Accidental Fantasy Ch. 02

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There will be more later but some readers were unhappy about the ending of part one so I wanted to address their issues right away…slyfox


The physical therapy got harder and more painful, a fact that helped keep me sane because I was so tired all the time that I slept a lot. Speech therapy was done three times a week along with some exercises that I got on-line.

I really missed Jennifer, but I could usually force my memories of her away if they became strong enough to bring the tears on. About the only time I really felt the heartache was at night, when I would end up kissing the pillow next to me. which I’d named Jennifer, before I went to sleep.

Two weeks after I went home, I started learning to walk again. Oh my god, the pain was excruciating. I got to the point that I hated the therapist and that damned equipment. I think part of it was that it took a lot out of me and even more out of my caregiver to get into the van to go to the therapist. By the time the session ended, I was so exhausted that once I was in the van, I fell into a deep sleep.

The caregiver I had was as sweet as she could be and she had the patience of a saint. She was older than Jennifer and I loved her to death. I asked her if she knew Jennifer but she said they’d never met as far as she knew. I tried the phone number Mom got for her but all I ever got was her voice mail. Every day I told her I loved her, but she never called back.

A week later, my nurse was off with the flu. I assured Mom that I could be on my own for a day or two if I was in my wheel chair so I could get to the bathroom. Of course, I would have to miss therapy. She said there were leftovers in the refrigerator and juice and bottled water if I got thirsty. The phone was sitting right next to me when she left, along with a list of emergency numbers..

I was half awake and half asleep in my chair on Tuesday, trying to watch a movie on the television, when the doorbell rang. I called out for them to come in but I guess they couldn’t hear me so I wheeled over to open the door and burst into tears when I saw my sweet, wonderful nurse in the doorway, a beautiful smile on her face.

She ran over to me without a word and grabbed me in an embrace so strong that the wheelchair tipped over. I didn’t care. I was wrapped in Jennifer’s arms and she in mine. Not a word was spoken as we held to each other, rocking back and forth as the tears flowed unashamedly.

“Oh god, Jenni, I’ve missed you so much,” I said.

“I know, I know,” she said, “I’m sorry.”

When she kissed me, I nearly died of joy. That little kiss became deeper and more intense until we were moaning into each other’s mouths as our tongues fought for more.

I wanted to rip her clothes off right there in the living room but that might be dangerous simply because Mom and my sister were prone to walking in without so much as a word of warning that they were coming.

“Help me up,” I said.

She helped me back into my wheelchair and held the chair while I got settled in.

“Why haven’t you called?” I asked.

“I couldn’t,” she said.

“But why not?” I insisted.

“I was ashamed, Danni; ashamed and frightened. You have to believe me. Danni. I’d never done that to a patient before, but I’d never felt a desire like that. It was more like a need that I couldn’t deny. When you woke up and I knew that you were aware of what I was doing, I felt so guilty and so ashamed that I couldn’t face you.”

“But what were you afraid of?” I asked.

She turned away from me and went to sit on the recliner. I wheeled closer to her and offered my hands, which she took in hers.

“Danni, I took an oath. I accepted a great responsibility to my patients and any violation of their trust would result in my immediate dismissal or worse. Nursing is my life, honey, and the thought of not having that frightened me to death. After I left you, I remembered the way your mother looked at me when I was brushing your hair one evening and when I rolled canlı bahis you over to smooth the sheets under you. In my heart, I knew she suspected that we were closer than a normal nurse patient relationship. I believed then, and I believe now, that she knew there was an inappropriate emotion there.

“She hasn’t said anything to me,” I said.

“But I haven’t been around you,” she reminded me. “She might just feel that my absence solved her concerns. If she sees me here, it might not be that way.”

“I don’t care,” I said. “I can’t stand not seeing you.”

“That wasn’t my only fear, Danni,” she said. “An even greater fear, and the one that hurt the most, was the fear that you would resent me for what I’d done or that you could never grow to love me as much as I loved you. I had no right to assume that you were open to another woman touching you that way, and little hope that you felt the way I did. I fell in love with you almost immediately, but I took advantage of you, Danni. I used you for my own personal pleasure.

I lifted my hand to her face and tenderly stroked my finger over her cheek. “I’ve loved you since I first saw you, Jenni.”

“How could you possibly know you love me?” she asked. “How do you know it isn’t just lust because of what I was doing to you?”


“I thought about that a lot, Jenni,” I said, “and I went through a period that I questioned my acceptance of your lovemaking. I couldn’t understand why I wasn’t appalled at what you were doing, but I wasn’t. Not once. Then I decided that what I was feeling was lust. No one, man or woman had ever given me such pleasure or such satisfaction, but when I couldn’t get you out of my mind and my heart, I knew I loved you. No matter what I did. I thought about you day and night, and I saw you lying next to me almost every morning. When you left, my heart ached so much I knew for sure it was more than lust. I can give myself a deeper satisfaction with my toys now because I see you when I do it, but it hurt so much to know you weren’t there and that you might never be there again.”

“Did you just say what I thought you said,” she asked. “Did you say that when you masturbate, you see me there with you?”

“All the time,” I said.

“Maybe I was there,” she said, “because I saw you, heard you and felt your love every night.”

“It’s always been there, Jenn,” I said. “If you’d kiss me, you’d know how much love you and how much I need you in my arms. I need to hold you.”

She came to me and we held to each other as best we could, what with the wheelchair between us. The room was filled with our love for one another, a love that had us both in tears of absolute ecstasy until she finally pulled back.

“What are we going to do, Danni?” she asked. “We can’t go through life pretending that I’m just your nurse. You’re almost ready to walk and you won’t need a care giver any more.”

“I might not need a caregiver, Jenni, but I’ll always need you. We’ll find a way,I promise. I won’t always be confined to the house and in the meantime, you can come to visit me whenever we want to be together.”

“Is once a day too often?” she asked.

“Not often enough,” I said. She kissed me again and again.

“Do you need anything?” she asked.

“I need you,” I replied. “Will you let me love you the way I’ve been dreaming of?”

“Are you sure?”

“I’ve never been more sure of anything in my life,” I said. “Take me to bed, Jenni. I want to be with you.”

She wheeled me into my bedroom and closed the door. “I can’t wait to make love with you,” she said, lifting me from my chair to put me on the bed. I swung my legs clumsily off the bed and motioned to her. . “Let me undress you,” I said. “I want you naked.”

I slowly took her blouse off to confirm what I already knew. She hadn’t worn a bra and her breasts were an absolutely astonishing c cup and firm, with dark pinkish brown pink nipples, erect and begging for attention. I reached up to take them in my hands, pulling her to me so I could bahis siteleri worship those soft warm orbs I’d dreamed of. After kissing them all over, I took her in my lips, sucking her nipple deep in my mouth as my hand lifted and fondled her breasts. I loved the feel of them, the taste of them, and the sounds she made as I hungrily fed on nipples that came to life in my mouth. .

Without letting her slip from my mouth, I reached down to release her belt and fumble for the catch before sliding the zipper down. Her slacks fell to the floor and she kicked them away. My hands shook as I slid her panties over her hips and pulled them from her wet pussy lips. Releasing her nipple from my lips, I moved my head down to lick around her navel. Now, I could smell her desire and feel her need as I dug my fingers into soft ass cheeks and pulled her closer. Now her pussy was near my face and the sweet fragrance nearly drove me mad. Pulling her to me, I kissed her over and over from her navel, down her thighs and when I felt the heat of her vulva on my face, I dove into her as far as I could get.

She pulled away long enough to strip me naked and lift my legs up to move me over before crawling in next to me. The heat from her body made me quiver with a desire and a need I’d never known.

We ;came together like animals in heat, rolling around, fighting for a better hold on each other as our lips stayed locked. Moaning into each other’s faces, we forced our bodies ever tighter together until we were as one body, molded together forever in passion.

She finally pinned me long enough to settle on top of me, her pussy just below my breasts.

“Now, I’m going to love you like I wanted to while you were in that hospital bed,” she said, as she slid down my body to bend over and make love to my breasts in a way that had me fisting my hands into her hair so she couldn’t get away from me. I could hear someone mewling like a hungry kitten and realized it was my own voice begging her for more. Taking my nipple in her teeth, she chewed and tugged at it until I felt a familiar pressure building in my groin. I’d never known a woman could achieve orgasm from breast play but I was so close I was begging her to take me there. Instead, she moved down my body and for the first time in my life, another woman’s head was between my wide-spread thighs and her lips were kissing my upper thighs. The heat from her face was on my pussy lips and then her tongue stroked over them, pressing them apart.

I almost screamed when she found my clit and sucked it out of its hood. She sucked it so hard I thought she was going to rip it from my body, but then she started licking it with snake-like flicks of her tongue; over and over and over until I crested in a loud cry.

A wave went over me with such force that I lost the ability to breathe and yet she kept licking at me even as her fingers moved into me. Without a pause, she began pumping them as she rubbed her face into my clit. The second orgasm was even more intense than the first and the third more than that until I couldn’t take it any more. I felt my head begin to spin and I lost the ability to function. I just gave in to the wonderful feeling that seemed to engulf me in heavenly bliss.

Eventually, I became aware that she was kissing me and I tasted my juices for the fist time. I wanted to lick her face clean but it took a few seconds before I could. We held each other in a beautiful afterglow, rubbing into each other’s bodies until I couldn’t stand it any more.

“I want you, Jenni,” I said.

“I’ll make it easy for you,” she said, getting up on her knees, with my head between her legs. Holding to the headboard, she guided my face to her wet pussy where I tasted for the first time, the sweet nectars of a woman. My fist kiss was quite tentative, but when she pressed her body into my lips, I knew exactly what to do. My tongue slid cleanly through her outer lips to open them to me. I licked, I sucked, I worshipped her wet pussy. I sucked her outer lips until they were bahis şirketleri so swollen I was afraid they would shut me away from her clit. When I found it at last, I sucked on it like a tiny cock, then licked at it hungrily. I couldn’t wait to taste her first orgasm and I didn’t have to wait long. When she started humping my face, I knew it was close and her whimpering groans became cries that I not stop, I lapped at her until she seemed to release a flood gate and her cum pulsed from deep within. I sucked every drop from her until she pulled away. If I had ever had a doubt, it existed no more.

“I want more,” I said.

“So do I,” she said, “but you’re going to tire easily. We’ll have time later, but don’t forget that your sister or mother could come in and catch us and I don’t think either of us is ready for that.”

I smiled and kissed her. “I almost don’t care. I love you so much.”

“I’ll get a cloth and clean you up,” she said. “You smell like sex.”

“Who? Me?” I asked, wishing the taste on my tongue could last forever.

She cleaned me up and put some toothpaste on her finger to clean my teeth and freshen my breath. I sucked on her finger so hard she had to fight to get it away from me.

“I think I should leave before your mother gets here,” she said.

“Please don’t,” I said. “Just get me back in my chair and out to the family room.”

“Danni, I think she’ll know or at least suspect.”

“I’d never lie to my mother, Jenni, and I don’t think I have to but she won’t say anything while you’re here. She’s just not like that and she won’t ask you to stay away or anything. Besides, it wouldn’t make any difference. I never want to be away from you again.”

Once I was back in the family room, she became “caregiver Jennifer,” getting me fruit juice and a bagel, before going up to make my bed and straighten my room. When she came back, she was grinning.

“Your bed smells like sex,” she said.

“I’ll sleep good tonight, then,” I said.

She was sitting on the couch, watching a talk show with me when Mom walked in. I could sense a feeling of apprehension when she first saw Jenni, but it vanished as fast as it appeared.

“What an unexpected surprise to see you here,” she said.

“The agency called me at the last minute to fill in for Mrs. Thompson. She sounded really sick this morning.”

“I hope it’s just the twenty-four hour variety,” Mom said. “The other type is just terrible. One of the girls at work has been off for almost a week with it.”

I wanted to jump with joy at the thought of being with Jenni every day, but I didn’t want to get my hopes too high.

“Is there anything I can do for you before I leave?” Jennifer asked.

“No dear, I think we’re all right for now. Will you be back tomorrow?”

“I won’t know until I talk to the manager,” Jenni said. “She may send Mrs. Thompson back if she’s better.”

That was something I didn’t want and I hoped that Jenni would talk her manager out of it if she could. Life without Jenni in it even for one day would be terrible.

“Is there anything you need?” Mom asked after Jenni had left.

“Not a thing,” I said. “Jenni did say that if she came back tomorrow, she would have dinner waiting for you when you came home if you told her what you wanted her to fix.”

“That’s not what she gets paid for, Danni,” she said.

“Mom, Jennifer isn’t like that. She even went in and straightened my room and made my bed up for me.”

“Just don’t take advantage of her,” Mom said. “She’s treated you extra special.”

“Believe me, I know that,” I replied. “All the time I was in the hospital she kept my bottom sheet tight so I wouldn’t get sores and every single day I got a back rub.”

“I wouldn’ t mind one of those myself once in a while,” she said.

“When I get better, I’ll give you a back rub every day,” I promised. “It’s the least I can do after all you’ve been through with me. “

“I look forward to that,” she replied. “My back isn’t as strong as it used to be.”

If she was having any second thoughts about Jenni being there, she never expressed them that evening. When I went to bed, I slept to her scent and mine and I slept like an angel, with my hand on my pussy.

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