After Dark on Step-Dad’s Lap

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I guess some introductions would be appropriate. My name is Mike, I’m 31, white male, married to my wife Melissa, who is 36, for 11 years now. Yes, I got married very young, I was 19 and she was only 25. She also had two daughters already, who are now my step daughters, Rachel and Tiffany. Rachel is 14 and Tiffany is 18 now. We do have one son together, Max, he’s 9.

My wife and I have had our fun over the years. We have swung in the past with another couple, had a couple of threesomes, (MFM). And it was all enjoyable for us both. But lately, over the past year or so, my wife’s sex drive has seemed to be decreasing at a much quicker rate than I would ever want…and she’s also not interested in the playing around as much as she used to be. And, my sex drive, almost seems to be increasing as I get older… not the best combination. With that being said, one night I was horny as usual… and after everyone was asleep, began to browse online for some porn while I jacked-off, which I often have to do since my wife goes to bed not wanting sex, but things didn’t go as they usually do this night.

We live in a 3-bedroom apartment, which means my two step-daughters share a bedroom, unfortunately, and things are quite cramped at times. Tiffany, my 18-year-old step daughter, recently had gotten a boyfriend, and I had notice some subtle changes about her. She had been dressing slightly sexier, wearing low cut shirts showing her cleavage a little more make-up making her look very sexy. She had blossomed 2 years before at 16, and she is now 5’6, brunette, 112 pounds, 32B tits, nice and perky, and very firm. Lean long legs, she plays lacrosse and tight taught stomach. My mind had been wondering as of late also… places it might not have supposed to… thinking about her body.

Like normal, I was laying on the couch in just my boxers, and my laptop on my chest watching some porn stroking my cock inside my boxers. I have to use earbuds, being a small apartment, even the lowest volume setting is too loud without them. I just began to reach down to slide my boxers down and I see a faint light glowing down the hallway. It caught my attention, as I kind of froze in place while my brain tried to register what it was that was glowing. The light began to shift and looked as if it started to move. I pulled an earbud out of my ear and realized that one of my step-daughters was moving around in her room and the light was probably coming from her cell phone (that she was most likely using as a light). It sounded like someone was getting up, so I quickly and quietly closed the laptop, slid it under the couch, pulled my pillow over my face and pulled my boxers up.

Just as I took a breath, I heard footsteps and the glowing light becoming brighter as someone walked through the living room towards the kitchen. I had pulled my pillow over so that it was laying across my face, covering my eyes which gave me only a limited view of who was standing there, only able to see from the thighs down. I could tell it was Tiffany, my 18-year-old step daughter, because I could make out her ankle bracelet, being she was the only one in the house that wore one. She wasn’t wearing any pants, and all I could see was the bottom of her oversized t-shirt hanging just below her ass. I tried to breath as normally as I could, pretending to be asleep.

I didn’t have to really keep my eyes closed, since they were covered, but I had them half shut anyways, but I noticed her not moving and the light from her cell phone was shining over my body like a spotlight. I was wondering what was she was looking at when I realized I was still rock hard. Not only was I rock hard, but I had only pulled my boxers up enough to cover about half of my cock. My cock isn’t the biggest in the world, but not small either… I’m 7 ½ inches and a little over 3 inches casino siteleri around. And my cock was laid against my stomach, pointing up to my chest, with my boxers covering only about half of it.

My mind was racing, but I couldn’t move. I was pretending to be asleep and any reaction would probably give away I wasn’t sleeping. She probably only stood there for about a minute, but it seemed like an eternity, and after I realized she was most likely noticing my cock, the thought of it began to turn me on. I let out a soft snore which seemed to bring her out of her stare as she turned and went to the kitchen and poured a glass of water. The kitchen and living room have no wall barriers, there is nothing blocking your view from each room, so I still couldn’t make any sudden or large movements.

When I heard the water pouring, I quietly reached down and pulled my boxers down just slightly, and sighed softly and turned ever so slightly, so my cock was now standing straight up. I made my movements as if I was shifting in my sleep in case she noticed, but she didn’t. I heard the glass clink on the counter as she put it down and knew she was about to walk by again. My cock was throbbing now, knowing she was going to see it fully hard.

She took a step into the living room just enough where I had a view of her legs and feet again, and she must have noticed my cock, because she stopped and this time let out a soft gasp. The thick mushroom head throbbing at her. Knowing she was staring at my cock while I lay there rock hard made my cock start twitching and aching. I saw her feet move slowly, but not towards the hallway, where her room is, but, she was taking a step towards me. I could almost feel the glow from her cell phone centering over my cock like a spotlight. I couldn’t quite see what she was doing and as she took a few steps toward me, I began to start thinking about her tight 18-year-old pussy and how badly I wanted to reach out and touch her.

I lay still as she moved closer, my body almost trembling, until she was standing only a foot away from the couch, her cell phone glowing over my cock. I was aching for her to do something, reach out and touch it or anything. The light from her cell phone went out and while it wasn’t a bright light, it took my eyes a minute to adjust, so everything went pitch dark. I heard her moving and my heart sank thinking she was going back to her room.

I was just about to reach for my cock again when I heard something. She was still there and I could hear her breathing and flicking her hair back, but something was different. As my eyes adjusted to the darkness, the pillow still over my face, I could make out her shape by the couch, but she was now on her knees, up against the couch, right at my crotch.

I felt the couch dip slightly as she leaned into it, and then I felt the most erotic touch ever. Her soft warm hand reached out and I could feel her fingers softly grazing my cock. A soft groan escaped my lips uncontrollably. She pulled her hand back quickly, watching me. When I didn’t move again, I felt her fingers once again grip my hard shaft.

Her hand sliding up and down, as pre-cum began making its way up my shaft. My sexy 18-year-old step daughter was giving me a hand job while everyone else was asleep. Her breathing quickened just a little and I can almost feel her warm breath wash over my cock. I noticed from under the pillow her arm closet to me moving also, back and forth. But I could only feel one hand on my dick, and I realized she must be fingering herself at the same time. Her hand become bolder stroking me…running her fingers over the head, smearing pre cum down my shaft.

She must have pulled her hand out of her panties because I heard the sound of the elastic popping back against her skin as I felt the couch shift. She canlı casino took her hand off my cock and stood up. From my view point and since she was so close to me, I could only see her ankles. I thought she was leaving, until I saw her lifting one foot up and saw her panties hit the floor as she slid them off and she got back on her knees.

I could faintly smell her wet pussy in the air making my mouth water, wanting to taste her. She took both hands and slid my boxers down as far as she could with me still laying down, stopping her from being able to pull them down all the way. I could feel her reaching down, grabbing my balls and stroking my cock. I was in complete bliss, feeling her soft hands on me when I felt something hot and wet on the tip of my cock. It was her tongue. She was flicking her tongue over the head of my cock, over the slit as pre cum oozed out. I groaned again because I couldn’t help it but she didn’t stop. Her mouth covering my thick mushroom head, massaging in her wet mouth. One hand gripping my shaft as her other hand moved under her, between her legs as she started finger fucking herself. The smell of her pussy becoming stronger. The sounds of her fingers becoming louder as her pussy got more and more wet. Her mouth lowered further and further down my cock. My balls were tightening and I could feel my orgasm coming. She pulled her mouth off my cock, panting quietly, and slid her tongue down my shaft to my balls, sucking and licking each one. I could tell this was not only not her first time, but that she was quite good at it, making me wonder about what she’s done with past boyfriends. The thought of her other men shoving their cocks into her slutty teenage mouth almost made me cum right then.

Her mouth moved back up my cock, sucking on the head before lowering her mouth until the head of my cock began pressing into her throat as she deep throated my cock with ease. I could feel her lips at the base of my cock, brushing against my balls as she massaged my cock with her mouth and throat. The sound of her playing with her pussy getting a little louder the more wet she got. She moaned softly with my cock in her mouth and it was too much. The vibrations from her mouth as moaned ran up and down my shaft making my cock release my hot cum into her mouth, shooting hot rope after rope of thick jizz into her young mouth. She swallowed it as I continued to cum, sliding her mouth up my cock, but her lips never coming off, stopping at the head of my cock drinking my cum like a dirty slut. My cock throbbing and cumming harder than I probably have in years. She sucked my cock until I was done shooting my load into her mouth, taking each drop before pulling her mouth off.

Her breathing very heavy and rapid. Her fingers still moving against her wet slit. My cock covered in her spit, going limp, but not all the way, laying over. I could feel her hair against my side as she buried her face into the couch beside me to soften the sounds of her moans as began to focus on her own pussy. The sounds of her fingers in her sopping cunt filling the room. I could feel my cock twitching again. It was torture listening to her fingers move in and out of her wet hole, because I wanted so badly to reach out and feel her. I felt her body move as she stood up, my cock almost fully hard again. Everything was quiet as she simply stood there, not moving. The smell of her sex filling my nose.

I saw something fall past my face and heard the soft sound of her night shirt hitting the floor. My cock springing fully hard knowing she was standing there naked. I felt her body climb onto the couch, straddling me. Her wet bald pussy against my thigh as she sat down. She reached down and grabbed my cock, stroking it as she rubbed her pussy against my leg. My leg becoming soaked in her juices. She lifted her hips and kaçak casino positioned her tight pussy over my cock.

I could feel the thick head of my cock against her wet velvet pussy lips as she tried to slowly lower herself onto me. She was incredibly tight making me moan softly once again. She couldn’t move down past the head of my cock because her teenage pussy was tight. She kept lifting herself up and down, just fucking herself with just the head of my cock. Her tight soft pussy leaking down my shaft. It was a good thing I had just came in her mouth, because this would have set me off.

She began to inch her way down my cock with each little up and down. My cock stretching her tight pussy around my thick shaft. I could feel her cunt opening as my cock slid deeper. Until she finally bottomed out… her pussy against my balls. Her breathing very shallow and quick but quiet. She sat still for a few seconds, letting her pussy adjust around my cock, whimpering. She slowly started grinding back and forth… her bald wet pussy dripping down my balls. She was soaking wet, her fingers rubbing up and down her stomach to her tits… pulling on her hard little nipples.

She started lifting herself again, up and down…my cock sliding in and out of her cunt feeling like it sliding into her stomach it was so deep. Her ass hitting my balls each time. I had to bite my lip to keep from moaning. My cock spearing her tight hole. She tried to pick up the pace but the noise was a bit to too loud so she slowed down, which was good, I could feel my next orgasm coming quickly. I felt her hand move to her clit and she rode me, feeling her pussy clench around my cock. Her other hand she reached behind her ass and grabbed my balls… rolling them in her hands… massaging them as she sat on top of me. Her orgasm building… a soft moan from her lips as her body began to quiver. As she slammed down on my cock… harder than she probably intended, she plunged my cock as deep it would go into her tiny young body…grinding her pussy, as she came all over my cock. She put her hands down on my chest to hold herself up as she moaned… before she collapsed on top of me. Her firm perky tits grinding into my chest was too much…as I began to cum again. This made her gasp and sit up again. My cock erupting in her young tight cunt. With each squirt of hot jizz she moaned and her body flinched and quivered taking all my cum… making me think was the first time she was feeling someone actually cum inside of her. My cock kept twitching, pumping her pussy full of my hot cream… some of it leaking out down my balls.

I was sure the couch would now have a wet spot I would have to clean up before morning. My cock finally stopped jerking as I stopped cumming. She sat back, still impaled on my cock. My cock not even going limp, her juicy pussy so wet, my cock staying rock hard, even though I had just cum twice. She pulled back off my cock and I could feel hot cum pouring out of her pussy onto me, leaking everywhere. She reached down quickly trying to stop it as she stood up pushing two fingers into her freshly fucked pussy to hold it. I could see her arm reach down for her panties and shirt before she started to walk way. She stopped after only two steps and turned back. I felt her lean down and take my cock into her mouth again. Slurping… and cleaning my cock off. I almost let out a small yelp, as my cock was sensitive and her mouth devouring my cock and balls again… licking mine and her cum off of me where it dripped. Her hot tongue running down between my cock and balls, slurping and drinking. Her mouth made a slight popping sound as she pulled off my now clean cock and walked away. I heard the bathroom door open and the sound of running water.

I reached down and pulled my boxers up over my wet cock and rolled to my side as she opened the bathroom door and went into her bedroom. My thoughts in a whirl wind…but my balls empty and cock sucked clean. There was nothing but a smile on my face as I drifted to sleep, hoping this won’t be the last time.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00353 515 73 20