Across The Street Ch. 01

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The sun had just come out when I finally could make out what was happening in the apartment building across the street. I gasped when I saw the actions taking place. By the window I could see the man who I’ve met on occasion, his name is Gavin. A nice old man with a nice sturdy body. He was by the window head back in the sun as another older man who I’ve never seen before kneeling in front of him sucking his cock. I smiled as Gavin grabbed the man by the back of his head and pushed his cock even deeper into the mans throat.

Before I even knew it my hand was in my pants rubbing my now swollen cock. Never before has such an act turned me on. For sure I’ve seen my share of gay pornos but never have they turned me on. Maybe this is because I was seeing it in person. Maybe this was because I wished his mouth was on my cock.

I grabbed my reclining chair and dragged it to the window and stripped. I have to say I’m a pretty fit guy. I almost have a six pack, my penis while flaccid was four and a half inches and erect as it is right now is seven inches in length. I have a pretty thick penis although I have never thought to measure it. I have my brown pubes, that match my hair, are shaved into a nice V on my crotch. I don’t bother to shave any of my chest hair since I love the feeling of a women rubbing against it.

With my cock in hand I grab my binoculars and watch the men across the road from me. I started slowly pumping my penis in my dominant hand, my right as my left hand held the binoculars that let me view the beautiful act taking place in front of me. I see Gavin moving his cock in and out of the mans mouth his movements getting faster. His body goes stiff and he jolts.

“Oh my god” is all I can whisper. The man sticks his tongue out on the end of Gavins penis and let’s the cum shoot into his mouth. At this moment I’m beside myself, my breath growing heavier and heavier. I start to moan as I feel myself coming to an orgasm. I have to stop myself from masturbating so canlı bahis I can go longer. I look back into the binoculars to see Gavin leading the man around the corner. I freeze. I want to do something right now. I run to my kitchen naked searching for my cell phone.

“Damn! It had to be here!” I yell. I find it under my briefcase and search for the name I need.


I find his name as dial the number and to my relief he answers.

“Hello West, you need something.” He says. I shake my head in frustration. What do I say?

“Umm, yeah. Can I please come over and borrow some flour I’m in the middle of making some pie for my family that’s coming over in about forty minutes and I don’t have time to go to the store.” I say as fast as I can. I hear Gavin groan, something must be happening.

“Yeah…sure. Come over.” he says. I quickly pull on my jock strap and grab a pair of sweat pants along with a tight fitting tee. I run out of my house and fly down my stairs and before I know it I’m at his door knocking on it fiercely.

Gavin answers it only in a towel from the waist down exposing his sixty year old chest. I cast a fast glance down to his slowly growing bulge.

“Come on in West.” He says grabbing my shoulder and pulling me in. He leads me to his kitchen where he pulls out his flower an a plastic bag. “Take as much a you want.” He says. “I’ll be right back.” Gavin says and goes to his living room. I look at him and accidentally slam my head into the cupboard when I turn back. The sound was loud enough to be the sound of a door closing.

Thats when I hear the feet. I turn to see a man walk out of Gavins room cock straight up and his hand rubbing the head.

“Gavin? The kid gone ye-,” The man stops. I gasp in surprise when I see the man. I once knew him as Mr.Denton, my coach at Flemington High. His eyes move up my body. “West? West Sillenger? This is s” I see him grab a dish towel from the counter and cover his man hood bahis siteleri my mind goes into hyper drive, this is the moment I’ve been waiting for.

“It’s okay Coach. I didn’t realize Gavin had company.” I stare at his stone face. He has to be around his late sixties, because when I graduated eight years ago he was around fifty eight. His body is still toned and his abs were great. I only glanced at his penis once when he set foot in the room.

I take a step towards him and slowly push away the dish towel he held in front of his penis.

“West, what are you…” Mr.Denton says. His eyes locked on mine. I silence him with a finger on his lips. I make him drop the dish towel to the ground. I look down to stare at his erect penis. It had to be about eight and a half inches long. Slowly but surely I grabbed his penis in my hand and started stroking it. He moans in pleasure. “West this isn’t right, I’m your teacher plea-” I silence him when I press my lips against him, my first kiss with another man. His hand automatically goes for my groin. I feel his hand grab my balls and I moan in pleasure. Mr.Denton pulls down my sweat pants to reveal my jock strap.

“Still wearing the jock I see” Mr.Denton laughs. I groan as he puts his hand in the pouch and feels my bag. I gasp in pleasure as he slowly kneads my balls. I let go of his rock hard penis and pull of my shirt as I do I see Gavin round the corner stop and he drops the can of beer he hold in his left hand in shock. Then when Mr.Denton pulls down my jock revealing my rock hard dick his shocked expression turns into a wide grin.

“When you moved in across the street five years ago my friend Donna said you were a trouble maker, but when I first met you I thought ‘Hey these people got this kid all wrong, hes nice!’ West, as I can now see, you are more then a trouble maker.” After Gavin finished he dropped the towel around his waist to the floor revealing his penis. Mr.Denton lets go of my balls and steps away we all stand bahis şirketleri around staring at each other waiting for one of us to make the first move.

“So you two are fully acquainted now Owen?” Gavin asks Mr.Denton. I squirm a little at the firmness in Gavin’s voice but Mr. Denton on the other hand grunts then laughs.

“I knew this kid way before you did, always thought he was into girls. Wait. He was into girls, I even heard him boasting about loosing his virginity to the head cheerleader. I also remember him being the first one in the shower after soccer practice.” Mr. Denton says. Gavin raises an eyebrow.

“You taught him?” Gavin asks.

“Grades Eight through Twelve.” Mr.Denton smiles. I back away a little my penis has begun to deflate. Whats going to happen?

“Well West is already naked, I don’t see the point of me sending him home.” Gavin says. “I guess, if he is up for it. He can join our little fun.” Gavin walks towards me his penis swaying in front of his wrinkled body. He puts a hand on my penis causing a surge of energy rush through my body making my penis rock hard in seconds. He smile and begins pulling on it. I close my eyes and lean against the wall behind me. I feel my penis become slippery and wet, I moan and groan as I feel Gavin’s lips and tongue give me the best blowjob ever. I feel hands pull me off the wall. I am now standing straight up in the middle of the hallway when I feel my ass cheeks part. I open my eyes in fear. Is he going to penetrate me without lube! Oh no! I imagine Mr. Dentons penis behind my ass and plunging in. He would rip me in two with his penis. But instead of a penis I feel his tongue lapping at my hole. I groan in pleasure. I grab my now hardening nipple and begin to squeeze as the others begin to work magic on my penis and my tight pink hole. I start to really get into it. I thrust my hips forward into Gavin’s mouth where he licks and tongues my penis. In and out of his mouth I go. Then when I feel as if I might explode they both stop. I stare at them for a few moments.

“Why?” I ask.

“We thought we might take this to the bedroom.” Mr. Denton says. I smile happily as they both put their hands on my ass and lead me into the bedroom.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00353 515 73 20