat patiently and watched.

Every touch of her delicate hands sent chills through me but I remained calm and didn’t interfere with what seemed to be a very educational experience for my young niece. The look on her face was one of intense concentration, although she’d occasionally glance up at my face and smiled playfully. I was mesmerized by what she was doing and the more bold she became the better it felt.

Suddenly she sat up on her knees and positioned her face directly above the head of my cock and in one motion filled her mouth with it. Her eyes closed as she began gently sucking the head and about an inch of my shaft with a look of pure euphoria.

She opened her eyes and stared at me as if to ask if what she was doing met my approval. I stroked her hair and said, “That feels really good Abby, really good.” That seemed to inspire her and she sucked more of it into her mouth starting to go up and down in a steady rhythmic motion.

“Are you having fun?” I asked.

“Mm-hmm,” she replied without stopping.

“Want to try something else?” I asked.

“Mm-hmm,” she answered holding her finger up to indicate she wasn’t quite ready to stop yet. After a minute she released me from her mouth and sat staring at the object of her newfound obsession for a few moments. I stood up lifting her with me and motioned toward the bed. We laid down side by side and she immediately reached for my cock and started trying to position her vagina near it presumably to attempt to insert it but I stopped her and got up on my knees. I decided it was my turn to lead the show and I grasped her by the calves and firmly opened her legs to give me access. I got down between her legs and started by gently kissing her inner thighs alternating between the two and moving very slowly up toward her perfect little pussy.

She was sighing and moaning, gasping and cooing ecstatically as I kissed every inch of her flesh surrounding her pussy driving her insane with anticipation.

I kaçak casino decided she was ready to experience my cunnilingus technique which was no technique at all other than to simply try everything I knew and observe her reactions carefully until I got a sense of what she liked and what drove her crazy. I began kissing her along her moist slit and she started trembling with excitement.

“Oooh yes, Uncle Ray! that feels sooo good, keep doing that, I love it!” She cooed.

My tongue had not even touched her yet and she was already freaking out so I barely poked my tongue out and ran the tip up and down her pussy gently parting her lips a little more each time. She gasped every time I came near her clit so I knew I had to be very gentle.

I started poking my tongue into her love canal a little farther and stayed clear of the whole clitoral area for a long time and after a while I was tongue fucking her as deep as I could reach. She became silent during this, and when I looked up at her face, her mouth was open and her eyes were wide staring straight up.

I wanted her to see what I was doing because I knew it would raise her excitement level even more. So I stopped for a second and she looked down at me. The only thing that changed about her expression was a slight upward curl on the corners of her mouth and I could see her eyes became watery as she gently placed both hands on my head and pushed me back down between her legs.

This time I wrapped my lips around the area surrounding her clit and very slowly began encircling her pubic mound with my tongue spiraling in toward her clit but still remaining above the hood. Even that seemed like it was almost too intense for her and made her tremble uncontrollably. So I made faster and faster circles with my tongue until she was shaking wildly. Then at the point when I felt she could stand it no longer I pushed my tongue under the hood and made momentary contact with her clit and that was it

She started convulsing repeatedly as if she were being given electric shocks.

“Hyunn, hyunn, hyunn…”

Her orgasm was so intense I wondered if it was her first one. It lasted about 30 seconds and took her another 15 to stop convulsing. Then she rolled over with her butt sticking up kind of like an inchworm and just laid there panting with her eyes closed. I knew she was on another planet at that moment and I wanted her to enjoy the afterglow of her first orgasm undisturbed so I gingerly moved away and quietly sat back at the head of the bed. She laid there for a long time looking blissfully euphoric. She looked so beautiful and serene I felt totally satisfied just to have satisfied her even though I had a throbbing hard on that was ready to burst.

The way she was laying there gave me a full view of her perfect little asshole and I had a momentary urge to just shove my cock up her ass like a beast! But obviously I would never do that to my gorgeous young niece so vulnerable and trusting. I don’t know why I even thought of it.

I guess I fell asleep for a few minutes but still with a hard-on because next thing I knew jill was straddling me and suddenly I felt my cock slide into her hot wet pussy. I’ve got to say this was one of the all time greatest pussies I’ve ever had the pleasure of filling with my cock.

My niece began bouncing up and down on my lap then she started grinding in little circles, then pumping it back and forth but not looking at me just staring down at my pole sliding in and out of her with her brow furled in concentration. I think she thought I was asleep so I pretended to be and just watched her fuck herself silly on my cock. It was the cutest thing: she kept shooting me quick guilty glances and then right back to feverishly making good use of me.”

After a while she started moaning and making little tortured faces as she approached climax, and just when she was at the point of no return, I opened my eyes and said, “Having fun again I see.”

The look on her face was precious. She was a second away from orgasm when I surprised her and she jumped, but the start I gave her induced her orgasm and she stared at me, went cross-eyed, and said “Hunca! Hunca! Huncal, Huncle Ray-hay-hay-hay I’m sorr-sorr-sorry!”

I stared straight at her seeing everything she was feeling in her big beautiful brown eyes. The ecstasy, the embarrassment, the guilt, the resignation, the total out of control abandon, and finally, the release.

She slumped over in exhaustion, falling forward into my arms and I held her tight and reassured her.

“Oh baby that was beautiful. You don’t ever have to apologize for using my cock for your pleasure. That’s what an uncle is for. I love you Abby,”

“I love you too Uncle Ray. I love you too.”

We laid there like that, her on top of me and me inside her, for a long time. She fell into a deep sleep and I remained hard inside her. The feeling of my niece’s pussy tightly clenched around my cock as she slept was so erotic I couldn’t help myself. I started very slowly thrusting into her, feeling myself sliding in and out of her wetness, unbeknown to her. She was so deeply in slumber that I was able to reach the penultimate point before climax and lift her gently off of me just moments before splashing cum all over her ass. Then I fell into a deep sleep too.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00353 515 73 20