Acceptance of Desire

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We gave our statements at the town office and as the sun came up we were married. It had been a sleepless night to be sure, and yet I wasn’t tired right now. Arwana lay back in my arms, gazing at me as if she was the cat that had eaten the canary.

We reached the door of my house and I put her down. The woodland setting around us was coming alive with life and that very life was what I wanted to celebrate most in this moment.

I wasn’t quite sure about how to get started about it though. Arwana pressed up against me and looking up into my face her gaze was curious as she asked, “What’s wrong big man?”

Honestly, I said, “This is all new for me Arwana. I’ve never been with a woman. I’m struggling with the fact that on the one hand, I want to rip your clothes off and basically rape your beautiful body to on the other hand, wanting to be a man of control and make it good for you, and it doesn’t help the fact that I’m probably going to orgasm within seconds of just looking at you naked and…”

Her fingers stilled my words. Falling silent I watched her pull her fingers away from my lips even as she sensually held one finger to her lips and said, “Shhh.”

The tension I was under only doubled then as she took my hands and brought them up between us. With a look as old as Eve, she formed my fingers over the top edges of her blouse and succinctly whispered, “Rip it off Honey.”

I felt close to cumming in my pants. She was a temptress like no other and gathering myself, I did exactly as she asked.

Buttons popped and flew off everywhere. Breathing heavy I let my eyes fall to the sexy up-swelling mounds of two perfect female breasts now revealed before me encased in lace. I felt the need to groan with the desire I had to touch them.

“You like my breasts Honey?” She teased.

I glanced up into her laughing eyes only to hear her say, “You should hold them Baby. They belong only to you now Sugar.”

My hands lifted and I filled them with the warmth of her chest. She arched her back and rested her breasts even more heavily into my palms.

My eyes closed, was this really happening?


I opened my eyes.

Her look was lovingly tender and yet wanton at the same time as she said, “You’re only halfway there Baby. You have no idea how bad my nipples need to have your lips on them.”

The girl drove me insane!

Slipping my fingers under the back straps of her bra I yanked and the bra clasp snapped and then it was falling off her and her hard ruby tipped mounds of femininity were free, but only for a moment before my hands found them again. My thumbs stroked over her turgidly erect nipples and she let out a long pressed moan as she leaned into my caress like a cat.

I felt her fingers at work then and glancing down I saw her undoing my pants. They fell apart and meeting my gaze, she asked, “May I?”

I nodded, not fully knowing what I was agreeing to. She slipped down to her knees before me, her large breasts hanging free framed now by the torn blouse. Her hands stripped my pants down along with my underwear.

“Oh Honey!” She exclaimed deeply.

I looked down to see her eye level with my cock even as one of her hands cupped my balls gently.

She glanced up and there was no made up flattery in her eyes as she said with delight, “Wow! I knew you were big darling, but this… you are a stud!”

Her words made me swell even bigger and then I was groaning as the warm wetness of her mouth came to stretch out over the head of my cock. I jerked spasmodically and leaned forward to rest my hands against the door for support as her wet tongue massaged around the head of my shaft in discovery of its shape even as one hand lightly stroked up and down my shaft while the other still cradled my balls in a gentle massage.

She was moaning and breathing heavy as I fought for control. She was actually deriving pleasure from pleasuring me.

I saw her body shake as she kneeled down before me with her mouth full of me. I heard it then, but even more pleasurably I felt it as she cried out in orgasm with my cock still in her mouth.

Her casino oyna lips never left me, but I was done with control. Not being able to help myself, I groaned and pushed deeper into the hot cave of her mouth and started to cum.

My whole body jerked with the release of my pent-up semen into her and her hand on my balls squeezed repetitively for more as if milking the very last bit of my essence out of me. I don’t know how she was managing to breathe or swallow and as my orgasm came to a close I pulled back from her mouth for fear for her.

I heard her gasp sharply for air and make a choking sound at virtually the same time. Feeling mortified I pulled her up, “I’m sorry! I…”

“Stop it!” She breathed out sharply.

Meeting my gaze, she said, “Let’s get this straight here and now Cliff Haynes. I am your wife. Whatever you want, do it! You don’t have to ask permission. You sure don’t have to apologize! You want me so badly that you want to take me with the force of a rapist then do it. I’m yours darling! I don’t want you to hold back and as much as I admire the sweet gentlemen, you are as a man you shouldn’t be like that now. I want you to be real and I love what just happened. Yes, I couldn’t breathe, because you’re just so darn huge, but I loved it anyway. It’s the greatest pleasure in the world to me to know how utterly attracted you are to me and that… that I’m your first just means the world.”

She was crying now. Her face was flushed and hot and a milky dribble of my semen was still slowly dripping off of her chin onto her breasts.

Her gaze followed mine and laughing, she brought a hand up and wiped the trail of semen coursing down the inside slope of one breast up to her lips and licked it off. Glancing at me once more she said, “I don’t deserve you, but I will be grateful to God, to my dying day for giving you to me!”

She came up on her toes then and kissed me even as her breasts mashed into my chest. My hands found her curvy bottom and I lifted her up against me as we both kissed each other with the passion we felt for the other.

I growled into her mouth as I felt my shaft harden up all over again. She pulled her face back and looked me in the eye with interest.

Meeting her gaze, I said, “Remember later that you asked for this.”

That said, I propelled her up higher and draped her over my shoulder. She gasped and I groaned at the feel of her nipples pressing into my back.

Savagely I kicked my boots off and when they were gone I stepped free of my pants and ripped the door of my house’s open. Going through the kitchen I reached up and grabbed a handful of her skirt and yanked.

The dress came free of her wide flaring hips and the side of my face pressed in against the warm silk clad side of her bottom. She wanted savage well, I could give her savage.

Grabbing a knife up I with care slipped it beneath the edge of her shorts and ripped upward. The tight fabric split and one half of her luscious bottom spilled out. Taking the knife I made short work of the other side and I threw the knife aside and ripped the rest of the shorts off with my hand as I made it to the bedroom.

With a long relished desire I let my hand settle over her bare bottom and the feeling of finally being able to touch something I had so lusted for was overwhelming. My cock had never been harder.

I tossed her onto the bed and she landed on her back. Instead of fear she gazed up at me with desire for more. I ripped my shirt off and growled, “Take yours off.”

She did so awkwardly all the while her breasts were bouncing with the sway of her movements. She handed me the shirt as my gaze was directed to the curly mat of red hair marking her pubic region. Her pressed together thighs were soaked with moisture. She was so beautiful!

Feeling like a beast, but not willing to pull back from being so I took her delicate wrist and bound it with the sleeve of her blouse. Reaching over her I looped the blouse through an opening in the headboard and pulled it tight. Her arm went up above her head and with molten surrender to be my willing play toy she lifted her other canlı casino arm off the bed for me to tie it up too.

I did and getting onto the bed, I speared my fingers between her thighs and forced her legs apart. This was all new to me, but I knew where to put it and leaning forward I nuzzled the head of my shaft into the tight wet folds of her sheath. I had no mental reserve of control left in me.

Falling to my elbows I bit into the side of her neck and forced every last inch of my shaft into the sheer tightness that was her. She cried out and her hands pulled against her restraints, but she was securely tied.

My teeth left from biting her to kissing her as I with a heavy pressed groan shoved the thickness of me into the hot welcoming depths of her over and over. I knew she had a past, but that didn’t matter in the here and now. She seemed as tight as any virgin could of been to me and what did matter was that from this day forward no other man would stretch her open with his shaft as I was now doing.

She was my territory and savagely I now staked my full claim to it. Crying out breathlessly, her hips lifted up against my down plunging invasion and she suddenly became as tight as a vice about my shaft.

Groaning, I yanked free of her clasp only to force her open again to me. She was screaming and writhing beneath me with her hands pulling at her restraints.

Dimly I realized that it was my name she was calling out over and over. Thanks to her earlier easing of my urge to come with her mouth I felt no need to come now and instead I soaked up the pleasure of what it was like to be in a woman, to feel her breasts, and hear her cries of pleasure.

This was sheer delight and I thanked God for it even as I relished one more deep slide into her as she was clasped tight in yet another orgasm.


Arwana’s Perspective

Arwana cried out in agony, an agony of pleasure.

Oh, he was killing her! She’d never had it like this!

He just kept sliding into her with a cock bigger than any she’d ever had before. His cock was beautiful and strong.

From the first moment that she’d seen it, she’d fallen in love with it, but now he was torturing her with it. Oh God was this really happening?

She cried out again as he surged in deep. Oh yes it was!

He was like an animal! Opening her eyes, she saw him staring at her and feeling wanton she huffed out, “Take me harder!”

His thrusts into her stilled and passion beading his face with sweat, he said, “How?”

Gathering breath as the thickness of him in her stole all ability to concentrate she said, “Remember the first time you saw me?”

He nodded.

“I’d just bent over my car and straightened up and found you were staring at my butt.”

She gasped as he swelled even thicker within her. She was already going to be sore for a week from his taking what on earth was she doing by leading him on even further? The only answer was that she wanted him to enjoy her even at her own expense.

“Well darling, I’m your mare and I’d love for you to mount me and make me full with your seed.”

His shaft withdrew and she felt the aching loss of it like a friend departed. She knew he was green with the mechanics of things and so flipping herself over she scooted up onto her knees as to what she felt would be the proper angle.

Closing her eyes, she arched her back down and tried to mentally brace herself for the fact that he now had access to go even deeper into her than before. It didn’t matter. This was his first time and she wanted to please.

He wasn’t doing anything. With difficulty because of her tied hands, she glanced back. He was staring at her butt.

She smiled and he glanced up and warmly she invited, “Ready to go deeper baby?”

With passion he sidled up to her and she shivered with anticipation as his big hands came to rest over her hips. This had always been her favorite position, but intrinsically she knew she’d never fully experienced it before without him.

His shaft came into her and she deeply arched her back as far as possible in welcome of him. kaçak casino He groaned deeply and she smiled as the sure knowledge came to her that she had completely made his day.

Breathing heavy she held still as he eased more and more into her. This was so supposed to be!

She cried out with wonder as he pressed in the last bit of himself and she felt him come in contact with the deepest reaches of her sheath. He drew back and came forward and his momentum drove him in further still and she came hard. Her orgasm was a literal explosion.

The orgasm was too multifaceted to describe other than to say it was everything at once. Her tight clasp of him pulled with every withdrawal only to resist his resurgent thrust. He completely owned her and she held still for him on her knees even as the orgasm never stopped and his had just begun.

The heat of his seed within her was hot and pushing she pressed her bottom back in against his groin even as he was crying out with his release as he left his cock buried to the hilt within the core of her.

It was amazing! He was hers!

They could partake of activities like this every day! Her eyes caught sight of her glistening ring and on a pant she cried out, “Thank you God!”


My orgasm was finally over. It had been the longest and most intense orgasm of my life. Even though it was finally over, I simply didn’t want to move.

I glanced down to the incredibly erotic sight of our joining. God had known what he was doing when He had made the female rear. Truly nothing was more beautiful than it, especially right now.

Sweat was rolling off me and her too. Idly I watched a bead of moisture flow down the curve of her back. She was breathing heavy, but finally at rest from the countless orgasms that she’d had.

Speaking out into the stillness of the room, I said, “I don’t want to leave you.”

“Then don’t.” She whispered in reply.

She made a movement with one hip and taking direction I eased us over onto our sides still buried within her. She curled into me once more like a cat.

Weariness came over me all of a sudden. I took in the fact of her still bound hands, even as I half buried my face in her hair, loving the smell of it.

Awkwardly, I reached a hand over and undid her wrists from their restraint. In the aftermath of passion I once more felt like apologizing, but I choked it back.

I was softening in her and I hated it. Her sheath was a home I never wanted to leave.

Learning how it was like to snuggle with a woman for the first time in my life I let my bottom arm become the pillow for her head even as somewhat shyly I let my top arm ease beneath hers and hold one of her breasts even as I tried to touch the other one at the same time.

The touch of her was a sheer comfort as I had never known. It worked on me like a drug and left me wanting to black out and fall into a deep sleep. Her arm settled over top of mine even as her fingers spread out over top of my hand, “Sleep my love.” She whispered with welcome and I did just that with my nose pressed into her hair and my hand full with the warmness of her breast even as her moist breath dusted my arm with welcome each blessed second of life.


Arwana’s Perspective

Arwana lay awake for only a few moments longer than her already sleeping husband. School had been canceled for the week, so they were no demands on her time.

Smiling, as she gazed at the ring on her finger, she mused over how much fun it was going to be when he woke up. He had a need to play with her and she had a need for his loving touch. The past was disappearing only to be replaced with a honeymoon future.

She was drenched with this man’s seed. They had not talked of any kind of birth control and neither would she.

There had been a time in life when the thought of a child had been a complete burden to her. Now, however, as she lay in Cliff’s arms all she could think of was how badly she wanted to make a nice home and give this man children to raise to be the kind of individual that he was.

Her eyes closed as his big deep, even breaths ruffled her hair, even as the warmth of him pressed up against her was better than all the heat blankets in the world. The day had become bright outside, but the two lovers slept completely oblivious to it.

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