Adam’s Apple Ch. 03

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Author’s Notes:

This story is © Copyright LesLumens. Should this story be found anywhere except with this note attached, it is posted without my permission.

Pardon the puns in the titles of this series, I just can’t help myself.

This tale is a follow-up to my stories “Adam’s Aunt,” and “Adam’s Family.” I recommend reading them first, but you can certainly just start right here, as this tale is meant to stand alone. As with those tales, this one is built more on lust than love, which is the norm in my other taboo tales.

Sometimes, I just feel like writing down and dirty smut.

This is a five part story, and all five were submitted on the same day, so they should come out one a day.


Christine shushed her niece and dialed the phone. She could still taste Lynne’s sweet pussy on her lips, and still feel her body tingling from the younger woman lapping her to orgasm only a few minutes before.

“Hey, Adam. Lady luck is smiling on us. Why don’t you come over?” Christine asked in a tone so seductive that a eunuch probably couldn’t have resisted.

“See you in a few minutes,” she then responded when Adam said he already had the number for the cab company written down.

“I’m half scared,” Lynne admitted. “I don’t think I’ve ever been with a man as big as Adam before.”

“Trust me, you’ll love it,” Christine assured her niece, with a twitch of her eyebrows. “I’ll make sure he’s gentle, until you’re ready for him not to be.” She then disconnected the camcorder from the tripod and hit the rewind button.

Avalynne blushed. “I can’t believe we did that with a camera on. I feel so naughty.”

Christine licked her lips. “You loved it — and it’s for a good cause. We’d better hurry and get changed. If I know Adam, he’ll be here in just a few minutes.”

Lynne nodded and went to retrieve the outfit she and her aunt had chosen. Christine pulled on a short plaid skirt and a button-down blouse, not bothering with anything underneath, knowing how much Adam liked the look. She nodded approvingly and purred as Lynne finished dressing, and then took the camera to the front room to connect it to the television.

Christine barely managed to hook up the camera and cue it up before she heard the cab pull into the driveway. Lynne heard it as well, and responded to her aunt’s gesture, hurrying to the bedroom to close the door behind her.

Christine answered the door, “Hello, handsome,” and responded to her nephew’s eager, hungry kiss as soon as she closed the door. His hands naturally found her bare backside beneath the skirt she wore as their tongues danced in the kiss.

Once their lips parted and Christine had given Adam’s erection a squeeze, he asked, “So, I guess Apple is okay?”

Christine led her nephew toward the couch. “She’s doing a little better. I’m sure it will be a while before she’s okay. I did get her feeling good, though.”

Adam squeezed her right ass cheek as he followed her and said, “Damn, I want you.”

Christine only responded with a sly smile, and continued to the couch. Adam quite naturally slipped his hand beneath her skirt to her sex the moment he sat down next to her.

“Mmm — patience,” Christine said while pushing his hand away.

Adam chuckled as he resisted, but finally relented when his aunt reached for the remotes. Christine turned on the television, and then hit the play button on the camcorder remote. “Damn,” Adam said with surprise as Avalynne appeared on the screen, wearing the short, silk nightgown she’d picked out.

“Thought you might like that,” Christine said with a chuckle. “They’re a little bigger than apples, aren’t they?”

Adam blew out a whistle as Lynne posed on the camera, causing her already prominent breasts to press even harder against the slippery material. “Oh yeah.”

On the tape, Christine said, “Come on. Let’s put our suits on and take a dip in the pool.” The camera followed the young brunette as she nodded and retrieved her suit. Christine then hummed stripper music as Lynne started to pull off the nightgown. Lynne protested, and the scene faded to black.

“Ah, man,” Adam sighed.

“Thought you were going to get lucky, huh?” Christine asked while nuzzling his neck and tracing her fingertip over his erection. On the television, another scene faded in.

“You’re so mean, Aunt Christine,” Adam said as Avalynne appeared on the screen again, this time dressed in a red bikini. Her nipples pressed hard against the revealing top, but Adam’s eyes naturally fell upon the slight camel-toe presented by the skimpy bottom. A second later, Lynne dived into the pool and resurfaced on the shallow end, standing up to let water cascade down her lithe body.

“Such a sweet, juicy apple, isn’t she?” Christine sultrily said while continuing to caress his manhood. “Doesn’t she make you want a bite?”

Adam laughed. “I take it back — you’re evil.”

“Too bad you couldn’t have been here, huh?”

“I don’t think I casino siteleri could have hid my hard-on. Damn, she’s hot,” Adam responded while watching his cousin lazily float on her back across the pool.

“Speaking of hiding it…” Christine unbuttoned her nephew’s pants while the video continued to play for a few more seconds before fading to black again.

Adam groaned and closed his eyes as his aunt’s hand wrapped around his erection. “Damn — yeah,” he sighed as her soft hand stroked over his shaft. He then opened his eyes and breathed, “Whoa!”

Christine let out a purr as Adam throbbed in her hand. On the television screen, Lynne lay nude upon the bed, stroking her folds with her fingertips and staring with a sultry look at the camera.

“You like?”

“Hell yeah,” Adam responded, and then perked up even more when Christine walked into the scene, nude as well.

On the television, Christine crawled between her niece’s legs to lap the younger woman’s pussy in full view of the camera.

“I told you I made her feel good,” Christine playfully reminded him.

“I don’t suppose there’s any chance..?”

“What, do you want to lick up all her hot, spicy apple juices?” Christine teased.

“You know I do.”

Christine smiled as Lynne emerged from the bedroom and tiptoed toward the couch. “Maybe we can arrange it.”

Either Adam caught her in his peripheral vision, or he simply knew what to expect, because he looked over his shoulder and saw his cousin approaching. She wore a lacy red babydoll with matching garters and stockings, and had a green ribbon tied in her hair. Lynne’s eyes widened and she gasped when she was close enough to see Adam’s cock in Christine’s hand.

“Poo — you weren’t supposed to look yet,” Christine pouted to Adam, releasing his cock.

“Sorry. Hey, Apple.”

“Hi, Adam,” Lynne responded, her eyes never leaving his hard organ.

“Well, come here, silly,” Christine said with a laugh, tugging on her nephew to make room on the couch for Lynne.

As Lynne sat down, Christine gestured for her niece’s hand. When Lynne held it out, Christine laid it on Adam’s cock. He groaned in response, his eyes drinking in his cousin’s body.

“Just makes your mouth water, doesn’t it?” Christine asked in a low, sexy voice as Lynne squeezed Adam’s cock.

Lynne nodded, and looked up to smile at Adam.

Christine reached out and stroked her niece’s cheek. “I want to watch you suck it.”

Avalynne gasped, and then let out a moan as Adam throbbed in her hand. She leaned over his lap, and Adam took the opportunity to cradle one of her lace-clad breasts in his hand. He groaned as Lynne’s tongue snaked out to trace the thick vein running the length of his shaft.

“Ah, that feels good, Apple,” Adam sighed as his cousin’s wet tongue lapped him.

Lynne squeezed her cousin’s balls just a little harder than could be called pleasurable, and at the same time scraped the mushroom tip of his thick organ with her teeth.

“Lynne. Lynne,” Adam hastily corrected, his voice an octave or so higher than normal.

Lynne grinned up at her cousin, and then kissed the head of his cock where she’d nipped him only a second earlier.

“That will learn you, smartass,” Christine admonished with a little laugh as she unbuttoned her blouse.

“You both have great tits,” Adam said as his aunt revealed hers and he continued to caress his cousin’s.

“Mine need to be sucked,” Christine said as she shrugged off her blouse, leaning in to give her nephew access.

Lynne wetted the head of Adam’s cock with a swirl of her tongue just as he took his aunt’s right nipple between his lips. A drop of pearly pre-cum welled up from the tip, and that was exactly the encouragement she needed.

Adam’s hot breath kissed Christine’s nipple as he gasped when Lynne took him in her mouth. “That’s it — suck it,” Christine encouraged her niece, while simultaneously pulling her nephew’s mouth back to her nipple.

Lynne moaned around the thick shaft stretching her lips as she sucked just a couple of inches, the tangy flavor of his pre-cum arousing her taste buds. Adam sucked his aunt’s nipple even harder in response and teased Lynne’s nipple with his thumb.

The sight made Christine’s mouth water as well, and she wanted her fair share. She pulled her nipple free of Adam’s mouth and slipped down onto the floor next to the couch. She tugged on her nephew’s knee until he lifted his foot to the couch and parted his legs wide, giving her access.

“Oh, fuck yeah,” Adam groaned as Christine moved in to lap his smooth balls. Lynne took him a little deeper on the next stroke as well. His hand left his cousin’s breast to settle on top of her bobbing head. A minute or so later, Christine caught her niece at the top of a stroke and turned the younger woman toward her. The two brunettes shared a kiss over Adam’s saliva-slick member, and then traded places on unspoken agreement.

“So fucking good,” Adam groaned, his hips canlı casino now twitching up toward his aunt’s sucking mouth. She wrapped a hand around the root of his cock to keep him under control, but otherwise didn’t miss a beat.

When Lynne lapped up to tickle her aunt’s lips a short while later, Christine released her nephew with a wet pop. She pulled off Lynne’s babydoll, leaving the younger woman clad in only her panties and stockings, and then kissed her again. “Make him come,” she said in a sultry whisper before trading places with her niece again.

“Ah!” Adam gasped as Lynne took him deep and his aunt sucked on one of his dangling orbs. “Yeah, that’s it, Lynne. Fuck yeah,” he encouraged his cousin as she sucked him hard and fast.

Christine moaned as she teased her nephew’s balls with her tongue, her eyes locked on her niece’s head bobbing over Adam’s organ. She could tell by the twitches of his hips and the sounds of pleasure bubbling from him that he was getting close. “Share with me when he comes. I want a taste.”

“Mmm hmm,” Lynne moaned in response without slowing in the slightest.

Christine sat back and caressed Adam’s balls with her hand so she could have a better view. She could tell that Lynne’s jaw was starting to ache from being open so wide, but she could also see excitement and determination in the young woman’s eyes. Lynne wanted her cousin to explode in her mouth.

“Almost there. Yeah,” Adam grunted, his fingers twining into Lynne’s dark tresses.

“Do it, Adam. Come in her mouth. Do it,” Christine said with sultry anticipation.

“F-fuck,” Adam growled, and then his body tensed.

Christine squeezed her nephew’s family jewels just a little harder and pressed her middle finger against he ropy cord between them and the puckered iris of his ass. As soon as she applied the pressure, he jerked and let out an explosive sound of release.

Lynne squealed in surprise around his cock as hot jets of Adam’s seed flooded her mouth. She managed to swallow just in time for a second spurt to fill her mouth again. Remembering that her aunt had told her to share, she pulled back to the tip and released him, keeping a pool of his cum on her tongue. He pulsed again just as she let him go, squirting a little trail of milky cum across her upper lip and cheek.

Christine popped up to her knees and licked up the creamy offering on her niece’s face before locking lips to share the treat Lynne had saved for her. As the two women broke from the kiss, Christine noticed that Adam had oozed a final bit of cum that slowly meandered down his throbbing, twitching shaft. She immediately leaned over his lap to suck him in and clean him up.

Adam let out a series of almost pained sounds as his aunt sucked him. He gasped and went limp on the couch when she released him, only to stiffen again when his cousin engulfed his over-sensitive organ only a second later. He had to push her away, unable to endure her hot mouth on him.

Christine traced a finger over the crotch of her niece’s panties. “Mmm — you’re all wet. Take them off.”

Lynne lifted her bottom and jerked down her panties, revealing her pink folds, glistening with wetness. Christine pulled the lacy cloth down and then tossed the panties off to the side. She didn’t waste any time slipping between her niece’s thighs.

“I love to watch you eat pussy, Aunt Christine,” Adam said as he moved over to let Lynne spread her legs wider.

“That feels so good, Aunt Christine,” Lynne moaned as her aunt lapped her.

Christine kissed her niece’s folds and licked her lips. She then looked over at Adam and said, “Get down here and have a taste of her sweet apple juice.”

Adam groaned a little as he tried to get up, but said, “You don’t have to ask me twice,” as he knelt in the floor. “Lick my pussy, Adam,” Lynne begged as he moved between her legs and Christine stood.

By the time Christine could manage to sit down next to her niece on the couch again, Adam was energetically devouring his cousin’s pussy. “Good, isn’t he?”

“Uh huh,” Lynne agreed, and then moaned as Adam sucked her labia, hood, and clit all between his lips.

“Come for him, and then we’ll get that gorgeous cock hard again. You want his big cock inside you, don’t you?”

“Oh yes, Aunt Christine. I want it.”

“Mmm — make her come, Adam. She’s so hot and wet inside. She’s going to feel so good wrapped around your big cock.” With that, Christine took her niece’s stiff nipple between her lips.

“Oh, so good, Adam,” Lynne gasped as her pleasure mounted. “You’re going to make me come. Don’t stop.”

Adam let out a sexy growl and lifted his cousin’s hood with two fingers. His tongue then shot out to dance over the swollen bud in a rapid dance.

Lynne squealed and started panting, on the edge of orgasm after only a few laps of his tongue. “Yeah. Yeah. Oh yeah,” she exclaimed, her legs starting to tremble. “Oh yeah. Oh yeah — oh yeah — oh yeah!” The volume and pitch of her cries increased kaçak casino steadily with each word, the words running together into a single sound until she finally screamed, “Yes!”

Christine sat back and moaned when the shock of Lynne’s orgasm caused her to thrash away from her aunt’s sucking lips. Lynne held her cousin’s mouth against her sex, continuing to whimper and moan as her orgasm went on and on. Between her legs, Adam moaned approvingly into Lynne’s folds as her juices washed over his slowly lapping tongue.

With a high-pitched, warbling moan, Lynne weakly pushed Adam away. Her hands fell limp over her sex and her head lolled back as she panted and gasped through the aftereffects of her climax. Christine crooked her finger to her nephew, beckoning him to her.

Adam knew what she wanted, and shared Lynne’s juices with his aunt in a passionate kiss. His fingers slipped between her legs to Christine’s saturated sex, probing her hot canal as their tongues wrangled.

Christine sat back and flipped up the front of her skirt to watch Adam fingering her pussy, moaning approvingly. As soon as Lynne caught her breath, Christine pulled her nephew’s fingers from her wet heat and said, “Bedroom.”

Adam took both women’s hands and helped them to stand. He growled in appreciation when Christine dropped her skirt to the floor, giving him a perfect view of both women’s bottoms while he followed them to the bedroom.

“On your back, on the bed,” Christine ordered as soon as she stepped across the threshold into the bedroom.

Adam grabbed a handful of each woman’s ass as he passed between them, drawing a playful swat from his aunt and a moan from his cousin. Christine barely let Adam’s back hit the mattress before she climbed into the bed to straddle his face. “Suck him hard while he licks my pussy,” Christine said as she lowered her saturated sex to his mouth, facing his cock.

Watching her niece lick Adam’s softened cock only added to the excitement of her nephew’s talented, eager tongue. “You want him hard and deep inside you, don’t you, Lynne?”

“Oh yes,” Lynne breathed before suckling the tip of her cousin’s cock.

Christine moaned and ground her pussy against Adam’s face. He responded by licking and sucking her with even more gusto. Christine could feel the itch building inside her, and knew it wasn’t going to take her long to come all over his face. The look of fascinated arousal on Lynne’s face as Adam’s manhood hardened beneath her tongue pushed Christine even closer.

Christine gasped in ecstatic bliss as her orgasm crept up on her. Adam’s fingers gripped her bottom hard, holding her pussy tight against his mouth — as if she had any intention of moving. With Adam now near fully hard, Lynne had stopped lapping and sucked her cousin’s cock between her soft lips. “Oh — I’m gonna come,” Christine groaned.

Adam let out a sexy growl and attacked her clit with his tongue. Christine’s every breath emerged as a whimper, growing louder with the swelling pressure of her orgasm. Finally, she cried out as the tightly coiled energy inside her released. She fell forward onto her hands, her hair hanging down to tickle Adam’s well-defined abs. She could just hear the sound of Lynne slurping up and down Adam’s cock over her own heavy breathing, whimpers, and moans.

Christine lay her head down on Adam’s abdomen, moaning as her orgasm subsided. She opened her eyes to see Lynne stroking Adam’s wide cock with her hand, staring at it in almost fearful fascination. “Are you ready?” Christine moaned in satisfied bliss.

“Yeah,” Lynne responded.

Christine’s eyes popped wide open and she yelped when Adam held her against him, wiggling his tongue over her still tingling sex when she tried to move. He released his grip on her buttocks a second later, though. Christine sat up with a groan and edged back off his face, which was coated in her juices. A combination of a sigh and a moan passed her lips before she said, “Lie down.”

Lynne leaned forward, and then slid on her hands until flat against the bed. Once fully reclined, she rolled over onto her back, parting her legs to caress her nether lips.

“What are you waiting for, silly?” Christine asked as her nephew licked his lips and watched Lynne masturbate.

Lynne’s eyes followed Adam’s cock as he rose and moved in front of her on his knees. She panted in anticipation, parting her legs wider.

Christine moved in beside her nephew, reaching over to stroke his cock as he moved into position between Lynne’s thighs. Christine playfully slapped Adam’s cock against her niece’s wet folds, grinning at the little gasp it caused in the younger woman. She then took advantage of Lynne’s abundant wetness by rubbing Adam’s cockhead over his cousin’s sex.

“Do you want her, Adam?” Christine asked while slipping his tip between Lynne’s nether lips without actually allowing him to penetrate.

“Bad,” Adam answered.

“I want it, Aunt Christine,” Lynne moaned.

“Mmm hmm,” Christine moaned, and then pressed Adam’s mushroom tip into position. “Slowly,” she admonished him.

Adam pushed his hips forward and let out a groan as the tip of his cock penetrated into her wet heat.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00353 515 73 20