Accidental Taboo

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It was my first year of college, spring break was just around the corner and I was looking forward to it in a big way. There was a redhead I had been dating for two weeks and there was the promise of going all the way that first night of spring break. We had fooled around a bit but I had yet to sink my rod inside that fiery snatch. I was aching to do her so bad I could hardly concentrate on school. The two of us were set to hit the first party of vacation, which was going to be a big one out at the lake. I was more than ready.

Two days before spring break I got a call from my dad, “Son, me and your mother have to go up north to take care of your grandmother’s estate, she passed yesterday. We are going to be gone for the better part of three weeks. I need you to take care of the house while we are gone, take care of the bills and such. I know I can rely on you.” Reluctantly I agreed, thinking to myself, ‘great. I’m not only going to be house-sitting but babysitting my little sister too. I know what he was really getting at.’ So I packed a bag and left for home when I got out of class that last day. I hated missing out on that party, and especially that redhead. But I am the ‘responsible’ one so I went home.

Home wasn’t far from the college and I was there in less than an hour. My sister, Jenna, greeted me less than enthusiastically, “What are you doing here?”, she said. She already had the phone in her hand when she answered the door, she said “I’ll call you back” and hung up as I dropped my bags onto the floor.

“Well, hello sis, I love you too.” was my reply as I took off my jacket.

My sister was shorter than me by about a foot, long, straight blond hair, athletic build. She was slightly wide in the hips and small up top. I used to tease her by calling her Marcia Brady, and she always replied in a very non-Brady way. She plopped down on the couch, adopting a pouty look, “Mom and dad sent you home to keep an eye on me didn’t they?”

I grinned, casino siteleri “You think so?”

She threw a pillow at me and we both laughed for a second. I sat down across from her in a chair, “Well if I makes you feel any better I’m going to miss out on one hell of a party, and a hot redhead too.”

Jenna looked coyly at me and mocked, “oh, is poor Ken gonna miss out because of little me? I bet she’s a slut too. Poor baby. I guess you’ll just have to jack off.”

Now it was my turn to throw the pillow. I went upstairs and put my things in my old room and came back downstairs. Jenna was on the phone again. This time she greeted me with a big smile, “Ken. I have an answer to both our problems. You can go back to your party, spend the night with your ‘thang’ and come back the next day. I will have a party right here. What do you say”

I looked at her, “You’re nuts. I’m not gonna let some high school party happen right here, the place will get trashed.”

Jenna wasn’t about to give up, “It’s going to be just girls, I promise. We won’t leave the house, we won’t cook anything, and we’ll clean up everything. Please go along! My friends are waiting for me to call.”

I stood there a moment, “What’s the catch?”

My sister’s smile turned coy, “I’ll order pizza, but you have to go get us some wine and stuff.”

The vision of my redhead sprang to mind, “Okay. I don’t know why I am agreeing to this. But, okay. No boys! No smoking in the house, and be careful with the booze. Dad will kill us if anything gets trashed.”

She was nodding and dialing at the same time. It lookd like I was gonna get some fire afterall.

A few hours later I’m at the party with my date. We’re drinking and fooling around, trying to find someplace not already occupied by five other people. We start getting into each other three times and were interrupted all three times. The party ends up being busted by the cops, and we end up at another party. We can’t get canlı casino alone to get it on there either. To top things off my redhead gets too drunk and I end up taking her to her cousin’s house nearby. After all is said and done I’m suffering from a huge case of blueballs and I’m closer to home than I am college, so I drive home resigned to take my sister’s advice and just jack off alone.

I slip into the house and notice empty bottles everywhere, and more curiously, half naked bodies all around. I knew most of these girls. In fact one girl, Sharon, had been hitting on me for years. She came up to me just before I left for the party, “Are you sure you don’t want to stay here and play?” She backed that round ass right up against me like she always did, grinning. She had been offering to let me buttfuck her all year. She had a nice round ass, a little wide but firm, perky little tits and black hair cut short. As soon as I walked in I saw a bare ass laying on the couch, and thought of her offer. ‘whoa, that’s crazy. in a room with my sister and all of her friends? no way’ So I stumbled upstairs and took a shower hoping to just go to bed and sleep it off.

My hard on hadn’t let up since the party so I decided to oil up and take care of it I the bathroom. I started out thinking about what could have happened on my date, about my redhead slowly sliding her mouth up and down my cock. But I ended up thinking about Sharon’s willing ass, waiting downstairs. Mumbling to myself how stupid I was, I slipped downstairs and crept up to the couch. There it was, fine white and inviting. I slowly pressed my face in between her legs and began to lick her from slit to the crack of her ass. This brought a contented sigh, and a wiggle of her hips as I reamed out her backdoor. Momentarily I added two fingers of oil, slowly to her ass while I licked her pussy slowly. She loosened up and I knew it was time to bury my cock in her. As I penetrated her ass, she gasped and her head jerked up, kaçak casino “ssh, Sharon, just relax, baby” I whispered as I slid farther in. She relaxed immediately and actually pushed her ass back towards me to take me deeper. I kissed the back of her neck below her dark hair and began to slowly pump her ass deeply. We began rocking together almost immediately. I was in heaven from the start, I felt like I was already cumming in one long ride. I had never felt an ass so divine. The pumping became longer strokes and both of us matched pace with each other, trying not to make noise to wake the others. I don’t know how long we fucked but I felt her shudder twice during the time, and saw her hand moving between her legs. She bit her pillow and grunted as I kept sliding from tip to base in and out of her hot, tight ass. Finally I couldn’t hold on anymore and began shooting spurt after spurt of cum deep inside her bowels. We stayed locked together for a bit and I slid away to take another shower and go to bed completely satisfied.

The next morning I came downstairs, not even having a hangover. One of Jenna’s friends, Misty was sitting at the table already, the rest of the girls still passed out. Misty had also flirted with me off and on and had shown me her oral talents a few times in the past. She slipped up next to me, “How are you feeling stud? That was some ass, wasn’t it?”

She knew. I didn’t care, and I did feel like a stud, so I replied while kissing her on the cheek, “Well, it wasn’t your ass, but there’s plenty of vacation left.”

She laughed and spun away, “That wasn’t Sharon’s ass either.”

I was confused. I looked back into the living room trying to figure out who I had buttfucked the night before. I thought, ‘if it wasn’t Sharon…’

Behind me I heard the bathroom door open, and I turned around. When I did I nearly fell over, there was my sister, Jenna, standing there in a T-shirt. Her hair was cut short and had been dyed black. I looked at Misty and then sprinted off to my room. ‘Oh shit. oh shit. oh shit.’ I suddenly felt very hung over and went back to bed hoping it had been a dream. Still, in my dream I relived how hot the sex had been, and got hard all over again.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00353 515 73 20

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