Accidental Slave

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I couldn’t help myself. It started out small; as innocent fun. Not so mall and innocent anymore…

My name is Dave and I am a submission addict. Some people are addicted to booze, some to drugs, others to sex. My addiction is loss of control. That’s how I ended up here, blind folded and tied face down over an ottoman buck naked in a hotel room… but I’m getting this all out of order. I should start at the beginning.

It was just a game in chat, playing truth or dare with web cams and microphones. I found out that by taking dares, I got a reputation with the “regulars” as a “good sport” who would try just about anything. The dares got more and more daring and I got less and less concerned that someone who knew me would see my web cam or one of the hundreds of pictures I had been dared to make… oh yes, the pictures…

I posed naked in just about every pose a person could think up. I put clothes pins on my nipples, balls, earlobes, and on my cock. I pushed ice cubes into my ass, then fingers, then long neck beer bottles and bananas… I sucked on fingers and cucumbers… simulating a cock. I did all this just because someone gave me a dare — or so I thought.

That’s when I found the ad on the internet. “Illicit Adventures” was the headline and it occurred to me that I might be able to play my on line games of truth or dare with real people in a real world setting… I signed up. There was a long form of questions about what I would and would not do, what sort of limits or restrictions I had and to what degree I could be “pushed” into some of the grey areas.

In a few days, I had an email that said my profile was being viewed by another member. She wanted to know if I were into blindfolds and other forms of restraint… being the risk-taking person I was, I wrote back that I’d be up for some play like that… what did she have in mind?

Within minutes I had an email back that told me to be at the Best Western Inn at 8pm that night. I should leave the door to my room ajar, and sit on the edge of the bed blindfolded and nude. It sounded scary but fun all at once. I decided that if anything went wrong or seemed funny, I’d just leave… but why not try?

I checked in to the room early so that I could email the room number to her. Then I closed the curtains, turned the heat up a little and stripped. For a blindfold, I had brought along the sash to a pirate costume I wore last Halloween. I imagined that the bright red shiny material would add to the “mystique” of the adventure.

At 8pm I was in place. I felt incredibly excited and vulnerable all at once. I strained my hearing to catch the sound of her entering. Suddenly, without warning I felt soft fingers tracing a path from my shoulder to my elbow. I jumped, startled.

“Wow, you’re quiet!” I said, my voice shaking. I felt her finger press to my lips. The message was clear — no talking. I shivered. I felt her hands glide down my arms again, this time following the path to my hands which were resting in my lap. I felt the first stirrings of arousal as my mind imagined a beautiful bahis firmaları woman, fully clothed enjoying her power over me, a naked helpless male.

Her hands continued to softly caress my skin. I could hear her breathing, and now that she was so close I could smell a light clean scent… Then I felt her pulling my arms forward… urging me to stand. Once standing she guided me forward a step or two. I could feel or hear nothing for a moment and then I felt her taking my left wrist and wrapping a soft material around it… she went so slowly, so gently, I knew that she was giving me every chance to stop her from securing my wrists.

When my wrists were tied behind my back, I felt her guiding me to the edge of the bed again. I sat and she immediately pushed my knees apart kissing each one. Then at last she cupped my balls and I felt blood pounding in my cock as it rose stiffly. Her other hand circled it and she lightly stroked me for a few seconds.

Once I was fully erect, she pressed her hands against my chest. I lay back as she seemed to want that. It was a little awkward to lay on my bound wrists, because they forced my ass up off the bed and I knew I would be comfortable like this for long. That’s when I felt the other hands.

The woman’s soft touch on my thighs, balls, and shaft continued but now I felt the bed move as someone climbed on above my head. Something soft and warm, not a finger, was now gliding along my cheek. I turned my head instinctively away but strong hands turned my head back towards it. It bumped into my lips and suddenly I knew — it was a cock.

Just then the woman’s gentle touch became an excruciating crush of pressure on my balls! My cry in pain was cut off by the man’s cock plunging in — no doubt the very reason for her squeeze. A deep voice spoke the only words to be said and the voice came from somewhere across the room.

“Go with the flow and enjoy your adventure… or else it will go badly for you. We’re taking whatever we want from you anyway so you may choose how much or how little pain you get. To show that you understand, you are now going to give that cock the best blow job ever given… If we think you are slacking off…”

The voice trailed off and I felt another tug at my crotch to finish his sentence. With a sinking feeling in my stomach I tried best I could to accommodate the cock in my mouth… It didn’t seem huge but I kept gagging as he rocked deeply into my throat. I tried to use my lips as stimulation and pressed my tongue up into him as he did all the work of moving.

Meanwhile, the woman had resumed her stroking and now began running her mouth and tongue around my head… the cock in my mouth backed up and rested against my lips. I knew what they wanted — I was to give to this cock what she was giving to me. I translated the feeling into actions best I could. She had her hands free and I did not, so I found myself chasing the penis like as if I was bobbing for apples. I was very worried each time I lost it that my balls would pay for my ineptness, and so I am sure kaçak iddaa I at least gave the appearance of a very eager mouth looking for that cock.

My worries seemed to go on forever… the cock was smooth and soft, but rigid and unyielding to my lips. I would lose it then open wide searching for it like a bird in a nest. On one of those moments, hairy balls were dropped into my mouth and the cock banged against my face. I lapped at them and sucked gently — not really sure what to do.

Eventually the girl stopped and to my horror, I felt my legs being lifted up and out. The bed shook again and my fear of what would happen next came true. A cold, wet gel was smeared on my anus and a finger probed none to gently. The man who was getting my oral “cherry” grabbed my ankles and held them for whoever was taking liberties with my ass. I had no idea where the girl was and at this point I was too busy to care.

The finger was followed by two, then three… I moaned as I felt stretched and when I did, the cock started pumping my face again… this time without pause for me to recover from a gag reflex. My ass was suddenly punctured with man

‘s cock. I groaned loudly around the cock in my mouth as my anal cherry was stolen as well.


Now I knew where the girl was… even through my blindfold I could see the camera flashes going off… over and over as I had a man on my chest fucking my mouth and a man deep in my ass I was photographed. I never imagined with all the photos I’d taken as dares that this is where I would end up.

At nearly that moment, the cock in my mouth started going faster and I could hear grunts from above me that only meant one thing. I started to struggle but felt man

‘s thumb and finger pinch the head of my now deflated cock… and I knew that I was about to swallow cum.

Moments later, cum in my throat, on my face, and down my chin, I was unceremonially rolled over and pulled onto all fours. Then my head was shoved down to the mattress as my ass was plundered again — this time it got banged hard, fast, and drove me forward into the headboard of the bed.

Pinned down as I was, I groaned when he spurted for what seemed like forever into my tunnel. Then with a disgusting sloppy sound he pulled out and I could feel cum dripping from my ass and running down my thigh.


More photos… I groaned again when it belatedly occurred to me that I had no control over the distribution and that in some of them, I was sure to look as if I were a willing participant in this adventure. That’s when I was pulled from the bed to the ottoman. Until then I thought it was over… but I felt the naked buttocks and thighs of the woman straddling my back, facing my ass. A stinging slap landed on my ass and I heard men snickering.

Again and again she slapped my ass until it burned and I could feel heat radiating from it. Then she turned and slid behind me. With shock I felt the hard plastic of a strap-on pushing against my hole. A heard a soft click and the strap-on began to vibrate. She moaned and plunged kaçak bahis deep inside me.

Just then something wooden was shoved in my mouth — side to side like a rod. It jerk back and up and I realized that the girl was holding reins to a “bit” in my mouth. She moaned as she pumped my ass and pulled back on the bit. With my hands tied I was completely at her mercy. My back arched painfully, my ass burned and now to make matters worse she started cumming and in her excitement yanked hard on the bit as she worked against the strap on.

In what seemed like forever but was only minutes, she was leaning on my back and letting out little “whew” sounds. The vibe shut off.

My pulse pounded in my chest and in my anus. I felt completely drained of energy and gave no resistance at all when my arms were untied, I was pulled back to the bed and dumped on my back. I heard the sound of electric clippers.


They took more photos as one of the men shaved my pubic hair. From fear or exhaustion I don’t know, but I never moved. Then I felt a cord of some kind going around my balls, up high at first, then wrapping down forcing my balls further and further away from my body… Each wrist and ankle was then secured to the bed frame just before I felt the woman caressing me again.

I was sure that I was too far gone to care, but something about the way my balls were tied made my cock stiffen at her first touch. When I was throbbing hard, she straddled me and slid a condom over me.


More photos were taken as she rode me to another orgasm. What I sadly discovered though, is that in spite of how good it felt, I couldn’t cum. The binding let me get hard, but didn’t allow that “last bit of pleasure” to push me over the top. It did, however, keep my stiff cock hard for a long, long time.

I heard the trio bustling around the room without talking and finally I heard only silence. Then I caught a whiff of her perfume again and felt her lips brush mine…

“Thank you, hun… lets do this again sometime,” she said and then kissed me and stuffed something cloth into my mouth. I heard her pick up the phone and ask for housekeeping to come do a turndown service. Then, they left.

It took no small amount of talking to explain that I was not the victim of a crime after the girl who responded to the call for housekeeping found me there. She called the manager who called police, who kept me busy talking for more than an hour.

Out of fear of what might happen to those photos I kept insisting that I was unharmed, pressing no charges and would prefer to be allowed to leave with what little dignity I had left. At last they relented. The hotel manager suggested that I never come back. I thought it was good advice.

When I got home I hit the shower and then stumbled to bed exhausted. My dreams were filled with a mixture of painful, pleasurable, erotic images until I woke. I fired up the laptop and checked my email as always. Another message from “Illicit Adventures” came in while I slept.

I opened it to read “Your video and photos are going to be safe so long as you remember that we own you now. When we call, you will come. You will do everything we wish and you will do the same for anyone we give you to. Welcome to our stable, bytch-boy.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00353 515 73 20