Adopted Sister Gets Her Wish

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This is the second part of the story. If you haven’t read “Adopted Sister” yet, please do. Email me your thoughts and if you had experiences like this.

Sally and Mark were coming over on Sunday. How was I going to feel after the experience I had with Sally. I was so hard for so long after she left after her multi-orgasmic experience. I enjoyed it, I thought to myself…At least trying to convince myself.

Did Sally really plan on letting me shave her very hairy pussy? It looked cute, but, if she had a bald pussy with those long legs…

The thoughts were too much for me and I had to find some relief. Off to the bedroom I went to take care of business.

On Saturday, Mark called me.

“What’s up?” Mark said when I answered the phone.

“Oh, not much… just finishing washing the car.” I answered back. “You guys still coming over tomorrow?

Wow, I wasn’t feeling any guilt talking to Mark after I took his wife’s pussy to a new level.

“Yea, I’ve got great news.”

Oh no, what am I in for now, I thought.

“My boss got tickets for the hockey game tomorrow, so we can meet at your house and then head over to the game. Sound good?”

“Yea…We’ll go.”

“Okay, I’ll pick up the tickets up on the way over. See ya tomorrow.” Mark finished.

I thought that this would be the perfect place to get comfortable after our activity a few days before. I told my wife about the tickets to the game and she was jumping for joy.

Sunday morning rolled around and Sally and Mark were on time. But the look on Mark’s face left a very empty pit in my stomach. ‘He knows.’ I thought to myself.

“I’m sorry guys, but my boss only has two tickets.”


“Damn, I was looking forward to the game.” My wife exclaimed.

I figured it was nice but I said, “Mark, take Sally and enjoy the game. We’ll watch it here and after the game, we can have dinner.”

“I’m not really interested in going.” Sally said as she found a seat on the couch.

Mark looked at me and then to my wife. I knew what he was thinking and said it first. “Why don’t you take Linda to the game?”

“You sure?” Mark said, “Shall we go, Linda?” Before I could answer.

The game started at 1pm and here it was 9am. It took a while to get to the arena and I guess they were going to get something to eat before.

As my wife and Mark were heading out the door, I said to Sally, “I’ll take you home Sis.”

“No, I’ll wait here and we can watch the game.”

“Ah, ah…okay” I stammered.

My mind was racing… Is this the day I shave her? Clearing my thoughts, Sally spoke up.

“I told Mark to take Linda to the game.”

I looked at her and saw that lustful look again. Her smile was so inviting. But I had casino siteleri to ask.

“So Sis, do you really want me to shave your pubic hair? What will Mark think?”

“Yes, I want you to shave my pussy as bald as can be. As long as you hold up your end of the bargain. As for Mark, don’t worry. We don’t have enough sex for him to see it and if he does, I’ll say I wanted to try something new.”

With that, Sally came right up to me and her lips were placed on mine and we were in a passionate kiss. Her tongue was deep in my mouth and her hands were roaming my back. My hands were doing the same, where I found out that she was not wearing a bra.

I broke the kiss before my dick ripped through my shorts. “Let’s get started.” I told Sally as I led her to the bedroom. I had her get comfortable on the bed as I went to get the tools needed to clean off her bush. When I got back, she was naked on the bed.

My dick went through my shorts as I stared at her. She was beautiful. The curves of her tits to her belly and down her never-ending legs, with a mound sticking out was incredible.

“Wow, Sis you are beautiful.” I said walking up to her.

“Do you want to mount me before shaving?” She said with that devilish smile.

“Let me do this first. Then I’ll give you the ride of your life.”

She just smiled and opened up her legs. I took my scissors and clipped her pubic hair. I maneuvered around her legs, thighs and then had her get on all fours while I shaved her down to stubble. My dick was starting to ached since I was so close to her ever inviting pussy. When that was complete, I took a hot towel and placed it right on her pussy. “Oh!” Sis exclaimed and the heat caught her by surprise.

“Relax” I said as she looked at me reaching for my pole caught behind my shorts. She took it out and said, “Bro, Nice tool, do you know how to use it?”

I just smiled as she played with it. Rolling her fingers over the head bringing a little precum to the top. I had to finish so I moved out of the way and placed my face between her sexy legs. I took the towel off and then I took the oil/lotion cream and rubbed it all over her pubic area and up and down her ass crack. When I hit her puckered ass hole she let out a rather loud moan.

“Take your clothes off before you finish bro. I want to see you naked.”

I did as I was told and then I went to work. I brought the razor over her mound softly and efficiently. Stroke after stroke, I worked on her pussy area. I looked up and Sally was very busy with her hands on her tits caressing and rolling her nipples over and over. I had her get on all fours and finished her ass hairs.

When I finally finished, I told her to take a quick bath and then use this lotion, handing it to her.

“Why don’t canlı casino you join me.”

I stuttered and then said, “Let me clean up then, we can work on the other part of the bargain.”

Sally went and took her bath and I cleaned off the bed. She came out and WOW! My dick went to attention so fast that if I was standing next to a wall I would have blown a hole right through it. She was incredible. Her hair was tossed to one side. Her eyes had a devilish glimmer to them. Her erect tits pointed out and her belly was tantalizing. But, when I looked at her pussy and long legs, I died and went to heaven. Her lips stuck out of those sexy legs ever so slightly and it was a smooth surface all over.

“Wow…” was all I could get out.

Sally just dropped on the bed and I followed her. Our mouths entangled our tongues. Her tits were smashed up on my chest and her hairless slit was rubbing up and down my leg. I was in ecstasy. I started to move down her body, when she grabbed me and I looked in her eyes and saw lust.

“No, I want you to fuck me and I want it hard. I want you to fill me with so much cum that I drown.”

I climbed on top of her and I placed my dick between the folds of her pussy and rubbed up and down. She moaned as I kept this up to make sure I was good and wet for her. Not that wetness was a problem because she already had a little puddle on the bedsheets. Sally was kneading her tits over and over. I was ready. I slid into her in one slow motion thrust. Filling her completely. When I was all the way in I stopped, not wanting to cum just yet, but I also wanted to savor the moment with my dick buried deep into Sis. She looked at me with very glossy eyes and smiled. I was truly in heaven. Her pussy was like a glove. Not too tight and very wet. I started my motion of pulling out slowly and then back in slowly. I kept this up for a while as Sally panted heavily and found herself in another world. I decided to pick up the pace and when I did, she screamed from a powerful orgasm that had her pussy muscles gripping my dick for all it was worth. I had to stop or I was shooting my seed into her right there and then. When her scream subsided, I picked up the pace and rode her pussy for a while. Sally was experiencing orgasm after orgasm and was in a different world. After one of her orgasms I slid out of her and then put her on all fours and prepared to mount her doggie style.

I looked at the spot on the bed and it was a puddle. My dick was soaked. I looked at her perfect curves of her ass and prepared to mount her. My dick slipped and almost ended up in her ass.

“Not today, bro. Later.” Was all she said.

Was I going to fuck my sister’s ass? Oh my, I slide my dick into her pussy and went to town. In and out I went and she started kaçak casino her own rhythm pushing her ass back into me. We were both coming to a strong orgasm and I let out, “Ooohhh, I’m just about to cum.” I started to pull out and she screamed, “No, pump you cum in me! Fuck me hard!”

I didn’t stop.

I slammed her harder than ever and I let out a scream that was matching her scream.

“Ohhhhhhhhhhh, I’mm cummmminnnnggg.”

My scream/grunt was blending well with hers. I just kept slamming into her and my balls kept slapping her pussy lips. As my wad shot into her I just about fell on her.

We laid there for a while. Cum soaked and sweat all over our bodies. Sally, finally spoke up, “Bro, I want you to fuck me any time you want. That was…incredible.”

Surprisingly my dick was getting hard again. “Sis, would you like it again, right now?”

I just mounted her and entered easily. I went in and out hot and heavy. Sally was just panting over and over. I lifted her knees a little higher and I was able to pick up the pace. The suction from my pistoning in and out of her pussy was getting louder. Finally, out of the throngs of ecstasy, Sally spoke up, “Let me suck you cock and I want to drink down your cum.”

I pulled out and climbed up her on the bed and place my dick in front of her willing mouth. She took it in and sucked away. It was quick. She was only sucking for a minute before I screamed and shot a wad in her mouth. She continued sucking and finished every drop. When she finished, I climbed down and wrapped my arms around her.

“Sis, that was about the best fuck I’ve had in a long time.”

She looked into my eyes and straight faced said, “It won’t be your last.”

I grabbed her head and kissed her very wet lips which tasted a little salty. “Boy, you know how to suck dick. I never would have guessed you swallowed.”

“I don’t. You’re the first.”

With that she fell asleep on my shoulder.

Ring….The phone. It was Mark saying that they were right down the street picking up a pizza and was there anything we wanted on it. I stammered an answer and hung up the phone. We had been asleep for a few hours. I told Sally to get cleaned up in the bathroom, while I cleaned the bed. She looked at me as she bent over the vanity, “Want a quick fuck?”

I was at attention by the time I reached her and I drove it in and pounded away with all my might. She let out a whimper as she came and I grunted as my third load of the day shot into her very receptive pussy.

“Never thought you had it in ya, bro?”

“No, I put it in you, Sis.” As she was closing the bathroom door. I thought to myself, ‘I’ve never cum three times before.’

We were dressed and waiting when my wife and Mark came in. They blurted out the whole game and score before we could say anything. Which was good since we didn’t get to see it.

As Mark and Linda went into the kitchen, Sally leaned over and said, “I can’t wait for next time!”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00353 515 73 20