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The second installment of The Brothercest Series by Justin Tyler.


“… and I want you to promise me you’ll stay away from the goddamn Viper Room,” Trey droned on. “You know what happened the last two times you went there without me to look after you. I can’t bail your pretty ass out of trouble when I’m on the opposite coast, Harley.”

A long silence followed Trey’s admonishment.


“Yes, Trey?” Harley replied curtly.

“Promise me?”

Harley sighed. “If it makes you feel better.”

“That’s my baby,” Trey responded, his killer smile obvious in the tone of his voice. “I’ll see you Monday night. Love you.”

“Love you too, Trey.” Harley snapped the clamshell phone closed. Looking down at the sidewalk, he shook his head in disgust. He peered up, squinting at the bright, garish neon lights above the door of the West Hollywood establishment. Harley took a deep breath to shake off the unpleasant feeling that the conversation with his brother had left him with. He nodded politely at the doorman, stomped out his cigarette, and entered Johnny Depp’s Viper Room.

They were going at it – again. Fast, furious, and frantic, as always with Harley on his knees, his slim fingers clutching white-knuckled at the Ralph Lauren sheets. Trey’s warm hand rested gently on his younger brother’s sweaty spine, just above the pretty small of his back: not to still the boy or to hold him down, but simply to let him know that there was a person attached to the huge, hard thing sawing repeatedly in and out of his body. Trey’s breath hitched in his throat as he watched Harley’s back arch, a thing of beauty in itself. Harley added insult to the visual injury by tossing his head back in genuine ecstasy, a motion that had become his trademark when he fucked, a movement usually seen only in porn videos, forced and fake.

There was nothing forced or fake when it came to Harley and sex, at least not where his older brother was concerned. Trey came violently as he always did, loud and nasty and altogether fabulous, as much from the illicit thought that it was his own brother he was fucking as from any physical sensation associated with the act. With just enough neurons left firing in his lust-melted brain to remember that Harley might need a little assistance, Trey leaned over his brother, pressing his sweat-drenched chest against Harley’s glistening back. He fumbled beneath Harley, grasping the boy’s impossibly hard cock to give him the few strokes necessary to finish him off. A strangled, primal sound deep in Harley’s throat announced his orgasm, and the thick, hot, wonderful white stuff spurted out of his cock to coat his brother’s hand and stain the designer sheets beneath him. Harley’s legs twitched and his knees buckled, collapsing him weak and breathless onto the mattress. Trey tumbled down with him, heavy on Harley’s back but the younger man not minding terribly because his brother’s dick was still buried deep inside of him. Trey raised his hand, wet and sticky with his brother’s semen, and lifted it to his own mouth…

Trey awoke with a start in his Manhattan hotel suite, his heart pounding and sweat covering his body, lungs screaming for air. He was sporting an erection so stiff that it was actually painful; he wrapped his fingers tightly around his cock and began to stroke, slowly at first to relieve the pressure gradually, his eyes fluttering closed. He thought about the dream that had awakened him in this state, fisting himself with increasing speed and friction. Trey thought about how pretty his movie star brother always is when he’s fucking, how tight and hot and so fucking perfect, knowing that he’d get to do what he’d dreamt for real tonight when he returned home to Los Angeles.

A hundred different scenarios flashed through Trey’s mind like a carnal PowerPoint presentation, all of them featuring his younger brother’s pretty ass being fucked into the next time zone. Trey spread his thighs apart, reaching down to squeeze his tightening balls as he mercilessly jacked himself off. With a moan that sounded suspiciously like his brother’s name, Trey came, his orgasm spraying weeks’ worth of pent up come over his chest and belly.

Just like he’d been doing for months now, Trey cried after he came – always in private – his body spent, and his mind searing with guilt.

This obsession with his baby brother had gotten well out of control.

Things had not gone spectacularly well for Harley since Trey’s return from New York a week earlier.

His first problem was sheer exhaustion. The actor had recently wrapped his latest film and had been hitting the party circuit pretty damn hard since, made easier and perhaps even necessary by virtue of Trey’s long absence.

Harley had gotten hammered more times than he could count during Trey’s six-week stay back east. His massive consumption of alcohol over that month and a half had served an important purpose: it had dulled casino siteleri the pain of missing Trey so desperately.

Harley’s other problem was Trey himself.

Since their relationship had evolved six months earlier from that of being merely brothers into something considerably more complicated, Harley had become increasingly sensitive to Trey’s over-protectiveness and sheltering. He didn’t want to hurt his brother by bluntly telling him to back the fuck off, but Harley was feeling fairly smothered by Trey’s doting and obvious condescension. He was twenty-four years old, and his older brother was suddenly treating him like a child incapable of tying his own shoelaces. Harley was rapidly becoming resentful of Trey, and he liked that feeling even less than the incest-spawned guilt that had been his constant companion at the start of this.

Harley sat at the table on the deck, patiently waiting for Trey to join him for breakfast. He shook his head in an attempt to clear the cobwebs of runaway thoughts weaving through his mind. They had rented the large house in the Hollywood Hills less than three weeks after they’d first slept together. There was simply no question about them living apart after that first night, but it had taken them that long to find just the right place. With them behaving like all new lovers do, unable to keep their hands and other body parts off of each other, they needed a place that was private, where you didn’t mind being at home for long stretches. This house had fit the bill perfectly.

Harley had decided that he would talk to Trey today over breakfast; he couldn’t go on like this, feeling constantly coddled and criticized. He’d gotten out of bed early, well before the sun had risen over the California coast. He was on his fourth cup of coffee and ninth cigarette when he finally heard Trey padding through the kitchen.

Harley stood and pushed in his chair, taking a deep breath to ready himself. As he walked across the expansive deck to the French doors, he ran through the speech he’d been endlessly rehearsing for the past week. He didn’t want to appear angry or upset to Trey, so he’d carefully scripted what he wanted – needed – to say to his brother.

Trey was standing at the kitchen’s L-shaped island when Harley entered the room, and the younger man sucked in his breath at the sight of his sibling. His heart suddenly threatened to punch a hole through his chest.

My God, he’s so fucking beautiful first thing in the morning, Harley thought.

Trey was wearing a pair of old, soft, grey sweat shorts – and that was it. His hair was all askew, Trey not having bothered to run a comb through it yet, which Harley found utterly charming. The younger man adored Trey’s body, tall and athletically slim with just the perfect degree of taut, rippling muscle beneath smooth, tanned skin. Harley exhaled slowly, blinking and swallowing hard, remembering that he needed to talk to his brother about something important. All he really wanted to do at the moment was to throw Trey to the ceramic tile floor and fuck the shit out of him.

“‘Morning, pretty baby,” Trey smiled.

Harley grimaced – the ‘pretty’ thing was a part of all this and had been nagging at him, mainly because it had the effect of making him feel even more girly than he already did on the inside. It would have been so easy for Harley to become a flaming effeminate, but he couldn’t let the fact that he was gay become public knowledge, much less the fact that he was actually quite the princess. He knew that Trey wasn’t trying to hurt him intentionally; there was no way for his older brother to know how belittling his attitude and actions were being perceived. Harley had to tell him, regardless of how it might hurt.

“Hey, baby brother,” Trey said softly, noticing the look clouding his brother’s face, “what’s the matter?”

Trey reached over to cup Harley’s cheek, but the younger man backed quickly away. “I… I need to talk to you, Trey. There’s something that’s been bugging me lately, and I need to get it off my chest and out in the open.”

“Fair enough,” Trey acknowledged, “but hold that thought. I brought you a present, and I can’t wait another second to give it to you. It’ll make you feel better, I promise.”

Harley sighed, slapping his arms dejectedly down at his sides. Trey was famous for using stall tactics when it came to discussing his feelings, and Harley assumed that this was yet another demonstration. He smiled wanly and nodded for his older brother to proceed. Trey grinned happily at Harley, then bounded out of the kitchen. He returned moments later with a package, gift wrapped in blue paper and white bows and ribbons, and tucked securely under his arm. Stopping in front of Harley and smiling brightly, Trey offered him the gift.

Harley wearily accepted the present and began the task of unwrapping it. Trey spoke excitedly while he watched Harley remove the ribbons.

“I’ve been looking for this for months,” canlı casino Trey gushed. “I know the original will always be your favorite, but it’s gotten so damn ratty looking. I want you to always look your best when you’re out in public. Just don’t wear it all the time, okay?”

Harley rolled his eyes at the comment as he lifted the lid off the box. Inside, hidden under layers of tissue paper, was a brand new, exact duplicate of his favorite article of clothing: the dark purple, oversized polo shirt that the press ridiculed because he wore it so often.

So that’s what I’ve been reduced to, Harley seethed inwardly, he doesn’t even think I’m fucking capable of dressing myself.

Harley angrily threw the box to the floor, shirt and all. His face flushed crimson and his blue eyes blazed.

“You treat me like a fucking child, Trey! I can’t take this anymore!” Harley fumed. He kicked at the box, sending it skittering across the tile floor, storming out of the kitchen to leave a stunned Trey in his wake. The older man hesitated before following, shocked at his brother’s angry, emotional outburst.

“Harley!” Trey shouted, finally moving and breaking into a jog. He called up from the foot of the spiral staircase. “Please, talk to me! Whatever you think I’ve done, I’m sorry!”

Trey took the twisted staircase three steps at a time, finally catching up to Harley at the doorway to the master bedroom, the room that they secretly shared. As Harley bolted into the suite, Trey grabbed him by the wrist, pulling on his arm to spin him around.

“Get the fuck off me!” Harley shrieked. He yanked his arm back roughly to dislodge Trey’s grip on his wrist. “Just leave me the fuck alone!”

Harley’s face was blood red and his breathing came in short, panting bursts. Trey had witnessed his brother’s temper before but he’d never seen him like this, in a full blown fit of rage.

“Harley, please listen…” Trey began.

“No, you listen!” Harley interrupted. “I am so fucking tired of this I can’t even see straight! ‘Harley, do this’,” the younger brother said mockingly, “‘Harley, don’t do that’… ‘Harley, don’t drive so fast’…’Harley, don’t go to that club’… “Harley, you need to dress better’… ‘Harley, don’t smoke so much’… Harley, Harley, Harley! You’ve been treating me like a fucking infant, Trey, and I’ve had it! Enough already!”

Trey hung his head, resting his chin on his chest. With his hands on his hips, he shifted his gaze from his irate brother down to the more forgiving carpet. Without raising his eyes, he nodded slowly, acknowledging his brother’s accusations.

“You’re right,” Trey whispered, “you’re absolutely right. I’m truly sorry, Harley.” He looked up at last, locking his gaze on Harley’s Bombay Sapphire gin-colored eyes. “It’s only because I love you so fucking much.”

Trey didn’t wear his heart on his sleeve like his brother, so it surprised Harley when he noticed the single, fat tear creating a glistening trail down Trey’s cheek. Harley’s expression softened slightly, his emotions toning down from thoroughly enraged to merely pissed off.

“You don’t have any idea what it does to me when you treat me like that, Trey. I’ve got enough fucking self-esteem issues as it is. I don’t need you making me feel incompetent on top of everything else. It hurts.”

“Aw, baby,” Trey sighed, taking a step closer to Harley and resting a hand on the boy’s hip. “I didn’t realize I was upsetting you. I had no idea, honestly. You know I’d never do anything to intentionally hurt you. I love you.”

Trey massaged the sharp hip beneath his fingertips. Harley reacted to the touch by closing his eyes and audibly sighing, leaning forward slightly to rest his chin on Trey’s shoulder. “I know, Trey. And I love you. Please, can you just try to remember that I’m a grown-up too, alright?”

Trey’s other hand brushed up Harley’s flat stomach, skirting the smooth chest, sliding up his shoulder to lightly grip the back of the boy’s neck, tickled by honey-gold curls. “I’m so sorry, baby,” Trey soothed, “I’ll try to do better, I promise. Still love me?”

Harley exhaled and smiled. “Completely.”

It wasn’t so fast, furious, or frantic this time, more like actually making love than just fucking for sport. Harley lay on his back, basking in Trey’s presence as the man kissed his way down his chest. Trey stopped briefly, lightly biting at a nipple and grinning as he felt the boy shiver from it. He licked at the indentations between Harley’s ribs, kissing his way further down to his brother’s navel, dipping his tongue inside of the crevice and smiling again as a soft moan greeted his ears in response. Trey washed his tongue over Harley’s flat, muscled tummy, enjoying the feel and the taste of the smooth, hairless skin of the boy wriggling sensually beneath him.

Harley was hard, harder than Trey had ever felt him before. Trey took the swollen head of Harley’s cock into his warm, wet mouth, swabbing at kaçak casino the slit with his tongue as he began to slowly suck. Harley whimpered, his hips rolling gently, reaching down to run his hands through his brother’s bed-tousled, light brown hair.

Trey teased at Harley’s cock for long, languorous minutes, licking up the underside of the shaft, taking him fully into his mouth for only a second now and again, sucking and stroking. He kissed his way back up Harley’s lithe body, wrapping his arms around the boy and pulling him in ever closer.

Harley nuzzled his head into Trey’s shoulder and they just lay there, quietly enjoying their lovers’ embrace. They were both erect, their hard cocks poking each other uncomfortably in their stomachs as they fiercely held onto each other.

“Want you…” Harley moaned into Trey’s ear, “want you so damn bad…”

“Umm, baby,” Trey whispered breathily, “want you too… need you… want to fuck you…”

“Uh uh,” Harley grunted, “I want to fuck you this time.” He took Trey’s earlobe into his mouth and nipped at it for emphasis.

This was new.

Trey wasn’t sure he was too thrilled about it, either.

He looked at Harley’s face and thought about everything his brother had said and, oh hell, Trey admitted to himself that he could deny the boy nothing. Harley pushed at Trey’s hip, urging his brother to crawl off of him. He did, and as Harley sat up Trey turned, placing his hands and knees dutifully on the mattress. Harley took his brother by the shoulders, pushing him down and then gently guiding him onto his back. Trey looked puzzled as his younger brother knelt between his legs, soft hands petting delicately up the insides of his thighs.

Harley looked at his brother with smoldering eyes. “I want to be able to see your face,” he explained quietly. “I want to look into your eyes while I’m fucking you. You never look at me.”

Trey rested his hands on Harley’s pale, slender forearms, shaking his head. “I can’t do it, Harley. This is so wrong on so many levels, and I’m having a difficult time processing it. If I look into your eyes while we’re fucking, I’m so afraid I’ll get scared and run away. And as much as this is so very, very wrong, I don’t want it to stop. Not now, not ever. I simply couldn’t bear it. I’m addicted to you, baby brother.”

“This isn’t just fucking, Trey, at least it’s not for me. I love you. I love you as my brother, as my best friend, and so much more, so much deeper than that. Like lovers do – people in love. Jesus, Trey, maybe it’s my feminine side showing through again, but I really do love you like that – so much so that the thought crossed my mind once that… ah shit… I want to have fucking babies with this guy!”

Trey grinned and laughed heartily. “Now that would be wrong. Suspending biological impossibility for a moment, I wouldn’t want to risk having two-headed, three-eyed babies with tails and webbed feet.”

“Was that an incest joke I just heard?” Harley teased with a cocked eyebrow and a warm smile. “Maybe you’re loosening up just a bit after all.”

Trey wrinkled up his nose and shrugged his shoulders. “I don’t know. Maybe.”

Harley kissed Trey on the cheek, leaning over him and reaching for the blue plastic bottle of lube perched on the night table. He rocked back on his knees, twisting the cap on the bottle and then squirting a liberal amount of the slippery fluid into his other hand. Putting the bottle down, he rubbed his hands together quickly, distributing the lube and warming it up at the same time. Stroking one lubed hand over his own cock, Harley slipped his other slicked hand between Trey’s legs, urging them apart with gentle prods.

“Bend your knees,” Harley instructed in a low, raspy voice. Trey complied. Harley slid his hand into the cleft of Trey’s ass, his index finger quickly finding the entrance.

Trey’s entire body tensed up; he’d never bottomed before, and he was scared to death.

Harley leaned his head closer to Trey’s as his finger breached the firm ring of muscle, slipping in past the first knuckle. “God, you’re so smooth… so tight,” he gasped. “It’s okay… I promise, I won’t hurt you, Trey… want to make it so good for you…”

Trey whimpered, both the feeling of Harley’s slicked up finger in his ass and the boy’s words getting to him.

“Umm,” Harley moaned, sensing and feeling that his brother was beginning to relax, “just enjoy it, Trey. I’ll make it good for you, baby, so good… just relax…” He introduced another finger, gently stretching Trey’s virgin hole before adding a third. When he was satisfied with his progress Harley removed his fingers; Trey mewled at the sudden emptiness. Harley grabbed the lube and squirted it directly on his own stiff cock, somewhat enjoying the shock of cold wetness against his feverishly hot skin. After a few strokes to shore up his erection, Harley grasped Trey’s legs just below the knees, parting his legs a bit further to gain access. With one hand guiding his cock he pressed the velvety head of it against Trey’s opening, pushing just enough to slip past the barrier muscle. Trey groaned, a bit from pain but mostly from pleasure now, closing his eyes.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00353 515 73 20