Accidental Growth Pt. 01

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Will was constantly worried about his family health history, as his family had plenty of problems. From high blood pressure and diabetes to the males in his family becoming bald by 25, Will had plenty to fret about.

Today started like any normal day for Will while he was at West Crest College. He would get up, plan out his day, pack a backpack for his classes, and take a shower. After he would get out of the shower he would shave what little facial hair he had and brush his teeth. As will was shaving the peach fuzz from his chin, he was horrified at what he saw: he was starting to develop a bald spot.

A sinking feeling started to set in on Will. He was only 20 but losing his hair, five years before his father and grandfather started losing theirs. Will’s mouth went dry and his eyes started to water of the realization that he would be the first person his age to start losing his hair. Already the insecurity of being completely bald by graduation started to sink in.

Distraught, Will abruptly got dressed, grabbed his car keys and drove himself to the nearest pharmacy to pick up bottles of Rogane foam to try and combat the problem. He continued to do this for a month and was extremely upset when he noticed more of his hair was starting to disappear. Realizing that Rogane wouldn’t be enough, he looked into other methods. He contacted his doctor to see if there was medication for this, however his parent’s health plan would not cover it.

Will started to think more drastically. Whenever he wasn’t studying or going to class, Will was working to save up for Bosley treatments however, he realized that his schoolwork was starting to suffer, so he had to give up his shifts.

At about two months of his efforts to save the hair he had left, Will was at his wits end. He had tried every cream and spray on the market, and had even looked into getting a toupee. But to no avail, these methods did not work.

After confiding in his close friend Scott about his issues, Will potentially found his last-ditch effort so save the hair he had left. Being a graduate medical student, Scott was on the inside track of the lab studies the on-campus hospital was running to test new medication.

Lucky for Will, there was an experimental drug that used testosterone to target hair loss and, if successful, could regrow hair. Will saw this as his last effort to reverse his family genetics and signed up for the test.

A week later, Will got an email from the doctor running the trial. He was to report for a physical and an interview in two days to see if he was a suitable candidate to partake in the drug trial.

After the physical, Will was brought into the room by the doctor running the trial. He was asked if he smoked, took drugs or any other medication and how much he drank. He was truthful about his entire personal and family health history and the doctor made notes, and said if he was suitable, he would come in for trials within a few days.

Sure enough, two days later Will got the email and was told to report back to the lab tomorrow.

Upon arriving, Will was briefed on various topics. He was told that the drug would be administered in two parts. One part shot which contained a high dose of testosterone and the other part hair follicle regeneration. The main side effects were loss of appetite and sleepiness. He would have to come in for six weeks of testing and if the six tests did not yield any results, then the trial would be terminated and deemed ineffective, with the first test being administered that day.

After the session Will went back to class and went about his day. He started feeling the side effects later that night and was only able to eat half of his soup he made, before feeling very tired and passing out at 11.

The next day Will was surprised to actually see some extra facial hair on his jawline; a place where he had never seen hair before. As he went about his day, Will could feel himself getting his first 5 o’clock shadow and was amazed at how quickly the trial was working.

By the start of the next week’s meeting with the doctor, Will’s progress was charted and the doctor said that he too was surprised at how quickly the testosterone was doing its job. Another test was yet again administered, and Will went about his day again.

The next morning, Will woke up with what seemed to be the hardest morning wood of his entire life. Contributing it to the fact that Will had not had sex since the summer, he figured that he was just very horny. As he got up to shower and shave, not only did Will look into the mirror to see his face was now covered in manly stubble from his neck to his sideburns, he also noticed that some of his hair where his previously large bald spot was.

As the week went on, güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri Will started to see little strands of hair on the edge of his bald spot start to pop up and make the spot a little smaller by the day. However, he noticed that every time he woke up, he did so with an erection that felt harder than it did the previous morning. However, this did not bother Will once his erection subsided. When Will went in for the second meeting with the doctor running the trial and both were thrilled with the progress Will was making, and was administered with another shot of testosterone.

Once the shot was given to him, Will mentioned to the doctor that the firmness of his erections each morning were seemingly increasing, and asked if there was any cause for concern. The doctor assured Will that testosterone was the hormone tasked with generation of matured sexual organs, so there was no cause for worry as this was normal with the other male participants of the study. Will was put at ease by the doctor’s words, thanked him and went about his day.

When Will woke up the next morning after receiving the third shot, Will woke up with yet again, an erection that was firmer than yesterday’s morning. Pulling off his sheets to provide himself some relief in his single-occupied dorm room, Will was perplexed to what he saw. After he pulled down his boxers and took a long look at his cock, he realized that his penis now extended past his belly button when he was laying down.

Now, Will was never unsatisfied with the size of his cock, as it always satisfied whoever he was with and always provided him pleasure when he was alone as he had the balls (and the cumshots) to match his respectable size. But he realized then that his cock was still getting bigger. Never did his head reach his belly button, but now, his entire cockhead was past that point now and was oozing precum.

Will didn’t know whether to be horrified or completely turned on, but after staring at his penis for a while, his lust did all the talking. After what seemed to be an hour of non-stop jerking, Will was finding himself having the most stamina he ever had to this point. He jerked his way through his first class of the day, and finally had an earth-shattering orgasm halfway through his second class of the day. Will never felt the need to moan during ejaculation, but the sheer volume of cum, combined with his now larger and more sensitive cock made him go into total ecstasy as he moaned after ropes of cum shot out of him for nearly a minute. After the shots stopped, the cum didn’t stop cumming. As more white cream flowed out of his cockhead and down onto his engorged (but still pumping) balls.

Will was covered in his own cum, with the shots going so far as to reach his dresser that was next to his bed behind his bed. His chest and some of his face was covered in his own ejaculate. Will’s sheets reeked of the smell of his own cum. All he could do was lay there in total bliss, knowing full-well he would be skipping class a lot more to do this.

As Will finally got up to clean himself, he realized that the normal amount of paper towels would not do, as he ran through almost half a roll to clean up the mess he made. After cleaning up and taking a shower and shaving, Will started to dress. As he did, it was very clear that his cock did grow overnight, as his briefs could outline the very large bulge that Will was creating in his boxers. As he put his jeans on, Will realized that his cock was not being compressed well by his pants, as it was obvious that his head extended slightly down his left pant leg.

The week went on and Will encountered the same thing every morning. Wake up, throbbing erection, cock growth overnight, huge orgasm and ejaculation. By the end of the week, Will got curious as to how large his cock might be, so the day before his next test trial, Will went to bed with a ruler next to him on his nightstand so he could get a measurement when he was at his most erect.

The next morning, Will was correct, as he woke up with a throbbing erection. Once Will pulled off his boxers and grabbed his ruler, he was stunned by how big his cock was. After having a little larger than a 7″ cock for most of his post-pubescent life, Will now was carrying around a 10″ monster. He started to get worried that he was able to grow 3″ in a span of one week. And knew that he had to bring this up to his doctor.

When Will showed up to get his fourth trial administered, it didn’t take long for the doctor running the experiment to notice the bulge in Will’s sweatpants. The doctor was the first to bring up what he was seeing.

“Will have you ever taken HGH or another form of medical testosterone earlier in your life? Because penile growth among men in güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri this study has never been documented, so this would be the first case I’m seeing.”

Will thought long and hard about if he had. Or at least, that’s what it seemed like from the doctor’s perspective. In Will’s mind, he knew that he didn’t hit puberty until he was 15 and his doctor at the time gave him testosterone treatments to speed up the process. But Will would never disclose that to the trial’s doctor, for if he did, it would mean an end to regrowing his hair. And Will was liking the extra attention that he was getting from the co-eds around campus, so a few more inches wouldn’t hurt. Right?

“No doc, not that I can remember. I masturbated twice already this morning and I’m still feeling a little horny so that may be why it looks bigger.”

“Masturbated twice already? Will, it’s 8:00 in the morning. If you’re that horny and this isn’t the norm for you, I would like you to contact your doctor-“

“Doc, I seriously have never received testosterone for medical reasons besides this study. Really. Now can we please hurry this along, I have a lot of work to do.”

And with that, the fourth test was administered.

The next week was filled with more of the same for Will. Filled with more cum, more attention and more cock. By the end of the week, Will’s bulge wasn’t a bulge anymore. As his cock was starting to extend further down his pant leg as the week went along. By the end of the week, Will did another test to see his growth progress and was amazed that he grew even more than last week, with his cock adding another 4″ inches to make him a force with a 14″ cock and the balls to match. Will found it so arousing to see his cockhead fully extend past the end of his ruler. He joked that he would need a *yardstick* soon, but settled on just buying a second ruler for next week.

When Will went in for his fifth test, not only did he walk into the doctor’s office with a full head of hair and full beard. But he walked in with a 14″ cock. Will maintained that his records showed that he never received testosterone treatment, and was administered with another shot.

Another week, and an additional 5″ of hard cock. By now, Will had enough dick to go around to over 4 less lucky men.

Will was loving all of the attention he was getting from all types of women around campus. By West Crest being such a large school, Will could pick any girl he wanted since he now had the best hair, and best cock, of the almost 20,000 students that attended the school.

There was one girl who he lusted after the most, however: Tamara Harris.

Tamara had by far the nicest body equipped of any of the women on campus. Her dark and smooth complexion and gorgeous face made her a threat to kill any man who looked at her wrong enough. But when a cutie is combined with an oversized nursing mother’s chest, and hips with an ass designed for breeding, she was a living, breathing goddess.

The day before Will went in for his last session, he was at a party when he tried to get by Tamara but accidentally brushed his cock past Tamara’s booty. Feeling a cock brush against her butt, Tamara turned around with a clenched fist, but immediately stopped herself once she saw that it was her friend Will, who never had bad intentions.

“Will Colton!! Oh my god, I’m so sorry I didn’t know that was you! You scared the hell out of me, how have you been?”

Even though her face was ready for a conversation, Tamara’s eyes went right to Will’s obscene bulge in his pants, and thoughts of lust consumed her. She thought what it would be like to get her puffy lips around the head of a monster like that. What it would feel like in her hands, between her tits…

She started to space out when the sound of Will’s voice brought her back to reality.

“Oh hey Tamara, sorry about that. I was just trying to get by and I thought I was about to get my shit rocked. I’ve been good, dealing with midterms and health stuff. I’ve gotten into a bad habit of skipping classes lately and I really need to grow up.”

“I know you’ve been skipping class, I hear you screaming about something every day, do you forget I share a wall with you, Will Colton? I should really keep more of an eye on you than I already do, because you have really been growing up, and now out *(now looking at the erection Will was starting to get)*, but you need someone to take care of you and actually turn you from a boy to a man.”

All Will could think about was Tamara’s skin on his. Feeling that huge booty between his fingers, seeing her Hershey-colored tits wrapped around his cock. Will started zoning out on Tamara when she grabbed his now fully erect cock down towards his knee güvenilir bahis şirketleri and brought him back to reality.

“Hey Will. I asked are you okay? You seem out of it and very distracted. Are big things on your mind?”

“Huge things are on my mind Tamara and they’re consuming my thoughts. Can we go back to the dorm and just talk about the big things on both of our minds?”

Without saying a word, Tamara gave Will’s cock a nice jerk through his pants and gave a bow to let Will see how Tamara’s boobs were obscenely bulging out of her bra and shirt. As Tamara was leading Will out of the house party, she stop and grinded her fat booty right into Will’s throbbing erection. Will gave her ass a fat smack and watched Tamara’s booty jiggle for what seemed to be as long as one of his ejaculations. It didn’t make things better that Tamara was moaning very loudly after that. As Will grabbed Tamara’s waist and mashed his huge cock into Tamara’s big butt, Will heard his button and zipper pop and come undone.

With Tamara taking notice of the scene, and taking notice of Will’s exposed shaft and balls. She quickly started walking forward so no one could see what just happened. With Will’s cock wedged between Tamara’s yoga-pant-covered ass the entire time and he was loving it.

As soon as the oversized coupling stepped foot into their building, both were all over each others genitals. With Tamara’s hands jerking off Will through the opening of his broken pants, and Will rubbing Tamara’s pussy through her yoga pants.

The two finally made it back to Will’s room and as soon as the door closed, Tamara wrestled Will’s cock free of his pants and starting jerking his massive pole while her tongue explored Will’s slit and head. Will was in overdrive now, as he hadn’t had anyone touch his new cock besides himself since his growth, and immediately started leaking precum.

Tamara had to come up off Will’s cock because the precum was the equivalent of a lesser-man’s orgasm. After swallowing, and panting for a while, Tamara regained her focus and went in to finish the job. But, Will stopped her, and laid her down on his bed.

As Will started to strip Tamara of her clothing, his cock slapped Tamara in the face several times during the process. Once Will finally was done stripping Tamara, Will lowered his head and started going down on Tamara. His tongue set Tamara started moaning and screaming “Will!!” as Will started flicking his tongue around her clit, while using his fingers to pleasure the rest of her pussy.

As Will looked up for a brief minute up at Tamara, he could see her eyes closed shut while her mouth was wide open. Her upper body writhing in pleasure as her massive boobs started jiggling out of control as the tops of her tits were meeting her chin. Will went around Tamara’s clit for a few more cycles before pushing Will off her. Just as Tamara went in to blow Will again, he protested.

“Tamara you have me about to cum, I’ve wanted you for so long that I’m for sure not gonna last much longer.”

“Oh god, thank god! You made me cum three times already from that, I’m exhausted! But I want that huge cock in my pussy. I don’t care how long it takes.”

Hearing this, Will knew that his pullout game would have to be good, because no condom would fit his cock ever again. But he positioned himself over Tamara as she guided Will’s monster cock towards the entrance of Tamara’s perfectly shaved pussy. With the head making its entrance, Will started to stroke slightly to make sure Tamara’s pussy could accommodate his enormous cum cannon.

After Will got about 8″ into her, Tamara was screaming louder than ever as Will started thrusting harder now. Her tits jiggling everywhere. But knowing how big Tamara’s ass was, Will flipped her over to hit it from behind.

The noise her ass was making against Will’s dick was something that could be on a song. It was beautiful to hear Tamara’s huge ghetto booty clap against Will’s python while he was hitting her G spot with ease.

“Tamara, I’m really not gonna last much longer. I need to cum.”

With that being heard by Tamara, she slowly exited will from her pussy and laid on her back, jerking the top of Will’s shaft, pointing it at herself. Determined to bathe in Will’s cum.

As he could feel all that cum traveling the length of his pipe, Will couldn’t help himself but to moan very loudly.

Once she heard the moans and felt him cumming, a big smile radiated from her face as she knew she found the perfect man to satisfy her. The first three shots went over her head, making an audible *splat!* against the wall behind her. With the next three shots hitting her square in the face and in the mouth. Then he concentrated on covering Tamara’s huge tits, which he did easily. Quickly, Will turned Tamara over onto her back, not worrying about the cum he would get on his sheets, and spurted the rest of his load onto Tamara’s fat, black ass, covering that also.

*’Fuck’, Will thought. ‘I have my sixth treatment tomorrow in 6 hours.’

********Pt. II cumming soon*******

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