Absence Makes the Heart Grow Fonder

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Time is measured in seconds, minutes, hours, days, weeks, months, and years. Distance is measured in feet, yards, acres, and miles. But time can feel like it’s frozen in place and a few hundred miles can feel like hundreds of light years when you are away from the one you love. There is a delicate equilibrium to maintaining a long-distance love affair. Most people think that the time and the distance away from a lover keep the relationship fresh and exciting. The perception is that if you only see one another every few months, that you are filled with passion and lust for one another; that you don’t have to deal with the mundane and the tedium that plague average relationships.

To some extent, there is validity in that theory. You have to squeeze a whole lot of loving and living into a few days when you live far apart from the one you love and sometimes you can’t wait to tear each other’s clothes off and get into some hot and sweaty love-making. Sure, there is a lot of late night phone sex, and sexting, and all the other forms of intimacy people can share with new technology to hold you over. But people who are in long-distance love affairs know all too well the down sides of having a partner who is not there day in and day out. They know about the lonely nights and empty beds, the subtle fear and insecurity that creeps into your subconscious mind, wondering if your lover is finding comfort in the arms of another. Being separated from your lover is no fun when you need a shoulder to cry on or a simple hug. The rush you get when you see each other is countered by the long, painful goodbyes that feel like your heart is being ripped out.

Once the relationship has survived the obstacles of time and distance, then there is always the dreaded “conversation,” the looming question is always hanging out there, just beneath the surface at every reunion, “When is it time to move this to the next level? When is it time for us to move closer together? What will it take for us to make that commitment?” Bill and Suzy Suburbia never have to deal with those issues, never have to factor those things into their stable, familiar day in and day out equation.

Cynthia and Esteban were working out the dynamics of a long-distance relationship in their relationship. When Cynthia moved to Chicago from Philly, the couple didn’t have years together to solidify their connection, they had a few months, a rough and rocky start, and a tremendous connection. If their affair was to survive, it was going to have to make it on a wing and a prayer, a commitment to honesty, fidelity, and open communication. It wasn’t the ideal arrangement but it was going to have to work for them as long as they were in love with one another and determined to make it work.

Esteban had been feeling the pangs of something unfamiliar, something nagging at his gut. In his heart, he knew that Cynthia was a wonderful woman and perfectly suited for him. They were compatible in so many ways and the sex was great, which means a lot when you are “no spring chicken” shall we say. But his commitment to a relationship where he only got sex every few months had been on his mind. In his heart, he wasn’t sure he could handle the temptation much longer nor was he even sure he wanted to. Sex with Cynthia was fantastic when they had it, and they had enough phone and cam sex to relieve some of the pressure but it wasn’t the same as flesh to flesh contact. In his heart he KNEW he didn’t want to be in a relationship with any another woman, Cynthia WAS the woman for him, but he wasn’t as convinced he didn’t want to get hot and sweaty between the sheets with someone else. The last thing he wanted to do was hurt her but he didn’t think he could live indefinitely with the concept of having sex every three months either.

He knew Cynthia was feeling the pains of separation herself. He heard the longing in her voice when they spoke on the phone, the growing insecurity she had that he was ready to move on, and he saw the unconditional love and passion she had for him when they were together just lounging around the hotel room when he went to visit. Neither of them was ready to relocate to be closer to one another again and financially it was still too much of a burden to visit much more often than they did. He held on to his love for her. He struggled to remain faithful and, if he was being honest with himself, he was ready for the relationship to move to the next level. A year of being apart was more than enough time for him to recognize that he didn’t want to live without her but circumstances demanded that they did.

Cynthia was struggling with the distance as well. For her, it wasn’t so much the temptation of having sex with someone else, it was the lack of intimacy that haunted her. She needed the touch, the bond, the physical presence of her lover there to keep her motivated on her goals; she needed that shoulder to cry on when she was weary. It was her job that caused them to be apart and hardly canlı bahis a night went by where she didn’t want to pack it all up and run back to him. She made a point of bringing up their fidelity frequently enough to let him know that she was aware of his physical needs and she just wanted to stay informed but she didn’t bring it up so much as to lead the horse to the water so to speak. Cynthia wasn’t sure if their relationship could endure being open but she needed to know that she was going to be kept up to date and in the loop BEFORE the dynamics of their relationship changed.

With a significant tax refund check in hand, Esteban decided that the best thing to do in order for the couple to recharge their batteries and decide what the next step should be would be to take a much needed vacation for the two of them. Initially, he was planning on going to New Orleans but there, in the travel agent’s office, he decided he wanted to take her to his hometown, a secluded village in Puerto Rico called Aguadilla. He knew there that they could be undisturbed and uninhibited. Aguadilla was exotic and exciting yet comfortable and familiar and someplace they could both just relax and unwind. An extended four day weekend would be just what they needed to and talk about their future and decide what was to lay ahead for them.

They had connecting flights in Miami and they met in the airport lounge. Cynthia’s face lit up when she saw him and erupted in that smile that was reserved only for her man. Esteban was filled with that feeling of intense lust and emotional connection every time he was in the presence of his lady love. Thanks to a very romantic ticket agent who could tell the two were in love, they were upgraded to first class. True to her adventurous spirit, Cynthia was intent on igniting passions even before they left the runway. As they slid into the seats she leaned over to Esteban and whispered, “Honey, I’m so absent minded. I think I forgot to put on my panties.” She winked and slid her tongue in his ear seductively.

Esteban tried to remain as calm as possible but he was visibly moved by her naughty revelation. He glanced down at her smooth, brown legs and ran his eyes up to the bottom of her floral-print silk dress. Cynthia, feeling particularly bold and empowered, shifted in her seat and spread her legs ever so slightly. She raised the hem of her skirt a little more to expose more of her sexy thighs as Esteban glanced around to get an idea of who was around and get his bearings. No one was directly across from them, thank goodness. Esteban was going to enjoy the ride, literally and figuratively, and with any luck, it would be an extremely bumpy one.

Cynthia leaned closer again; this time whispering in his ear of how wet her pussy was, of how she couldn’t wait to have his hard cock pounding in and out of her hot, tight cunt. Esteban was feeling light headed and they hadn’t even begun to taxi on the runway. If she wanted to play, he was going to make her pay. He leaned in closer and slid his hands up the silky smooth skin of her inner thighs. Cynthia held his gaze firmly as she spread her legs just a bit more. As his fingers explored her legs, as he began caressing her sleek folds; electricity shot through his body as his fingers felt the slippery juices of her wetness.

“Okay, enough of that sweetie, let’s wait until we land,” she said. Cynthia was being playfully coy and flirtatious but Esteban had other plans in mind. He gently pushed her legs apart more and began softly circling her clit with his index finger. Cynthia hadn’t planned on things getting so public so soon, her plans were to pace themselves, and let the tension build. Esteban had other plans in mind.

In a smooth, confident tone, he whispered, “Spread your legs for me.”

Cynthia felt powerless to do anything but comply. She began nervously looking around, to see who could see their goings on. She tried to push his hand away but the way he was touching her was causing her mind to be clouded. Her pussy lips felt so good and the wetter she became the more her inhibitions were washed away. She regretted her rather flimsy, ill-thought out plan almost immediately, being willing to concede that Esteban was far more of an exhibitionist than she had ever been.

The male flight attendant was making his way down the aisle and Esteban’s fingers got more adventurous. He pushed Cynthia’s legs open wider and searched for her sweet spot. Cynthia, practically panicked at the thought of being discovered, was doing her best to dissuade Esteban’s antics as quietly as possible. She began making negotiations, bargaining, whispering whatever she could to get him to stop what she was sure was going to cause a very public and embarrassing scene.

Esteban would not be denied. He spread the lips of her sweet pussy and began his digital assault on her aroused clit. Cynthia squirmed and waged a battle in her own mind about her conflicting emotions. On one hand, she bahis siteleri loved how her man was making her feel, on the other, she was too conservative and shy, too scared to be discovered. Her body was winning the war as her pussy was leaking and her juices were actually running down her ass. Esteban stepped up the pace and inserted a finger in her pussy and Cynthia actually had to bite her lip to keep from moaning out load. He leaned in close, brushed his soft, sexy lips against the nape of her neck and whispered, “Don’t fight it, cum for me.”

Cynthia closed her eyes. She was about to take a trip, literally and figuratively to a place she had never been before. The flight attendant was only one seat away when he turned to Esteban and Cynthia. He froze momentarily. Esteban, not at all afraid to openly display their sexuality, gave him a knowing look that said, “Don’t say a word, just acknowledge and enjoy,” and the gentleman did a quick double take and calmly asked if there was anything he could do to make their trip more enjoyable. Esteban shoved another finger in Cynthia at that very moment and she was helpless to do anything but surrender to the exquisite sensations he was giving her body. Esteban never took his eyes off the flight attendant as he continued to finger fuck Cynthia’s hot pussy.

Beneath the rumpled folds of her dress, he was thrusting his hand between her legs. Cynthia wanted to keep her eyes shut but she couldn’t. She was compelled to keep them open, to look directly at the very attractive man who was staring down at her, to let him know that what Esteban was doing felt incredible and she didn’t want it to stop. She was outside of her comfort zone and feeling vulnerable but she relented to the waves of pleasure that overtook her. She was incredibly turned on and she trusted her man enough to let him have his moment of very public arousal.

Esteban was truly beside himself as he held the strange man’s attention, captivated and frozen with his actions. The woman seated beside him was fighting an orgasm in a very public place and the man standing inches from him in the aisle of the plane was obviously very aroused by the scene before him. The flight attendant’s breathing was becoming labored as he held his eyes fixed to the spot between Cynthia’s legs. It was all Cynthia could do not to scream right then and there. She was grinding on Esteban’s fingers, trying to get them deeper, trying to get them to hit her magic spot, trying to be quiet. Esteban grabbed Cynthia’s hand and placed it on his dick, which could was clearly outlined through his pants. She started stroking it, hypnotized by the sensations she was feeling, her body aching for release. She could feel the warming sensations traveling her body. He could feel her muscles tense up as she was climbing towards her peak.

The flight attendant was in a daze, glancing around to see if anyone was aware of what was going on, and cautious of what the repercussions might be for himself if any of his colleagues discovered his complicity in the obscene behavior, and completely turned on as a man. Cynthia could hear herself whispering, “Oh no . . . Oh my God,” over and over again, but she wasn’t in any sort of position or rush to stop, she was feeling too much pleasure.

Without notice, Esteban stopped; he pulled his fingers out of her pussy abruptly and left both Cynthia and the flight attendant gasping for air. The entire scene probably only lasted a few seconds but it seemed like an eternity; like there had been a glitch in the time and space continuum that made seconds seem like hours. He began casually chatting with the flight attendant about the options for lunch as Cynthia was trying to regain control. He held his fingers to his nose and inhaled deeply; even taking the opportunity to lick away some of the sweet juices there as he repositioned his dick and went about his business like nothing had happened. Cynthia was still aroused and tingling with sensations. She pushed her seat back and gave herself over to the feeling that it was going to be a memorable trip.

The isle of Puerto Rico was home for Esteban and he gave his beloved a tour that included not only the amenities the island had to offer but also included the places most significant to his childhood. He showed her the very spot he lost his virginity, the high school he attended, and the house he was raised. The hotel they were staying at was charming and secluded and everything one could ask for in an exotic paradise getaway. The beaches looked like blankets of soft sand made by God for lounging and relaxing even with their ominous-sounding names like Crash Boat and Gas Chambers. The crystal clear blue water didn’t even look real, the azure color was that of a captivating and mesmerizing semi-precious gem and the temperature invited all those who dared to dip their toes in its foaming surf to bathe in its gentle waves.

Before long, Esteban and Cynthia were settled into their suite, comfortable, bahis şirketleri and they had shed the stress and tension of their daily lives and were luxuriating in their tropical love nest. The food couldn’t be fresher, caught from the sea and prepared daily, the sweet and spicy flavors of the Caribbean mixing perfectly to please even the pickiest of palettes. The sounds of salsa music and drums filled the air, providing the perfect backdrop to keep the blood pumping and the tension of eroticism ever-present. Even without asking, fruity alcoholic beverages in fresh coconut shells with little umbrellas appeared like magic from young, bronzed, shirtless hunks of masculinity and machismo named Juan or Miguel.

For the couple, this vacation was an opportunity to experiment, to explore, and to take the next step, wherever that led. Esteban knew that this trip was setting the stage for the next phase in their relationship. Esteban’ biggest present was to come, when he revealed to his long-term, long distance lover his plans for the future. Cynthia was considering her own options. She was loving every second of this impromptu getaway and she wanted to commemorate it in a very special way. They had often talked about the idea of anal sex but they had never tried it with one another. After her third mango colada, the throbbing intensity of her pussy and her hormones were convincing her that not only would it be a good idea, but that she was actually anxious to get down to business. She was the perfect level of tipsy, enough to feel no pain, and to experience that uninhibited freedom that liquor affords but not so out of it that she wasn’t responsible or would get sick and forget and regret everything in the morning.

Nestled safely in the confines of their ocean-view suite, Cynthia smiled, feeling that familiar tingle in her bottom, inspired by the thought that they were going to completely lose themselves in a new sexual frontier. She slid her sexy body next to his, kissed him deeply, and whispered that she was going to go to the bathroom for a few to freshen up.

Cynthia returned minutes later to a darkened room, the light of the full moon from the open balcony doors the only illumination. Esteban was reclining on the bed, stroking himself in anticipation of making love to his brown beauty. Still sufficiently tipsy, Cynthia climbed on the bed and snuggled her naked papaya and cocoa butter scented body next to him, using her body to create some sexual tension and friction. She grabbed her container of shea butter and positioned herself on her stomach, and wordlessly instructed her lover that she wanted a massage. He complied happily, warming the oil between his palms before kneading her flesh with gentle, loving strokes.

Cynthia decided to keep her secret a while longer but she wanted to tempt and tease Esteban. Every time he would get closer to her buttcheeks, she would moan and wiggle around, letting him know that he was doing the right thing. Esteban was not immune to her reactions and he began caressing and kneading her backside with more sensual attention. Glancing over her shoulder, she said, “Why don’t you finger me . . . back there,” and nervously buried her face in the pillow. Esteban caught on immediately and started working more of the slippery oil between his fingers to get her ready.

Wanting to go very slow, not for a second wanting to cause Cynthia a fraction of a second of pain, he ran his finger up the inside of her thighs, teasing the bottom of her ass, and traced her spine up and down. Cynthia was beside herself and moaning and making all sorts of noises. Inspired by her liquid courage, she grabbed the cheeks of her ass and pulled them apart, winking her asshole at him. “Do it honey,” she purred, “do it.”

Esteban almost lost it then and there. He turned the intensity of his massage up a bit and placed his finger at the entrance to her backdoor. Cynthia had never felt anything so sinfully delicious in her life. She arched her back and slid her fingers between her legs to her clit, rubbing the engorged button sensually, making her level of arousal increase that much more so. Esteban, taking matters into his own hands so to speak, slid his other hand between her swollen pussy lips and felt the slippery moisture that had collected there. By this time, Cynthia was humping the bed and thrusting her ass back at her lover.

“Are you sure you want this?” Esteban wanted to be sure that what he thought was going to happen was really what Cynthia wanted and needed.

She seductively looked back at him and said, “Oh yes, honey, I want you to really fuck my ass good tonight.”

Esteban almost fainted. He was sure that was the sexiest thing he had ever heard anyone say in his entire life. Taking his time, he began his seduction of her backdoor. He was slow and intentional. By the time he had worked his finger in her, Cynthia was oblivious to anything but pleasure. “MORE,” she panted desperately. He was all the way to the third knuckle when she was saying how delicious it felt, how should couldn’t believe they had waited so long for this, that she was loving every second. Her pleas became commands, “MORE,” she demanded.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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